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					Robotics Regional Cluster Initiatives

            Program Background

             December 01, 2009
      The Opportunity

Significant academic, industry, and government
      support exists to expand the framework,
  established under the Department of Defense
  Joint Robotics Mentor Protégé Initiative and in
        collaboration with the Small Business
 Administration, into regional technology cluster
initiatives. Thereby, taking a critical step towards
       a national infrastructure to support the
     development and fielding of autonomous
       Mentor Protégé Robotics Initiative:
       Background (FY2005 - Present)

• Unmanned Systems Critical Technologies Identification
   •   Warfighter Capability Assessments
   •   CONOP analysis
   •   System performance requirements
   •   Enabling technologies
• Protégé Selection
   •   Small Business Innovative Research participants
   •   Technology demonstrations and assessments
   •   Statutory requirements (SDB, WOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone,
       Organization Employing Severely Disabled)‫‏‬
• Mentor Protégé Agreement Execution
   •   Protégé/Mentor(s) needs assessment
   •   MP Agreement w/infrastructure and technology transition objectives
   •   Government team serves as facilitator
        •   Intra-team collaboration
        •   Technology Transition Programs
         Robotics Initiative: Critical Technologies

• Sensor Processing                     • Autonomous and Collaborative
   •   Automated detection,                 Systems
       classification, identification
   •   Self Diagnosis
                                            •   Dynamic reconfiguration
                                                 •   Mid mission
• Data Fusion                                    •   Between missions
   •   Mission level COP
   •   4D Visualization
                                            •   Environmental response
• Sensing Technologies                      •   Mission level control
• Net-Centric Architecture                  •   Self diagnosis
   •   Service Oriented Architecture    •   Secure Wireless Networks
   •   Data Management                  •   Modularity
   •   Scalable                         •   Open Standards
• Alternative Energy Sources            •   Autonomous Launch, Recovery,
                      A Mentor Protégé Case Study:
                      Lockheed Martin - Geodetics
The Military Need - Precision Positioning and Navigation

                                                                               The Solution - Epoch-by-Epoch™‫‏‬Network‫‏‬
                                                                                                      Positioning Unit (ENPU)
                                                                                    •   ISO 9001 Certified
                                                                                    •   DCAA Approved Accounting System
                                                                                    •   Export/Import Licenses
                                                              The Results           •   Full benefits to all employees
   Headline News…
   March 2007
                                                                                    •   Nunn-Perry Award Winner 2007/2009

   Geodetics Receives Nunn-Perry Award
   August 2007
   Geodetics awarded Army IDIQ Contract for
   delivery of positioning systems at White Sands
   May 2008
   Boeing, Geodetics Team awarded AF Common
   Range Instrumentation Contract
   March 2009
   Geodetics Receives Nunn-Perry Award

“Geodetics growth and expansion of customers' base is evidence of the success of the MP program”. – Dr. Lydia Bock, CEO, Geodetics
                                                                      * * * *
 “Starting as a software only provider, Geodetics is now a full turn-key manufacturer of sophisticated location determination hardware that
DoD is using extensively in their Test & Evaluation community.” – Dr. Bill Munslow, MP PM, LMCO
A Mentor Protégé Case Study:
ARA – Integrated Consultants
Mentor Protégé Robotics Initiative Team
                        Building a Collaborative Technology Cluster:
                        Hawaii Maritime Autonomous Robotics Initiative
                                                Small, low cost UGS                  Hardened Displays,
                                                  Raytheon-Mesa                            LM-Epsilon
                                                     ATFP UGV                         Mission Planning
                                                 Raytheon-Kuchera                        LM-Referentia
                                              Agile Operator Interface                UxS Architecture
                                            Lockheed Martin-Anthrotronix                  Textron-RE2
                                                                                   Makai Ocean Engineering
                                                                                     3D/4D Visualization

      Light Mfg
 Rapid Prototyping
Brain Based Devices
University of Hawaii-
Tech Outreach Center
   HI Nat’l Guard-

                Integrated UV                                                                        Integrated
              Health Management                                                                   Manned/Unmanned
                SAIC-Sullivan                                                                            C2
                                                                                                   SAIC-Shee Atika
                                  Position Location                                                    Group
                                  Lockheed Martin-                  Manipulation      LAWS
                                     Geodetics                      ARA-Stratom     ARA-Lorimar
National Guard Youth Challenge Academy Robotics Club
Training Promotes Opportunity
                   Evolution of the Cluster Initiatives:
                   Broad Collaboration Driving Defense Advantage

  2008 Hawaii HUBZone Unmanned                                         DDR&E Imperatives
  Underwater Unexploded Ordnance                                      • Reconnect Academia, Industry and
         (UUXO) Initiative                                              Government Labs
OSD      SBA         Navy/SPAWAR               ASA(I&E)           • Drive innovation and S&T transition
                                                                        paths in Autonomy
                2008 Hawaii Maritime Autonomous                       • Rapidly prototype and transition
                          Robotics Cluster                              compelling autonomy concepts to the
             OSD      Navy/SPAWAR               SBA                  warfighter.
             University of Hawaii                HI TDV
                                  2009 Michigan Auto - Robotics Cluster
                                OSD         Oakland University
                                SBA         Army/TARDEC
                                AUVSI       MI Economic Dev. Corp.
 Hawaii Maritime Autonomous Robotics Cluster                  2010 Hampton Roads Sensors Cluster
 Key Technologies:                                            OSD      SBA      ONR/NASA
 • Mobility, Power, Manipulation                              Old Dominion University
 • Communication & Human-Robot Interaction
 • Advanced Materials
                                                              Hampton Roads Military Federal Facilities
 • System Health Maintenance                                  Alliance
 • Autonomous Operations/Tactical Behavior
 • Perception, Precision Location, Data Fusion
 • Collaborative Operations
 • Modeling & Simulation
       Michigan Automotive-Robotics Cluster Initiative

• Partnership Workshop Held July 28-29, 2009
   •   Broad cross-section of automotive and robotic companies including
       many small businesses
   •   Strategic partnership signed between the SBA, Oakland University,
       Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Automation Alley, and
       AUVSI-Great Lakes Chapter
   •   Breakout session focused on the initial components of a the regional
       strategic plan (common technologies, workforce training, infrastructure,
       and new markets)
• Current Status
   •   Regional ESC formed and active
   •   Memorandum of Agreement drafted (OGC)
   •   ARRA opportunities being identified by the MEDC
   •   Strategic Plan underway with SBTDC lead
   •   Automation Alley establishing communication strategy
   •   Community update planned for the week of 14 December 2009
        Hampton Roads Robotic Sensors Cluster :
        Applications for Port & Harbor Security (SCEAPS)

• Partnership Workshop Planning Underway
   •   Tentatively planned for January 25-26 2010
   •   Strategic partnership between the SBA, Old Dominion University,
       Hampton Roads Military Federal Facilities Alliance, NASA, Office of
       Naval Research, and AUVSI-Hampton Roads Chapter
   •   Breakout session focused on the initial components of a the regional
       strategic plan (common technologies, workforce training, infrastructure,
       and new markets) consistent with Michigan workshop
• Current Status
   •   Regional meetings underway to build the collaborative partnerships
   •   Initial buy-in excellent from local components including Federal Labs
   •   Early December on-the-ground planning and walk –through meeting
              Supporting Place-Based Policy:
              Cluster Initiative Characteristics

•   Regionally formed and led community partnerships that are
    interconnected nationally through Federal partnerships (SBA – DoD)
     •   Example: Memorandum of Understanding between Regional Executive Steering
         Committee and the Small Business Administration
•   Tailored to leverage the unique strengths and potential of each region
    focused on sustainable economic growth by capturing emerging
     •   Example: Michigan robotic market includes next generation of automobiles,
         firefighting, environmental restoration, medical assistance, critical infrastructure
•   Key organizational components include academia, industry, and
    government (local, state, Federal)
     •   Example: Michigan Executive Steering Committee includes Oakland University,
         US Army Tank-Automotive RDEC, Small Business Administration District
         Director, Small Business Technology Development Center, Michigan Economic
         Development Corporation, Automation Alley, Association for Unmanned Vehicles
         Systems‫‏‬Int’l‫ –‏‬Great Lakes Chapter
             Supporting Place-Based Policy:
             Cluster Initiative Characteristics

•   Key functional components include technology investment and
    collaboration strategy, infrastructure, workforce development,
    education (strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering,
    mathematics (STEM))
     •   Example: Subject matter experts from organizational components have formed
         functional subcommittees to develop an regional strategic plan
•   Metrics and indicators will form the basis to measure the direct and
    indirect impact of the cluster initiatives
     •   Example: Unemployment rate; job creation; hourly earnings; sales revenue;
         exports; education (high school completion/advanced degrees); new business
•   Collaboration occurs across regional clusters to strengthen the
    national position in emerging markets
     •   Example: Michigan Automotive-Robotics Cluster; Hawaii Maritime Autonomous
         Robotics Cluster, Hampton Roads, VA Robotics and Sensors Cluster

•   The Autonomous Robotics Cluster Initiatives offer an excellent
    opportunity to support the Administration’s goals for:
     •   Enabling the success of the Place-Based Policy goals
     •   Increasing strategic collaboration across Federal agencies to promote the growth
         of regional economic clusters
     •   Supporting the growth of technology based small businesses that are vital in the
         reset of the American economy

•   The Initiative demonstrates a model for increasing small business
    market share opportunities by:
     •   Providing regional economic collaboration through joint industry, academic, and
         government cooperation
     •   Providing needed infrastructure to support prototype fabrication, system level
         evaluation, and business services focused on the individual needs of each
     •   Providing‫‏‬small‫‏‬business‫‏‬a‫“‏‬seat‫‏‬at‫‏‬the‫‏‬table”‫‏‬early‫‏‬in‫‏‬the‫‏‬requirements‫‏‬
         formulation stage of a leap ahead capability
Path Ahead - Expansion

   San Diego 2010?

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