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									                             Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program
              WIA Maintenance Technician Course Outline – 440 Hours
                            Units of Instruction                                Classroom   Internship
                                                                                  Hours       Hours
DOT CODE: 67005                                                                     50          20
DEFINITION: Keep building in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy
cleaning duties, such as operating motor-driven cleaning equipment,
mopping floors, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish. Duties may
include, performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of
need for repairs and additions, and cleaning debris from sidewalk.
1. Sweeps, mops, scrubs, and vacuums floors of buildings, using cleaning
     solutions, tools and equipment.
2. Cleans or polishes walls, ceilings, windows, plant equipment and building
     fixtures, using steam cleaning equipment, scrapers, brooms and variety
     of hand and power tools.
3. Applies waxes or sealers to wood, concrete or other floors.
4. Gathers and empties trash.
5. Tends, cleans, adjusts and services air conditioners, boilers and other
     building heating and cooling systems.
6. Notifies management personnel concerning need for major repairs or
     additions to building operating systems.
7. Removes debris from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas, using
     appropriate blower, sweeper or broom.
8. Dusts furniture, walls, machines, and equipment.
9. Services and repairs cleaning and maintenance equipment and
     machinery and performs minor routine painting, plumbing, electrical, and
     related activities.
10. Cleans and restores building interiors damaged by fire, smoke, or water,
     using commercial cleaning equipment.
11. Mixes water and detergents or acids in container to prepare cleaning
     solutions, according to specifications.
12. Sprays insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent
13. Orders supplies and equipment used in cleaning and maintenance
14. Sets up, arranges, and removes decorations, tables, chairs, ladders, and
     scaffolding, for events such as banquets or other functions.
15. Moves items between departments, manually or using handtruck.

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                            Units of Instruction                               Classroom   Internship
                                                                                 Hours       Hours
DOT CODE: 899.381-010                                                             140          60
DESCRIPTION: Repairs and maintains physical structures of commercial
and industrial establishments, such as factories, office buildings and using
hand tools and power tools: Replaces defective electrical switches and other
fixtures. Paints structures, and repairs woodwork with carpenter's tools.
Installs ceiling fans or other electrical appliances.
1. Inspects and tests machinery and equipment to diagnose machine
2. Dismantles and reassembles defective machines and equipment.
3. Installs new or repaired parts.
4. Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts of
5. Installs and/or repairs wiring and electrical and electronic components.
6. Assembles, installs, and/or repairs pipe systems and hydraulic and
     pneumatic equipment.
7. Installs machinery and equipment.
8. Assembles, installs, and/or repairs plumbing.
9. Paints and repairs woodwork and plaster.
10. Lays brick to repair and maintain physical structure of establishment.
11. Sets up and operates machine tools to repair or fabricate machine parts,
     jigs and fixtures, and tools.
12. Operates cutting torch or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.
13. Fabricates and repairs counters, benches, partitions, and other wooden
     structures, such as sheds and outbuildings.
14. Records repairs made and costs.
15. Estimates costs of repairs.

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                            Units of Instruction                                 Classroom   Internship
                                                                                   Hours       Hours
DOT CODE: 723.381-010                                                               100          30
DESCRIPTION: Repairs electrical appliances or engines, such as lawn
mowers, air conditioning, power tools, refrigerators, stoves, ceiling fans and
other electrical or small engine components, using handtools and electrical
testing instruments. Examines appliance for mechanical defects and
disassembles appliance. Tests wiring for broken or short circuits, using
voltmeters, ohmmeters, and other circuit testers. Replaces defective wiring
and parts using handtools, soldering iron, and spot-welding equipment. May
compute charges for labor and materials.
1. Disassembles appliance to examine specific mechanical and electrical
     parts to diagnose problem.
2. Replaces worn and defective parts, such as switches, bearings,
     transmissions, belts, gears, circuit boards, or defective wiring.
3. Reassembles unit, making necessary adjustments to ensure efficient
4. Connects appliance to power source and uses test instruments to
     calibrate timers and thermostats and to adjust contact points.
5. Observes and examines appliance during operation to detect specific
     malfunction, such as loose parts or leaking fluid.
6. Traces electrical circuits, following diagram, to locate shorts and
     grounds, using electrical circuit testers.
7. Instructs customer regarding operation and care of appliance and
     provides emergency service number.
8. Cleans, lubricates, and touches up minor scratches on newly installed or
     repaired appliance.
9. Records nature of maintenance or repair in log.
10. Measures and performs minor carpentry procedures to areas.

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                           Units of Instruction                                Classroom      Internship
                                                                                 Hours          Hours
DOT CODE: 620.261-022                                                              30             10
DESCRIPTION: Analyzes malfunctions and repairs, rebuilds, and maintains
equipment. Operates and inspects machines or equipment to diagnose
defects. Dismantles and reassembles equipment, using hoists and handtools.
Examines parts for damage or excessive wear. Replaces defective engines.
Tests overhauled equipment to ensure operating efficiency. Welds broken
parts and structural members. May direct workers engaged in cleaning parts
and assisting with assembly and disassembly of equipment. May repair,
adjust, and maintain machinery.
1. Repairs and replaces damaged or worn parts.
2. Adjusts, maintains, and repairs or replaces engines and subassemblies
    using hand tools.
3. Dismantles and reassembles equipment.
4. Overhauls and tests machines or equipment to ensure operating
5. Examines parts for damage or excessive wear, using micrometers and
6. Operates and inspects machines or heavy equipment to diagnose
7. Welds or cuts metal, and welds broken parts and structural members,
    using electric or gas welder.
8. Immerses parts in tanks of solvent or sprays parts with grease solvent to
    clean parts.
9. Directs workers engaged in cleaning parts and assisting with assembly
    or disassembly of equipment.

                                                                                  320             120
                              TOTAL HOURS

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