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                                       Rental Housing

                                                        January 2011

The mission of MaineHousing
(Maine State Housing Authority) is
to assist Maine people to obtain and
maintain decent, safe, affordable
housing and services suitable to
their unique housing needs.                  1
                                   MAINE RENTAL HOUSING GUIDE

The Maine Rental Housing Guide is designed to provide
information pertaining to subsidized housing, housing-                           TAbLE Of CONTENTS
related resources, and Maine rental housing laws.

MaineHousing (Maine State Housing Authority) is Maine's housing
finance agency. It has provided more than $1 billion in loans to
                                                                         SUbSIDIZED HOUSING ................................ 1
                                                                             Subsidized Apartments ........................................1
Maine's housing market, financing the development of affordable
                                                                             Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program .......2
rental housing and the purchase of first homes in communities
                                                                                 How The Program Works .................................2
throughout Maine.
                                                                                 Tenant Responsibilities .....................................2
                                                                                 Landlord Responsibilities .................................2
MaineHousing also funds programs to provide rental assistance,
                                                                             Program Agents ...................................................3
emergency shelter, home repair, and fuel assistance.
                                                                                 MaineHousing Agents for Section 8
                                                                                 Housing Choice Vouchers ................................3
For additional information about MaineHousing and its programs,
                                                                                 Local Housing Authorities................................3
please visit our web site at www.mainehousing.org.
                                                                             bridging Rental Assistance Program (bRAP)
                                                                             and Shelter Plus Care (S+C) Program ..................5
                                                                                 Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
                                                                                 Supportive Housing Rental Assistance ..............5
                                                                                 Contacts for BRAP and Shelter Plus Care ........5
                                                                         ASSISTANCE fOR PEOPLE
                                                                         wHO ARE HOMELESS................................... 6
                                                                             Maine Emergency Shelters ...................................6
                                                                             Shelter Plus Care (S+C) .......................................8
                                                                             Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence.........9
                                                                         LOw INCOME HOME ENERGY
                                                                         ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LIHEAP) ............ 10
                                                                             Program Agents .................................................10
                                                                         LEAD HAZARDS ........................................... 11
                                                                             Lead-Related Requirements ...............................11
                                                                             MaineHousing Lead Hazard
                                                                             Control Program ...............................................11
                                                                         RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD/
                                                                         TENANT LAwS .............................................. 12
                                                                             Non-Discrimination ..........................................13
                                                                             Other Landlord Obligations ..............................13
                                                                         ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ........................ 14
                                                                             Codes and Ordinances .......................................14
Readers of the Rental Housing Guide also may be interested in:
                                                                             Property Tax & Rent Refund Program...............14
                                                                             Earned Income Tax Credit - EITC .....................14
                                                                             211 Maine, Inc. .................................................14
                                                                             MaineHousingSearch.org ..................................14
              Maine’s free rental listing service
                                                                             Smoke free Housing ..........................................14
                                                                             Assistance for People with Disabilities ...............14
            MaineHousingSearch.org                                           Assistance for Seniors ........................................14
                                                                             Assistance for Veterans .......................................15
             Linking people who need housing                                 Legal Resources .................................................15
                with the housing they need                                   Multicultural Resources.....................................15
                                                                             Dept. of Health & Human Services (DHHS) ....16
                                                                             General Assistance .............................................16

Available online 24-7 and supported by a toll-free, bilingual call
center, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 8 pm EST, 1-877-428-8844,
7-1-1 (Relay)                                                        2
                   SUbSIDIZED                                          For more information on subsidized housing, please contact:

                    HOUSING                                            MaineHousing (Maine State Housing Authority)
                                                                       353 Water Street
Subsidized housing is rental assistance provided by the govern-        Augusta, ME 04330-4633
ment to help people with rent and utility costs. Under some pro-       Tel. 207-626-4600 or 1-800-452-4668
grams, people who are income-eligible pay a percentage of their             or 207-623-2985 (TTY) or 1-800-452-4603 (TTY)
income toward their rental costs and government subsidy pays
the rest. Other programs provide housing which is affordable for       U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
low and moderate income families.                                      (HUD)
There are two basic types of rental assistance — subsidized            Customer Service Center, 1-800-955-2232
apartments and housing choice vouchers. Waiting lists for both
subsidized apartments and housing choice vouchers can be long,                Maine State Office - bangor
so it may be to an applicant's advantage to apply for both types              www.hud.gov/local/ban
of housing.                                                                   William Burney, Field Office Director, 207-945-0467
                                                                              Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building
                                                                              202 Harlow Street, Suite 101
             SUbSIDIZED APARTMENTS                                            Bangor, ME 04401-4919

Subsidized apartments are administered by four different agen-
                                                                              Phil Holmes, 603-666-7510, extension 3019
cies: MaineHousing (Maine State Housing Authority); the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); USDA
                                                                              Public Housing
Rural Development (RD); and Public or Local Housing Author-
                                                                              Howard Schindler, 617-994-8436
ities (LHA's). MaineHousing maintains lists of these subsidized
apartments for each county, including contact information for
                                                                       USDA Rural Development (RD)
requesting applications. When contacting management agents,
applicants should be prepared to disclose their gross household
income; income restrictions apply and can vary by apartment.
                                                                          Aroostook and washington Counties
MaineHousing's subsidized housing lists are available on-line at
                                                                             RD District 1 Office - Multifamily
www.mainehousing.org under the tab for Renting.
                                                                             735 Main Street, Suite 1
                                                                             Presque Isle, ME 04769
Applicants may also contact Local Housing Authorities listed on
                                                                             Tel. 207-764-4157 or 207-942-7331 (TTY)
Pages 3-4 for information about their public housing.
                                                                          Hancock, Knox, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset, and
                                                                          waldo Counties
                                                                             RD District 2 Office - Multifamily
                                                                             1423 Broadway, Suite 3
                                                                             Bangor, ME 04401
                                                                             Tel. 207-990-3676 or 207-942-7331 (TTY)

                                                                          Androscoggin, franklin, Kennebec, and
                                                                          Oxford Counties
                                                                             RD District 3 Office - Multifamily
                                                                             254 Goddard Road, P.O. Box 1938
                                                                             Lewiston, ME 04241
                                                                             Tel. 207-753-9400 or 207-942-7331 (TTY)

                                                                          Cumberland, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and York Counties
                                                                            RD District 4 Office - Multifamily
                                                                            306 U.S. Route 1, Suite B-1
                                                                            Scarborough, ME 04074
                                                                            Tel. 207-883-0159 or 207-942-7331 (TTY)
                   SUbSIDIZED HOUSING

                      SECTION 8                                           5. The applicant contacts the Housing Agency that issued the
                   HOUSING CHOICE                                            voucher so their inspector may inspect the selected unit.
                  VOUCHER PROGRAM                                         6. If the unit passes inspection, the applicant and the landlord
                                                                             will sign a lease, and the Housing Agency will sign a contract
This program helps income-eligible tenants to obtain decent, safe,           with the landlord.
and sanitary housing by subsidizing a portion of their monthly            7. After the applicant signs the lease and the landlord signs a
rents and paying it directly to their landlords.                             contract with the Housing Agency, the applicant can move
                                                                             into the unit.
Both MaineHousing Agents and Local Housing Authorities (re-
ferred to here as Housing Agencies) administer Section 8 Hous-            8. The applicant pays his or her share of the rent to the land-
ing Choice Voucher Programs. MaineHousing Agents serve areas                 lord.
outside of the Local Housing Authorities' service areas. In any           9. The Housing Agency will pay the balance of the rent to the
given region applicants may apply to both a Local Housing                    landlord.
Authority and a MaineHousing Agent for the Section 8 Hous-
ing Choice Voucher Program. (See Pages 3-4.) Because wait-
ing lists can be long, it may be to applicants' advantage to place        TENANT RESPONSIbILITIES
their name on multiple waiting lists. A Local Housing Authority
voucher must be used within a Local Housing Authority's service           •	 Pay	the	security	deposit.
area and similarly a MaineHousing voucher must be used within
                                                                          •	 Pay	the	rent	on	time.
a MaineHousing Agent's service area.
                                                                          •	 Keep	the	unit	clean	and	safe.
A voucher can be used for any type of private rental housing, if
                                                                          •	 Put	questions	to	the	landlord	or	Housing	Agency	in	writing	
the housing meets certain housing quality inspection standards
                                                                             whenever possible.
and the owner accepts the applicant as a tenant. Rent must be
within the limits allowed by the program. A family that already           •	 Allow	 inspections	 by	 the	 Housing	 Agency	 at	 least	 once	 a	
is renting a suitable apartment, house, or mobile home when they             year.
receive a voucher may be able to remain in that unit and receive
help with their monthly rent.                                             •	 If	planning	to	move,	give	written notice according to the
                                                                             terms of the lease to the landlord and Housing Agency.
Landlords retain normal management rights and responsibilities,           •	 Report	 changes	 in	income	 and	 family	 size	 to	 the	 Housing	
including tenant selection, collecting the tenant's share of the             Agency.
monthly rent, property maintenance, and lease termination.
                                                                          •	 Follow	 the	 terms	 of	 the	 lease	 and	 Maine	 landlord/tenant	
HOw THE PROGRAM wORKS                                                        laws.
                                                                          •	 Follow	the	tenant	responsibilities	listed	on	the	voucher.
1. An applicant calls the Local Housing Authority (see Pages
   3-4) in the area where he or she wants to live for a prelimi-
   nary application. If the community does not have a Local               LANDLORD RESPONSIbILITIES
   Housing Authority, applications may be obtained from the
   MaineHousing Agent (see Page 3) that serves the county                 •	 Check	references	of	prospective	tenants.
   where the applicant currently lives.                                   •	 Collect	the	security	deposit.
2. The applicant submits a completed application to be placed             •	 Collect	the	tenant's	portion	of	rent.
   on the waiting list for a voucher.
                                                                          •	 Maintain	the	apartment	in	a	safe	and	sanitary	condition.
3. The applicant should respond promptly to all Housing Agen-
   cy requests for updated application information, and make              •	 Notify	the	Housing	Agency	immediately	if	a	tenant	vacates	
   sure to notify the Housing Agency in writing of any changes               a unit.
   in address. Failure to do so will result in the applicant's name
                                                                          •	 Follow	 the	 terms	 of	 the	 lease	 and	 Maine	 landlord/tenant	
   being removed from the voucher waiting list.
4. After receiving a voucher, the applicant chooses a rental
                                                                          •	 Notify	the	Housing	Agency	of	a	proposed	eviction.	The	evic-
   unit and discusses the program with the landlord. The unit
                                                                             tion process is governed by Maine law.
   cannot be owned by a relative (parent, grandparent, sister,
   brother, child, or grandchild) of any household member.

                 PROGRAM AGENTS                          LOCAL HOUSING AUTHORITIES

                                                         Auburn Housing Authority
MAINEHOUSING AGENTS fOR SECTION 8                        20 Great Falls Plaza, P.O. Box 3037
HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHERS                                  Auburn, ME 04212-3037
                                                         Tel. 207-784-7351; Fax 207-784-5545
  Avesta Housing                                         Augusta Housing Authority
  66 Paris Street                                        33 Union Street, Suite 3
  Norway,	ME	04268                                       Augusta, ME 04330
  Tel. 207-744-4046; Fax 207-744-4049                    Tel. 207-626-2357; Fax 207-626-2359

AROOSTOOK COUNTY                                         bangor Housing Authority
  Aroostook County Action Program                        161 Davis Road
  771 Main Street, P.O. Box 1116                         Bangor, ME 04401-2399
  Presque Isle, ME 04769                                 Tel. 207-942-6365; Fax 207-942-6043
  Tel.	1-800-432-7881	or	207-764-3721	(voice/TTY);
       Fax 207-768-3021                                  bath Housing Authority
                                                         80 Congress Avenue
CUMbERLAND AND YORK COUNTIES                             Bath, ME 04530
  Avesta Housing                                         Tel. 207-443-3116; Fax 207-443-8116
  30 South Street
  Saco, ME 04072                                         biddeford Housing Authority
  Tel.	1-888-294-3551	or	207-282-0032	(voice/TTY);       22 South Street, P.O. Box 2287
       Fax 207-283-8671                                  Biddeford, ME 04005
                                                         Tel. 207-282-6537; Fax 207-286-0580
AND SOMERSET COUNTIES                                    brewer Housing Authority
  MaineHousing                                           15 Colonial Circle, Suite 1
  353 Water Street                                       Brewer, ME 04412
  Augusta, ME 04330-4633                                 Tel. 207-989-7551; Fax 207-989-7554
  Tel. 1-866-357-4853 or 207-624-5789 (voice);
       1-800-452-4603 (TTY); Fax 207-624-5713            brunswick Housing Authority
                                                         12 Stone Street, P.O. Box A
PENObSCOT, PISCATAQUIS, wALDO, AND KNOX                  Brunswick, ME 04011
COUNTIES                                                 Tel. 207-725-8711; Fax 207-729-2642
   Penquis Community Action Program
   262 Harlow Street, P.O. Box 1162                      Caribou Housing Authority
   Bangor, ME 04402-1162                                 City of Caribou
   Tel. 1-888-424-0151 or 207-973-3500                   25 High Street
        or 207-973-3520 (TTY); Fax 207-973-3699          Caribou, ME 04736
                                                         Tel. 207-493-4234; Fax 207-498-3954
  washington-Hancock Community Agency
  US Route 1, 248 Bucksport Road, P.O. Box 299
  Ellsworth, ME 04605
  Tel. 1-800-828-7544 (from 7:30 - 12 noon)
       or 207-664-2424 (from 7:30 - 4:00)
  	 or	1-800-339-9422	(voice/TTY);
       Fax 207-546-3216

                 SUbSIDIZED HOUSING

fort fairfield Housing Authority                          Sanford Housing Authority
255 Main Street                                           114 Emery Street, P.O. Box 1008
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742                                  Sanford, ME 04073
Tel. 207-476-5771; Fax 207-476-5450                       Tel. 207-324-6747; Fax 207-324-6870

Indian Township Passamaquoddy Reservation Housing         South Portland Housing Authority
Authority                                                 51 Landry Circle
P.O. Box 99                                               South Portland, ME 04106
Princeton, ME 04668                                       Tel. 207-773-4140; Fax 207-773-4006
Tel. 207-796-8004; Fax 207-796-8019
                                                          Van buren Housing Authority
Lewiston Housing Authority                                130 Champlain Street
One College Street                                        Van Buren, ME 04785-1339
Lewiston, ME 04240                                        Tel. 207-868-5441; Fax 207-868-2833
Tel. 207-783-1423; Fax 207-783-8648
                                                          waterville Housing Authority
Mt. Desert Island and Ellsworth Housing Authority         88 Silver Street
80 Mt. Desert Street, P.O. Box 28                         Waterville, ME 04901
Bar Harbor, ME 04609                                      Tel. 207-873-2155; Fax 207-877-9429
Tel. 207-288-4770; Fax 207-288-4770
                                                          westbrook Housing
Old Town Housing Authority                                30 Liza Harmon Drive
358 Main Street                                           Westbrook, ME 04092
Old Town, ME 04468                                        Tel. 207-854-9779; Fax 207-854-0962
Tel. 207-827-6151; Fax 207-827-1502
                                                          York Housing Authority
Penobscot Nation Housing Department                       4 Pine Grove Lane
12 Wabanaki Way, Indian Island                            York, ME 03909
Old Town, ME 04668                                        Tel. 207-363-8444; Fax 207-351-2801
Tel. 207-827-7776, extension 7370; Fax 207-827-4612

Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation Housing
15 Elders Way, Suite 201
Perry, ME 04667
Tel. 207-853-6021; Fax 207-853-2368

Portland Housing Authority
14 Baxter Boulevard
Portland, ME 04101-1822
Tel. 207-773-4753; Fax 207-774-6471

Presque Isle Housing Authority
58 Birch Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Tel. 207-768-8231; Fax 207-764-5614

Saco Housing Authority
30 South Street
Saco, ME 04072
Tel.	1-888-294-3551	or	207-282-0032	(voice/TTY);	
     Fax 207-283-8671


     (bRAP) AND SHELTER PLUS CARE (S+C)                                   wASHINGTON COUNTIES
                 PROGRAM                                                    Community Health & Counseling Services
                                                                            P.O. Box 425
                                                                            Bangor, ME 04402-0425
DEPARTMENT Of HEALTH AND HUMAN                                              (42 Cedar Street, Bangor, ME 04401)
SERVICES (DHHS) SUPPORTIVE HOUSING                                          Tel. 207-947-0366
                                                                             City of bangor
Tenant-based rental assistance vouchers provide the customer                  - Shelter Plus Care NOT administered by DHHS
with choice, independence, and control over their living situation           103 Texas Avenue
and what, if any, services they receive. Following a Housing First           Bangor, ME 04401
model, customers of DHHS rental assistance are encouraged, but               Tel. 207-941-0257
not required, to accept services with the voucher. All rental units
must meet the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Devel-                 KENNEbEC AND SOMERSET COUNTIES
opment's Housing Quality Standards and Fair Market Rents.                   Kennebec behavioral Health
                                                                            67 Eustis Parkway
The Bridging Rental Assistance Program (BRAP) is a transitional             Waterville, ME 04901
housing voucher program designed to assist persons with mental              Tel. 207-873-2136
illness for up to 24 months or until they are awarded a Section 8
Housing Choice Voucher, or alternative housing placement. Pro-            brunswick/Harpswell/freeport/KNOX, LINCOLN,
gram participants pay 51% of their income for rent.                       SAGADAHOC, AND wALDO COUNTIES
                                                                             Sweetser Mental Health Services
Shelter Plus Care (S+C) is a permanent housing voucher program               329 Bath Road, Suite 1
designed to assist homeless persons with a severe and long term              Brunswick, ME 04011
disability. Program participants pay 30% of their income for                 Tel. 207-373-3049


  Common Ties
  140 Canal Street, P.O. Box 1319
  Lewiston, ME 04243
  Tel. 207-795-6051

  AMHC facilities, Inc.
  One Vaughn Place
  Caribou, ME 04736
  Tel. 207-764-0759

  Shalom House, Inc.
  106 Gilman Street
  Portland, ME 04102
  Tel. 207-874-1080

      ASSISTANCE fOR PEOPLE                                               CUMbERLAND COUNTY
                                                                            City of Portland – family Shelter*             Families
        wHO ARE HOMELESS                                                    Portland, ME
                                                                            Tel. 207-775-6313 or 207-772-8339

Emergency shelters are available throughout Maine and contact                City of Portland – Oxford Street         General-Men
information is provided below. People who are homeless may also              Shelter for Men*
want to contact their local town office for any local shelters that          Portland, ME
may not be listed in this guide.                                             Tel. 207-775-6313 or 207-761-2072

                                                                             family Crisis Shelter*               Domestic Violence
           MAINE EMERGENCY SHELTERS                                          Portland, ME
                                                                             Tel. 1-800-537-6066
                                                                             florence House                         General-Women
  Abused women’s Advocacy Project* Domestic Violence
                                                                             Portland, ME
  Auburn, ME
                                                                             Tel. 207-699-4392
  Tel. 1-800-559-2927
                                                                             Milestone*                            Substance Abuse
    Hope Haven Gospel Mission*                           General
                                                                             Portland, ME
    Lewiston, ME
                                                                             Tel. 207-775-4790
    Tel. 207-783-6086
                                                                             Preble Street – Lighthouse Shelter               Youth
    New beginnings*                                        Youth
                                                                             Portland, ME
    Lewiston, ME
                                                                             Tel. 207-775-0026
    Tel. 207-795-4070
                                                                             Preble Street – Resource Center            Day Shelter
    Rural Community Action Ministries*          General
                                                                             Portland, ME                            (no overnights)
    Leeds, ME                          (mostly families)
                                                                             Tel. 207-775-0026
    Tel. 207-524-5095
                                                                             Step Up: MAPS Shelter Services – Pregnant & Parenting
    St. Martin de Porres Residence                General-Adults
                                                                             Portland Shelter*                 Women & Children
    Lewiston, ME
                                                                             Portland, ME
    Tel. 207-786-4690
                                                                             Tel. 207-775-4188
                                                                             Tedford Housing – Individual Shelter* General-Adults
  battered women’s Project*                   Domestic Violence
                                                                             Brunswick, ME
  Caribou,	Houlton,	Fort	Kent,	ME
                                                                             Tel. 207-729-1161 or 207-725-4871
  Tel. 1-800-439-2323
                                                                             Tedford Housing – family Shelter*     General-Families
    Maliseet Domestic Violence &	            Domestic	Violence/
                                                                             Brunswick, ME
    Sexual Assault Program                      Sexual Assault
                                                                             Tel. 207-729-1161 or 207-729-4583
    Houlton, ME
    Tel. 207-532-6401 or 207-764-5115

    Homeless Services of Aroostook –                     General
    Sr. Mary O’Donnell Shelter*
    Presque Isle, ME
    Tel. 207-764-5114


HANCOCK COUNTY                                                   OXfORD COUNTY
  H.O.M.E., Inc. – Dorr House*              Mental Illness         Community Concepts –                             Families
  Orland, ME                              Substance Abuse           Oxford Hills family Shelter*
  Tel. 207-469-7961                                                South Paris, ME
                                                                   Tel. 1-800-866-5588 or 207-739-6502
   H.O.M.E., Inc. – Emmaus*                       General
   Ellsworth, ME                                                    Community Concepts –                            Families
   Tel. 207-667-3962                                                Strathglass family Shelter*
                                                                    Rumford, ME
   H.O.M.E., Inc. – Hospitality House*            General           Tel. 1-800-866-5588
   Bucksport, ME
   Tel. 207-469-7961                                                Rumford Group Homes –                Women & Children
                                                                    Norway family Center*
   H.O.M.E., Inc. – Mandala farm*                 General           Norway,	ME
   Orland, ME                                                       Tel. 207-364-3551
   Tel. 207-469-7961
                                                                    Rumford Group Homes –                        Adult Men
   H.O.M.E., Inc. – St. francis Inn               General           South Paris Men’s Center*
   East Orland, ME                                                  South Paris, ME
   Tel. 207-469-7961                                                Tel. 207-364-3551

   The Next Step*                        Domestic Violence          Rumford Group Homes –                           Families
   Ellsworth, ME                             (safe homes)           Stafford Avenue family Center*
   Tel. 1-800-315-5579                                              Rumford, ME
                                                                    Tel. 207-364-3551
  bread of Life Ministries*                       General        PENObSCOT COUNTY
  Augusta, ME                                                       Acadia HealthCare, Inc.
  Tel. 207-626-3479                                                 Tel. 207-973-5109

   family Violence Project*              Domestic Violence          Acadia Recovery Community Shelter* Substance Abuse
   Augusta, ME                                                      Bangor, ME
   Tel. 1-877-890-7788                                              Tel. 1-800-244-2555

   Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter*                    General           bangor Area Homeless Shelter*                   General
   Waterville, ME                                                   Bangor, ME
   Tel. 207-872-8082                                                Tel. 207-947-0092

   Togus Veterans Affairs                         Veterans          MANNA, Inc. – Elijah’s Place	     Men/Substance	Abuse
   Augusta, ME                                                      Bangor, ME
   Tel. 207-623-8411, ext. 5658                                     Tel. 207-990-2870

KNOX COUNTY                                                         OHI – Rachael House               Chronic Mental Illness
  Mid-Coast Hospitality House*                    General           Bangor, ME
  Rockport, ME                                                      Tel. 207-848-5804 or 207-941-2874
  Tel. 207-594-1422
                                                                    Shaw House*                                       Youth
   New Hope for women*                   Domestic Violence          Bangor, ME
   Rockland, ME                              (safe homes)           Tel. 207-941-2874
   Tel. 1-800-522-3304
                                                                    Spruce Run*                           Domestic Violence
                                                                    Bangor, ME
                                                                    Tel. 1-800-863-9909


PISCATAQUIS COUNTY                                                              SHELTER PLUS CARE (S+C)
   womanCare*                            Domestic Violence
   Dover-Foxcroft, ME                        (safe homes)
   Tel. 1-888-564-8165                                            Shelter Plus Care (S+C) provides rental assistance to people with
                                                                  severe and long-term disabilities who are homeless. See Page 5 for
SOMERSET COUNTY                                                   additional information and agency contacts.
  family Violence Project                Domestic Violence
  Somerset County
  Tel. 1-800-890-7788

   New Hope Shelter                    Women & Children
   Solon, ME
   Tel. 207-431-7256 or 207-399-3012

   Trinity Shelter                             Single Men
   Skowhegan, ME
   Tel. 207-399-7538 or 207-474-8833

   Youth and family Services – Halcyon House*       Youth
   Skowhegan, ME
   Tel. 207-474-8574

  Kilun Kikin Emergency Shelter                   General
  Perry, ME
  Tel. 207-853-6021

   The Next Step*                        Domestic Violence
   Machias, ME
   Tel. 1-888-604-8692

   Passamoquoddy Peaceful Relations	 Domestic	Violence/
   Pleasant Point, ME                   Sexual Assault
   Tel. 1-877-853-2613

  Caring Unlimited*                      Domestic Violence
  Sanford, ME
  Tel. 1-800-239-7298

   York County Shelter Programs, Inc.*            General
   Alfred, ME
   Tel. 207-324-1137

   You Are Never Alone (YANA)*            Substance Abuse
   Saco, ME
   Tel. 207-283-0069

*Shelters that receive MaineHousing funding are marked with
an asterisk.



MCEDV (www.mcedv.org) provides support for victims of
domestic violence and their children.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Any of the individual hotline numbers
listed below may be called collect.
                                                                             Hope and Justice Project
                                                                             421 Main Street, Suite 2
                                                                             Presque Isle, ME 04769

       womancare                                                                    The Next Step
       (Piscataquis)                                                                (Washington)
       P.O. Box 192                                                                 P.O. Box 303
       Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426                                                     Machias, ME 04654
       207-564-8165 or                        Spruce Run                            207-255-4785 (day)
       1-888-564-8165                         (Penobscot)                           or 1-888-604-8692
                                              P.O. Box 653
                                              Bangor, ME 04401
family Violence Project                       207-947-0496 or
(Kennebec,	Somerset)                          1-800-863-9909
P.O. Box 304
Augusta, ME 04330
207-623-3569 or

Abused women's Advocacy Project
(Oxford, Franklin, Androscoggin)
P.O. Box 713                                                                 The Next Step
Auburn, ME 04210                                                             (Hancock)
207-795-6736 or                                                              P.O. Box 1466
1-800-559-2927                                                               Ellsworth, ME 04605
                                                                             207-677-4606 or

Caring Unlimited                                                   New Hope for women
(York)                                                             (Knox,	Lincoln,	Waldo)
P.O. Box 590                             family Crisis Services    P.O. Box A
Sanford, ME 04073                        (Cumberland, Sagadahoc)   Rockland, ME 04841-0733
207-324-1802 or                          P.O. Box 704              207-594-2128 or
1-800-239-7298                           Portland, ME 04104        1-800-522-3304
                                         207-874-1973 or
 LOw INCOME HOME ENERGY                                               KNOX COUNTY
                                                                        Penquis Community Action Program
   ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                                   170 Pleasant Street, Suite A
                                                                        Rockland, ME 04841
         (LIHEAP)                                                       Tel. 207-596 -0361 or 1-800-585-1605; Fax 207-594-2695

                                                                      PENObSCOT AND PISCATAQUIS COUNTIES
LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that provides assistance            Penquis Community Action Program
with winter home heating fuel bills, based on household income           262 Harlow Street, P.O. Box 1162
and size.                                                                Bangor, ME 04402-1162
                                                                         Tel. 207-973-3630 or 1-800-215-4942;
The Emergency Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP) may provide                  TTY 207-973-3520; Fax 207-973-3699
emergency	fuel	deliveries	between	November	1st and March 31st.
                                                                      wALDO COUNTY
For more information, or to make an appointment to complete             waldo Community Action Partners
an application, applicants may contact their local Community            9 Field Street, P.O. Box 130
Action Program Agency serving their area listed below.                  Belfast, ME 04915
                                                                        Tel. 207-338-3025 (HEAP) or 1-800-498-3025;
                                                                             Fax 207-338-6812
                  PROGRAM AGENTS
                                                                      wASHINGTON AND HANCOCK COUNTIES
ANDROSCOGGIN AND OXfORD COUNTIES                                        washington-Hancock Community Action
  Community Concepts, Inc.                                              US Route 1, 248 Bucksport Road, P.O. Box 299
  17-19 Market Square, P.O. Box 278                                     Ellsworth, ME 04605
  South Paris, ME 04281                                                 Tel. (LIHEAP) 207-664-2424 or 207-546-7544
  Tel. 207-743-7716 or 1-800-866-5588; TTY 207-743-0276;                     or 1-800-828-7544 (from 8:00 - 12 noon);
       Fax 207-743-6513                                                      Fax 207-664-2430

AROOSTOOK COUNTY                                                      YORK COUNTY
  Aroostook County Action Program                                       York County Community Action Corp.
  771 Main Street, P.O. Box 1116                                        6 Spruce Street, P.O. Box 72
  Presque Isle, ME 04769                                                Sanford, ME 04073
  Tel. 207-768-3053 or 1-800-585-3053; Fax 207-768-3021                 Tel. 207-324-5762 or 1-800-965-5762; TTY 207-490-1078;
                                                                             Fax 207-490-5026
  People's Regional Opportunity Program
  510 Cumberland Avenue
  Portland, ME 04101
  Tel. 207-553-5900 or 1-800-698-4959;
       TTY 207-874-1013; Fax 207-553-5976

  western Maine Community Action
  20B Church Street, P.O. Box 200
  East Wilton, ME 04234
  Tel. 207-645-3764 or 1-800-645-9636; Fax 207-645-3270

  Kennebec Valley Community Action Program
  97 Water Street
  Waterville, ME 04901
  Tel. 207-859-1500 or 1-800-542-8227; Fax 207-872-6747

                 LEAD HAZARDS                                                            MAINEHOUSING LEAD HAZARD
                                                                                             CONTROL PROGRAM

Lead is the #1 environmental health hazard facing Maine chil-                 MaineHousing's Lead Hazard Control Program provides funds
dren, and one of the most serious health issues in Maine today.               to assist homeowners and landlords to make more homes lead-
Lead-based paint was commonly used in housing before 1978.                    safe. The program is available to:
About 80 percent of all Maine homes and apartments built be-
fore 1978 have lead paint. Forty percent of these dwellings con-              •	 Homeowners	with	annual	household	incomes	below	80%	of	
tain dangerously high levels of contamination. Lead poisoning                    Area Median Income, and
can cause serious and even permanent health problems, and is
particularly dangerous to children.                                           •	 Landlords	whose	tenants'	incomes	are	within	50%	to	80%	
                                                                                 of Area Median Income.

                                                                              The	 assistance	 available	 is	 a	 0%	 deferred/forgivable	 loan.	 The	
                                                                              loan will be forgiven if the home or apartment is not sold or
Landlords, property management companies, real estate agencies,               refinanced after a period of time. For more information or to
and home sellers are required by state and federal law to inform po-          determine eligibility, homeowners or landlords may contact the
tential occupants of the known presence of lead-based paint in pre-           Community Action Program Agency serving their county (listed
1978 housing.                                                                 below).

Before signing a lease the landlord must disclose known lead-based            ANDROSCOGGIN, OXfORD, CUMbERLAND,
paint and lead-based paint hazards and provide available written re-          fRANKLIN, SAGADAHOC, LINCOLN, AND YORK
ports if applicable. The landlord must provide the pamphlet devel-            COUNTIES
oped by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S.                Community Concepts, Inc.
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the                      Tel. 207-743-7716 (South Paris)
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), titled "Protect                      207-364-3721 (Rumford)
Your Family from Lead in Your Home." This pamphlet can be found                      207-795-4065 (Auburn)
at	 www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadpdfe.pdf.	 The	 landlord	 must	 also	
provide a written disclosure statement developed by the Maine De-             Millinocket/AROOSTOOK COUNTY
partment	of	Health	and	Human	Services	(DHHS)	titled	"MAINE	                      Aroostook County Action Program
WARNING:	 LEAD	 BASED	 PAINT	 HAZARDS",	 found	 at	                              Tel. 1-800-432-7881 or 207-764-3721
www.maine.gov/dhhs/eohp/lead/documents/Lease.pdf.	Notification	
and disclosure language when lead paint hazards exist must be in-             PENObSCOT, PISCATAQUIS, KENNEbEC, AND
cluded in rental agreements.                                                  SOMERSET COUNTIES
                                                                                 Penquis Community Action Program
Any child who is identified through lead screening as having an ele-             Tel. 207-973-3500
vated blood level is reported to Maine Center for Disease Control and
Prevention (Maine CDC). Maine CDC then inspects the rental unit               wASHINGTON, HANCOCK, wALDO, AND KNOX
to determine the source of the lead hazard. If lead-based substances          COUNTIES
in "poor" condition are identified, Maine CDC will provide notice               washington-Hancock Community Action Program
to the tenants and the landlord. After notice the landlord has 30 days          Tel. 1-800-828-7544 or 207-546-7544
to remove, replace, or securely and permanently cover the substance
in accordance with rules adopted by the Maine Department of Envi-
ronmental	Protection.	Please	see	www.maine.gov/dep/rwm/lead/.

A landlord may not evict a tenant because of a lead hazard in the
apartment. The landlord is required to move the tenant to a substitute
unit, pay for moving expenses, and pay for any rental charges in ex-
cess of the tenant's current expenses while the hazard is addressed.

For information about lead poisoning prevention, please contact the
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Childhood Lead
Poisoning Prevention Program, 207-287-4311 or 1-866-292-3474.

                  RESIDENTIAL                                              •	 The	 Maine Attorney General's Office publishes the Con-
                                                                              sumer Law Guide, a technical summary of the law with refer-
                   LANDLORD/                                                  ences to the specific statutes. The Guide includes chapters on
                                                                              consumer rights when renting an apartment (Chapter 14),
                  TENANT LAwS                                                 consumer rights when living in a mobile home (Chapter 15),
                                                                              and a model landlord-tenant lease (Chapter 16). For more
                                                                              information, landlords and tenants may visit the Attorney
State law contains specific rights and protections for tenants                General's	web	site	at	www.maine.gov/ag	and	click	on	Con-
(people who are renting housing). Tenants are protected from                  sumer Law Guide, or call 1-800-436 -2131.
unsafe housing, unfair evictions, discrimination, mishandling of           If landlords or tenants have any questions about their rights and
security deposits, and other abuses.                                       obligations under the law or a lease, they should contact an attor-
                                                                           ney. If they cannot afford an attorney, a list of legal aid agencies
Tenants may be required to take certain actions to be protected            is included on Page 15 of this Guide.
under the law, actions which are designed to balance the legal
rights of landlords (owners of rental housing) with the legal              The following are general suggestions for tenants:
rights of tenants.
                                                                           •	 Tenants	 should	 carefully	 read	 the	 whole	 lease	 and	 under-
A landlord may require a tenant to enter into a written agreement,            stand their obligations under the lease before signing it. If
called a lease, when the tenant rents an apartment or house from              they do not understand a provision in the lease, they should
the landlord. A written lease can benefit tenants and landlords               ask the landlord to explain the provision, and if necessary,
if the terms of the lease are clear and fair. Tenants should read             rewrite the provision in the lease to make it clear.
carefully the whole lease and understand their obligations under
the lease before signing it.                                               •	 Tenants	 should	 remember	 that	 a	 written	 lease	 is	 an	 agree-
                                                                              ment between the tenant and the landlord, so if there is
A tenant can request that a landlord enter into a lease, but the              something that is important to the tenant, he or she should
landlord has no obligation under the law to do so. In many cases,             make sure that it is written into the lease.
there is no written lease between the landlord and the tenant,
which is called tenancy at will.	Most	of	Maine's	landlord/ten-             •	 When	tenants	move	into	a	rental	unit,	they	should	make	a	
ant laws are designed to protect tenants when there is no written             list of all of the existing defects in and damage to the apart-
lease and apply only to tenancies at will.                                    ment. Tenants should provide the landlord with a copy of
                                                                              the list, and if possible, get the landlord to acknowledge the
                                                                              list by signing it. Tenants also should keep a copy of the list
Some of these laws apply whether or not there is a written lease.
                                                                              for their records. This will protect tenants in the event the
Even though tenants and landlords may enter into a lease that
                                                                              landlord claims that any of the defects or damages on the list
contains provisions that are different than the law, tenants can-
                                                                              were caused by the tenant.
not agree to waive certain basic protections given to them by the
law, no matter what is in the lease. For example, a landlord and           •	 Tenants	should	get	a	receipt	from	the	landlord	for	all	secu-
a tenant may agree that the landlord can terminate the lease and              rity deposits and rental payments and keep the receipts until
evict the tenant without a reason by giving less than 30 days'                they have satisfied all of their obligations under the lease,
written notice (which is required by law for tenancies-at-will),              even if they are not living in the apartment (e.g., they have
but the landlord cannot forcibly eject the tenant by changing                 moved but are still obligated to pay rent under the lease). The
the locks on the door or removing the tenant's furniture from                 landlord is required by law to give the tenant a receipt for all
the apartment even if the tenant agrees that the landlord can                 cash payments, which includes payment by check.
take such actions in the lease. Only a law enforcement officer
can force the tenant to leave and only after the tenant has a court        •	 All	notices,	agreements,	understandings,	changes,	and	com-
hearing and the court orders that the tenant be evicted.                      plaints should be made in writing and should be dated and
                                                                              signed. Tenants should keep a copy of all written items given
The following resources provide information on Maine's law and                by the tenant to or received by the tenant from the land-
tenants' rights and obligations under the law:                                lord.
                                                                           •	 Tenants	should	make	sure	that	the	landlord	has	their	correct	
•	 Pine Tree Legal Assistance publishes The Rights of Tenants                 mailing address, including a forwarding mailing address,
   in Maine,	an	easy-to-read	handbook	on	landlord/tenant	laws	                when they move out of the apartment. Many of the ten-
   with helpful tips for tenants. For more information, land-                 ant protections under the laws contain notice requirements.
   lords and tenants may visit the Pine Tree Legal Assistance                 If the landlord gives the tenant written notice at “the last
   web	site	at	www.ptla.org/tenants.htm,	or	call	a	Pine	Tree	Le-              known address” (which may not be the current address), the
   gal Office located near them. See Page 15.                                 landlord may have satisfied his or her obligation under the
                                                                              law even if the tenant never received the notice.


•	 Tenants	are	responsible	for	their	guests	and	their	behavior.	                      OTHER LANDLORD ObLIGATIONS
   For example, tenants will be held responsible for all dam-
   age to their apartment and any disturbance caused by their
   guests. If the tenant's guest brings a dangerous pet to the              Lead Hazards - See Page 11 of this guide for information about
   tenant's apartment or the property on which it is located and            landlord obligations concerning lead hazards.
   the pet threatens or harms the landlord or other tenants, the
   tenant will be held responsible.                                         Energy Efficiency - Landlords are required by law to disclose the
                                                                            amount of energy a rental property or unit is likely to use. A
•	 Tenants	should	see	The Rights of Tenants in Maine, a publication         landlord must fill out a standard disclosure form for each rental
   by	Pine	Tree	Legal	Assistance	at	www.ptla.org/tenants.htm,	              property or unit offered for rent. The landlord must post the
   for more helpful tips.                                                   completed form in a prominent location in the property or unit
                                                                            offered for rent and must provide a copy of it to any person who
                                                                            requests it. In addition, before a tenant signs a lease or pays the
                 NON-DISCRIMINATION                                         deposit to rent a property or unit, the landlord must provide the
                                                                            completed form to the tenant and the tenant must sign the form
                                                                            acknowledging the tenant received the disclosure. The landlord
Landlords may not refuse to show or rent a unit or impose dif-              must keep the signed form for 7 years.
ferent terms or conditions on the basis of race, color, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, physical        The standard disclosure form is posted on the Pub-
or mental disability, familial status, or the receipt of any kind of        lic	 Utilities	 Commission's	 website	 at	 www.maine.gov/
federal, state or local public assistance. This law does not apply          mpuc/online/forms/Energ yEf f icienc yDisclosure.htm l.	
to rental of: 1) a two-family dwelling, one unit of which is oc-            A link is also provided on the MaineHousing website at
cupied by the owner; 2) the rental of not more than 4 rooms of              www.mainehousing.org/RENTALSubsidizedHousing.aspx.
a one-family dwelling which is occupied by the owner; or 3) the
rental of any dwelling owned by a religious corporation to its              Radon Testing - Landlords will be required by law to have the air
members, unless the discrimination is based on race, color, or              in each building which is offered or in which units are offered for
national origin.                                                            rent tested for the presence of radon by 2012. The testing must be
                                                                            done by a State registered radon tester and must be repeated ev-
Landlords are required to allow physically disabled tenants to              ery 10 years after the first test. The landlord must provide written
modify their apartments so they may fully enjoy the premises.               notice about radon and the results of the radon testing to each
Tenants may be required to restore the interior of the premises to          potential tenant of the building. The landlord must provide the
their original condition when they vacate the unit.                         notice to all existing tenants when the testing is completed and
                                                                            to each potential tenant of the building before the tenant signs a
Landlords may restrict the number of occupants based upon the               lease or pays the deposit to rent a property or unit in the build-
size of the unit, but any restriction must be consistent with ap-           ing. The tenant must sign the notice acknowledging the tenant
plicable local, state, and federal restrictions.                            received	 the	 notice.	 If	 radon	 test	 results	 are	 4	 pCI/l	 or	 higher,	
                                                                            the landlord must mitigate those levels within six months, or if
Landlords generally may not refuse occupancy because a tenant               a local permit is required, 6 months from the date of the permit,
requires the aid of an assistive animal unless the building consists        and provide written notice of the results to the tenants of the
of two units, one of which is occupied by the owner.                        building.

For further information or to make a complaint, tenants should              The Department of Health and Human Services is develop-
contact:                                                                    ing the form of written notice. More information is posted on
                                                                            the Department of Health and Human Service's website at
    Maine Human Rights Commission                                           www.maine.gov/dhhs/eng/rad/Radon/hp_radon.htm.
    State House Station 51
    Augusta, Maine 04333                                                    Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Landlords are
    Tel. 207-624-6050 (voice) or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)                       required to provide working smoke detectors and carbon monox-
    or                                                                      ide detectors at the time a property or unit is rented. Tenants are
    Office of fair Housing and Equal Opportunity                            required to keep the batteries in the detectors charged and to test
    10 Causeway Street, Room 321                                            the detectors. Tenants are prohibited from disabling the smoke
    Boston, Massachusetts 02222-1092                                        detectors. A landlord is required to repair or replace a smoke de-
    Tel. 617-994-8300 (voice) or 1-800-827-5005 (voice)                     tector or carbon monoxide detector if a tenant provides written
    or 617-565-5453 (TTY)                                                   notice to the landlord that the detector is not working properly.

Tenants may have further rights under local ordinances.

     ADDITIONAL RESOURCES                                                              MAINEHOUSINGSEARCH.ORG

                                                                           If you are looking for an apartment or are a landlord with an apart-
              CODES AND ORDINANCES                                         ment to rent, you may be interested in MaineHousingSearch.org
                                                                           - a free online rental listing service that links people who need
                                                                           housing with the housing they need.
Consumers should check with the local town office or city hall
first for information on codes and ordinances.                             •	 FREE,	fast	and	easy	to	use	with	both	simple	and	detailed	
                                                                              search options
For	 specific	 codes,	 consumers	 may	 visit	 www.maine.gov/
professionallicensing or:                                                  •	 Detailed	 listings	 can	 include	 pictures,	 maps,	 eligibility	 re-
                                                                              quirements (if applicable), and much more
Office of Licensing & Registration                                         •	 Available	 online	 24-7	 and	 supported	 by	 a	 toll-free,	 bi-
    Tel. 207-624-8603 or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)                                 lingual call center, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 8 pm EST,
                                                                              1-877-428-8844, 7-1-1 (Relay)
Electrical information:
    Electricians' Examining board                                          •	 Continuously	updated	listings	by	a	call	center	that	regularly	
    Tel. 207-624-8457 or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)                                 contacts landlords to verify availability status
                                                                           MaineHousing, in collaboration with the Department of Health
fire, Structural Safety information:                                       and Human Services (DHHS) and in partnership with 211
    State fire Marshal                                                     Maine, is sponsoring the website as a public service. The site is
    Tel. 207-626-3880 or 207-287-3659 (TTY)                                provided by Socialserve.
furnace safety information:
   Maine fuel board                                                                         SMOKE fREE HOUSING
   Tel. 207-624-8606 or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)

Plumbing information:                                                      The Smoke-Free Housing Coalition of Maine offers information
   Plumbers' Examining board                                               regarding smoke-free housing, tenant and landlord resources,
   Tel. 207-624-8627 or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)                               and a listing of smoke-free housing in Maine. To find out more,
                                                                           consumers may visit their website at www.smokefreeforme.org or
                                                                           call 207-874-8774.

                                                                                           ASSISTANCE fOR PEOPLE
Maine residents may be eligible to receive a limited reimburse-                              wITH DISAbILITIES
ment on their property tax or rent paid on their apartment. Resi-
dents may contact their local town office or city hall or:
                                                                           For information, services, and products that create opportunities
    Maine Revenue Services                                                 for people with disabilities to live independently, consumers may
    www.maine.gov/revenue/taxrelief                                        contact:
    Tel. 207-626-8475
                                                                               Alpha One
       EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT - EITC                                         Bangor,	Tel.	1-800-300-6016	(voice/TTY)
                                                                               South Portland, Tel. 1-800-640-7200 or 207-767-2189 or
                                                                                   207-767-5387 (TTY)
The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit for low to                  Presque	Isle,	Tel.	1-800-974-6466	(voice/TTY)	or	
moderate income working individuals and families. For more                         207-764-6466	(voice/TTY)
information on the EITC and contact informaton for local offices of
the	Internal	Revenue	Service	(IRS),	visit:	www.irs.gov/individuals/
article/0,,id=96406,00.html	or	contact	your	local	IRS	Office.                             ASSISTANCE fOR SENIORS

                      211 MAINE, INC.                                      Area agencies on aging provide information and resources for older
                                                                           adults in Maine. Consumers may contact:
2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number that helps connect               Maine's Agencies on Aging
people in need with the community resources available to help meet             www.maine.gov/dhhs/beas/resource/aaa.htm
those needs. The 211 website offers an on-line searchable database             Tel. 1-877-353-3771
of community resources available in Maine at www.211maine.org.        14

             ASSISTANCE fOR VETERANS                                      Additional legal resources:

                                                                              Community Mediation Services
Veterans benefits Administration - for questions concerning vet-              Tel. 207-621-6848 or 1-800-381-0609
eran benefits, compensation, insurance, and vocational rehabilita-
tion, consumers may contact:                                                  Disability Rights Center
    VAM & ROC                                                                 Statewide	Hotline,	Tel.	1-800-452-1948	(V/TTY)
    1 VA Center
    Togus, ME 04330                                                           HelpMELaw
    Tel. 1-800-827-1000 or 1-800-829-4833 (TTY)                               www.helpmelaw.org
Veterans Health Administration - for homeless veteran health,                 Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
mental health, and domiciliary care services, consumers may con-              www.ilapmaine.org
tact:                                                                         Tel. 207-780-1593 or 1-800-497-8505
    VAM & ROC
    1 VA Center                                                               Lawyer Referral and Information Services
    Togus, ME 04330                                                           www.mainebar.org/lawyer_need.asp
    Tel. 207-623-8411 or 1-877-421-8263                                       Tel. 207-622-1460 or 1-800-860-1460

                                                                              Legal Services for the Elderly
                   LEGAL RESOURCES                                            www.mainelse.org
                                                                              Statewide Hotline, Tel. 1-800-750-5353

Legal assistance for low-income persons:                                      Maine Equal Justice Partners
    Pine Tree Legal Assistance:                                               Tel. 207-626-7058 or 1-866-626-7059
    ANDROSCOGGIN, fRANKLIN, AND OXfORD                                        Maine Human Rights Commission
    COUNTIES                                                                  www.state.me.us/mhrc
       37 Park Street, Suite 401, Lewiston                                    Tel. 207-624-6050 or 1-888-577-6690 (TTY)
       Tel. 207-784-1558 or 711 (TTY)
    AROOSTOOK COUNTY                                                          Maine Volunteer Lawyer's Project
       373 Main Street, Presque Isle                                          www.vlp.org
       Tel. 207-764-4349 or 711 (TTY)                                         Tel. 1-800-442-4293 from 9 AM to 12 noon and 1-4 PM
    COUNTIES                                                                  State Attorney General's Office
       88 Federal Street, Portland                                            www.state.me.us/ag
       Tel. 207-774-8211 or 711 (TTY)                                         Tel. 207-626-8849 or 1-800-436-2131 from 9 AM to 12
    HANCOCK, PENObSCOT, PISCATAQUIS, AND                                           noon
    wALDO COUNTIES                                                            For a copy of "Consumer Rights When You Rent An Apart-
       61 Main Street, Bangor                                                 ment", "Consumer Rights When You Live In A Mobile
       Tel. 207-942-8241 or 711 (TTY)                                         Home", or the "Model Landlord-Tenant Lease", consumers
    KENNEbEC, KNOX, LINCOLN, AND SOMERSET                                     may call 207-626-8861. Callers should leave a message with
    COUNTIES                                                                  their name and address and the information needed.
       39 Green Street, Augusta
       Tel. 207-622-4731 or 207-623-7777 or 711 (TTY)                     To search Maine statutes on the web:
    wASHINGTON COUNTY                                                         go to www.mainelegislature.org/legis/statutes/search.htm
       208 Main Street, Machias
       Tel. 207-255-8656 or 711 (TTY)
                                                                                      MULTICULTURAL RESOURCES
    farmworker & Native American Units, bangor
    Tel. 207-942-0673
    Multi-lingual Language Line                                           For information and services for Maine's racial, ethnic, and lan-
    Tel. 207-774-8211                                                     guage minority communities, please contact:

                                                                              Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Services
                                                                              11 State House Station
                                                                              221 State Street
                                                                              Greenlaw Building, 3rd Floor
                                                                              Augusta, ME 04333-0011
                                                                              Tel. 207-287-4272 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)

             DEPARTMENT Of HEALTH                                  Machias District Office
            & HUMAN SERVICES (DHHS)                                38 Prescott Drive
                                                                   Machias, ME 04654
                                                                   Tel. 207-255-2000 or 1-800-432-7846 or 1-800-606-0215(TTY)
Augusta District Office
35 Anthony Avenue                                                  Portland District Office
Augusta, ME 04333-0011                                             161 Marginal Way
Tel. 207-624-8000 or 1-800-452-1926 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)        Portland, ME 04101
                                                                   Tel. 207-822-2000 or 1-800-482-7520 or 1-888-720-1925 (TTY)
bangor District Office
396 Griffen Road                                                   Rockland District Office
Bangor, ME 04401                                                   91 Camden Street, Suite 103
Tel. 207-561-4100 or 1-800-432-7825 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)        Rockland, ME 04841
                                                                   Tel. 207-596-4200 or 1-800-432-7802 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
biddeford District Office
208 Graham Street                                                  Sanford District Office
Biddeford, ME 04005                                                890 Main Street, Suite #208
Tel. 207-286-2400 or 1-800-322-1919 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)        Sanford, ME 04073
                                                                   Tel. 207-490-5400 or 1-800-482-0790 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
Calais District Office
392 South Street                                                   Skowhegan District Office
Calais, ME 04619                                                   98	North	Avenue,	Suite	10
Tel. 207-454-9000 or 1-800-622-1400 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)        Skowhegan, ME 04976
                                                                   Tel. 207-474-4800 or 1-800-452-4602 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
Caribou District Office
30 Skyway Drive, Unit 100                                          South Paris District Office
Caribou, ME 04736                                                  243 Main Street, Suite #6
Tel. 207-493-4000 or 1-800-432-7366 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)        South Paris, ME 04281
                                                                   Tel. 207-744-1200 or 1-888-593-9775 or 1-800-606-0215(TTY)
Ellsworth District Office
17 Eastward Lane
Ellsworth, ME 04605                                                                  GENERAL ASSISTANCE
Tel. 207-667-1600 or 1-800-432-7823 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
                                                                   General Assistance is financial help administered by each local
farmington District Office
                                                                   community. It provides funds for basic living expenses for those
114 Corn Shop Lane
                                                                   who cannot afford them. All communities are required by state
Farmington, ME 04938
                                                                   law to provide general assistance. Communities have local laws,
Tel. 207-778-8400 or 1-800-442-6382 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
                                                                   called ordinances, which specify program eligibility and benefits.
                                                                   These ordinances must be made available to the general public
fort Kent District Office
                                                                   through the municipal office or selectpersons.
137 Market Street
Fort	Kent,	ME	04743
                                                                   Some communities have particular days or hours for applying for
Tel. 207-834-7700 or 1-800-432-7340 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
                                                                   general assistance. When the administrator of the General As-
                                                                   sistance Program determines that an emergency situation exists,
Houlton Regional Office
                                                                   the applicant must be allowed to apply for assistance that same
11 High Street
                                                                   day. An applicant is entitled to make out applications in writing,
Houlton, ME 04730
                                                                   have privacy during the application and interviewing process,
Tel. 207-532-5000 or 1-800-432-7338 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
                                                                   and receive a written decision within 24 hours. Applicants are
                                                                   required to prove income and living expenses, so they should
Lewiston Regional Office
                                                                   bring check stubs and receipts for expenses.
200 Main Street
Lewiston, ME 04240-7098
                                                                   For more information about General Assistance, applicants may
Tel. 207-795-4300 or 1-800-482-7517 or 1-800-606-0215 (TTY)
                                                                   contact their local town office or city hall or the Department of Hu-
                                                                   man Services, General Assistance Division, 1-800-442-6003.
                                    For more information contact:


                                    353 Water Street
                                    Augusta, Maine 04330-4633
                                    TTY 207-623-2985
                                    TTY 1-800-452-4603


                       Maine State Housing Authority (“MaineHousing”) does not
                       discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual
                       orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental
                       disability, or familial status in the admission or access to,
                       or treatment or employment in, its programs, and activities.
                       MaineHousing will provide appropriate communication auxiliary
                       aids and services upon sufficient notice. MaineHousing will also
                       provide this document in alternative formats upon sufficient notice.
                       MaineHousing has designated the following person responsible
                       for coordinating compliance with applicable federal and state
                       nondiscrimination requirements and addressing grievances:
                       Louise Patenaude
                       Maine State Housing Authority
                       353 Water Street
                       Augusta, Maine 04330-4633
                       Telephone	Number	1-800-452-4668	(voice	in	state	only),
                       (207) 626-4600 (voice), 1-800-452-4603 (TTY in state only), or
                       (207) 623-2985 (TTY)

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353 Water Street
Augusta, ME 04330-4633
207-626-4600 or 800-452-4668
TTY 207-623-2985 or 800-452-4603
Fax 207-626-4678


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