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									                                        Request for Proposal

               Request For Proposal (RFP) under Nishchay Programme for
Hiring of Event Management Agencies for National Dissemination Workshop- on
                           Nishchay Pregnancy Test Card Programme

                                                Requested by:

                     Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT),
                   B-14 A, II floor, Sector 62, Gautam Budh Nagar, NOIDA- 201301
                                           Fax- 0120-4231065
                                        Website: www.hlfppt.org

Organisation Profile: Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT) was constituted in year 1992 as a
 not for profit organization, promoted by Hindustan Latex Lifecare. (A Government of India Enterprise) to work on
  various Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) issues with a vision to offer innovative solutions for better health.
  HLFPPT is registered as a society under the Travancore Cochin Charitable Trust Act. HLFPPT is one of the leading
Non Government Organisations in India, working in close association with the community for improving their lives
      through, Social Marketing of Products and Services, Social Franchising of clinical health care, Planning &
                   Implementation of HIV/AIDS, Prevention & care programmes and Consultancy.
                                     Request For Proposal
Dear Sir,

     Subject:      Request for Proposal under Nishchay –Pregnancy Test card Programm for
                             Hiring of Event Management Agencies

1.      You are hereby invited to submit technical & financial proposals for hiring Event
        Management agencies required for organising a national level workshop under Nishchay
        –Pregnancy Test card programme, which could form the basis for future negotiations
        and ultimately a contract between your firm and HLFPPT.

2.      The purpose of this assignment is to hire an agency to organising and manage effectively
        a National level Dissemination Workshop in Delhi under Nishchay –Pregnancy Test card
        programme under National Rural Health Mission, implemented By HLFPPT.

3.      The following documents are enclosed to enable you to submit your proposal:

        (a)     Terms of reference (TOR) (Annexure 1);

        (b)     Supplementary information for consulting agencies including a suggested format
                of curriculum vitae (Annexure 2);

4.      The Submission of Proposal

        The prospective consulting agencies shall submit the proposal in two parts, viz,
        Technical and Financial and should follow the form given in the "Supplementary
        Information for consulting organizations”

5.      The "Technical" and "Financial" proposals must be submitted in two separate sealed
        envelopes (with respective marking in bold letters) following the formats/schedules
        given in the supplementary information for consulting organizations. The first envelope
        marked "Technical proposal" should include the description of the firm/organization,
        the firm’s general experience in the field of assignment, the qualification and
        competency of the personnel proposed for the assignment and the proposed work plan
        methodology and approach in response to suggested terms of reference. The first
        envelope should not contain any cost information whatsoever. The technical proposal
        should include a CA certificate of the total turnover for the last 3 financial years or
        submit copies of audited accounts & income tax returns for last 3 years, along with
        copies of service tax registration certificate & income tax registration certificate/ copy of
        PAN card as given in the supplementary information for consulting organizations.
The second envelope marked “Financial Proposal” must also be sealed and should contain the
 detailed price offer for the consultancy services.

Both the sealed envelopes should again be placed in a sealed cover addressed to the– Deputy
Programme Manager,TSD ,HLFPPT, B-14A, II Floor, Sector 62,Guatam Budha Nagar,NOIDA –
201301 upto 17.00 hours on Thrusday, 18th February 2010.

6.      Evaluation

        A two-stage procedure will be adopted in evaluating the proposals: i) a technical
        evaluation, which will be carried out prior to opening any financial proposal; ii) a
        financial evaluation. Firms will be ranked using a combined technical/financial score, as
        indicated below.

6.1     Technical Proposal

        The evaluation committee appointed by TSD-HLFPPT will carry out its evaluation
        applying the evaluation criteria and point system specified below on the technical
        proposals meeting the qualification criteria mentioned in the "Supplementary
        Information for event Agency”. Each responsive proposal will be attributed a technical

        1. Concept and planning of the event (10 points)
        2. Experience to organize event management in similar field (10)
        3. Experience to work for Leading NGOs, MOFHW, Education, DWCD,UNICEF,
           World Bank and other(15)
        4. Agency should have sound financial position (annual turnover of one crore) (15)
        5. Profile and experience of the agency(25)
        6. Details of the staff and capacity to organize events (25)

        Quality and competence of the consulting service shall be considered as the paramount
        requirement. Technical proposals scoring not less than 70% of the total points will only
        be considered for financial evaluation.

6.2     Financial Proposal

        The evaluation committee will determine if the financial proposals are complete and
        without computational errors. The lowest financial proposal will be given a financial
        score of 100 points. The financial scores of all the proposals will be computed in
        relation to the lowest financial proposal.
       Proposals will finally be ranked according to their combined technical and financial
       scores using a weight of 70% for technical proposal and 30% for financial proposal.

       The Consultant securing the highest combined score will be invited for negotiations.

7.     Negotiations

       During negotiations the consulting organization must be prepared to furnish the
       detailed cost break-up and other clarifications to the financial proposal submitted by it,
       as may be required to adjudge the reasonableness of the price proposed. If the
       negotiations with this consulting organization are successful, the award will be made to
       it. If negotiations fail, and if it is concluded that a contract with reasonable terms cannot
       be concluded with this consulting organization, the production house with second
       preference will be invited for negotiations. This process will be repeated till an agreed
       contract is concluded.
8.     Please note that HLFPPT is not bound to select any of the firms submitting proposals.

9.     You are requested to hold your technical and financial proposal valid for 90 days from
       the deadline for submission of proposal without change in the personnel proposed for
       the assignment and your proposed price.

10.    Please note that the cost of preparing a proposal and of negotiating a contract including
       visits to HLFPPT, if any is not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment.

11.    Please note that the remuneration which you receive from the contract will be subject
       to normal tax liability in India.

                                                             Yours faithfully,

                                                             Deputy Programme Manager
                                                             B-14A, II Floor, Sector 62,
                                                             Guatam Budha Nagar
                                                             NOIDA – 201301
                                                             Ph: 0120-4231060/61

                                                             Fax: 0120-4231065
                                                             E-mail: rujha@hlfppt.org

1.         Terms of Reference
2.         Supplementary Information for Consulting organizations
                                                                                   Annexure - 1

                                     TERMS OF REFERENCE


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), through its National Rural Health Mission
(NRHM) has introduced the Nishchay -home based Pregnancy Test card (PTC), a user friendly
tool that allows woman to detect their pregnancy status themselves. The Nishchay programme
was envisaged as an entry point to Reproductive Child Health (RCH) and Family Planning (FP)
services for rural women.
   Key Issues of the Programme:
                Accessibility and availability of Nishchay-home based Pregnancy Test Card
                Behaviour Change Communication
                Acceptance of visual identity of Nishchay among community and stakeholders
                Quality and Assured Reproductive & Child Health and Family Planning services

These testing kits were made available free of cost to all woman in rural areas through the
Accredited Social Health Activists, popularly known as ASHA workers thus ensuring accessibility
for the poor rural women, who would otherwise have to travel great distance to confirm
pregnancy. The project was awarded to HLL Life Care Ltd. and its trust HLFPPT for implementing
in phased manner. While HLL Life Care Ltd. ensured supply of Nishchay PTC to all the districts
through Government of India .HLFPPT designed and implemented the programme in all the
states and Union Territories in a challenging duration of 18 months with support of state
For implementation of the programme, the states and Union Territoriess were classified into
high, medium and low priority groups based on NFHS-3 data on birth-rate and institutional
delivery percentage. Mission Directors of State NRHM were briefed in all States and Union
Territories to issue directives to Districts Medical officers following which ,the HLFPPT team
initiated the roll out of the programme in two Phases covering 11 high priority states in Phase I
and the remaining States and Union territories in Phase II.
Spread over two phases, the programme was implemented through training of ASHA workers
through cadres of Master Trainers trained by a team of professional trainers from HLFPPT. This
was supported by community outreach activities that made strategic use of a mid media
campaign, mounting the brand and logo visibility, audio-visual and print material, and
integrating the PTC into the monitoring system of NRHM/RCH-II.
Field visits for monitoring of implementation of the programme followed by sharing workshop
with Chief Medical & Health Officers was organized in all the states.
In order to facilitate the sharing of achievements, experience and learning from
implementation of a large scale pan Indian programme on home based Pregnancy Test card-
Nishchay, HLFPPT proposes to organize a National dissemination workshop at New Delhi
involving the Central and State Governments as the partners in implementation and other
At the closure of the Nishchay Programme it would be worthwhile to share the learning
throughout the Journey, challenges faced at different stages, supports received from different
quarters and above all the outputs of the programme need to be showcased for reference
while planning similar large scale programmes.

Objectives of the programme
   1. Sharing and dissemination of the Experience, Achievements and Learnings
   2. Acknowledgment of the stakeholders
   3. Strengthening of RCH and FP services through Nishchay programme/scaling up of
       programme( refresher training and training for newly selected ASHAs ,integration with
       other existing programme and services /similar programme with the aim of decreasing
       MMR and IMR

Profile of participants/guest

          Category of the       No of the      outstation In house
          participants          participants   candidates participants
A         Health Minister       10
          officials from
          MOHFW                 70
          Donors                40
                                                                         From all
                                                                         and Union
B         State Officers        50             50                        Territories
          State Junior
C         Officers & ASHA
D         HLFPPT /HLL staff     40
          Media                 40


      Delhi/ Conference hall/habitat centre etc
Tentative Date/time/duration
      2nd week March/9.00 am to 2.00 pm/5-6 hrs

Keeping the objectives in mind the theme of the workshop would be “Safe Motherhood, now
in your control”.

      Booking of venue
      Catering
      Hall and stalls arrangement
      Stage management/ MC
      A/V aids
      Welcome theme
      Designing and fabrication of backdrops/ side flanges/ (decoration)
      Designing of invitation( e-invite/hard copy)
      Delivery of invites
      Development of dossier(state report, Process document-I&II, calendar, take away
         products info. etc)
      Anchoring
      Theme of the Event
      Detailed planning of the event
      Registration
      PR & Press Management (Only main line dailies/ electronic)
      Travel Logistics and other arrangements
      Provision of First-aid services
      Documentation(photography & Videography)
      Arranging folder for the participants (any gifting idea can be also suggested….but it has
         to innovative and economical…)
                                                                                 Annexure - 2

(1)   Proposals should include the following information:

      (a)    Technical Proposal

             (i)     A brief description of the firm/organization and an outline of recent
                     experience on assignments/ projects of similar nature executed during
                     the last 3 years in the format given in Form (F-1)(

             (ii)    Any comments or suggestions of the Consulting organizations on the
                     Terms of Reference (TOR).

             (III)   Complete work-plan of the event ‘detailing with time schedule of key
                     personal’ for carrying out the required work (Pre-event activities to Post
                     event activities.)

             (iv)    The composition of the team of personnel which the consulting
                     organization would propose to provide and the tasks which would be
                     assigned to each team member in Form( F-2)

             (v)     Curricula Vitae of the individual key staff members to be assigned to the
                     work and of the team leader who would be responsible for supervision of
                     the team. The curricula vitae should follow the attached Format (Form F-
                     3) duly signed by the concerned personnel.

      (b)    Financial Proposals

             The financial proposals should include the following:

             (i)     Schedule of Price Bid for each component in Form (F-4)
(2)   Qualification Criteria

      (i)     It is proposed to consider consulting organizations with a minimum cumulative
              turnover of Rs. 1 (One) Crore during the last three financial years (i.e. 2006-07,
              2007-08 and 2008-09) and should have proven relevant experience in the
              projects of similar nature, preferably in the social/ development sector, with a
              permanent office and key resources on their regular payroll in India.

      (ii)    Along with the Technical Proposal, consulting organizations should submit a
              certificate from a Chartered Accountant in support of the cumulative turnover,
              giving year wise break-up of turnover OR should submit copies of audited
              accounts & income tax returns for last 3 years.

      (iii)   Consulting organizations should also submit copies of their service tax
              registration certificate & income tax registration certificate/ PAN card.

(3)   Terms of Payment

      The mode of payments to be made in consideration of the work to be performed by the
      consultant shall be as follows:

Payment Term
30%                             With the work-order

30%                             Post event on next day

40%                             Within 15 days after submission of the final bills

Note: All payments shall be made on submission of pre-receipted bills by the consulting
      organization for respective stages.

(5)   Review of Deliverables

      A review committee comprising of atleast 3 members from HLFPPT and advisors will
      review the presentation/ final report along with other deliverables at different stages
      and suggest any changes/ modifications considered necessary within 7 days of receipt.
                                         FORM F-1


1.    Brief Description of the Firm/Organization:

2.    Outline of recent experience on assignments of similar nature:

Sl. Name of Nature/ Brief Owner or Cost of          Names of           Date of Date of
No. Event/Assi Description of sponsoring assignment Key                commen- completion
    gnment     Event/assignm authority              Personnel          cement
               ent                                  Involved
  1     2            3            4           5           6               7        8
                                       Form F-2

     Composition of the Team Personnel and the task which would be assigned to each
                                    Team Member

1.    Technical/Managerial Staff

      Sl.No.          Name                  Position         Task assignment

2.    Support Staff

      Sl.No.          Name                  Position         Task assignment
                                           FORM F-3

                              FORMAT OF CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) FOR
                                PROPOSED KEY PROFESSIONAL STAFF

Proposed Position:

Name of Firm:

Name of Staff:


Date of Birth:

Years with Firm/Entity:                                Nationality:

Membership in Professional Societies:

Detailed Tasks Assigned:

Key Qualifications and Experience:

[Give an outline of staff member’s experience and training most pertinent to tasks on
assignment. Describe degree of responsibility held by staff member on relevant previous
assignments and give dates and locations.]


I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly
describe me, my qualifications, and my experience.

[Signature of staff member and authorized representative of the Firm]Day/Month/Year

Full name of staff member:______________________________________
Full name of the authorized representative:_________________________
                                            FORM F-4
                                         Cost Component

Particulars              Unit                       Unit cost   Total(Rs.)
Pre-event cost
Registration desk
 Media and PR cost
Buisness centre

Note: Please give break-up cost of each component
E.g Transport cost will include:
     Local & out-station travel cost

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