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									Didsbury Viking Explorer
Scout Unit

                                       Centenary Camp
                                               25th – 28th May 2007
                                                    Linnet Clough
Over the weekend of Friday 25th – Monday 28th May, the whole of Scouting in the UK
will be camping. Ok, that may be hard to believe, but this weekend is the official camps
to celebrate the Centenary of Scouting. Up and down the country, in all areas of the UK,
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be celebrating 100 years of Scouting, and
Didsbury Viking Explorer Scouts will be no different!

The Greater Manchester East Centenary Camp has been years in the planning, and for
those Cubs who remember the ‘Commonwealth’ Camp a few years back, this will be a
camp on massive scale… with the activities to go with it. As I type this information, I’m
still quite in the dark myself about just what activities will be going on over the 4 days of
the camp. What I do know is that over £5000 has been spent on deposits for activities,
and there will be a massive range of activities for all our members to try.

There will be activities from morning to night, all throughout the bank holiday weekend,
along with three nights of camping, and fun activities with the members of the group.
There will be three different ‘sub camps’ and the districts that make up Greater
Manchester East will be split into these sub camps. We are in the Curlew Sub Camp,
along with 600 other members. Already there are over 2000 Scout attending, making
this the biggest ever event in the history of Greater Manchester East.

Unfortunately this camp is at a bad time for Explorers due to exams, however it is the
first week of the half-term holidays!

You have two options, or more, as Explorers, they are as follows:

Whole Weekend

You can come for the whole weekend, and experience an amazing time! This will be the
biggest camp you will ever be on as Scouts apart from the Jamboree!

The cost for the whole weekend will be approximately £50 this includes all activities,
food, accommodation and insurance!

      Didsbury Viking Explorer Scout Unit
      Headquarters: The Lodge, School Lane, Didsbury,   Website :
      Explorer Scout Leader: Rhys Beynon Mobile 07971 023946 email
      Assistant Explorer Scout Leaders: Tom Chambers, Chris Ashford, Emily Hartley
      Affiliated Groups : 2/88th South Manchester
      District Commissioner: Ian Carey

      Manchester South District                                   Founder Robert Baden-Powell
Day Visitors

You can attend on any of the days, however the suggested days for Explorers are
Sunday and Monday.

Day Visitors will cost approx. £18 and again this will be for food, activities and insurance!

Payment Schedule

                  Paid by 03/04/07

All payments are non-refundable.

To make it nice and easy please follow the following:

   1) Please select the number of days you are coming
   2) Please fill in the attached form and return.
   3) Please return the correct payment, as outlined above. Cheques payable to
   4) If you cannot make next Wednesday (28th), letters will be given out then, please
      send to: 2 Veronica Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6SU
Greater Manchester East Centenary Camp – May 2007 – Booking Form
Yes! I would like to attend the GME Centenary Camp at Linnet Clough!

Name: _______________________________                                 Date Of Birth: _______________
Address: _______________________________
         _______________________________                               Post Code:       ________________

Telephone: _________________________                                   Mobile: ___________________
Email:     _________________________

Days attending*:         [WHOLE WEEKEND]                   [SATURDAY]             [SUNDAY]          [MONDAY]
*Delete as appropriate
Day Visitors                                                                 Campers
My child (named above) will attend the camp as a day                         My child (named above) will attend the camp as a
visitor. I enclose my £18 fee per day. I understand all                      camper.
fees paid are non-refundable.
                                                                             I enclose a £15 deposit, and will pay two further
During the event I can be contacted on the following                         installments of £15 and £20, one by 25/4/07 and
telephone number(s) should the need arise:                                   finally 16/5/07. I understand that all fees paid are
_______________________________________                                      non-refundable, should I pull out of the camp.
_______________________________________                                      During the event I can be contacted on the
                                                                             following telephone number(s) should the need
I will receive further instructions upon payment nearer                      arise:
the time of the camp                                                         ____________________________________
Please complete the rest of the form.
                                                                             I will receive further details of the camp in the next
                                                                             few weeks.

                                                                             Please complete the rest of the form.
                                                                             Health Information
Please detail any special needs that may affect your child during the camp: ___________________________
Please detail any food allergies, medicine allergies or other relevant information: _______________________
Please detail any special dietary needs: _______________________________________________________
Has your child been in contact with any infectious diseases in the last 3 weeks? _______________________
Please detail any medication currently being taken: ______________________________________________
Date of last tetanus immunisation? ___________________________________________________________
Name, address and telephone number of own doctor: ____________________________________________
I understand that the Camp Leader reserves the right to send any
participants home if necessary. If it becomes necessary for my child
to receive medical treatment and I cannot be contacted by telephone        I give permission for my child to attend the camp. I
or any other means to authorise this, I hereby give my general             have read all the information issued about the
consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the
Scouter in charge of the camp to sign any document required by the
                                                                           forthcoming event:
hospital authorities.
Automatic insurance is not provided for items of high value or cash.       Signed: ___________________
                                                                           Print: ___________________
Note: The medical profession takes the view that parent’s consent to
                                                                           Date: ___/___/___
medical treatment cannot be delegated. This view is explicit in the
Childrens Act 1989. Thus medical consent forms have no legal status
and a doctor/nurse insisting on the consent of a parent for a particular
                                                                           Sometimes photos and video images of Scouts taking part in
treatment has the right to do so. For this reason we do not                activities are submitted to the local newspapers, the Unit, Group,
recommend that leaders insist on parents signing the statement             District or County newsletters and website or put on display. If you
above. However it can be a comfort to medical staff to have general        have any objections please indicate that you are not willing for
consent in advance from parents, or have a Leader on hand able to          your child's image to be used in this way by ticking the box:
sign forms required by medical authorities.

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