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									           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

                  Our Management Plan 2008 – 2011

                                 Our Vision
    A sustainable city: communities living in harmony, balancing nature’s
              beauty with quality rural and urban environments

                                             Our Purpose
      In partnership, to strive for the fulfilment of the city’s vision through
               democratic governance and responsible leadership

This Management Plan is prepared under the Local Government Act, 1993, Sections 401 – 407. It
gives details of our many planned works and activities. More information about our operations is
contained in:

•   Council’s Revenue Policy
•   Council’s income and expenditure estimates and the budget for the coming year
•   Capital Works
•   A variety of other planning and management documents, such as:
    o Our Strategic Plan
    o Our Section 94 Contributions Management Plan
    o Our Social Plan
    o Our Cultural Plan
(These support documents are available on request from our Administrative Centre, Level 2, Lamerton
House, behind Stockland Shellharbour, or alternatively you can visit our website at

These documents show what we intend to do and how we plan to go about it. You can then judge our
progress, based on how we’ve performed against these plans.

Every three months the General Manager reports to Council on how we’re progressing with meeting
our works and activity targets and any budget adjustments needed to meet changing circumstances
that develop through the year.

                                             Our Charter
Section 8 of the Local Government Act 1993 details the Charter of each Council in NSW as follows:

(1)   A council has the following charter:

      •   to provide directly, or on behalf of, other levels of government, after due consultation,
          adequate, equitable and appropriate services and facilities for the community and to ensure
          that those services and facilities are managed efficiently and effectively

      •   to exercise community leadership

      •   to exercise its functions in a manner that is consistent with, and actively promotes the
          principles of multiculturalism

      •   to promote and to provide and plan for the needs of children

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

      •   to properly manage, develop, protect, restore, enhance and conserve the environment of the
          area for which it is responsible, in a manner that is consistent with, and promotes the
          principles of ecologically sustainable development

      •   to have regard to the long-term and cumulative effects of its decisions

      •   to bear in mind that it is the custodian and trustee of public assets, and to effectively account
          for, and manage the assets for which it is responsible

      •   to facilitate the involvement of councillors, members of the public, users of facilities and
          services and council staff in the development, improvement and co-ordination of local

      •   to raise funds for local purposes by the fair imposition of rates, charges and fees, by income
          earned from investments and, when appropriate, by borrowings and grants

      •   to keep the local community and the State government (and through it, the wider community)
          informed about its activities

      •   to ensure that, in the exercise of its regulatory functions, it acts consistently and without
          bias, particularly where an activity of the council is affected

      •   to be a responsible employer.

(2)   A council, in the exercise of its functions, must pursue its charter, but nothing in the charter or
      this section gives rise to, or can be taken into account in, any civil course of action.

                                    Our Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct applies to the elected Council and all members of staff. It requires adherence to
the following principles:

4.1 Integrity - You must not place yourself under any financial or other obligation to any individual
or organisation that might reasonably be thought to influence you in the performance of your duties.

4.2 Leadership - You have a duty to promote and support the key principles by leadership and
example and to maintain and strengthen the public's trust and confidence in the integrity of the
Council. This means promoting public duty to others in the Council and outside, by your own ethical

4.3 Selflessness - You have a duty to make decisions solely in the public interest. You must not
act in order to gain financial or other benefits for yourself, your family, friends or business interests.
This means making decisions because they benefit the public, not because they benefit the decision

4.4 Objectivity - You must make decisions solely on merit and in accordance with your statutory
obligations when carrying out public business. This includes the making of appointments, awarding of
contracts or recommending individuals for rewards or benefits. This means fairness to all; impartial
assessment; merit selection in recruitment and in purchase and sale of Council's resources;
considering only relevant matters.

4.5 Accountability - You are accountable to the public for your decisions and actions and must
consider issues on their merits, taking into account the views of others. This means recording reasons
for decisions; submitting to scrutiny; keeping proper records; establishing audit trails.

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

4.6 Openness - You have a duty to be as open as possible about your decisions and actions,
giving reasons for decisions and restricting information only when the wider public interest clearly
demands. This means recording, giving and revealing reasons for decisions; revealing other avenues
available to the client or business; when authorised, offering all information; communicating clearly.

4.7 Honesty - You have a duty to act honestly. You must declare any private interests relating to
your public duties and take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in such a way that protects the public
interest. This means obeying the law; following the letter and spirit of policies and procedures;
observing the code of conduct; fully disclosing actual or potential conflicts of interests and exercising
any conferred power strictly for the purpose for which the power was conferred.

4.8 Respect - You must treat others with respect at all times. This means not using derogatory
terms towards others, observing the rights of other people, treating people with courtesy and
recognising the different roles others play in local government decision-making

                       Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Section 345(1) of the Local Government Act requires that a Council must prepare and implement an
EEO Management Plan, the objects of which are contained in Section 344(a) and (b) namely:

•   to eliminate and ensure the absence of discrimination in employment by the Council on the
    grounds of race, sex, marital status and physical impairment; and

•   to promote equal employment opportunity in the Council for women, members of racial minorities
    and physically handicapped persons.

Council has committed itself to a strategic direction where the values of respect and integrity underlie
all its activities. This translates into a core corporate behaviour where all employees of the Council
are to be recruited on the basis of merit, promoted on the basis of performance, and where training
and education policies, programs and resources are to be directed to those activities, which promote
performance of all employees.

Policies and programs have now been developed and implemented in accordance with the adopted
EEO Management Plan and Policy Statement in order that the objects of Section 344 can be

                                      Access and Equity

We are committed to the ongoing development of policy and strategies to enable all residents
equitable access to facilities, services and opportunities.

These policies and strategies include our:

•   Disabilities Services Advisory Committee
•   Aboriginal Advisory Committee
•   Disabilities Strategic Plan
•   Multicultural Strategies Workplan
•   Social Plan
•   Cultural Diversity Policy
•   Access & Equity Policy

(These support documents are available on request from Council’s Administrative Centre, Level 2,
Lamerton House, Stockland Shellharbour, or alternatively you can visit our website at

The activities, which are planned to implement these policies and strategies, for 2008 – 2011, are
included in Council’s Works and Activities.

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          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

A01         Environmental Management
To conserve and enhance the natural and built environments within the Shellharbour City
area by a program of environmental monitoring and implementation of new programs and

Community education: - a number of community education activities were held for Illawarra residents as part
of the regional Sustainable Illawarra project. These activities included the DIY Habitat Creation Workshop,
Energy Around the Home Workshop, Water Wise Gardening Workshop and Macquarie Pass bushwalk.
Students from Nazareth Catholic Primary School, St Paul's Catholic Primary School, St. Peter & Paul's
Catholic Primary School and Stella Maris Catholic Primary School took part in an Environment Footprint
activity held as part of Leadership Day activities. On 24 February 2009, Council approved grants to Tullimbar
Landcare, Shellharbour Public School, Corpus Christi Catholic School, Shellharbour Anglican College and
Flinders Public School.

Croom Voluntary Conservation Agreement Plan of Management: - Development Application and
Construction Certificate for creek crossing issued. Design department currently preparing construction folder.
Review of environmental factors currently being prepared for Croom track upgrade. Asset protection works
around the caretaker's cottage at Croom have been completed.

Coastal Foreshore Improvements Project: - Design will be completed May 2009. Work is yet to commence on
the installation of stormwater improvements and investigation and design of a coastal boardwalk - Cowries
Island to North Shellharbour Beach.

Other Capital Works: Cowrie Island slipway design - Awaiting input from fishing club on the future
requirements of the slipway. Bank stabilisation at Elliot Lake - Project planning and design are complete.

A02         Stormwater Management
Develop and implement strategies to manage stormwater.

Stormwater monitoring was not conducted during this period due to equipment failure, which has been sent
to the manufacturer for repairs and/or maintenance. Work has progressed on development of stormwater
education materials including a series of catchment specific brochures, posters and website materials
addressing stormwater pollution in the Shellharbour LGA.

Projects currently in progress are: Shellharbour cemetery drainage (construction), Little Park stormwater
treatment device (design), Shellharbour boat harbour stormwater treatment device (design), Trumper
St/Reddall Pde intersection gross pollutant trap (design), Warilla Pool stormwater reuse (pre-construction),
Albion Park Pool stormwater reuse (pre-construction) and Myimbarr stormwater treatment device (design

A03         Greenhouse Gas Local Action Plan
Achieve a 20% reduction in Council's corporate greenhouse emissions on 2000 levels by 30
June 2010. Achieve a 15% per capita reduction in community greenhouse gas emissions on
2001 levels by 30 June 2010.

Retrofits of fluorescent lighting were conducted at Oak Flats Swimming Pool, Albion Park Swimming Pool,
Mary Marley Hockey Centre and Oak Flats Works Depot. Annual savings resulting from these retrofits will
equate to approximately 7992 kWh/yr, 8.14 tonnes CO2-e and $1,505. A timer was installed on the ZIP
water boiler at Blackbutt Youth Centre to prevent the unit from consuming energy outside business hours;
annual savings will equate to approximately 701 kWh/yr, 0.74 tonnes of CO2-e and $85. Council staff are
currently developing a system to calculate and report on ongoing greenhouse gas abatement from corporate

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

A04          Pollution Control
Ensure environmental pollution controls are monitored, measured and action taken where
necessary to enforce standards.

All pollution complaints are promptly investigated and determined. Daily inspections were carried out by
subdivision officers. Two warning notices issued, with the matter being resolved without the need for further
action. Sewage systems inspected and approval to operate issued where appropriate.

A05          Waste Management
To ensure waste is avoided through education and effective resource recovery and that
waste management is conducted in an environmentally safe manner.

Council has continued with its commitment to the Regional Resource Recovery Project looking at waste
processing. A community consultation plan is currently being prepared. Council Rangers have investigated
numerous illegal waste complaints, both in residential and rural areas. Rangers have issued section 91
notices and section 193 notices under the Protection of Environment Operations (POEO) Act, which has
resulted in greater levels of compliance.

Waste Education Initiatives: - Earthworks (x3) - Clean Up Australia Day (Residents) - Clean Up Australia Day
(St Paul's Catholic Primary School Albion Park) and Oztag (Junior State Championships).

A06          Regulation Management
To routinely patrol and investigate identified areas under Council's control and to report on
all Local Regulation complaints.

Council rangers have issued numerous notices to comply and warning notices and have noticed an increase
in compliance with regulatory matters. There was an increase in the number of disabled infringements issued
over the January period, as this was the focus of the Ranger team during this period. Rangers are regularly
patrolling schools and disabled parking areas, with effective results.

A07          Development Applications
Ensure proposed development meets legislative requirements and Council codes and

Median time to determine applications is now below the 40-day standard. Other results are in line with current
economic climate ie, downturn in development/construction industry. Proportion of construction certificate
applications between Council and private companies generally in lne with current trends. Choice of approval
authority is the discretion of owner. All Strata applications determined within key performance indicator (KPI)
time frame. All construction certificates (Torrens) applications received were reviewed within one week of
receipt and finalised within three weeks of receiving any outstanding information.

A08          Property Information Certificates (Section 149 EPA Act)
Efficiently process Property Information Certificates and insure the integrity of Council's
property information system.

All certificates received and issued were processed well within the three day turn-around period with an
accuracy rate of 99%. There were no road widening certificates for this quarter.

A09          Building and Site Inspection
Monitor buildings under construction for compliance with approvals and to ensure
environmental control of building sites.

All compliance investigations are promptly investigated, determined and appropriate action taken. All
inspection requests are booked, undertaken, recorded and finalised in a prompt manner. Whilst approvals
are low, outstanding final inspections and pool inspections have been targeted and this has resulted in a
small increase in the number of overall inspections. Council Rangers have inspected numerous building sites
and have issued warning notices to achieve compliance with sediment and litter control where required.

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

A10          Land Use Planning Strategies
Guide the overall development of Shellharbour City leading to a high quality sustainable
environment through the provision of strategic plans, Local Environmental Plans (LEP) and
timely experienced consideration of all development proposals.

This project essentially entails the preparation of a city-wide Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and
Development Control Plan (DCP) for the Local Government Area based on supporting studies and strategies.
It also incorporates other large LEPs and DCPs such as the Urban Fringe and Shellharbour City Centre.
While work is currently progressing well on most of the individual components of the projects, as previously
advised, the targeted gazettal date of March 2009 for the LEP will not be achieved. This is a long-term project
that has seen varying levels of resources allocated to it over its term. In addition there have been many
legislative and policy changes at a State level, which have impacted negatively on the project. Council will
continue to work closely with Department of Planning (DoP) in order to produce a quality product in an
orderly and timely manner

The DoP (2/12/2008) requires the Draft Urban Fringe LEP to be incorporated into the Principal LEP and not
as a separate LEP. Preliminary feedback from the Department is that the framework of the draft Urban Fringe
LEP is generally satisfactory for inclusion into the Principal LEP. Draft LES being finalised.

A11          Heritage
To preserve and protect items that have significant heritage value.

Planning services are no longer the project leader for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and this project has been
removed from our task list. Insufficient resources have been allocated to the European Heritage Study but
this is now being addressed.

A12          Flooding and Dams
To study the effects of flooding in Shellharbour City and to recommend effective controls
that satisfy legislative requirements.

All routine monthly inspections have been completed. The brief for the Macquarie Rivulet Flood Study has
been drafted and submitted to the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change for review and
approval. Once the brief is approved, a consultant will be engaged to complete the study. The Senior
Drainage Design Engineer has prepared a brief for the Elliot Lake/Little Lake Floodplain Management

A13          Section 94
Facilitation of the Section 94 Contributions Management Plan to provide effective
community infrastructure.

The preparation of a new Section 94 plan has been hampered by recent legislative amendments, which will
see S94 Plans be called Community Infrastructure Plans. The State Government is yet to release the
Regulations and Practice Notes that are critical for the preparation of a new Community Infrastructure Plan.
In the interim Council is working around this issue and focusing on the recreational, open space and
community needs of the LGA and has prepared population and housing projections for the LGA. There is an
increasing need to fill the vacant Section 94 Planner position to ensure we are able to achieve this project.

A14          Drainage Management
Develop and implement strategies to manage drainage and stormwater.

Current turnaround period for street sweeping of residential streets is 20 weeks. Cleaning of gross pollutant
traps (GPTs) - 23.2 tonnes of trash removed this quarter. Installation of George Street GPT completed. Kerb
and Gutter in Bradman Ave replaced. Drainage improvements commenced at the Shellharbour Cemetery.

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          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

A15         Water Conservation
Achieve a 20% reduction in Council's corporate water consumption by 30 June 2011, based
on 1999/2000 levels. Achieve a 15% reduction in community water consumption by 30 June
2011, based on 2001/2002 levels.

Work is continuing on the development of a data management system and the formation of a water and
energy management group. Specific tasks undertaken this quarter include the development of data collection
and distribution tools, account management tools and greenhouse gas and water conservation calculators.

Plans are currently being finalised for the Works Depot truckwash project, Warilla and Albion Park Pools
stormwater reuse projects. Work is set to commence on these projects in the next quarter. Essential
modifications to the plans for the Oak Flats Pool backwash reuse project resulted in a significant rise in
estimated project costs rendering the project unviable at the present time.

URS consultants carried out soil assessments at 10 local sportsfields. Output from these assessments will
provide Council with seasonal guidelines to maximize water efficiency, guidance on how to incorporate
variable rainfall events into seasonal watering regimes and recommendations for site-specific soil and/or
drainage improvement strategies.

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B01          Community Services Management
Ensure that high quality, accessible services are available to residents. Plan for future
services. Promote fair, just and inclusive services.

The Community Services and Development department continues to support a range of interagencies and
network meetings. The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Advisory group has been utlilised to
support the Harmony Day and International Women's day events held by Council this quarter. A partnership
arrangement with Wollongong City Council and the Department of Education and Training has been
established to develop an Aboriginal story telling and language pilot program in four primary schools across
the Northern Illawarra. The Illawarra Area Assistance Regional Advisory Committee met to consider
submissions and made recommendations to the Minister for consideration. No announcements were made
this quarter regarding successful candidates.

B02          Children's Services
To provide service by either facilitation or direct service provision for the children of
Shellharbour City and their families.

Warilla North Planning Meeting was held with key stakeholders to establish a Children and Family Hub at
Warilla North. This initiative supports Councils funding submission to the Commonwealth government to build
a new Child Care facility in the area. Community activities at the Warilla Child Care Centre included an
excursion to Warilla Library, staff attendance at Behavior Management Training and Winning Partnership for
Children Conference and the University of Wollongong for the Mentoring Partnership and Nutrition and Menu
Planning course. A Family Night was held in February. The Shellharbour Kids Web site continues to be well
utilised by the community and has been updated this quarter. Negotiations are underway for the potential re-
funding of this project into the new financial year and beyond.

B03          Youth Services
To provide service by either facilitation or direct service provision for the young people of
Shellharbour City and their families.

Activities conducted by the Youth Services team included drama, circus, vocal group and 'Drop In' on a
weekly basis. The Youth Worker in Schools program at four high schools has continued with attendance at
schools averaging 16 hours per week, the program has focused on issues such as self esteem, school
attendance, study skills and time management, job seeking skills, and communication. Staff are receiving
referrals directly from teachers, school counselors and self-referring students. Preparation for, and activities
associated with, Youth Week were conducted this quarter in anticipation of it being held early next quarter.
The Western Areas Youth Project has been attracting good numbers and is engaging young people in a
range of interesting and creative activities.

B04          Cultural Development
Promote the development and growth of Shellharbour City's Cultural Identity.

Shellharbour City Council has been invited to partner with Wollongong City Council and the Department of
Education & Training (DET) on a ‘Story Telling’ Project in four schools. Aboriginal Youth Workers from
Shellharbour Aboriginal Community Youth Association (SACYA) and Myimbarr will be trained in the delivery
of the ‘Story Telling’ in conjunction with a qualified teacher from each of the four participating schools. The In
the Bin Film Festival was held in City Park on 7 March 2009 with approximately 150 community members in
attendance. Shellharbour City Council, in partnership with Stocklands Shellharbour, hosted a Felt and
Weaving Exhibition featuring the work of local residents.

The finalisation of the Cultural Plan remains a key objective and will inform the Public Art Guidelines.
However, the Cultural Plan is awaiting finalisation of the Social Plan and Community Infrastructure Plan
before it can be completed.

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          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B05         Aged and Disabled
To provide service by either facilitation or direct service provision for the aged and disabled
people of Shellharbour City and their families.

A very successful Seniors Week was held this quarter with over 3,400 programs distributed across the City.
The program included varied and interesting events with many new organisations participating this year.

B06         Indigenous Services
To provide service by either facilitation or direct service provision for the indigenous people
of Shellharbour City and their families.

A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the status of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) to
consider reviewing it since its development and the extent to which the strategies identified in it have been
implemented. United Koori Elders Social Group (UKESCG) - A draft Terms of Reference (TOR) has been
drawn up for the consideration of the Elders. Once the TOR has been agreed to by the UKESCG this will
then be provided to Council’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee for endorsement. In turn this will then be
provided to a full Council meeting for the Administrator’s consideration.

B07         Social Planning
Ensure the requirements of the Social and Community Planning Regulations are met.

A planning day was held in Warilla North to establish the location as a Child and family Hub. Stakeholders
included Council, Warilla North Public School, Barnardos, Department of Community Services, Healthy Cities
and Illawarra Area Children Services. Preparation for and activities associated with Youth Week were
conducted this quarter in anticipation of it being held early next quarter. A very successful Seniors Week was
held this quarter promoting the value of older people in the community. A very successful Harmony Day
event was held in Warilla to promote the diversity of the City and the International Women's day event
attracted a range of women from various cultural backgrounds.

B08         Community Festivals
Celebrate, involve and educate our diverse community through participation of community

A range of events was held this quarter including Seniors Week, international Women's Day Coffee and
conversations and Harmony Day. All events were well attended with a diverse range of target groups from
across the community participating.

B09         Community Transport
Provide community transport services to eligible individuals.

Period of lower demand over the December/January period accounts for activity not reaching targets.
However, we are on track to meet all yearly projected outcomes. Unit continues to meet accreditation
guidelines in relation to operations and procedures. Unit has full accreditation with Ministry of Transport.

B10         Cycleways and Footpaths
To maintain and enhance a network of commuter and recreational cycleways and footpaths
that meets the needs of the community.

New Princes Hwy cycleway between Station Rd and Creamery Rd has been completed. Next stage has
commenced between Creamery Rd and Airport Rd. Design investigations continuing into the next stage of
the Koona Bay cycleway between Wilsons Park and Kanahooka St. Repairs, cleaning and grinding down of
trip hazards carried out throughout the city this quarter.

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           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B11          Community Safety
To help reduce crime and the fear of crime in Shellharbour City, working co-operatively with
a wide range of community groups, government, the police and other organisations.

Two community engagement activities were conducted to gather feedback from local businesses regarding
Graffiti concerns in Oak Flats and the Shellharbour City Centre. The information collected will inform the
development of a Graffiti Management Plan. Partnership developed with Shellharbour TAFE for Young
People and Violence/Healthy Relationships Project and the Community Drug Action Team and TAFE Public
Service Announcement – Parental Supply of Alcohol – was launched and shown in Greater Union Cinemas.
The Domestic Violence Strategies Project continues with extensive survey and focus groups conducted this

B12          Road Safety
Plan for and work towards improved road safety

Funded Projects for 2008/2009 include: Parent Workshops for Learner Drivers (ongoing), Log Book Run
(ongoing), Vehicle Restraints, Mobility Vehicle Workshop, Winners Wear Helmets Bicycle Helmet
Compliance Project, Back to School Program, Light Trucks Project, Mentoring Learner Motorcyclists,
Taxisafe Evaluation, Lake Illawarra Cops and Community Car Show, Motorcycle Booklet "Touring the
Illawarra' review, Stay Awake on the Princes Highway, Shellharbour Bikeabout.

Non-Funded Projects for 2008/2009: B4U DRV Young Driver Safety, RYDA Rotary Youth Driver Awareness
Program, DEAP, For Traffic Offenders, Fleet Safety.

Continue to conduct research and prepare plans and other reports to address road safety concerns. Annual
Action Plan addresses the strategies identified in Planning for Road Safety 2010 - Road Safety Strategic Plan
for Shellharbour City Council. This is prepared by April each year with budget and grant forecast prepared.

Projects started during this quarter include: Stay Awake on the Princes Highway, Senior Scooter Safety
Program, Back to School Road Safety Program, Motorcycle Mentoring Program, Motorcycle booklet 'Touring
the Illawarra' review, Back to School Road Safety Program, Learner Log Book Run, Helping Learner Drivers
Become Safer Drivers.

B13          Health Services
To comply with legislative requirements for food and health, fire safety and private
swimming pools.

All fire safety certificates received during the review period updated on fire safety register. Fire safety audit of
food premises completed. Detected breaches of the swimming pool legislation were reported to property
owners and appropriate enforcement action taken. No critical breaches of physical or bacteriological water
quality parameters detected during the review period in privately owned public swimming pools.

All of the City's registered food premises are inspected in accordance with Council's inspection program and
in accordance with the NSW Food Authority partnership. All food complaints are promptly investigated and
determined in accordance with Council's inspection program and the NSW Food Authority Partnership

B14          Companion Animals
To implement the actions contained in the Companion Animals Plan and to provide for the
safety of the community through education and enforcement of local regulations.

Council rangers have conducted two successful micro-chipping days, during January and March 2009.
Numerous brochures and information was distributed promoting responsible pet ownership. Council rangers
have been proactive in issuing notices to comply for matters relating to the Companion Animal Act, which has
seen a significant improvement with compliance.

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          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B15         Emergency Services
Minimise the risk to life and property from emergencies.

The Rural Fire Service (RFS) Control centre 100% complete. Interim Occupation Certificate issued. All works
will be completed with power upgrade and new substation. Anticipated completion of all works with full
occupation certificate in June 2009. All emergency services operating satisfactorily and meeting performance

Bushfire Risk Management Plans – works underway at Elizabeth Brownlee and Alex Hoffman Park. Quote to
complete Blackbutt works currently being sought.

Review of Environmental Factors currently being prepared for Croom track upgrade. Asset protection works
around the caretaker's cottage at Croom complete.

B16         Cemeteries
To provide and maintain cemetery facilities.

Cemetery services provided as required and within budget forecasts.

B17         Shellharbour City Stadium
To actively promote participation in indoor sports and to maintain the facility to the highest
possible standard.

Usage down due to December / January holiday break. New competitions and activities recommenced in late
January. However, the quarterly income for the stadium is higher than budgeted due to higher utilisation in
February and March.

B18         Croom Regional Sporting Complex
To provide and maintain a multi purpose sports complex to the highest possible standard.

All requests for maintenance investigated and completed on a priority basis. Council has received advice that
its grant application has been successful to upgrade the fire main at Croom Regional Sporting Complex.

B19         Myimbarr Sports Fields
To provide and maintain multi-purpose sports fields to the highest possible standard.

All routine maintenance works completed. One of the new amenities buildings has been completed with the
second approximately 75% complete. Council has received $899,000 under the Regional and Local
Community Infrastructure Program, being for sportsfield lighting and landscaping. The contract period for this
work (new amenities buildings) has been exceeded and negotiations are continuing with the principal
contractors to resolve the issues causing the delay.

B20         Albion Park Showground
To provide and maintain Albion Park Showground as a multi purpose facility to the highest
possible standard.

All routine maintenance work completed within budget. No specific maintenance requests received for Albion
Park Showground this quarter.

B21         Sportsfields
Provide and maintain Shellharbour City sportsfields.

All routine maintenance tasks completed in preparation for football season. Expenditure is in line with
seasonal variations. The project for a new grandstand and amenities at Ron Costello Oval is dependent on a
successful grant application and future budget considerations by Council. No sportsfields were closed due to
wet weather during this quarter.

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          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B22         Parklands
To maintain parkland facilities and amenities to highest possible standard.

There were 1,463 trees planted this quarter as part of bush regeneration works. The six areas where the
work has been carried out are those identified as containing threatened or endangered species. These are
Horsley Creek, Oakey Creek, Tullimbar, Mount Warrigal, Flinders and Blackbutt Reserve. Bush Care groups
held at Oakey Creek, Horsley Creek and Mount Warrigal Reserve. Current turnaround time for mowing of
parklands is 4-6 weeks.

B23         Play Equipment
To provide safe playground equipment for our children.

All playground equipment inspected to maintain compliance with Australian Standards. Playground
equipment relocated from Williams Park to Cawdell Park due to vandalism.

B24         Tree Management
Assess applications for removal or lopping of trees on Private property. Investigate
breaches of Tree Management Orders.

A total of 100 Tree Management Order applications were assessed and determined within 5 working days.
One complaint was investigated in regard to illegal tree removal on private property.

B25         Swimming Centres - Council Owned
Provide and maintain public swimming pools within the Shellharbour City.

Pool income/expenditure in accordance with seasonal variations. For swimming centres, all test results within
NSW Health Guidelines. Failure of the chlorinator pump at Albion Park and the pump motor at Warilla
resulted in pool closures while repairs were conducted. Installation of replacement boundary fence at Warilla
Pool is 70% complete with the works scheduled for completion in April.

B26         Surf Patrol
To provide effective lifeguard patrols.

All beaches patrolled over holiday season. Rescues carried out were considered minor - no major incidents.
Beach closures relate to shark sightings and heavy seas during January. Expenditure in line with seasonal

B27         Beaches
To provide and maintain beaches for recreational enjoyment while protecting them from
coastal processes and human impact.

Major beach maintenance deferred until winter months. Consultant is currently finalising the landscape
design plans for the Shellharbour Foreshore. Design will be completed May 2009. The coastal boardwalk
project is yet to be commenced with a draft consultant's brief being prepared.

B28         Lake Illawarra
To protect, conserve and enhance Lake Illawarra and its surrounding environs for public

All routine maintenance requests completed. Hazmat response unit called to a spill incident at Skiway Park
during this period. Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) finalised design for a holding jetty at Reddall Reserve.

                                                                                               Page 17
          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

B29         Bass Point Reserve
To protect, conserve and enhance Bass Point Reserve for public enjoyment.

Routine road and car park maintenance carried out as required. Routine testing and checks carried out on
evacuation alarms as required.

B30         Blackbutt Reserve
To protect, conserve and enhance Blackbutt Reserve for public enjoyment.

All routine maintenance requests completed. Further remediation work to be carried out in the asset
protection zones within Blackbutt Reserve in the current quarter, this is due to unsatisfactory contractor

B31         Public Halls
To facilitate community development by the provision and maintenance of public halls.

Income at Centenary Hall and Oak Flats Community Hall has decreased this quarter. This is due to
organisations/groups closing down over the holiday period.

B32         Neighbourhood and Community Centres
Facilitate community development by maintaining and enhancing a range of neighbourhood
and community centres.

Income at Albion Park and Albion Park Rail Community Centres has continued to be very low this quarter.
Also, free (or unpaid) use of the centres has exceeded the targets and Council is currently reviewing the
booking practices and the revenue policy. Remedial work on the awning and floor at Albion Park Community
centre has been completed.

B33         Libraries and Museum
Ensure quality library and museum services to the community.

Community engagement programs have been very successful and have included amongst others,
Storytelling and Infant Literacy Programs, School Holiday Program, Storytelling Outreach Programs for
community groups, Educational networking/visits, E-Resources and Computer lessons. Maintenance work
has been completed at Warilla and Albion Park libraries. New floor tiles and a video surveillance system have
been installed at the Albion Park Museum. Acquisition of new and replacement library resources book is
within budget.

                                                                                               Page 18
          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

C01         Classified Roads
To maintain and improve the City's classified roads within budget to the specified standard.

Council has met all of the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) performance targets on its State Roads this
quarter. Three major road rehabilitation projects planned for Shellharbour Rd and Lake Entrance Rd are to
commence late April.

C02         Local Roads
To improve the condition of Council's local road assets within budget to the specified

All Roads to Recovery and Asset Improvement Programs are on target for completion. Road improvements
carried out on Mellows Rd, Calderwood Rd, Moles St., Barrack Ave and College Ave during this period.
Guardrail on Ashburton Drive also completed. Seventeen traffic management investigations completed this

C03         Rural Roads
To improve the condition of Council's rural road assets within budget to the specified

Work completed on Mellows, Yellowrock, Stockyard Mountain, Old Cedar Track, and North Macquarie
Roads. Mellows Road Overlay has now been completed.

C04         Bridges
To maintain Council's bridges within budget to the specified standard.

All routine inspections completed every 3 months as required. Investigations continuing into upgrading the
Tongarra Lane timber bridge.

C05         Car Parks
To maintain Council's car parks within budget to the specified standard.

All car parks inspected on a 3-monthly schedule. Only routine maintenance carried out this quarter.

C06         Signage
To maintain and improve the city's signage.

Signage maintenance carried out to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Continuing problem with
the vandalism of signs, which is creating a budget overrun.

C07         Street Lighting
Street Lighting.

All action requests are promptly investigated by Council, in accordance with adopted procedures, and where
appropriate, are referred to Integral for detailed investigation and design in accordance with relevant
standards. Preparation of briefs and studies within approved budget allocations. There have been four
projects completed since July 2008.

                                                                                      Page 21
          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

C08         Illawarra Regional Airport
To provide and enhance a self-sufficient airport facility to encourage employment, tourism
and RPT flights, consistent with CASA requirements.

Annual Airport Open Day, Wings Over Illawarra, held on 22 February 2009. Estimated attendance in excess
of 30,000 people. Good media coverage received with positive feedback received from the community.
Airport has good usage figures for this quarter. No Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) services are
operating at this time. All inspections carried out in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
requirements and are satisfactory. Airport maintenance works are on schedule. Nominations for community
representative position on Airport Operations Working Party assessed. Appointment of two local residents
made by Council's Administrator. Airport Working Party met in February 2009 to discuss operational and
local community issues.

C09         Tourism
To provide additional employment and investment opportunities in the Shellharbour City
area by actively promoting tourism.

Positive feedback from tourist industry – primary interest in areas such as Shellharbour Village and Killalea.
The number of additional tourist beds is on target primarily from new holiday house rentals/ Bed and
Breakfasts. Major projects are delayed due to economic downturn. The development of a major tourist
accommodation establishment is still some time away. Tourism NSW and ABS provide statistics on a
regional basis – December Quarter 2008. Changes based on the seasonal factor. The Illawarra Tourist
Region includes the Local Government areas of Shellharbour, Kiama, and Wollongong.

A number of major signs have been installed for Shellharbour Village. Further signs are being prepared for
Councils 150th Anniversary. Review of priorities taking place. Investigation currently taking place on
appropriate tree species and discussions with RTA. Landscape plan finalized. Work expected to commence
next quarter.

C10         Property
Develop strategies and options for Council's major property holdings.

Lamerton House cooling tower replacement has been organised through the Works and Services section of
Council and could be completed in time for reporting at the next Management Plan quarterly report period to
end 2008/09. The Property portfolio of Council continues to be managed in order to ensure that occupation
arrangements are kept up-to-date, financial return for the occupation of Council land/property is relevant and
that the other sections of the organisation are consulted on and advised of property dealings and
arrangements in order to improve overall organisational performance.

                                                                                      Page 22
           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

C11          Economic Development
To improve investment and employment opportunities in the Shellharbour City area.

A review of the Shellharbour Business Database has been carried out and now all entries are as up-to-date
as our current information permits. We need to develop a strategy for re-building the database, as clearly this
is not the sum total of businesses in Shellharbour City. There are currently no resources to enable this to

The Destination Albion Park project, submitted under the Community Infrastructure Program, was again
resubmitted after making several revisions to the project. The outcome should be known in the next month or

We have also submitted the project application to Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD)
for the Airport Study. All aspects of the Economic Development Plan are on target. There are inevitably
delays and problems associated with complex projects and this is certainly the case with the further
development of the airport project to establish two new businesses.

The 4th Stage of Economic Gardening is about to commence. Wollongong City Council (WCC), following an
approach to their Economic Development personnel, will be contributing financially to the project to enable
some Wollongong businesses to participate. The marketing plan is currently underway and we are targeting
mature businesses whose growth has stalled as well as newer businesses with a capable business owner
and a demonstrably good business concept.

C12          Shell Cove
To develop Shell Cove in accordance with the Management Agreement and adopted plans
and policies.

The progress of Shell Cove Project is reported to Council by way of four quarterly reports presented to
Ordinary Meetings of Council. The most recent report was 24 February 2009. The Shell Cove financial
records are audited by Council’s external auditor and reported to Council. The audit was not undertaken by 1
November 2008 due to the unavailability of the Shell Cove Financial Controller. The audit has now been
undertaken and the results have been reported to Council. Monthly reporting to General Manager continued
(or more frequent as required).

In-house monitoring of project outcomes continued. The current and expected land market in 2009/2010 has
and will continue to put additional pressure on the future scheduling and delivery of all major capital works on
the Project. Australand's preparation of the 2009 Project Feasibility Study continues, with leading consultants
to intensely review, assess and advise on current and future market conditions that will guide the direction of
the study.

There has been an improvement in lot sales over the last quarter, despite the deteriorating market conditions.
However, lot production is proceeding in order to meet potential market improvement. One release this
quarter – 17 lots. No lots currently under construction. No tenders for lot construction advertised or awarded
in this quarter. Construction of Stage 6 acoustic barriers continuing.

The Shell Cove Management Agreement sets a minimum performance criteria for all combined project works
of 50% for local labour content. During the past three months recording period the labour component was
75.5%. The cumulative statistic for the Shell Cove Project is 85.1% local labour content.

Regular scoping guidelines given to Council representatives on the Shell Cove Management Committee.
Reports are presented to Council as required. Regular meetings with Council staff are held. The Shell Cove
Management Committee meets on a monthly basis.

Master Planning complete for overall major sewerage reticulation and pumping station requirements. Existing
sewer pumping station (S.P.S. 1101) upgrade and expansion completed, including commissioning. This will
cater for future development in catchment. New sewer pumping station (S.P.S 1145) to service Southern
(Dunmore) residential catchment completed March 2009.

                                                                                        Page 23
           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

C13          Council Business Activities
Continuance of current commercial activities and investigate the development of new

Lamerton House external management continues to be a well-justified operation with contractor management
being of a satisfactory standard and efforts to achieve tenancy of the remaining vacant property continuing,
with some direct advertising and marketing undertaken during the quarter. Responses have been reasonable
and encouraging, considering the poor state of the economy in general at this time. Councils Wholesale
Nursery continues to be profitable despite the tight economic conditions and the water restrictions. All other
Private Works have been completed as requested.

C14          Links Shell Cove Golf Course
To enhance and protect Council's golf course and to actively liaise with the operator
regarding maintenance standards and improvements.

The Links Shell Cove has been under Council's management for 10 months. It is a complex operation
requiring significant investment of time and resources, to consolidate the establishment of what is one of the
City's most important and valuable recreational facilities. There are no "short cuts" or "quick fixes" associated
with this consolidation. The golf course operations and operational practices are yielding results with
improved golf course condition, as evidenced by the results of a recent member survey. Golf course staff
positions are in the process of being formalised via contracts or other agreement. This will assist in providing
further stabilisation of operations in readiness for the yearly program, required to be developed in association
with the final golf course operating budget, for 2009/10. Both income and expenditure have exceeded current
budget expectations.

C15          Sand Mine
To operate Council's sand mine as a profitable business undertaking.

The strong performance this quarter has been driven by a higher than average demand for washed concrete
sand and blended soil products, as well as the sale of existing stockpiles. A strong demand for blended soil
products was expected at this time of year as customers establish new turf during the growing season.

C16          Shellharbour Beachside Tourist Park
To operate Council's Caravan Park as a profitable business undertaking.

Shellharbour Beachside Tourist Park continues to exceed annual income projection having reached 88% of
annual Target (figures current to end of February). Expenditure approximately 60% of annual figure, which is
marginally below the projected expenditure. The redevelopment of the facility has been delayed due to
difficulties experience in receiving comments from local traditional owner groups, as a part of the indigenous
heritage study. Boom gate installation and linkage to booking system completed.

                                                                                         Page 24
           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

D01          Corporate Leadership and Governance
Democratic and accountable government and the ability to achieve sustained economic and
social development by delivering strong corporate leadership within Council.

Senior Council Management had four meetings with local Members of Parliament during the quarter under
review. Two meetings with Jennie George MP, one with Lylea Mc Mahon MP and one with Matt Brown MP.
The revised Code of Meeting Practice and Public Participation Guidelines was adopted during the quarter
and will commence operation in the next quarter. No reports were presented to Council in Committee of the
Whole Council.

Management Plan is currently being prepared for 2009/12 period. We are awaiting release of new guidelines
that will dictate a new management planning system for Council's in NSW.

Due to the current global financial crisis, Council has suffered a reduction in investment income, which has
placed its budget under duress. Budget responsible officers have identified $1.6M in savings in operations.

Council continues to have relatively low staff resources in comparison with other similar Councils. Workforce
and succession planning will become an emerging issue for Council with approximately 120 members of
Council staff being of 55 years of age or older. The current financial situation has resulted in a freeze on the
replacement of staff, unless it is demonstrated that the replacement of the position is absolutely essential.
Poor staff resources have been a feature of this Council for many years and worsening financial crisis will not
help this situation.

D02          Financial Services
To provide financial and management accounting services and information to an
appropriate professional standard, in an accurate and timely manner.

All financial reporting is completed within statutory and Departmental deadlines, to standards approved by
Council's external Auditors. Council's investment portfolio returned a negative 1.72% for the quarter.
Returns for January and March were fairly flat, however the month of February saw Council's portfolio decline
by 1.70%. Global equity markets hit their lowest points for many years during February as severe uncertainty
over the global financial crisis had major impacts. Council's long-term growth fund, which is mainly exposed
to equity markets, returned a negative 5.70% for February, while the medium-term credit managed funds also
continue to be affected by the current financial crisis. Both these investment areas offset any gains Council
made on its cash investments. The beginning of March saw equity markets reaching new lows before
rebounding sharply over the remainder of the month. Australia's equity market index gained over 7% for the
month. Council's long-term growth fund increased by just under 4% for the month with consistent returns
again being achieved via the cash type investments. Unfortunately, Council's medium-term credit managed
funds continued to be volatile reducing the return for March down to a small gain.

Senior staff met with Council's investment advisors during the quarter. The make-up of the current
investment portfolio was discussed in great detail. Council's advisors believe the portfolio is still well
structured in terms of risks and investment horizons with no recommendation for change at this point in time.
Once markets stabilise Council should be in a position to achieve solid returns particularly in the medium to
long-term investments where the majority of the losses have occurred to date.

D03          Rates Levy
The accurate and timely production and collection of Council's rates levy in accordance
with legislative requirements and Council policy.

All supplementary lists have been processed. There are no outstanding supplementary valuations to be
issued. Outstanding rates and charges are still high at $1.8 million. Pensioners form a large proportion of
people in arrears, but they have until 31 May to pay rates without accruing interest charges and any person
experiencing difficulty is invited to make arrangements for payment of the amounts owing. The well
publicised financial crisis is affecting ratepayers from all ages and a wide range of economic circumstances.

                                                                                                 Page 27
           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

D04          Administration, Governance and Legal Services
Provide quality administrative and governance support and advice as required by the
Director / General Manager and to ensure that Council is receiving quality legal advice at a
competitive price.

The Statement of Affairs is published in Council’s Annual Report. The Summary of Affairs is prepared six
monthly for publication in the Government Gazette each June and December. Publicly accessible documents
are reviewed and maintained as required. Requests for information are processed under S12 and S343 of
Local Government Act where possible, or within statutory Freedom Of Information (FOI) timeframes and FOI
applicants advised of rights of appeal. The performance of panel solicitors instructed in this quarter has been
satisfactorily reviewed. Meetings with panel solicitors are convened as required.

D05          Communications and Events
Undertake a program of communication which demonstrates our progress and commitment
to the Vision and our position in the regional and state economies.

Activities during the quarter focused on staging two of Council's major annual events - the Australia Day
Breakfast by the Lake, and Wings Over Illawarra. Planning also moved into full swing for our suite of events
to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of the Shellharbour Local Government Area. The main
celebrations will take place in June 2009, with a number of other events to be staged throughout the year.
Media coverage included promotion of Seniors Week, the announcement of funding under the Federal
Government's Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program, and community engagement on
options for a proposed pedestrian bridge over Elliott Lake between Warilla and Barrack Point.

D06          Customer Services
To deliver excellent customer service to both internal and external customers of Council in
accordance with the demands of the community, legislative requirements and Council

The number of development applications (DA) and complying development applications (CDA) registered
within the nominated timeframes exceeded the targets. There were no complaints and 3 positive comments
were received during the quarter.

D07          Risk Management
To provide an effective risk management program that seeks to protect all Council interests.

All claims are reviewed on a monthly basis or as needs be, depending upon the nature and quantum of the
claim. Noise assessments on 61 items of plant completed. Lead paint and asbestos inspections ongoing.
No lost time injuries or serious incidents during the reporting period. One incident investigated by the relevant

D08          Corporate Planning
To provide a management planning framework that allows effective planning and
measurement of corporate aspirations and outcomes.

During the quarter Council staff continued to maintain representation at a number of different regional forums.
These included Illawarra Housing Trust, IRIS, Illawarra ITeC, Southern Councils Group, and Regional
Development Australia (Illawarra). Internal Sustainability Working Party is due to convene in last quarter of
the year to evaluate progress against adopted plan. The forward financial plan is receiving a complete re-
write in preparation for the forthcoming management plan and budget. This re-write also encompasses a
reassessment of underlying assumptions and industry trends. The current state of the planning system in
NSW, as well as the global financial crisis and its effect on investment markets are making the exercise of
predicting future financial scenarios very difficult. The latest advice that Council has received is that the new
Integrated Planning guidelines will be issued to Council from the Department of Local Government (DLG) in
May with legislation to amend the relevant sections of the Local Government Act introduced into the Spring
session of Parliament. Analysis of existing Section 94 Plan underway. Open and Recreation Space and
Community Facilities Needs Study nearing completion.

                                                                                                  Page 28
           Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

D09          Information Technology
To ensure optimisation of the use of information technology to achieve Council's corporate

Technology refresh planned for May / June / July 2009 subject to budget constraints. Payroll service to
Wingecarribee Council continues under arrangement. No material policy breaches identified in the period.

D10          Telecommunications
Provide the organisation with a cost effective Telecommunications system, which
adequately caters for the needs of users.

Telecommunications services have been maintained at acceptable level, however as the equipment is
beyond its anticipated life some failures may impact over the coming period until this equipment is replaced in
accordance with our replacement program.

D11          Geographic Information Systems
Ensure the continued development and refinement of an integrated geographical information system
(GIS) to assist Council in the provision and management of its assets and services.

During the period under review 100% of general mapping requests were met as they occurred. Same day
service for most internal customer enquiries, to facilitate work progress in other areas of Council. Current
planning projects are progressing at a slower rate due to absence of staff member. Mapping of sporting
fields and facilities completed and awaiting comment and amendments. Council's public access mapping
system continues to be available to users of Council's website. Usage reports show a consistent stream of
monthly users. The update and deployment of the new enquiry system was delayed due to some software
issues with the installation of Exponare, which are still being resolved. A new software version is now
available and when it is installed and tested by Council's IT department, the deployment will be rescheduled.
GIS continues to provide a professional and competent service to both internal and external customers.

D12          Organisational Development
To co-ordinate the delivery of Human Resource services to meet strategic needs of the
organisation. To provide training to Councillors and staff at a level designed to meet
organisational objectives.

Staff shortage during the period of review has curtailed HR activities. Actions are being taken to address this
issue. Some performance criteria have suffered due to this.

D13          Plant and Fleet Management
To ensure that Council has well maintained plant and fleet vehicle resources.

Fleet vehicle replacements have been extended to a changeover after 60,000km in accordance with
recommendations from Council's fleet management consultant. The remaining truck replacements this year
have been rationalised due to budget cutbacks. Plant utilisation levels are slightly down this quarter due to
the Christmas/New Year closedown of works.

D14          Works and Services
To provide efficient and effective management and support for all Works and Services

Maintenance and capital works programs are on target for completion this financial year. Biannual goods
and services tenders have been prepared in accordance with Council's newly adopted Contract
Administration Manual. Draft Asset Management Plans for Council's major asset classes have been
prepared and are awaiting financial input.

                                                                                                 Page 29
          Executive Summary Report - Management Plan Quarterly Review - January - March 2009

D15         Operations and Services Management and Executive Support
To provide management and leadership to the Operations and Services Division.

Funds committed for essential carpet replacement to be undertaken in April 2009.

D16         Engineering Forward Planning and Design
To provide management, leadership and support to Technical Services functions.

Investigations: Due to the extent of flooding enquiries submitted to Council, resources from the flooding and
drainage section of design services have been committed to responding to the enquiries. Investigations to
determine appropriate design parameters for four stormwater treatment devices have also been completed.
Council and the Lake Illawarra Authority (LIA) have identified a program of works for delivery during the LIA
financial year extending between 1 April 2008 and 30 March 2009. During the 2008/2009 LIA financial year,
Council and the LIA were involved in investigation and design for the proposed Reddall Reserve Jetty,
stormwater treatment measures at Lake Illawarra, foreshore access improvement works and the Koona Bay
shared use path. It is anticipated that works will commence on these projects during the LIA's 2009/2010
financial year. The budget from the grant dependant, staged projects and pre-planning Investigations
allocation is close to being completely expended for the 2008-09 Financial Year. A draft 2009-12 capital
works program has been developed and placed on public exhibition between 2 March 2009 and 27 March
2009. Formal submissions will be reported via the 2009-2010 budget process prior to the adoption of the final
program. Grant applications have been submitted to various State and Federal government agencies for
priority projects identified in the draft 3-year program. The design department are currently progressing
detailed design for the respective projects.

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