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Fundraiser/Event Proposal
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Sport or Activity:                                                          Boys        Girls
                                                                                                                   JSerra Catholic High School
Contact Person 1:                                                                                                   26351 Junipero Serra Road
                                                                                                                San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Cell Phone:                                      Home Phone:                                                 Contact the Office of Advancement
Email Address:                                                                                                       with questions or concerns.
                                                                                                               Phone: (949) 493-9307 ext. 1148
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                                                                                                                           Fax: (949) 493-9308
Cell Phone:                                      Home Phone:
                                                                                                                       Email: ebade@jserra.org
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                          Directions for Proper Completion of this Proposal
                                             See page 2 for complete instructions.
This form should be completed and returned as soon as possible and proposals can take up a month to be approved or denied. Approval is
required by the Office of Advancement before facilities can be reserved or any marketing can be done. This process helps to ensure that
programs have the resources they need to be successful in their fundraising. Please complete the proposal as thoroughly as possible.

Submit the proposal to Elizabeth Bade in the Office of Advancement, either via email, mail, fax, or drop-off at the front desk. Remember to
keep a copy for your records. Fundraisers and events will be considered on a first-come, first serve basis and the number of events and
fundraisers in any given month will be limited to ensure that each program is given the greatest opportunity to succeed. It is in your best
interest to submit your request ASAP. October, November, and March are reserved for JSerra's three major fundraisers. Plan accordingly.
Event/Fundraiser Date:

Budgeted Expenses:                                                      Expected Revenue:
Venue (if applicable):

Event Description (be as thorough as possible to ensure timely processing of your proposal):

Describe your target audience (check all that apply):                 Describe your marketing strategy (check all that apply):

    The parents of athletes in your sport                                 Email to target audience
    All JSerra Parents                                                    Posting on JSerra Website          Home Page           Other Page

    JSerra Students                                                       Newsletter submission
    Local Businesses                                                      Mail piece to target audience

Other:                                                                    Other:

Additional Information:

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    Approved by Supervisor                         Signature:                                        Date:
                       2009-2010 Procedures for Planning a Fundraiser

JSerra is proud to support our 22 sports, various fine arts programs, and more than 45 co-curricular activities in their
fundraising endeavors. In order to ensure that these programs are successful and to manage an accurate record of
fundraising activity at JSerra, each program wishing to host a fundraiser must submit a proposal to the Office of
Advancement at least one month in advance of the expected start or event date. JSerra's three school-wide fundraisers
are in March, October, and November so it is recommended that programs refrain from requesting fundraisers in these

Step 1: Complete and submit a fundraiser proposal form and budget at least one month before the
        proposed date of the fundraiser.
        1. Fundraiser Proposal should be as detailed as possible.
               a. Details help the JSerra Advancement Committee to better understand your fundraising ideas and
                   goals. Only complete proposal will be reviewed.
        2. Fundraiser Proposal should be submitted as early in the school year as possible.
               a. The amount of fundraisers in any given month will be limited.
               b. Complete proposals will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
        3. Fundraiser Proposal should be submitted to the Office of Advancement.
        4. No planning should take place before the fundraiser is approved by the Office of Advancement via email.

Step 2: Once your fundraiser has been approved, contact any JSerra personnel who will be impacted.
        1. To reserve space on campus, contact the Facilities Manager, Carlos Garcia.
        2. To reserve a cash box or if you expect to need accounting staff support, contact the Business Office.
            Requests for cash box needs to be made 1 week before your event.
        3. Before you make any purchases for your event, review your budget with the Business Office, and follow
            the JSerra Purchase Order policy.
        4. If your fundraising plans change, report the changes to Advancement and your program's supervisor
        5. For catering, contact Andy Lord in the JSerra Bistro.
        6. To be included in the monthly newsletter, contact Elizabeth Bade.

Step 3: Submit all fundraiser marketing materials to Elizabeth Bade at least one week prior to the
        scheduled distribution or production date.
        1. You will be notified within 2 business days of any required or recommended changes.
        2. If changes are required, you will be expected to resubmit your materials. Approval will be granted within 1
            business day if the required changes have been made.

Step 4: After your fundraiser, turn in all collected money to the accounting office within 24 hours or
        one business day and complete and return Donations Received Report within one week of the
        fundraiser end date.
        1. Submit the Donations Received Report to Elizabeth Bade. The form is available on the Advancement

         Contact Elizabeth Bade at ebade@jserra.org or 949-493-9307 ext. 1148 with questions.

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