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									                                        Central Maine Library District
                                           Executive Board Meeting
                                      Maine State Library Conference Room
                                          Thursday, January 20, 2010
                                                    8:30 a.m.

In attendance: Emily Scribner, Susan Preece, Stephanie Zurinski, Pam Bonney, Melanie Taylor Coombs and
Janet McKenney.

   1. Call to Order at 8:46 a.m. by Susan Preece.
   2. Approval of the Minutes of January 20, 2010 meeting. Pam Bonney made a motion to accept the minutes,
      seconded by Emily Scribner. Motion carried.
   3. Treasurer’s Report by Pam Bonney.
          a. Highlights. $390.00 reimbursed from the CMLD budget.
          b. $1000.00 reimbursed from New Century.
          c. Melanie Taylor Coombs made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Pam. Motion carried.
   4. Committee Reports
          a. Library Commission reported by Susan Preece in lieu of Art Turley.
                    1. Budget cuts to the MSL are significant.
                    2. The commission is working on long range planning.
                    3. Janet McKenney reported on LD 1613 (Art was also present at the hearing)
                            Heads of cultural agencies for three-year appointments.
                            Cultural agencies would be returned to the Department of Education.
                            The representative who introduced the legislation admitted the bill was lacking.
                            There was discussion about completing a study of the cultural agencies before decisions
                               would be made. Most felt funding was inadequate. The discussion could potentially be
                               positive because it brings issues to the forefront, such as, meeting issues, agency audits
                               and handling of finances.
                            Several people spoke at the hearing including Herb Abrams and Beth Edmonds. The
                               overall feeling is that the testimony went well.
                            Outreach services may become official library for services to the visually impaired.
                            MSL would like to start a friends group.
                            The outcome of the bill is unknown it could be tabled, modified or moved forward.
          b. Maine State Library reported by Janet McKenney in lieu of Linda Lord.
                    1. The SMLD Consultant position will not be opened until 6/2011. This is creating a lot of stress
                         on the remaining two consultants.
                            Discussion of the frozen position.
                                   a. Susan suggested the MLC be made aware and motivated to assist in getting the
                                        opening moved forward. The District Liaison Committee would be happy to
                                        write a letter regarding the issue.
                                   b. The SMLD Board was commended for taking a greater role in SMLD operations.
                    2. Annual reports reminders have begun. A CMLD library was the first to turn in an annual report.
                    3. Bates, Bowdoin and Colby are contributing funds to MARVEL! So far there have been no
                         additional budget cuts announced since 11/2009
                    4. Paperwork collection for MSLN/Network Maine went well.
                    5. New school redistricting meant that the SAD/RSU numbers have changed for erate, etc.
                    6. There will be increased bandwidth soon. About 80 public libraries will be impacted.
                    7. District technology plans will need to be updated and voted on in the spring. VOIP/Digital
                         phone will be added.
                    8. BTOP grant was not funded for video conferencing equipment.
                    9. Currently approaching Tanberg/CBE Technologies who have worked with ACTEM on
                         successful rural grants. The company is reviewing the project—this is one example of why
                         annual report statistics are very important.
                     10. Project Compass/Webjunction—IMLS grant to meet demands of loss of jobs and what can be
             c. Consultant’s Report by Stephanie Zurinski.
                     1. Annual Report updates
                             Discussion of training. Should the sparsely attended training sessions continue?
                             Annual reports have been changed to make them easier.
                     2. Snapshot brochures were sent to all public libraries.
                     3. Discussion. Collecting data from school libraries, getting school librarians actively involved in
                         CMLD, school library advocacy.
                             Pam agreed to send digital forms for collecting school library data.
                             Janet is getting more questions from schools about automation systems.
                             Stephanie has received questions regarding standards for school libraries.
                     4. Linda/Matt/Barbara are discussing legal references in public libraries.
                     5. Stephanie is working on board training in different areas.

             d. District Liaison Committee by Susan Preece.
                       1. There will be a meeting of the DLC next week (January 2010).
                       2. Standardizing by-laws of the three districts.
                       3. The DLC has been attending meetings of the MLC to make themselves available for
   5.    Old Business
             a. Discussion of the immediate CMLD Executive Board openings.
                       1. Current members will try to encourage people to participate.
                       2. Susan will check Roberts Rules to see if an online vote is acceptable.
                       3. Stephanie has a few people she was willing to approach.
                       4. Jennifer Lynch (2011) Matt Pollack (2011) David Olson (2010) seats are currently open.
                       5. Vaughan, Pam and Susan (Nominating Committee) will discuss nominations.
                       6. A MELIBS announcement will be made explaining the immediate openings on the CMLD
             b. Bylaws will be coming up for discussion soon.
             c. VOTE on the Central Maine Library District Technology Plan
                       1. There were 19 official online votes to accept the proposed CMLD Technology Plan.
                       2. There was an official motion made by Pam Bonney and seconded by Emily Scribner to accept
                           the vote of the district members. On 1/21/2010 the motion carried and the vote was accepted.
   6.    New Business
             a. Website changes.
                       1. Website changes—Stephanie wanted everyone to be aware that the MRLS pages have changed
                           but that the district pages still exist. She asked everyone to please be patient while the changes
                           are being made.
                       2. Janet added that the maine.gov template is changing.
             b. Changes in the 5 for 5
                       1. The volunteer who had been assisting with the program can no longer manage it. Stephanie
                           suggests revamping the program and handling it similarly to SMLD. It will now be called
                           Baxter’s Best. Participants will take 5 books with them at a regular meeting and return with
                           reviews at the next meeting. NMLD has ceased a similar program.
             c. The CMLD Spring meeting will feature Stephen Abram from Sirsi/Dynix in the morning. Janet will have
                 a technology petting zoo in the afternoon. Venues were suggesting including the Cohen Center and the
                 Spectacular Events Center.
   7.    The CMLD retreat was moved to June 24, 2010. Emily will check to see if the hospital is available this year.
   8.    Janet showed everyone the Nook with touch pad interface better than the Kindle.
   9.    A motion was made by Pam to approve $100 for Love Your Library stickers. Susan seconded the motion.
   10.   Motion to adjourn was made by Melanie at 10:40 a.m. Susan seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Taylor Coombs
CMLD Executive Board Secretary

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