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									Peoria Police Department

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        600 S. W. ADAMS

   PEORIA, ILLINOIS 61602-1524
                                                               Student Internship Program

Peoria Police Department
College Student
Internship Program


We are proud to join efforts with area universities and colleges to extend the privilege of internship
experiences. Our internships offer students an opportunity to observe and work in all divisions of
our Department. Typical experiences include: Community Services, Juvenile Detective, Adult
Detective, Crime Scene Unit, Traffic Enforcement, Patrol (all shifts), Neighborhood Police Officer
Program, Special Investigations (Vice and Narcotics), and the Street Crimes Unit.

It is hard to predict specific experiences that interns receive. Internships are typically composed
of 80% observation and 20% actual work. Observation experiences for interns have included a
wide variety of police work. Some of our interns have joined detectives at autopsies, been with
the first patrol units to arrive on major crime scenes, starred in Crime Stoppers reenactments, and
have served as hostages in SWAT team exercises. It is our intention to provide a comprehensive
learning experience. However, we cannot guarantee the exact experiences you will receive due to
the cyclical nature of police activities and the unpredictability of criminal activity.

An internship with the Peoria Police Department should be very rich and rewarding and relate
closely to experiencing the position of an officer's schedules and duties. We hope to provide
students with an opportunity to be actual participants and observers in the day-to-day operations
of a law enforcement agency. Interns will have the opportunity to compare and contrast academic
teachings to real-life situations.
                                                              Student Internship Program

Intern Selection Criteria: The intern selection process is competitive due to the limited number
of available positions. The student must be in good standing and a minimum grade point average
of 2.4/4.0 is required for each intern to be eligible to apply for our internship program. Selection
criteria typically includes six major areas: 1) application information, 2) education, 3) prior work
experience, 4) oral interview performance, 5) personal references, and 6) background check.
Prior work experience, extracurricular activities, special skills, and military experience will be
advantages to each intern. The oral interview will be conducted to evaluate personal appearance,
communication skills, level of interest towards the position, and personal demeanor. References
will help to verify an applicant’s good moral character and temperate habits. A background check
of each applicant will be conducted to review past criminal history and driving record.

Application Procedures: Applicants must first contact their university or college internship
coordinators or counselors to insure all school requirements have been met and they are eligible
for an internship program. Some schools require that all initial contact with agencies be
coordinated through their internship coordinator. The Peoria Police Department encourages
students to strictly adhere to their school's procedures. An official document from your school
must accompany the application stating your eligibility and the course this internship will be

Each student will be required to submit an application to the Peoria Police Department. Students
should submit their completed applications (signed and dated) to the attention of Intern
Coordinator, Peoria Police Department, 600 S.W. Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602. Students may
also include a resume and/or cover letter with their application. To obtain an application packet,
call the office of Community Service at (309) 494-8246 or go to our web site at

Payment: Interns receive no monetary payment for participation. All students must incur their
own tuition expenses.
                                                                                           Student Internship Program

Schedule: Interns are required to participate on first shift, second shift, third shift, fourth shift,
and some weekends. Interns will receive a tentative schedule describing work hours and
assignments. An example of a typical Spring/Fall Semester Schedule for a 600-hour experience
is shown in the following table. Summer semester schedules are abbreviated.
Week Of:                        STUDENT "A"                     STUDENT "B"                     STUDENT "C"
Orientation                     Orientation Mon-10:00 am        Orientation Mon-10:00 am        Orientation Mon-10:00 am
August 18, 2003                 Community Service Unit          Community Service Unit          Community Service Unit
                                                                                                Court Sgt - M
                                CID - Juvenile -1               CID - Adult -1                  Administration - Tu
Wk#1                            0800-1600                       0800-1600                       Records - W
August 17, 2003                 (Tuesday-Friday)                (Tuesday-Friday)                Special Investigations - Th
                                Patrol - 4th                    CID - Juvenile -1               CID - Adult -1
Wk#2                            1915-0330                       0800-1600                       0800-1600
August 25, 2003                 (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Tuesday-Friday)                (Tuesday-Friday)
                                Community Services - 1          Patrol - 4th                    CID - Juvenile -1
Wk#3                            0745-1600                       1915-0330                       0800-1600
August 31, 2003                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Tuesday-Friday)
                                Traffic - 1                     Community Services - 1          Patrol - 4th
Wk#4                            0545-1400                       0745-1600                       1915-0330
September 7, 2003               (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)
                                Patrol - 1                      Traffic - 1                     Community Services - 1
Wk#5                            0645-1500                       0545-1400                       0745-1600
September 14, 2003              (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)
                                CID - Adult - 2                 Patrol - 1                      Traffic - 1
Wk#6                            1545-2400                       0645-1500                       0545-1400
September 21, 2003              (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)
                                Street Crimes - 2               CID - Adult - 2                 Patrol - 1
Wk#7                            1545-2400                       1545-2400                       0645-1500
September 28, 2003              (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Monday-Friday)
                                CID - Juvenile - 2              Street Crimes - 2               CID - Adult - 2
Wk#8                            1545-2400                       1545-2400                       1545-2400
October 5, 2003                 (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)
                                Patrol - 2                      CID - Juvenile - 2              Street Crimes - 2
Wk#9                            1445-2300                       1545-2400                       1545-2400
October 12, 2003                (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)
                                NPO - 1                         Patrol - 2                      CID - Juvenile - 2
Wk#10                           0715-1530                       1445-2300                       1545-2400
October 19, 2003                (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)
                                Crime Scene Unit - 1            NPO - 1                         Patrol - 2
Wk#11                           0745-1600                       0715-1530                       1445-2300
October 26, 2003                (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)
                                Traffic - 2                     Crime Scene Unit - 1            NPO - 1
Wk#12                           1345-2200                       0745-1600                       0715-1530
November 2, 2003                (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)
                                Patrol - 3                      Traffic - 2                     Patrol - 3
Wk#13                           2245-0700                       1345-2200                       2245-0700
November 9, 2003                (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)              (Monday-Friday)
                                Court Sgt - M
                                Administration - Tu             Patrol - 3                      Traffic - 2
Wk#14                           Records - W                     2245-0700                       1345-2200
November 16, 2003               Special Investigations - Th/F   (Monday-Friday)                 (Tuesday-Saturday)
                                                                Court Sgt - M
                                CID - Adult - 1                 Administration - Tu             Crime Scene Unit - 1
Wk#15                           0800-1600                       Records - W                     0745-1600
November 23, 2003               (Monday- Friday*)               Investigations - Th/F*          (Monday-Friday*)

*turn in all equipment on last Friday before 1600 hrs.
                                                                Student Internship Program

Peoria Police Department: The Peoria Police Department serves a 45 square mile community of
about 113,000 and is authorized a staffed of 242 sworn and 40 civilian members.

In the Spring of 1994, the Peoria Police Department moved to its new headquarters building. This
facility has dramatically increased the physical space and resources of the Department. Through
this modernization, all aspects of daily operations have continued to become more efficient and

The major divisions of Peoria Police Department are as follows:


Patrol: Patrol officers are the first line of response in the Department’s crime-fighting operations,
answering calls 24 hours each day, everyday of the year. Thousands of miles are logged each
year as more than 100 officers patrol neighborhood streets, working to enhance the quality of life
for residents. This grass roots law enforcement activity reduces fear, improves cooperation and
fosters mutual respect. Patrol officers are highly trained professionals responsible for the
apprehension of criminal offenders, the maintenance of order, peacekeeping, protection of life
and property, and emergency intervention. Patrol officers serve as a direct liaison between the
Department and the community on quality of life issues.

Canine Unit: Skilled handlers along with the specially trained dogs, perform routine patrol
functions, drug and explosive searches, tracking of suspects, and crowd control.

The Street Crimes Unit: Patrol’s newest strategy in addressing gang activity, prostitution, illegal
drug distribution, shoplifting, curfew violators, etc. The Street Crimes Unit is a highly trained and
versatile group of officers whose duties can be shifted instantly to respond to the changing needs
of the community.

Neighborhood Patrol Officer: Knowledgeable in city code enforcement and neighborhood
communications skills affecting the people and business in an assigned area. They team up with
other enforcement units of the city to improve life in the neighborhoods.
                                                                Student Internship Program
The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for follow-up investigation, identifying
and apprehending criminal offenders, and for preparing criminal cases for prosecution. Cases
involve robbery, theft, rape, fraud, murder, drugs, arson, and other serious crimes. Investigators
(Detectives) work closely with victims, witnesses, and suspects respecting their rights to equal
justice under the law.

CID's Adult Unit: Cases involving adult offenders are assigned for follow up by investigators
according to the type of crime; crimes against property, crimes against person, auto theft, fraud,
and computer crimes.

CID's Juvenile Unit: These investigators are committed to the development and implementation
of programs to prevent and control delinquency and criminal behavior among youths. In addition
to investigating, coordinating, and preparing court cases for youthful offenders, the Juvenile Unit
acts as liaison to area schools.

Property and Evidence Room: Civilian employees are responsible for all property that comes into
the custody of the Department, whether it be evidence, non-evidence or found, is maintained in
the Property and Evidence Room under tight security until it is needed by the crime lab, requested
for a criminal trial, or ready for release. Some items associated with unsolved or violent crimes
are stored indefinitely, while items that are no longer needed for criminal processing are returned
to the original owner, destroyed, or sold at public auction.

Crime Scene Unit: Our crime lab officers work with state and federal facilities to apply the latest
scientific techniques to the gathering and interpretation of physical evidence. Lab staff possess
certification in the analysis of footprints, blood splatter patterns, bite marks, tool marks, and in
fingerprint classification.

Special Investigations Division: Special Investigations is the first line of defense against vice and
drug offenders. Through overt and covert operations, the division investigates liquor license
violations, sale and/or use of controlled substances, prostitution, adult use permits and organized
crime. The division also manages the drug asset forfeiture program.
                                                                  Student Internship Program
This Division is responsible for the formulation and administration of the budget, crime analysis,
strategic planning, and policy/procedures. Also, this division is responsible for the supervision of
internal building security, city building security, and management of the fleet and facilities.

Records Unit: Responsible for maintaining all criminal histories, arrest records, and related
information on a highly efficient computerized database. These records allow staff the ability to
efficiently query the system. Examples of queries may include the following: past criminal activity
for a given person or location, search for suspects with certain characteristics, analyze trends in
criminal activity.

Information Office: Supervised by a commissioned officer the civilian staff coordinates walk-in and
telephone requests for information and assistance. The staff provides a wide variety of services
and functions that may include: assisting citizens with making reports of accidents or crimes,
facilitating the release of impounded vehicles, inspecting vehicles that have received equipment
failure citations, coordinating the House-Check Program for citizens on vacation, processing gun
registrations, assisting with building security, processing arrest booking forms, and coordinating
inter-agency referrals.

Community Service Unit: Officers offer crime prevention by means of information and education
programs that include: organization of neighborhood watch programs, Citizen Police Academy, a
variety of local school programs, public speaking engagements, and college internship. The
Community Service Unit is actively involved in child identification programs, Neighborhood Watch
Program, and Operations Identification. It is also responsible for departmental tours and special
programs. Community Service officers serve as liaison between the department and other
community service agencies. The Community Services officers also are active in recruiting. The
department conducts a variety of activities at colleges and universities. Police representatives
attend job fairs, make special presentations to classes, and develop relationships with institutions
offering police-related fields of study.

Traffic Unit: These investigators are principally responsible for investigating major vehicle
collisions, issuing traffic citations, and coordinating the security, and traffic of special events (e.g.
parades and races). Officers assigned to this unit are highly trained in accident reconstruction.

Parking Enforcement: Supervised by a commissioned officer civilian personnel serve to regulate
the use of parking on the streets of Peoria. Rain or shine, they ticket vehicles for violating city
ordinances and thus facilitate the flow of traffic and insure the availability of parking spaces. The
school crossing guards are assigned to this unit.
                                                               Student Internship Program
Training Unit: Responsible for recruit training, specialized officer training, and career development
activities. Staff is routinely introduced to the latest law enforcement information and techniques
from agencies and institutions throughout the country. In-house classroom instruction is
conducted in our 50-seat tiered classroom with high-tech audio/visual equipment. Physical
instruction is presented in our training gym or weight room. Our officers experience firearms field
instruction on an outdoor range and shoot-don’t shoot instruction is provided indoors with the
Firearms Training Systems (FATS) interactive video program.

Crime Stoppers Coordinator: An Officer serving Crime Stoppers has proven to be a very
successful strategy in solving crimes. Each year many crimes are solved resulting in the recovery
of hundreds of thousands of dollars of property, all through the joint efforts of area media, tri-
county law enforcement agencies, Crime Stopper’s volunteer board members, and involved

Public Information Officer: The PIO is organized within the office of the superintendent, and
serves as the coordinator of information to insure proper continuity, liaison, and cooperation
between the department and the news media. The PIO is responsible for providing factual
information to the media and for channeling/coordinating requests for such information between
the media and department personnel.
                                                                Student Internship Program

Internship Rules. Interns shall be required to learn and obey the following rules. Interns
violating these rules shall be subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal.

Parking. Intern parking is available only in the large parking lot behind the old police building
(542 S. W. Adams). Do no park behind the new building, in the visitor slots on Walnut Street, or
in the small lot immediately behind the old police building.

Intern Entrance. During assigned hours of work, interns may use the rear entrance by using their
city issued ID badge. Interns should use the front entrance during non-working hours and after
semester internship period is complete.

I.D. Badges. Interns must have their Identification Badge clearly displayed when entering the
building and during scheduled work hours (except when impractical or harmful to the progress of
criminal investigations). Lost or stolen I.D. badges should be immediately reported to the
Internship Coordinator for the Police Department. Interns are required to return I.D. Badges at the
time of separation.

Punctuality and Attendance. Interns are required to punctually report for work and assigned
duties. Time off from work should be coordinated with the Internship Coordinator for the Police
Department at least three days (if possible) in advance. If an illness or emergency arises that
prevents attendance, contact the Internship Coordinator and a supervisor in your assigned unit
prior to the shift.

Reports. Interns shall turn in a weekly report summarizing their internship experience to the
Internship Coordinator for the Police Department, as well as a final report. Most college intern
advisors require a midterm and final term paper, and a copy of these reports shall also be
submitted to the Coordinator. All reports must be submitted in a timely fashion to complete the
intern requirements.

Driving City Vehicles. Interns driving city vehicles shall pay strict adherence to traffic laws and
shall wear seat belts when driving or riding.

Conduct. Interns shall not engage in unbecoming conduct which tends to bring discredit on the
Department or their school.
                                                                Student Internship Program

Courtesy. Interns shall not use profane or intentionally insulting or degrading language or actions
toward any other member of the Department or to any citizen. Interns shall be courteous and
tactful in the performance of their duties and shall promptly respond to all reasonable requests for
assistance. Interns shall refer to sworn staff members by their appropriate rank and last name.

Appearance. Interns shall maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance, with attire that is
appropriate for and acceptable for the conditions of their work environment. Jeans, t-shirts,
sweats, or warm-ups are prohibited, only casual business attire is to be worn. Supervisors may
allow some casual attire during certain situations. General appearance shall be in compliance
with the standards of a police officer.

Confidentiality. Interns shall treat the official business of the Department as confidential and shall
disseminate information regarding departmental business or operations only as permitted by
supervisory staff.

Schedules. All interns shall receive a schedule indicating their assigned units and work hours.
Just prior to proceeding to a new unit (usually on Fridays), interns shall contact the highest
ranking supervisor in their new assigned unit and receive instructions as to when, where, and to
whom to report to. The schedule shall be adhered to and only changed with the prior permission
of the coordinator.

Weapons. Interns shall not carry any weapons or handcuffs.
                         Peoria Police Department
                                    Application for the
                               College Internship Program

                         PEORIA POLICE DEPARTMENT

                                         600 S W ADAMS

                              PEORIA, ILLINOIS 61602-1524


                                        Application Instructions

Students MUST provide proof of enrollment in an accredited internship program through their
college with this application to participate. Students should contact their Counselor or Career
Center to obtain their official information that MUST be submitted with this application.

Interested individuals must submit their application at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester
they wish to attend. Please answer all questions by printed ink, typewriter, or computer. Students should
submit their completed applications (signed and dated) to the attention of the Internship Program
Coordinator, Peoria Police Department, 600 S. W. Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois, 61602-1524. Internships
with this department are limited. For additional information, contact the Community Service Unit at (309)

                     PEORIA POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                      I GENERAL
Last Name                                                   First Name                              Initial

School or Present Address
City, State, Zip Code
Phone                                                               Email Address

Permanent Address
City, State, Zip Code

Social Security #                                         Date of Birth

                                            II EDUCATIONAL RECORD
College Record
                                                                                                    Major /        Degree
          College                          Dates Attended                 Hours Completed G.P.A.
                                                                                                    Minor          Earned
                                 From                To
                                 From                To
                                 From                To

List college activities, academic awards, etc.

High School Record
        High School                        Dates Attended                   Grade            Diploma Earned

                                 From                To                   9-10-11-12   Yes                    No
                                 From                To                   9-10-11-12   Yes                    No

List high school activities, academic awards, etc.

                                   III EMPLOYMENT HISTORY
To complete this section, begin with your present or most recent employer first, and continue in reverse
chronological order. List all employers - include additional pages if needed.

Employer City/State
Supervisor                                                               Phone
Start Date                                                 Ending Date

Reason for leaving

Employer City/State
Supervisor                                                               Phone
Start Date                                                 Ending Date

Reason for leaving

Employer City/State
Supervisor                                                               Phone
Start Date                                                 Ending Date

Reason for leaving

Employer City/State
Supervisor                                                               Phone
Start Date                                                 Ending Date

Reason for leaving

                                          IV MILITARY EXPERIENCE
Branch of Service
Start Date                                       End Date
Highest Rank Attained                                            Specialization

Branch of Service
Start Date                                       End Date
Highest Rank Attained                                            Specialization

                                 V DRIVING RECORD INFORMATION

Driver's License Number                                                              State Issued
Date Issued                              Class                        Expiration Date

Traffic Convictions (previous 5 years)
         Date                     Charge                                 Penalty                        City and State

Accident Record (previous 5 years)
   Date                       Nature of Accident                                  Number of Injuries/Fatalities

                                        VI PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
Whenever possible, Peoria Police Department attempts to fully utilize the skills of our interns. Please
indicate your level of expertise in each of the skill areas listed below. Space is provided for additional skills
not listed.
                                  Subject                                         N/A       Low       Medium      High
Power Point
Video Camera Operation/Editing
Foreign Language

                                                    VII OTHER

Is there any additional information relative to a change of name or use of another name necessary for us
to check your work record/background? If yes, explain

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or military court martial?              yes                         no
If yes, give dates and circumstances.

Have you ever been discharged from employment for disciplinary reasons? yes                                  no
If yes, give dates and circumstances.

Are you willing to work all shifts including weekends and holidays?                 yes                      no

1st Shift 7 am - 3 pm      2nd Shift 3 pm - 11 pm          3rd Shift 11 pm - 7 am         4th Shift 6 pm - 2 am

If No Explain

What semester are you applying for?                 Fall                Spring            Summer
Number of Contract or Clock hours required
Number of Weeks allowed to acquire needed hours                             Start date                 End date

School Intern Advisor's Name                                                     Phone
In case of Emergency, Please Notify:
Complete Address
Phone                                                       Alternate Phone

                                              IX REFERENCES

List three persons who we may contact who are not related to you and who have definite knowledge of your
qualifications and fitness for an intern position.

Name                                                                               Phone
Complete Address
In what capacity does this person know you?

Name                                                                               Phone
Complete Address
In what capacity does this person know you?

Name                                                                               Phone
Complete Address
In what capacity does this person know you?

                                       X WAIVER AND RELEASE

ATTENTION: Read the following statement carefully before signing.

I acknowledge that the internship program with the Peoria Police Department typically involves riding in
agency vehicles and participating in policing activities. I realize that such activity involves risk of personal
injury or property damage, and I hereby assume such risk and release and agree to hold harmless the City
of Peoria, the Peoria Police Department, their officers, agents, and employees from any liability for civil
damages arising out of their actions or the actions of others in connection with this activity. I further
covenant and agree, as a condition of the granting of my internship request, to indemnify and hold harmless
the City of Peoria, the Peoria Police Department, their officers, agents, and employees from any liability
which may be incurred by them or either of them proximately resulting from any acts or omissions by me
during this activity. I further represent that I am above the age of 18 years, with full understanding of all
risks involved and agree that this release and its indemnity agreement shall be binding upon my heirs,
executors, administrators, and assigns.

  Signature                                                                          Date

                                        XI. WRITING SAMPLE
In 150-300 words, describe why you want to enter the field of law enforcement?

I hereby certify that the foregoing statements and any appended materials are true and correct to the best
of my knowledge and belief. I understand that if any of the statements made are false or fraudulent, this
application may be rejected and may cause any appointment to a position to be rescinded. By signing this
appellation, I authorize the Peoria Police Department to investigate and verify any statements made or
information given in the application process.

 Signature                                                             Date


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