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Table of Contents

1. Detroit letter of support

2. “Lifting As We Climb Foundation” Non – Profit Information page

3-5. Event sponsorship proposal & event summary

6. Program scheduling

7. Sample Promotions

8-10. Corporate sponsorship packages

11. Sponsorship benefit samples

12. Festival Map

13. Sponsor Sign up agreement
                             Detroit Beautification Project
                                    26Days – 26Zip Codes

          The Detroit Beatification Project is a great stepping stone in the progress of our

city. The project consists of a 26 day clean up; focusing on 26 zip codes. This is a youth

driving event that promotes positivity, and raises the bar on our city’s social standards.

We believe that primarily gearing this project towards are youth builds awareness in

sanitation, responsibility, set moral standards and inspires generations of the past and


          The project will consist of volunteers going throughout the city; cleaning

damaged areas pressing are efforts near schools, parks, and areas that populate children.

With the cleaning we will make the city look better and make the residents take pride in

the place we call home. With the restored pride, the residents will do more to keep their

city clean. Helping to keep the city clean, there will be strategically placed trash cans on

the corners and in certain neighborhoods.

          The finale to the City Wide Clean Up Project will be a huge festival on August

27th taking place at Hart Plaza from 10am to 10pm. There will be musical talents along

with guest speakers, step shows, family games, eating contest, live bands and more. The

event plays the role of a celebration of our cities new found pride.

“Together we will show the world Detroit’s pride”
This event supports the “Lifting As We Climb Foundation”

About the foundation


The Lifting As We Climb Foundation, Inc. (LAWCF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization created,
organized, and managed by five Hampton University graduates. Established in 2004, the
organization is primarily made up of young business professionals under the age of 30, dedicated
to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged, low-income youth. The Lifting As We
Climb Foundation, prides itself on being a "youth to youth" mentoring organization, with a
specific mission to uplift disadvantaged, "at risk" youth between the ages of twelve and eighteen.


To cultivate youth development in education, leadership, community service, health and physical
fitness and career development. While our aim is to provide this type of essential service to all
children arising from disadvantaged backgrounds, we have a specific goal of motivating and
empowering underprivileged children.
                       5033 Cooper .St Detroit, MI 48213
       Cell (313) 399-4678 Email: freshdetroit@live.com freshdetroit.com

             The Ultimate Sponsorship Opportunity

Event:          DETROIT FRESH 2010
                City clean up & Festival
                                 st    TH
Date:           AUGUST 1 -27                2010
                Clean up 9am-3pm (daily Aug1st-27th)
                Festival-10:00am-10:00pm (Aug 27th)

Location:       Festival
                Hart Plaza
                Detroit, MI 48226
                Clean up
                Throughout Detroit

Description:    Detroit Fresh will be an event/festival celebrating a fresh start for the city of
                Detroit and its surrounding areas, following a 26 day city wide clean up,
                August 1st – August 26th. On the 27th the one day event is a multicultural fun
                filled wholesome event consisting of concerts, talent shows, award ceremony,
                comedy, fraternity step show, fashion show motivational speaking and more.
                This event will promote positivity, and motivate a deprived city to rise!

The Venue 
The heart of Detroit city Hart Plaza is a beautiful out door venue. The 14 acre plaza has a 
capacity of 40,000 people, and sits on the shoulder of downtown Detroit’s Woodward 
Avenue. At the center of the plaza is the amazing Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial 
Fountain, with continuous flowing water. The venue also shows a beautiful view of the 
Detroit River and Canada border.  
Hart Plaza has been home to major festivals and events like the Detroit Red Wings as 
well as the Detroit Pistons championship parades, the fireworks, African world festival, 
the international movement fest and many more, it’s the heart of our city!   

Event Details  
City Clean Up 
Sunday August 1st 2010 marks the beginning of a 26 day clean up, throughout the city of 
Detroit. Our plan is raise awareness of a clean lifestyle, raise social standards; and re 
build neighborhood pride as well as civic responsibility in residents in a effort to keep 
our city clean. With an array of beautification projects at hand including parks, rec 
centers and neighborhoods throughout the city we will once again make Detroit a 
beautiful place to live.  
Fresh Detroit 
Friday August 27th following a 26 day city wide clean up, FLYLIFE entertainment presents 
the Fresh Detroit “A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE”. This will be fun filled event for people of 
all ages featuring a; step show, eating contest, fashion show, talent show, concert, 
comedy, live radio, live internet stream, DJ battle and more! With the support of our 
sponsors and partnering companies DETROIT FRESH will play a defining role in the 
progression of our city, introducing to the public; the latest trends in fashion, 
technology as well as heavily promoting continuing education through a fun and 
entertaining format.  
This is a multicultural event catering to people of all colors, races, ethnic and social 
backgrounds. It will be a youth driven event, to influence positivity and hope in past, 
present and future generations.  Technology, fashion, health, music, peace and 
education are the focus of the festival; while being showcased in a entertaining fashion. 
Are marketing plan for this event gives your brand advertising coverage over various 
mediums and avenues, while supporting a worthy cause gives a huge return on your 
Clean: Up Sun August 1st – Thurs 26th  
Daily 10:00am – 3:00 pm  
26 days 26 zip codes 
Event: (Fresh 2010) Friday August 27th  
12:00pm – 10:00pm 
Hart Plaza 
Capacity 40,000 
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                                      Fresh Detroit 2010
                      Corporate Sponsorship Packages
       As a sponsor of fresh 2010, you will have the opportunity to increase your brand
visibility and recognition, in a manner that has a positive look for your company as well
as support a very worthy cause!

      We are offer multiple types of sponsorship, which allow you to pick what will fits
best with your company’s marketing strategy and brand. We will work to ensure that you
receive true value from your investment. We will work to identify the objectives of your
sponsorship and will provide you with fulfillment reports to give you a detailed analysis of
how we will achieve the goal of getting you your benefits.

Sponsorship Packages

Presenting --- $100,000
This is an exclusive sponsorship at the highest level. Only one is available each year, this
give your company complete branding over the event.

Official --- $50,000
This is a sponsorship level that is exclusive to the industry. Only one per industry is
available. All sponsorships also include a booth the entire Festival.

       Beer
       Soda
       Automobile
       Credit Card
       Communications
       Insurance
       Technology
       Cruise Line
       Ticket Vendor
       Clothing
       Ect,
Title Sponsors --- $40,000
This sponsorship gives title rights to individual components of the Festival. Only one is
available for each area listed. All sponsorships also include a booth the entire weekend of
the Festival.

      Band Kick Off: Local high school band that kicks of the show & raises the energy of
       the event!
      Volunteers: Sponsoring the volunteer workers uniforms which are worn during
       the 26 day city clean up & staffing of the event.
      Fashion Show: A fashion showcase of current and future trends in fashion and
       design complemented by a beautiful stage setting, models, & live music.
      Main Stage: Main stage area which provides on-going musical entertainment
       during the event.
      Stomp (Step Show): Fraternity based step show competition.
      Kids Under 12 are FREE: Kids under the age of 12 get in Free courtesy of
       sponsor - used in all ticket sales promotions.
      First Aid: First aid stations throughout the event keep patrons burn-free and
       hydrated with plenty of water.
      Comfort Zone: Comfort Zone features plenty of seating to rest in between
       partaking in all of the festivities. (Also Licensed massage therapist entertaining
      Hospitality: Ticketed area for VIPs with complimentary food, beverage and
       entertainment throughout the weekend.
      Wire Zone: This area is dedicated to tech, and electronic trends.
      Show Head Liners: Our entertainment concert portion of the event where we
       showcase the main performers of the evening.
      Video Game Competition: A sectioned off area of the plaza, where we will
       hold a sports video game competition. (Trophy will be awarded)
      Award ceremony: Portion of the event were we show are appreciation to over
       achievers of the city (students, artist, fire fighters, police officers, teachers, ect.)

Ribbon Sponsors: Ribbon sponsors receive ticket packages, name listing in the
program and sponsor sign and select printed material. Platinum and Gold sponsors
also receive a signage on the relaxation benches throughout festival grounds.

      Platinum Ribbon Sponsor: $2,000 (3 benches)
      Gold Ribbon Sponsor: $1,500 (1 bench)
      Blue Ribbon Sponsor: $1,000
      Red Ribbon Sponsor: $500

Ribbon Level      Tickets    Flyer Logo    Bench Sign Signage       Internet Promo
Platinum          Y          Y             Y          Y             Y
Gold              Y          Y             Y                        Y
Blue              Y          Y                                      Y
Red                          Y
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                                                           Pee t g pno
                               rsni S o sr
                              Pee t g pno
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                                                           fc l Of i
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                                                          so sr so sr so sr
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                                                           fc l Of i
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                                                                       fc l
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                                                           pno pno pno pno pno
                                                          S o sr S o sr S o sr S o sr S o sr

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                                                             b     b     b
                                                          Rb o Rb o Rb o Rb o Rb o Rb o Rb o Rb o
                                                                                b      b     b     b     b
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                                                          S o srS o srS o sr S o sr S o srS o srS o srS o sr

        I B A D D ET N
       BL O R A VRIIG
                                           O I EWO K
                                          S CA NT R S

      RSNI SO S R
     P EET G P N O

        EET O KE
        VN B O LT                    SRA U TEM O IE
                                    U TEM& SRA M BL

   SO S R

                                    R U H T YU Y
                                   B O G T O O B:

            L R RN
            F E FO T      L R AK
                          F E BC                    O A T M DA LCM N
                                                    LC L V EIPA E ET

        RSNI SO S R
       P EET G P N O
                                                    eed e
                                                   Lgn K y
                                                    ot o n
                                                   P r aJ h
 od or
F o C ut                                            op rt e d r
                                                   C r oaeV n os
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S c r y tt n                                       od
no oh
If B t                                              i Ad Me tt s
                                                     s        o
                                                   Frt i/ dSain
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Me ia                                               a s
                                                   G me
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F si l fci                                         If B oh
                                                   no o t
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R sR o                                              o ot o e
                                                   C mfr Z n
k z on r
kd C r e                                           eh xo
                                                   Tc Ep
  da e tr
Me i C ne                                           o d “ n aa l t ”
                                                   G o s U e tbeI ms
 ht ot
p oob oh
 i ad
Lv B n
                             O N AN
                            F U TI
                      H W
                     S O
                             ER I2 1
                            DTOT 00A T LZ VN E A
                                  H R PAA EU M P
                               Fresh 2010
August 1st – 27th

Our company is pleased to support the following conference by a sponsorship grant at the
level indicated below.
Sponsoring company _____________________________________________
Company Type___________________________________
Contact name ___________________________________________________
Position in Company________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
Phone _________________________ Fax ___________________________
Email __________________________________________________________
Website ________________________________________________________

Please indicate the sponsorship level.

[ ] PRESENTING $100,000
[ ] OFFICIAL $50,000
[ ] TITLE $40,000
[ ] PLATINUM $2,000
[ ] GOLD $1,500
[ ] BLUE $1000
[ ] RED $500
[ ] WHITE $250

Please choose the form of payment. For more details, contact Conference Advisory

Carlos Bowen 313-399-4678 freshdetroit@live.com

Make all check Payable to Flylife entertainment
5033 Cooper, Detroit, MI 48213
[ ] Check
[ ] Bank Transfer
[ ] Credit Card
[ ] PayPal (Please contact rep if this option is chosen) 313-399-4678

Account #____________________Routing Number_________________________

Credit Card # _________________________ Exp ____/____ Type_____________


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