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Terms of Reference:
Event Management: Gauteng Film Indaba 2008

Purpose of this   The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) wishes to appoint suitably qualified and experienced
                  individuals or companies to coordinate and manage the Gauteng Film Indaba 2008 based on
                  the following broad Terms of Reference. The aim of the GFC Film Indaba 2008 is to bring
                  together industry stakeholders and provincial government representatives to investigate how
                  to fully exploit Gauteng as a prime film destination and production centre.

Introduction      The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) is an agency of the Gauteng Provincial Government
                  tasked with the development and promotion of the audiovisual industries in Gauteng.

                  The GFC aims to be a leader in film- and television through harnessing our outstanding
                  industry infrastructure, recognised technical and creative expertise, and unique and wide-
                  ranging locations, by:
                  -   Marketing Gauteng as a location of choice;
                  -   Working with, and providing advice to industry, government agencies and other key
                      stakeholders about the support, development and growth of a sustainable audiovisual
                  -   Promoting and celebrating an active screen culture across the Province;
                  -   Supporting the transformation of the sector into a world-class industry and that is
                      reflective of South Africa in its entirety.

Background           In November 2007 the Department of Economic Development with the Gauteng Film
                     Commission successfully hosted the Gauteng Film Indaba. More than 300 delegates attended
                     and the event received widespread media coverage. This year the GFC will yet again be
                     hosting the Indaba in November. The Indaba is aimed at bringing together industry players
                     from the audio-visual industries to investigate ways of fully exploiting Gauteng as a prime film
                     destination and production centre. It is hoped that this event will become an annual feature on
                     the industry calendar as a professional industry conference.

Call for Bids        Suitably qualified and experienced event managers and event management companies are
                     hereby called to submit quotations and fee structures for the coordination and management of
                     the GFC Film Indaba 2008.

Strategic            -        To foster relationships with the local Film & TV industry through securing their
Objectives                    participation in the GFC Film Indaba 2008;
                     -        To deliver a professional industry conference;
                     -        To communicate the mandate, role and activities undertaken by GFC aimed at
                              assisting the Gauteng Film & TV industry;
                     -        To engage in dialogue with the industry around matters of transformation and
                     -        To create awareness of the new GFC brand amongst the Gauteng Film & TV industry
                              as well as government and other stakeholder groupings;
                         -    To encourage open channels of communication between GFC, government and the
                              Gauteng Film & TV industry;
                 -            To form strategic partnerships with industry players to realize the objective of making
                              Gauteng a globally competitive, ‘film city’;
                     -        To exploit opportunities presented by the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Broad Scope of       The appointed service provider will be required to develop and implement a comprehensive
Work and Terms       event management plan encompassing the following: sourcing of an appropriate venue
of Reference         (approximate capacity for 500 delegates for two (2) days); all hospitality and catering services;
                     in conjunction with GFC oversee the development of the two day programme; production and
                     distribution of relevant marketing material; management of invitation lists and handling RSVPs;
                     management of VIPs; securing sponsorships; and all other logistical and technical support .
                     Overall, the appointed service provider will be expected to manage the set budget and deliver
                     within set timeframes. Upon completion of the project, the service provider will be expected to
                     submit a closure report to the GFC.

Management     A working committee comprising of the appointed service provider and GFC members will be
               established to oversee preparations towards the Film Indaba 2008. Regular status report
               meetings will be held by the working committee whereby the service provider will be expected
               to report on implementation of the action plan. The appointed service provider will also be
               required to submit written reports to GFC during status report meetings.

Quotation      -   50% payment for deliverables will be made upon submission and approval of a full
requirements       proposal and the balance of 50% will be paid upon completion of the project;
               -   Suppliers must provide clear cost/ fee structures clearly indicating VAT and all

Selection      Please note that the adjudication of Bids will be done in line with the applicable GFC
Procedures     Procurement Policy and Procedures.

               The final decision and successful appointment will be made by the GFC and no
               correspondence will be entered into thereafter. The GFC reserves the right to ultimately
               decide not to appoint any service provider in terms of this call for Bids.

               The successful applicant must be ready and available to commence work immediately on
               appointment (July/ August 2008).

Expertise       All written submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:
Required and    -   Extensive relevant experience in event management, preferably in large scale events;
Criteria for
Awarding        -   Strong project management skills and expertise;
Contract        -   Sponsorship management;
                -   Demonstrable creative and conceptual capabilities.

                Previous experience working with the entertainment, media, audio-visual sectors will be

                Kindly include examples of previous work and at least three contactable references.

                The assessment of submission compliance with applicable government procurement policy
                and guidelines will be with regards to:
                -   Compliance with the stated technical requirements;
                -   Proof of experience and capacity;
                -   Cost structures and Timeframes applicable;
                -   Risk evaluation;
                -   Applicable Ownership, SMME and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) status

                Note that in terms of National Treasury Regulations the GFC must request a current SARS
                Tax Clearance Certificate from all its suppliers. Kindly include an original certificate in your
                submission. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify your submission.

Contractual     The GFC will establish a Service Level Agreement with the appointed service provider based
Arrangements    on a final negotiation of the remuneration arrangements as based on the outlined fee structure
                and implementation schedule. There will be one contract between GFC and the appointed
                service provider. Provision of any services by affiliated organisations or subsidiary
                organisations will be incorporated into the Service Level Agreement.

Submission of   Five numbered copies of your Bid submission must be submitted to the offices of the GFC by
Proposals                th
                Friday 18 July 2008 at 15:00 clearly marked for the attention of Tumi Ntshingila:

                Gauteng Film Commission

                9th Floor

                56 Main Street


                Please note that no late proposals will be considered. Proposals received after the above
                deadline will be recorded as such in a register which will be kept for this purpose.

Unauthorised     Please note that all communications must be directed through the contact person named in
Communication    the Terms of Reference, unless advised otherwise by the contact person. Unauthorised
                 communication with other staff may lead to disqualification of the Bid.

Preparation of   The GFC will neither be responsible for, nor pay for, any expense or loss which may be
Proposals        incurred by Persons arising in any way from the preparation of their Proposal.

Enquiries        Please note that any clarification of the brief must be sought in writing from:

                 Tumi Ntshingila

                 Communication Manager

                 Gauteng Film Office

                 9th Floor

                 56 Main Street



                 Tel: (011) 833 0409

                 Fax: (011) 833 0282

                 E-mail: tumi@gautengfilm.org.za


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