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									                                            USD Event Checklist
                                        Student Leadership and Involvement Center
Event: ___________________________________________________________ Cost:_____________________
Coordinator: ___________________________________________ Area: _________________________
Agency Name: ______________________________________________ Agency Phone #:__________________
Event Location: _________________________         Date:___________________ Time: ____________________
Length of Program: ____________________ Co-Sponsor: ___________________________________________
Description of Event:                                                    Expected Attendance:

Setting a date and time
______Check the campus calendar (www.sandiego.edu/usdcal) for conflicts
______Check with other programming organizations for conflicts, over programming or duplicate
        programming (www.sandiego.edu/associatedstudents) (AS, RHA, CASA, United Front, etc.)
Event Approval and Space Request
______Complete the EVR process (www.sandiego.edu/slic/event.php)
Room Reservation/Set-Up/Technical (After you have completed and received confirmation from EVR)
______Reserve room(s) for event ____________________________________________ Attach Confrimation
______Reserve rain location for event if necessary ______________________________________
______Reserve dressing room(s) if necessary
______Contact Campus Scheduling x4592 with specific set up (Chairs, Tables, Trash Cans, Staging, Sound, etc.)
______Recruit volunteers for any set-up or clean up needs (i.e., staging, seating, technical-sound/lights,
        decorations, etc.)
______Check to see if sound system and lighting equipment meets contract requirements
______Rent sound and light equipment if necessary ____________________________________
        OR Contact AS Technical Director to reserve AS sound equipment x4802
______Check to see if electricity is adequate at event location
______Recruit volunteers to assist with any load-in materials
______Read contract and verify with Advisor/Director of Student Activities that contract provisions can be met
______USD Contract sent in place of and/or in addition to agency contract www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning/policies.php
______If liability or legal questions arise, contact Advisor/Director of Student Activities
______Advisor/ Director of Student Activities sign and send contract with any initialed and dated changes
______Send campus map/ directions
______Send Hotel confirmation number and phone number & brochure (if available)
______Rider Attached? ______ Meet any other contract provisions (AV, meals, lodging, travel, etc.)
______If hosting guest speaker, use a Guest Speaker Form
Food (If using outside vendor, follow Food Service Form)
______Catering Ordered On Campus Contact food service for any catering needs x4560
                Ordered _____________________________________        Pick Up/Delivery ________________
______Appropriate Paper Products (Plates, Napkins, Cups)
______Serving Items (Silverware, serving items, Dishes)
______Make reservation for speaker at local restaurant if necessary __________________________________
______Obtain cash or check to pay for food
Marketing (See Marketing Check-list under Forms on www.sandiego.edu/eventplanning)
______Add event to www.sandiego.edu/mypostings
______AS Marketing Request Form (submitted at least 3weeks prior); always include USD Logo
______Create Banner for Maher, Parking Structure, Camino Founders, Courtyard
______Add event to UC/SLP Displays ucslpdisplays@sandiego.edu
______Entrance Marquees email marquee@sandiego.edu
______Aromas Coffee Cups contact Loryn in Dining Services
______To publicize off campus, contact Director of Student Activities
______Send invitations/letters to specific student groups or faculty/staff members
______Posters on the ground (follow the Posting Guidelines; limit to 50; No bright colors)
______Fill out money request for check/payment (allow 7-10 working days)- requests at front desk UC 161
______Do you need any money for anything? How will dinner be paid for? Petty Cash?
______Arrange to pick up payment checks at Cashier Window _________________(who/when)
Tickets (will you be selling or using tickets for the event)
______Request tickets to be printed from JCP. Date for Sale _____________
          Ticket Prices: USD Student ______ Public________
______Provide information to UC Ticket Office and determine dates of sale
Security/Safety/Liability- Traffic & Parking
______Do you need security? Contact Public Safety; Off-Campus Security contact Jason x7719
______Parking (space/lot/road) http://www.sandiego.edu/parking/special_events/parking_special_events.php
______Hiring Tram Service for Event x4680 (approx. $80/hr; 2 hour min.)
______If a visitor is coming for your event, where will they park/ load-in/ load-out
              Visitor Parking arranged ___________ Where _______________
Performer/Guest Details
______Who will be picking up the guest from the airport/hotel _______________________
______Create a welcome gift/basket for guest (if necessary)
______Supply USD information to guest (Copy of Vista, organization flyers, current topics)
Lodging (USD has a relationship with Bartell Hotels http://www.bartellhotels.com/usdpartnership/)
______Make reservation. Hotel and confirmation ____________________________________#____________
______Have hotel name, directions, check-in time, check-out time, smoking policy and name of the reservation.
______Arrange for payment of room through Direct Bill or Credit Card (Does Card need to be present at check-in)
______Arrange Transportation to Hotel from Airport Airline & Flight #______________________________
                                          Last Minute Event Tasks
The Week of the Event
______Call performer, speaker or presenter to confirm
______Check performer contract to be sure all contract details have been or are being met
______Confirm lodging reservation(s)
______Confirm campus room reservation(s) & Confirm technical equipment
______Distribute last minute publicity
______Confirm volunteers who are helping with event
______Go through Event Checklist to be sure all is complete and ready
The Day Before the Event
______Be sure check has been cut and/or payment has been picked up for performer or other event needs.
The Day of the Event
______Check room to be sure it is set up properly
______Check technical needs to be sure they are in place and working
______Obtain introduction from performer
______Be hospitable to performer, speaker, and/or presenter
At the Event
______Introduce event & Announce program sponsor
______Monitor audience
______Hand out Evaluation Forms/Pencils & Get a count of attendees
After the Event
______Return room to original set-up
______Write evaluation
______Send thank you notes
______Take down all banners, posters, & Sidewalk posting   8/31/09

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