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					Anthony Englund

Journalism 4551 New Media and Culture

Thiel Stern

Final Project

                                   A Short Cyber Punk Fiction

                    Desire Strings

       The year is 2099 and a steamy pile of horseshit has just hit the fan. Up in the Monopoly

Mountains of Ballyhooing City, there is a tumultuous war going on between three factions: The

Capitalizers, who have recently funded new technology to illegally manufacture desire in

consumers to buy explicitly what their told. The Government, who carries out the actual task of

broadcasting The Capitalizers messages on The Government owned TV networks, internet

bands, and radio frequencies. Last, there are The Dark Hackers led by a man by the name of

Tiziani and his Siamese flash drive cat named DiBeppo. Tiz is out to rip off the heads of the

opposition and spike them onto the thors of a nightmare you can’t even imagine. Ballyhooing

City is located in the Hoopla Territory where the majority of the population has fallen subject to

purchase intent brainwashing at the hands of The Government and The Capitalizers. The Dark

Hackers are not affected because they remain off the AD grid by anti-AD grid penetration
technology, and choose not to even glance at a TV, listen to a radio, or visit government

websites because they know the wave technology behind it could overpower their AD wave

resistant technology. The waves could potentially make them succumb to the pressure of

purchase intent, brain shutdown, or brand brain control.

       The new technology used against the public by The Government and Capitalizers is a

secret device known as The Flux. The way it works is it is placed on the main government

controlled broadcast tower at the top of the Monopoly Mountains and it sends out waves that

blend in with the public media programmed waves. The end result is a consumer brand loyalty

to the chosen products inscribed in the manipulated waves. The purchasing desire that comes

as an effect is more addicting to the recipient than crack in the 1980’s. Tiziani lost his dad to

this mechanism 12 years ago when his father was victim of an illegally waved commercial for

Culvers. His dad now resides in an insane asylum repeating the same sentence over and over

again, “A Better Brand of Beef, Makes a Butter Burger Better.”

       People now go on interactive advertising binges for weeks upon weeks often ending up

in either the hospital, or at their favorite shopping mall purchasing products they have just

been brainwashed to buy. The line between video games, advergames, and advertisements has

blurred and has become impossible to decipher the differences between them anymore. Young

boys and girls are now buying advertisements in the form of a game only to be brainwashed to

buy a whole cornucopia of other selected products within the game. Other consumers who

have an even lesser presence of individuality are often victims of a certain Government
programmed AD wave called “SOL” that will persuade them into emptying their bank account

and giving all their money to The Capitalizers in exchange for nothing.

       The Government provides legal protection and bare-knuckle protection if you know

what I mean-against the prosecution or physical danger against The Capitalizers. Ever since

Tiziani’s dad was brainwashed by the Culver’s Wave, Tiz has wanted their blood on hands. He

formed an army of hackers whose main goal is to separate the AD waves sent from The Flux.

Once they isolate the AD waves, then they can redirect them out into space so they won’t reach

the intended recipients. The problem is that The Government has been funded by The

Capitalizers to develop a device that will render The Dark Hackers secretly developed black

market technology ineffective. With The Dark Hackers not even being able to redirect a small

portion of the AD waves, consumers in Ballyhooing will be victims of an advertising schema that

will completely control the whole populations desire to buy, forever. Even old grandpas will be

caught walking to Abercrombie and Fitch with their shirts off and ripped jeans, listening to

trance music with their six-packs, and bobbing their head ‘a night at the Roxbury esk’ wanting

to spend their money ASAP. Why? Because the secret AD waves have brainwashed them to.

This is now what the advertising industry has come to.

        Techniques and methods of getting people to part with their money for products has

grown drastically ever since the Hoopla Territory moved from an agricultural economy to an

industrial economy in 2030. The main objective of the economy after this transition was to

make everyone the same through advertising because it’s easier to sell products to people that

are the same and definitely more profitable in the long run. Then the times changed again
when the citizens finally caught on to advertising industry techniques. No longer did they try to

emulate these fake identities that advertisements were portraying, and no longer did they fall

subject to advanced marketing campaigns. No longer did the people assume the same

characteristics as the rest of their target market. There was a consumer revolution.

       People started making their own homemade products and sharing more with each

other. The society shifted to the more communal based society around the year 2070. About 7

years later in 2077, businesses and consequently the economy fell apart because there was

nothing for business to capitalize on. This period of recession lasted for about 20 years as The

Hoopla Territory went back into a third world country status during this time. The rich

businessmen and lobbied government officials retreated to a secluded underground bunker

with their families during this whole time awaiting a time to re-emerge and regain their

advantage when the opportunity presented itself. The only way The Government figured they

could rekindle the control of Hoopla Territory was to get the economy robust again, and with

that they invented The Flux Brain Control Device funded by the Capitalizers in 2087 deep in

their bunker. They started using it immediately in Ballyhooing after they constructed a massive

broadcast tower on the top of The Monopoly Mountains, and then they all reemerged from

their bunker and took control once it was proven effective in its selected target market.

       They installed TV’s and Computers, and New Media devices all over Ballyhooing and

started broadcasting their AD waves. It has controlled the economy of Ballyhooing for over 12

years now, and is presently being expanded to the whole territory of Hoopla. You can use The

Flux to have the public buy certain products whenever you want. If there is a abundance of beef
that is about to go bad in Hoopla, then you can program the public to buy it before it turns, or if

you want the public to buy products that only are made by certain companies, then you can

brainwash the public to do it. “The Flux has turned the economy around”, government officials

will state, but Tiziani and the rest of the hackers see write through the illusion. Tiz was once

quoted saying, “I’d rather be dead by my own free will, then being programmed to buy this shit

being administered from above.” Money is low and time is running out for The Dark Hackers.

Tiz is now out to ruin the biz.

       Tizani finally wakes up at around 4:30 pm to the sound of a loud alarm clock resembling

the noise of the main climatic part in Hitchcock’s Psycho. Tiz and his flash drive Siamese cat

DiBeppo are staying at their urban base camp inside a cave in Ballyhooing underneath a

digitally created impenetrable waterfall falling from the mountains above. The program running

the waterfall is being remotely run by one of the programs on DiBeppo’s flash drive titled

“Niagara Wall of Death.” The cave is large enough to house about 50 other hackers and their

supplies consisting of Digital Handheld Nanoservers, Redirecting Wave Mirror Synthesizers, and

Brain Impulse Hacking Reactors. Each day all the hackers leave the cave “undercover” as

Ballyhooing citizens repeating phrases on street corner such as, “Have You Driven a Ford

Lately?”, or “Auto Glass Specialists, We’re The Guys In The Little Red Trucks.” It is imperative

they stay undercover and blend in with the majority of the public who are repeating

advertisements out loud as well. In a common days work, the job of a hacker is to isolate as

many AD waves as they can, and redirect them into space so not every citizen is hit with the
waves being emitted by The Flux. During this process, they encounter many Government forces

on the ground and need often find the need to get the hell out of dodge. This is where The

Lance comes into play.

       The Dark Hackers transportation unit is called The Lance. The Lance is a Nos powered

road bike produced by the 7 time Tour De France winner, and free purchase-intent activist

Lance Armstrong. Lance was cryogenically frozen for nearly 22 years after the country went into

a third world country status, and has recently been unfrozen to help the cause of The Dark

Hackers and their strive for universal mental freedom. The Lance has 302,000 different digital

sensors on it measuring everything from precise facial hair configuration for optimal speed, all

the way to incoming digital bandwidth hacks coming from The Government. It will shit, shower,

and shave you if you want it to, and all while transporting you at the speed of sound. It has a

digitally undetectable cloak protecting the hacker at all times from Government gunfire, while

also using enhanced F-117 Nighthawk anti radar technology to avoid GPS Government satellite

lock. The most important part of technology carried by the hackers besides The Lance is The

Flux Avoider Chip inserted into the medulla ulamgata flash drive slot behind the ear. This

protects the hacker at all times from being brainwashed and is the most expensive microchip in

the world at over 3 billion dollars a pop.

       The average amount of time an average person is brainwashed is 3 days after the last

wave transmission they receive. Unfortunately, this is only if the person does not encounter

any other waves during this time. This is nearly impossible with the amount of waves that are

being transmitted every day. There are only a small percent of the population of Ballyhooing
that has been able to avoid the brain fucking powers of The Flux since its inception 12 years

ago. Most of these “free-will survivors” are people that have been saved by the hackers and

given the technology able to block the AD Waves. The price of running a hacker regime as well

as providing a small segment of the public with these Flux Avoider Chips has forced Tiz into

bankruptcy. It was only a year ago when Tiz finally declared official war on The Capitalizers and

The Government and so began“The War of Desire.”

       In his hacker cave, Tiz hops up on his memory activated computer chair that adjusts the

lumbar and recline according to his back stress and how he is feeling that morning. He takes a

look at his version of Excel 2099, and views a breakdown of how many AD waves were blocked

yesterday by his hackers. He also has the statistics of how many hackers were attacked, and

how many people were lost to AD Wave Brain Control. The results are getting worse and worse

every week. He says to his cat DiBeppo, “I need my top aid in here right now; there are some

changes that need to be made to our campaign against these bastards.” DiBeppo meows and

runs off to find the top aid of Tiz, while meanwhile Tiz begins research on how The Flux works.

       Tiz Finds The Flux information he was searching for on Google surprisingly…….As a mass

medium, The Flux contains every bit of information that has ever been created on how to

persuade a person into buying something. The Flux is a compilation of every University, and

every institutions specific research on advertising and successful marketing technique case

studies. It has all the pertinent psychological records and information on how to penetrate

different demographics, and what time of the day to market to them. It has records on every
person in Ballyhooing and how to get them to part with their money. It has a cerebral database

containing all this information. It has the processor speed and super computer capabilities to

process, and fuse this information into a condensed AD Wave. Along with the information of

how to brainwash the individual person, there is also the product information that The

Capitalizers have given to The Government on which products to tell that specific person to

buy. All this information is condensed again and locked on to each of the individual people and

is then sent out in one primary AD Wave that is disguised in with regular media programming

waves. The waves can only be isolated, and defended against by hackers with The Flux Avoider

Chip, and Redirecting Wave Mirror Synthesizers.

       Tiz runs into some Marshall McLuhan research on how medium is the message and

relates it back to The Flux. Tiz reads a quote that really catches his eye. ““The effects of

technology do not occur at the level of opinions or concepts, but alter sense ratios or patterns

of perception steadily and without any resistance.” He then thinks how all these people are

stuck in this state of defenselessness and how they are giving all their money away without any

resistance. They can’t fight for themselves because they are stuck in a world of purchase intent

and brand loyalty brainwash. Tiz realizes that he can not reflect the AD waves into space

forever because of the monetary constraints and without money; there is no way to counter

the advertising technology. He slams down his virtual coffee cup holding his coffee by means of

Informal Cell Reproduction for Structural Apparatus Configuration Technology, and his coffee

splashes all over the floor. DiBeppo flexes into the room running at his 35mph max speed to the

coffee. DiBeppo loves the Nicaraguan blend. Right behind him follows the top aid. His name is

&rew, but most of the hackers call him “the thrilla in manila.”
       Tiz and &rew make eye contact right away and &rew can tell Tiz is serious as death.

They both sit down and don’t say a word for a couple minutes just staring there at each other.

&rew knows everything that Tiz is going to say by looking in his eyes, but they continue anyway.

Tiz starts off by saying, “I was researching the words of the late Marshall McLuhan. I’ve came to

the conclusion that he was right about a lot of things we haven’t opened our eyes to.

Knowledge is by far the most powerful thing in our society and can be easily manipulated. This

has controlled our entire system of thought for the last twelve years. All of the information out

there has been manipulated to create desire to buy more and more of what they are telling us

to buy. I have lost my dad, and I know you have lost your older brother &rew. The Government

controls all the knowledge on everyone in Ballyhooing. They have manipulated and used it

against us for their profits. &rew, I don’t have the money to continue this reflecting wave shit. I

want to take out the broadcast tower, and I want President Blazon dead.”

       &rew replies, “Consider it done. It’s on like Donkey Kong”

       President Blazon is the leader of The Government. He was one of the lobbied

Government officials that hid in the bunker after the revolution that forced Hoopla to be

classified as a third world country. In the bunker, he formed an alliance with the leader of The

Capitalizers named Donald Trumpet. From there, they recruited the most distinguished IT

professionals, and the most greedy and ignorant hackers of the underworld, and then they

developed The Flux Wave Generator. And from there history was made. They saved the

economy when they reemerged from the bunker, but they have ruined society and
individuality. President Blazon is the 2nd richest man in the world. Number 1 is Donald

Trumpet. The rich have gotten richer, and the poor are now vegetables.

       The Government likes to say that they don’t have a monopoly on TV stations, but they

own 77% percent of them. They also own 65% of radio stations, and 90% of the internet. They

are also the only law authority in the Hoopla Territory so they are basically an untouchable

physical entity. They have been protecting The Capitalizers for 12 years ever since they

produced The Flux. The Flux is located at the top of The Monopoly Mountains surrounded by

over 2 million anti aircraft guns, 300 Panzer Tanks, 500 standing infantry, 400 flak cannons, and

not to mention over 300,000 proximity mines protecting the perimeter of The Flux Base. They

also have a net security system that although cannot protect the waves from manipulation after

they leave the tower, will not let any type of outside communication waves enter its network

making it impossible to hack and shutdown security forces.

       President Blazon knows who Tiz is, and absolutely wants him dead. Blazon knows that

Tiz and his hackers are responsible for over 100,000 billion dollars of lost consumer dollars a

year by his AD wave reflecting tactics. Blazon and Trumpet have been meeting 3 times a week

to discuss new developments in their war with The Dark Hackers. Today, they meet in a

specially protected beach on the top of The Monopoly Mountains and discuss a new invention

that could turn the tables in the war.

       “My IT Guys have developed a new technology to render The Flux Avoider Chip

ineffective. Its called “Bam”, President Blazon says.
       “Without The Flux Avoider Chip, The Dark Hackers will have no form of defense against

our AD waves, and neither will any of the free minded public that they have distributed them

to. Our profits will reach their climax, and we will have total control. I will give you all the

money you need Blazon, just get it done. I will not only fund this Bam project, but I will give you

enough money where you will never have to worry about cash for the rest of your life even

thouh you already don’t. I want Tiz and his faction dead. I heard his father is alive in an insane

asylum. Kill his father and that will bait Tiz in to us, and when he comes with the cavalry, we will

use “Bam” on The Flux Resistors and they will all be sitting ducks to our mighty waves of

consumer persuasion. We will have him saying, “Nobody Does it Like Sara Lee” before they will

even know what happened.” Trumpet lectures.

“hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”, Blazon concludes

       The insane asylum is located inside a hospital security complex that is setup by the

people who have stayed free from the AD waves all this time. The free thinkers if you will. Tiz

makes sure he pays enough money so that his dad will be taken good care of there. His dad

behaves very well and is often allowed to go on the swings outside the hospital for a 20 minute

recess swing session. All he really does is annoy the nurses all day by saying, “a better brand of

beef, a better brand of beef” , but Tiz bought the nurses brand new Virtual Ipods so they won’t

have to listen to his father repeat the same jargon over and over. In turn, he has been outside

on the swings a lot lately. The clouds above Tiz’s father turn dark gray and he stops swinging.
       “Better brand of beef……..butter burger…..beef……butter mmmmm” his father cries out

as he realizes he has to go inside now because of the rain. He gets off the swing and notices

that there are 5 military jeeps surrounding him on all sides.

       President Blazon emerges from behind a couple of his peons and tells the old man,

“recess is over douche bag.”

       President Blazon nods to his top henchman and walks away with a freshly lit cuban in

one hand, and lowball of scotch in the other. The insensitive henchman steps toward the

father, and activates his computer generated Darth Maul look alike green lightsaber and shreds

the vegetable minded old man into a tossed salad of body parts.

       President Blazon says quietly into his glass of scotch, “I looooook goood.”

       Tiz is stroking his cat/flashdrive DiBeppo as he finalizes his attack plans. All of the

hackers have been sent a virtual link to the attack plan explaining exactly how the hackers will

take down the broadcast tower emitting the Ad Waves, and how hard this mission is going to


       Tiz ends it with a personal emotional message for all his hackers, “We are out of money.

We are out of time. This is it. This is our last stand. It has been a pleasure my friends. God

        Tiz knew damn well that all these hackers were kings in the hacker world where media

was the medium, but not in a world where guns, military strategy, and brunt force was the

medium. He knew he had no chance and that this was the end for him and his hackers. He

didn’t have much weaponry or ammunition, but he had a final plan. He would get the military

units to follow him into the area where all their own land mines were. The mines are sensitive

to explosion by the foot of a friendly soldier, but friendly soldiers are still at risk to the actual

explosion if it does happen to occur. Once all The Government troops were in the minefield, a

portion of the hackers would sacrifice themselves by running into the fields causing a domino

effect explosion taking The Government troops along with the fire wind of death.

        The remaining hackers would have an open shot at the broadcast tower. Tiz knew it was

a long shot, and these were probably his last moments in life. All of a sudden &rew walks in the

room where Tiz is and tells him to sit down. Tiz obeys attentively after observing the look on

&rew’s face.

        “Five military jeeps showed up today at your fathers asylum” &rew says

        “No” Tiz replies

        “They used a computer generated Darth Maul look a like lightsaber to turn your dad into

a tossed salad of body parts”, &rew says in a silent tone.

        Tiz looses all strength and falls to the ground. He can’t help but cry and he unleashes a

loud scream from the depths of his soul.
       “Holy Shit, Look at your Siamese if you please!” &rew yells aloud

       Tiz turns his head back to DiBeppo the cat who is now dancing on the countertop

popping it and locking it. Tiz immediately forgets about his father as he proceeds to squint at

the cat, and then adds, “seriously?”

       All of the sudden, Tiz and &rew receive an virtual email from Dibeppo who Is still

dancing on the countertop. The email has the subject heading: I am The Shit! The contents are a

feline manufactured plan of how to shut power down to The Government base for 30 seconds,

and how that will in turn make it possible to hack into AD wave files and reverse them before

they are sent, but only with the right hacker preparations and skill. The three day period of

brainwash can be reversed by the process, but will leave all the consumers confused and

bewildered. A lot of them won’t remember what happened or how they even got where they

are. After that, DiBeppo has planned to create a website dedicated strictly to blogging and the

opportunity for citizen journalism to develop to help tell the stories of all the people who have

been affected. SMS text messaging programs have already been developed by the internal

programs of artificial thought in DiBeppo’s flash drive for after the transition to help inform the

public of what has been happening for the last 12 years. DiBeppo has also recorded tons of

video footage of brainwashings and has re-invigorated the website to

display actual video of people being brainwashed. Everything seems to be covered by DiBeppo

and the artificial thought programs on his flash drive brain.
       &rew suddenly screams out loud, “ Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong.”

       “Noooooooo”, Tiz replies, “Not Fucking Subway.”

       Blazon has just enacted the Bam wave, and &rew must have been involved in the first

target market transmission. DiBeppo sends another email to Tiz telling him it is time to take

care of business. DiBeppo launches the blogging site, and stands by to launch the SMS text

message to the city of Ballhooing. is back online offering video evidence of the

brainwashing by The Government. DiBeppo meows really loud and then hisses. He has just shut

the power down for thirty seconds to The Flux Base and now it is time for Tiz to work his magic.

       Tiz is the equivalent of Michael Jordan on steroids in the hacking world. He is the best of

the best. Time is running out before Bam hits him and DiBeppo too. He reverses the most

current Ad wave being prepped to be sent out in The Flux System, and reprograms the wave to

rid people of their purchase intent, brand loyalty, and to free them of their false desires. When

the system power is turned back on, the first transmission on deck will be sent out; the one that

Tiz has just hacked. There is no way to stop it now. DiBeppo sends another virtual email to Tiz

saying….3…….2…….1. Done. Sending out SMS right now.

       DiBeppo and Tiz are watching the blogging site for activity and no activity. Five minutes

go by and nothing. All of a sudden one message appears………”What has just Happened?”

       Another person replies , “read your SMS text message and go to to see

how we were all brainwashed.”
       All of a sudden there is a tidal wave of postings and replies on the blogging site DiBeppo

created all informing each other of what has happened to them. The entire public is now aware

of what has been going on for the past 12 years, and wants to make the 2 men responsible pay

dearly. Blogs, Newsgroups, Forums, Email Lists, Websites, and YouTube home video all start to

turn against The Government and against The Capitalizers by telling stories, and giving advice

on how to bring Blazon and Trumpet down.

       No one bought their products anymore. No one obeyed what they said anymore. It was

all over and so were the profits for this monopoly of desire that The Government and The

Capitalizers had on Ballyhooing. Blazon and Trumpet abandoned their families, troops, and co-

workers and were last seen accessing the main gate to go back down to their secluded bunker

with all their money. Because of Blazon and Trumpet, Tiz had lost his father and his top aid

&rew. He was not about to just let them get away. Tiz renders a computer generated block of

C4 by his Digital Handheld Nanoserver, and throws it on the large iron door of the secluded

bunker. A large explosion occurs and the door blasts open. Tiz renders his own Darth Maul

double sided lightsaber and flips the switch on. A beautiful yellow light emulates from the


       Tiz looks down at DiBeppo and says, “Time to make our own body part salad kitty kitty.”

       “meow”, DiBeppo Replies.