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HPSU Class of 2009 Company Profiles

                      Table of Contents

Pg 3   Introduction: Frank Ryan, CEO, Enterprise Ireland

Pg 4   Foreword: Manager, High Potential Start-Up and Scaling Division

Pg 5   Section One:        Software & Services

Pg 54 Section Two:         Industrial and Lifesciences
                                  Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals
                                  Engineering and Electronics

Pg 62 Section Three:       Food & Retail

         Frank Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Ireland

Start-up business activity in Ireland is one of the strongest in the world and the
High Potential Start Up Companies profiled in the ‘Class of 2009’ are a very visible
showcase of this.       Right across the spectrum of business activity, Irish
entrepreneurs are carving out a niche for new and innovative products,
competing successfully in export markets and creating jobs at home.            They
demonstrate that there are very significant opportunities for new business start
ups, despite the challenging economic environment, and particularly so in
lifesciences, bio-tech and medical technology, food, telecommunications, internet
services and other niche areas.    These are sectors in which Irish firms can and
do create a sustainable competitive advantage and build international market

The impact of these companies should not be underestimated. This is not just in
terms of the jobs they create across the regions, but also in terms of their
capacity to grow rapidly, achieve international scale and contribute to export led
growth and the revitalisation of the economy.

These are an example of the entrepreneurs and companies that Enterprise Ireland
is keen to support – businesses with a solid focus on knowledge, innovation and
research and development and the capability to establish strong positions in
international markets, sustain international competitiveness and achieve export
growth. We will continue to support them in every way to realise their business

Greg Treston, Divisional Manager, High Potential Start-Up and Scaling

Enterprise Ireland

The ‘Class of 2009’ event showcases 73 High Potential Start-Up companies that
have successfully established new businesses in Ireland. This event provides an
opportunity to applaud the courage and commitment of the entrepreneurs and
management teams and to showcase Irish businesses with the potential to grow,
scale and internationalise. Of the 73 companies, 45 are software and services
related, with 21 providing industrial products and life sciences and a further 7
involved in the food and retail sector.

Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Start-Up Division is committed to supporting
entrepreneurs to ensure that emerging technologies and business ideas with
export potential become a commercial reality. Furthermore, we work to assist
Irish Start Up companies to achieve scale at the earliest stage of development.
Dedicated   teams    within   Enterprise   Ireland   work   intensively   with   the
entrepreneurs and management team behind each start up, assisting them in
transforming a business plan into a new business.

Many of the 73 companies profiled here will have benefited from the wide range
of services offered by the Enterprise Ireland team during 2009 including:

•   Market and Technology Support and Validation
•   Introductions to the Venture Capital Community and Business Angel Network
•   Access to Business Mentors
•   Assistance in securing key ’reference sales‘ in Ireland and in overseas markets
•   Support in building and developing a management team
•   Finding suitable Incubation Space

It is also important to recognise the continuing commitment of City and County
Enterprise Boards (CEBs), Business Innovation Centres (BICs) and the third level
sector in fostering entrepreneurship and innovative companies. I wish our
Start-Up Class of 2009 every success for the future and look forward to
supporting them to grow and internationalise their businesses.

                                  Software and Services

 Company Name                 Main Activity              County               Website
AssemblyPoint      Web based compliance and HR tools     Cork      www.hrlocker.com
Ltd                for SMEs.

Autonomic Media    Generating sales and revenue          Dublin    www.autonomicmedia.com
Ltd                streams online.

BankHawk Ltd       Banking Advisors.                     Dublin    www.bankhawk.com

Biommetry Ltd      Investment management company -       Dublin    N/A
                   100% quantitative model driven
                   investment strategy.

Clipsure           Web based broadcast compliance        Dublin    www.clipsure.com
                   solution for television and radio

Cloudium           Semiconductor based products for      Meath     www.cloudiumsystems.com
Systems Ltd        hardware acceleration of new
                   Microsoft protocol for VDI.

Construction       Development of estimating and         Mayo      www.cmssoftwaresystems.com
Management         financial management application
Software Ltd       software for the construction
                   industry in the UK and Ireland.

CR                 Multi platform digital content and    Dublin    www.crfilms.net
Entertainment      branded entertainment production.

CurrencyFair Ltd   Online peer to peer currency          Dublin    www.currencyfair.com

Dial2Do            Phone service for hands-free email,   Dublin    www.Dial2Do.com
                   text messaging while driving.

Digital Trading    Interactive Communications over       Kildare   www.digitaltrading.net
Technologies Ltd   web and mobile.

                                   Software and Services

 Company Name                    Main Activity                 County             Website
Dreamtec           We provide affordable and easy to use       Dublin     www.imeterbox.com
Software Ltd       software and hardware building blocks
                   that allow the broadest variety of
                   businesses to ‘M2M enable’ their
                   products and services.

Eazysafe Ltd       Health and Safety e-Learning.               Dublin     www.eazysafe.com

Econiq Ltd         Software solutions to improve the           Galway     www.econiq.com
                   profitability and efficiency of frontline
                   sales operations.

Emutex Ltd         Design and development of telephony         Limerick   www.emutex.com
                   software and systems for small

EventElephant      Event management web portal.                Dublin     www.eventelephant.com

Gridstore Ltd      Data storage providers.                     Dublin     www.gridstore.com

Incisive Capital   Asset Manager, focusing on European         Dublin     www.icm.ie
Ltd                Market.

Inishtech          Commercialisation of licensing and IP       Dublin     www.inishtech.com
                   protection software acquired from

Interleado Ltd     Software for search engine optimisation.    Dublin     www.interleado.com

INTIME Media       Interactive mobile application              Mayo       www.intimemedia.com
(Ireland) Ltd      technology to allow phone users to
                   interact with television programmes.

Kidspotter         Tagging/tracking software solutions for     Dublin     www.kidspotter.com
                   child safety.

                                   Software and Services

 Company Name                    Main Activity                 County             Website
Lucey               Provision of online portal which enables   Dublin     www.luceytechnology.com
Technologies Ltd    users to interact with their clients
                    securely and efficiently.

Magical Minds Ltd   Positive psychology programmes for         Donegal    www.magicalminds.com

Makalu Ltd          Provider of communications platform to     Dublin     www.makalu.ie
                    airline industry.

Mingoa Ltd          Fabless semiconductor design and           Cork       www.mingoa.com
                    system design services for the carrier
                    ethernet market.

MXSweep Ltd         Communications security service            Cavan      www.mxsweep.com
                    provider: email management services;
                    security, compliance, disaster recovery,
                    archiving, reporting.

Onformonics Ltd     Compliance management services.            Dublin     www.onformonics.com

Parkmagic Mobile    Mobile phone based street and car park     Limerick   www.parkmagic.net
Solutions Ltd       payment systems.

Polecat             Strategic Market Intelligence web and      Dublin     www.meaningmine.com
                    software application (MeaningMine)
                    particularly focussed on Government
                    applications, CleanTech and corporate
                    business intelligence.

Recuerdo Global     Information management software for        Dublin     www.recuerdoglobal.com
Ltd                 the global markets.

Sentaca Ireland     Software development services to the       Cork       www.sentaca.com
Ltd                 telecoms industry.

                                   Software and Services

Company Name                    Main Activity                  County              Website
ServusNet           Operations and Maintenance software        Cork        www.servusnet.com
Informatics Ltd     solutions for wind farm portfolios.

SIMchronise Ltd     Provider of data synchronisation           Dublin      www.simchronise.ie

Transpoco           GPS fleet management.                      Dublin      www.transpoco.ie

Trezur Ltd          Digital music application provider for     Dublin      www.trezur.com
                    web and mobile.

VisibleThread Ltd   Compliance platform providing              Dublin      www.visiblethread.com
                    visibility into completeness and quality
                    of document content.

VoiceCo Networks    Voice service solutions provider.          Wicklow     www.voiceco.ie

Waratek Ltd         Bringing RAIS technology solutions to      Dublin      www.waratek.com
                    the worldwide IT market.

Weedle              Web 3.0 application that delivers a        Dublin      www.weedle.com
                    better way of connecting people with
                    skills to the people that need them.

Xerenet Ltd         Design services, wireless technologies.    Cork        www.xerenet.com

YouBloom Ltd        Music social networking site for artists   Dublin      www.youbloom.com
                    and music fans.

Zolk C Ltd          Technology based interpretation            Waterford   www.zolkc.com
                    solutions to deliver amazing visitor
                    experience at tourism centres.

AssemblyPoint Ltd makes low cost,       and administrators can login from
and easy to use, compliance and HR      anywhere and easily modify details
software for the global SME sector.     via an employee service portal.

The company recently launched           Clients include a wide range of SMEs
HRLocker.com, an online service         in Ireland and the UK, as well as
which allows SMEs to quickly create a   credit unions, and subsidiaries of
staff handbook. Employees provide a     international companies.
digital signature online, confirming
that they have read and understood      The company was founded by John
the document. The service is            Dennehy, an experienced Internet
targeted at the 70% of SMEs that do     entrepreneur, in January 2009. The
not yet have a legally compliant        company raised seed capital in
policy and procedure handbook.          December 2009 from the founder,
                                        Enterprise Ireland and the AIB Seed
Last year the company launched          Capital Fund, managed by Enterprise
AssemblyPoint.com, a web-based          Equity.
service for SMEs to track time and
attendance,    annual   leave   and
absences. The system also contains a
                                        W: www.hrlocker.com
HR Information System to store
essential HR information. Employees

Autonomic Media focuses on sales         adaptive, responsive and aware
conversion for companies marketing       solutions including CRM, knowledge
services     and   products    online.   management systems as well as a
Identifying,      generating      and    web     analytics  package  in   a
managing sales conversion from the       centralised environment.
internet    for   multiple   streams.
Autonomic works with companies to        Autonomic also builds in all the basic
identify new revenue generating          elements that are required today
opportunities,      defining      and    such SEO, SEM and tools to manage
implementing a strategy that evolves     the complexity of database and
and responds to change. Autonomic        predictability models.
designs and builds solutions that
encompass all the required elements
                                         W: www.autonomicmedia.com
to deliver, monitor and convert sales.
Autonomic delivers cost effective,

                                         information.  Multiple information
                                         sources and cumbersome banking
Bankhawk™ is an indigenous Irish
company which has developed the
globally unique Bankhawk™ System
for     analysing   the    banking       systems make it difficult to optimise
arrangements of companies.               the efficiency of their banking
The ground-breaking Bankhawk™
System provides for first time key       Bankhawk™ provides a Banking
banking data which companies use to      Audit service for corporates using the
generate large savings. The system       Bankhawk™ System. This service
accurately measures the efficiency of    allows companies to overcome these
the    banking    arrangements      of   issues and to generate large ongoing
corporates using intelligent financial   savings. Many well known companies
analytics, and identifies those areas    and state organisations are enjoying
where savings can be generated.          very   significant   annual     savings
                                         having availed of this service.
Typically companies      experience a
lack    of  visibility    of   banking   W: www.bankhawk.com

Biommetry       develops    algorithmic   own funds built a track record
trading solutions which use complex       trading the €/US$ currency pair since
buy-side investment algorithms to         May 2008.
analyse historic market conditions        Biommetry’s vision is to build an
and to make investment decisions.         Irish based systematised investment
Biommetry has also developed a            business with €1bn of funds under
trading platform, which acts as the       management within five years of
operational vehicle to allow these        regulation. The group has its HQ in
algorithms to execute against third       Dublin with a solution centre in
party trading systems. Biommetry is       Newcastle. Additional employment
currently engaged with the Irish          created as the group grows will be
Financial      Services     Regulatory    located in Dublin.
Authority (IFSRA) to obtain the
required approval to operate as a
regulated     investment      manager.
Biommetry plans to offer its product
as a managed account to financial
institutions.    The     group      was
established in 2007 and has with its

Clipsure is an Irish company, based
in Dublin. The company targets
                                       W: www.clipsure.com
broadcasters        and       media
organisations internationally. The
company has developed a suite of
video capture, storage and analysis
tools that help broadcasters and
media organisations monitor brands,
viewer behaviour, and broadcast
output quality.

The company is continually working
on new ways to marry the power of
the Internet and IP with traditional

Cloudium Systems is a Start Up            this reason, cloud computing has
company focused on enabling cloud         also been described as ‘on-demand
computing.     It   is   developing       computing’.
technology to enable users to access
                                          Cloudium Systems is developing
computing resources in a safe and
                                          silicon based products for rich media
secure manner.
                                          applications      spanning    desktop
Cloud computing is a computing            virtualization to IPTV.
paradigm in which tasks are assigned
to a combination of connections,
software and services accessed over       W: www.cloudiumsystems.com
a network. This network of servers
and connections is collectively known
as ’the cloud‘. Computing at the scale
of the cloud allows users to access
supercomputer level power. Using a
thin client or other access point, like
an iPhone, BlackBerry or laptop,
users can reach into the cloud for
resources as they need them. For

Construction Management Software          Supplier Enquiries, Land Appraisal,
Ltd (CMS) is a County Mayo based          Scanning,     Valuations,      Plant,
software company which develops           Maintenance,     Housing/Developer,
and sells estimating and financial        Procurement,          Subcontractors,
management software solutions to          Contract       Sales,       Contract
construction and allied contracting       Management and Cost Control.
companies in the UK and Ireland.
                                          The software is used by many
CMS specialise in comprehensive           successful contracting companies
solutions      from        stand-alone    who attest to its excellent fit to their
estimating or construction financials     needs and its proven reliability. CMS
to    multi-user    fully    integrated   also provide excellent customer
systems. From initial tender enquiry      service so that a user can rely on
through estimating, project planning,     friendly and expert assistance to
valuations, costing to core accounts.     guide them as required.

The range     of modules includes         W: www.cmssoftwaresystems.com
Estimating,    Subcontractor  and

                                         company is represented by ICM -
CR Entertainment Ltd was set up in       International Creative Management.
2008 to explore the business
opportunities generated by the new
medias. Since then, the company          CR Entertainment was one of the
has created and distributed content      nominees in the ‘Emerging’ category
using a cross-platform strategy that     for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur
features Internet Portals, Social        of the Year 2009 awards. Company
Media, Online games as well as more      Director Triona Campbell has also
traditional Media such as Books,         recently been appointed by the EU as
DVDs and TV.                             an Ambassador for European Female
CR Entertainment’s list of clients and
business partners include companies      W: www.crfilms.net
like Sony Pictures and Television,
SVT, FIVE TV UK, ABC Australia,
RTE, BBC NI, and also TOP internet
portals: Bebo, Myspace and Google.

It has worked on branded content
with clients such as: Unilever,
Golddigga, Pear Drops, Nair and The
UK government.     In the US the

                                          anonymous way in order to find
                                          matching trades. CurrencyFair is
Currency Fair MD Brett Meyers is an       such an exchange.
Australian expatriate who often
needed to exchange money between
EUR, GB£, and AU$. Brett saw that         Using CurrencyFair.com, individuals
he was not getting a fair deal with       are able to specify the amount of
the banks, and always tried to            currency they wish to exchange and
exchange currency directly with           the rate they want to receive. Each
friends and expatriate colleagues in      user is effectively swapping their
order to cut out the bank. In this        currency with another (or several
way Brett exchanged currency at the       other) users, without ever knowing
‘interbank’ rate (the rate at which       the identity of the other party or
banks trade with each other) and          parties involved, and making typical
saved himself the bank charge. Brett      savings of 3% to 8% in the process.
realised that the internet is the ideal
conduit for a ’peer to peer‘ exchange
                                          W: www.currencyfair.com
platform for currencies where the
market can be opened up in an

Dial2Do.com      is  our    direct  to   have happy customers without all the
consumer offering - a hands-free         work in building and hosting a
service that lets you get things done    scaleable, reliable service.
while you drive. We work with White-
Label partners in particular sectors
and verticals to provide fully hosted
voice activated solutions, so they can   W: www.Dial2Do.com

Digital Trading offer an interactive     W: www.digitaltrading.net
communications      service,   called
iConnect, that helps Enterprise to
communicate     better    with  their
customers using all of the latest
Mobile, Web and Social Networking
communication technologies.

It is a Managed Service (SaaS) that
we sell globally to Fixed and Mobile
Network Operators to allow them to
drive more traffic over their networks
using     this     innovative     VAS
communications tool.

DreamTec       Software      Limited    Using    this   horizontal  platform
(‘DreamTec‘) was established in May     approach we can have a much bigger
2009 to develop and sell its first      portfolio of applications installed
product,    i-Meter.  The     device    rather than trying to develop each
capturer’s data from Electronic Flow    vertical market ourselves. In a five
meters adds the location and            year period this could mean the
communicates this information back      difference in having 40 applications
to a web dashboard via mobile           versus four verticals.
                                        To launch this proposition we want to
Dreamtec’s initial target market is     build a DreamTec web presence. This
the Fuel Distribution industry in       could involve a number of web sites,
Ireland/UK where the promoters          regular blog post, social media sites,
through    their   sister  company      press releases and general spreading
OutTrak, have gained strong domain      of the gospel, if you want to embed
knowledge.                              wireless communications into your
                                        products you need to talk to us.
In a short period of time we want to
establish the DreamTec Platform as
                                        W: www.imeterbox.com
the ‘PC’ of the embedded world. By
offering a low cost easy to configure
M2M platform solution we believe we
can    make     adoption   of   these
technologies easy and this will allow
us to scale up quickly.

EazySafe provides companies with         Our solutions are designed to
online safety training helping to        stimulate and reinforce the safety
achieve compliance, reduce accidents     message.
and save lives. We have over 100
courses in multiple languages and        EazySafe – Experts in Online Safety
operate our business across Europe.      Training.
Our     standard    offering  covers
everything from workstations safety
to first aid and swine flu to farm
safety! We also have full tailoring
options for topics such as employee      W: www.eazysafe.com
and contractor inductions.

Developing a positive safety culture
within organisations is our number
one priority. We find that the best
method     of  training    within   an
organisation is ‘little and often’,
providing employees with constant
reminders of their risks to safety.

Econiq is a new and rapidly
expanding company that provide a
ground breaking solution to enable       continuous, closed loop performance
financial    institutions   increase     improvement.
frontline sales and profitability by
20% - 25% on average.                    Launched commercially in late 2008,
                                         the company has gained good early
We do this by making frontline staff     traction in the US market in
and processes far more effective in      particular, and today its solutions are
everyday interaction with customers.     operational in over 80 outlets across
Using Econiq, staff learn a great deal   10 states.
more about customer’s requirements
and relate these to appropriate
products and services leading to
large increases in cross sales and
sales referrals.                         W: www.econiq.com

Furthermore, the solution also puts
in    place   unique     management
reporting and provides very detailed
actionable analytics leading to

                                        web and database application design
Emutex is a software engineering        to provide end-to-end solutions.
company that designs and develops
software    for   telecommunication,    Our growing portfolio of clients
telemetry and information technology    includes    indigenous       Start  Up
products.                               businesses     right      through    to
                                        multinational    original     equipment
Examples    of   products    include    manufacturers.
telephone   PBX     systems,     fuel
monitoring systems, digital signage     In Emutex, software meets silicon.
systems and remote management
                                        W: www.emutex.com
We specialise in embedded software
design and consult in the design and
sourcing of electronic hardware. We
complement these valuable skills with

                                            eliminates money collection issues for
EventElephant is based in the UK and        organisers.
Ireland with a global customer base.
EventElephant is a self service online
product that makes it simple for            Guarantees a 20% plus increase in
anyone to organise any type of event        sales (proven by university research)
online with a complete ‘Set Up to Sign      Guarantees a 25% to 30% reduction in
Up’ attendee management system              operational cost savings (proven by
available 24/7.                             research) Fee only 4.75% (plus
                                            merchant charge).
Event organisers use EventElephant’s
platform to set up an event website,        Net improvement to the financial
send out email invitations, sign up         results of your event 40% plus.
online registrations, collect payment
and market the event. EventElephant
was launched in late 2008 by a team
of entrepreneurs with experience in         W: www.eventelephant.com
organising events, specifically to solve
critical issues for event organisers i.e.
reducing costs, maximizing time and
increasing efficiency.

EventElephant not only transforms
attendee management for organisers
of every event type, it also makes a
huge difference to their bottom line. It

Gridstore has launched the next         Gridstore eliminates storage sprawl
generation of storage.   Gridstores     by allowing customers to combine
product creates a scaleable, fault      existing storage servers into a grid
tolerant  and   high   performance      and incrementally add an unlimited
storage grid that uses low cost         number of storage blocks to grow
storage building blocks that are        capacity as required.
combined into a single pool of
storage.                                Gridstores unique grid processing
                                        platform combines the processing
Designed for small-medium sized         power of many low cost devices into
businesses who do not have the          a single storage platform with
budget or expertise required for        enterprise class capabilities and
enterprise class storage.      These    eliminates the cost and complexity.
businesses commonly use standalone
storage      products   with    fixed
capacities. Standalone storage leads
to storage sprawl with data becoming    W: www.gridstore.com
stranded in separate silos that must
be    individually    managed     and
maintained while each is a single
point of failure.

Irish owned asset manager that          The group previously managed
focuses on investing in the European    assets totalling $1.1 billion while part
credit market. The entity was formed    of the HVB group, on behalf of the
in November 2007 by a management        Group and third party investors.
buyout of the Irish credit team
operating as HVB Credit Advisors,
owned by HVB Bank (a subsidiary of
the Unicredito Group). This fund is     W: www.icm.ie
selectively   invested    with    top
European managers in the leveraged
loan, second tier secured loans and
mezzanine finance sector.

InishTech     provides      Software
Developers and Product Managers
globally with code protection and         Specifically    tailored  for     ISVs
licence management solutions to           developing software applications with
protect their most valuable assets        the    Microsoft    .NET  framework,
and enable them to provide their          InishTech SLP is a platform for
customers with the ability to deploy      managing, packaging, licensing and
and use their products in the most        selling software products in a way
flexible manner possible.                 that      encourages      innovation,
                                          minimizes      development      effort,
InishTech SLP is designed to enable       reduces     development    cost    and
independent software vendors (ISVs)       maximizes profit.
and software development houses of
any    size  to   provide     flexible,
customer-oriented     license      and
entitlement    models      to     their   W: www.inishtech.com

Interleado was started to try and         agencies to communicate more easily
bridge the gap that exists between        to website owners what SEO is and
website owners and web designers.         why it's important.
Too many times we’ve heard the
same story. Business owner gets a         Monthly website analysis reports
great website from their website          highlight areas of a client website
design company, six months later the      that      can     be      improved.
business owner feels their website
should be getting more traffic. They      Changes are made either through a
talk to the web design company who        Content Management System or by
recommends a Google Adwords               the web designer/internet marketing
campaign and/or makes cosmetic            professional and traffic improves.
optimisation changes to the website.      Naturally this takes time, but that’s
                                          the model and that’s why we do what
The business owner feels aggrieved        we do – to make it easier for
at the lack of traffic, while the         business owners to get more traffic
website design company just doesn’t       and for web design companies and
have the resources to get involved in     web marketing professionals to
a   full  scale   online   marketing      better manage their client’s online
campaign. It’s not their business; it’s   marketing.
not what they are good at.

Interleado designed   the   SEO
                                          W: www.interleado.com
Workbench to enable web design
companies and Internet Marketing

InTime Media (Ireland) Ltd is based      revenues are declining as advertising
in Castlebar, County Mayo.               spend shifts to the internet.
                                         The technology offers broadcasters
Its highly innovative software creates   additional competitive advantage at
application downloads for the mobile     a time when their medium is under
phone which in turn lets television      severe pressure from competing
viewers respond directly to events in    digital media. The company has
a live or pre-recorded show, creating    developed the technology while
a community of viewers around the        liaising very closely with the BBC,
programme brand.                         other broadcasters and programme
                                         makers and has an active sales
In    this   way,   it   enables   TV    pipeline which it is seeking to convert
broadcasters to increase viewer          to revenue in 2010 and beyond.
engagement and loyalty to their
programmes by offering engaging
interactive options via mobile phones
and has the potential to generate
                                         W: www.intimemedia.com
additional       sponsorship      and
advertising revenues via the service
at a time when TV advertising

SANCentral Ltd T/A KidSpotter, is an       leisure,   property   and   technology
Irish    Location   Based    Services      fields.
company with the world's first child
in-motion tracking system designed         KidSpotter is a proven and easy to
for safety conscious venues.               use solution which enables parents to
                                           locate their children by a number of
KidSpotter operates on a global            methods.     The     mechanism      for
platform in high density vertical          locating the child consists of a small
markets such as Theme Parks,               GPS     or   Wireless    device    that
Leisure, Shopping Malls and other          broadcasts the child’s location to the
high     footfall  environments and        KidSpotter server. In the event of a
stands alone as the only service           separation between parent and child,
provider       delivering   an    all      the parent texts the word ‘help' and
encompassing child locating solution       the location of the device is returned
to its target markets.                     to the parents phone and to venue
KidSpotter is the world’s most
advanced child tracking system in
operation and is a recognised leader       W: www.kidspotter.com
in child safety solutions. KidSpotter is
constantly striving to improve the
current offering and looks to align
with forward thinking, visionary
companies in the entertainment,

Lucey     Technology     Limited   has   want   to    interact,   with   their
developed their initial offering, OCE,   customers via the web.
which is an online portal which
enables their customers to interact      Since the launch of Lucey OCE the
with their clients securely and          company has secured 33 customers
efficiently.   The benefits of this      in Ireland and 12 abroad.
simple service include facilitation of
online     payment,     reduction   of
administration        costs        and
improvement      of   the     customer   W: www.luceytechnology.com
experience. Lucey Technology is
targeting small and medium sized
enterprises (SME’s) that interact, or

Magical Minds Ltd is a company          The first product is currently in
developing unique web-based digital     development and will be launched in
media programmes to transform the       Ireland and the UK in 2010 followed
lives of children by fundamentally      by America and Europe in 2011.
changing the way they are educated.
These developmental programmes
which will target children from 5-7
year olds through to early adulthood    W: www.magicalmindsstudio.com
will help them realise and develop
their individual potential to lead
motivated fulfilled lives. The target
markets are parents and Primary and
Second    Level    schools   in   the
developed world.

Magical Minds consists of a highly
experienced team of innovative
professionals from psychology and
business backgrounds.

Makalu Technologies specialises in
communications solutions for aircraft
on-board       retail   activities.     The    The Directors of the company believe
purpose of the company is to help              that the opportunity exists to invest
airlines      increase     the       profits   in this technology now with a view to
generated in cabin sales by reducing           selling this capability to aircraft
transaction costs, enhancing the on-           manufacturers or communications
board       retail    experience        and    specialists in the future, when real
expanding the potential for more               time transactions will become the
products to be offered for sale during         standard expectation for global
the flight. The company has a five             airlines looking to improve revenue
year plan to capitalise on a window            yields    from    cabin  retail sales
of     opportunity      for      improved      activities even further.
communication systems within the
small to medium sized aircraft
market where the cost of expensive
infrastructure         for         satellite   W: www.makalu.ie
communication solutions cannot be
justified. Makalu is using proven low
cost technology already in use for
air-to-ground                       cockpit
communications           and         simply
expanding        this    capability       to
significantly enhance cabin sales

Mingoa provides optimised solutions
for adding OAM functionality to
existing Enterprise Ethernet. Our       Mingoa delivers its technology in a
hardware      accelerators   provide    number of ways:
superior levels of OAM performance
with minimal processor overhead.        Intellectual Property as an FPGA bit
Delivering hardware accelerators that
detect    network    faults,   Mingoa   Property for direct   integration   in
enables migration of legacy SONET       system ASICs.
networks to low cost Ethernet. Our
products work in conjunction with       Partner with clients to deliver OAM
standard    Ethernet    solutions  to   solutions.
provide an upgrade path to Carrier
                                        W: www.mingoa.com
MetRoam is a hardware accelerator
that   provides  operations  and
maintenance (OAM) support for
Carrier Ethernet in wide area
networks (WANs).

Our     email   security-as-a-service   threats. We distribute our services
online platform delivers a world        via specialist SaaS distributors.
class, cost effective management
solution for all email and internet     These online distributors provide
threats, including spam, viruses,       VARs, MSPs and System Integrators
botnets and malware, while also         in numerous geographies with access
providing   email    back   up    and   to multiple SaaS services via their
corporate content regulation and        online    platforms.    MXSweep    is
compliance     services.   MXSweep      currently    active  in   Ireland/UK,
provides Managed Service Providers      Scandinavia, Benelux and the US via
and Value Add Resellers with a          our SaaS distribution partners.
streamlined route into the security
market     and    shields    business
customers from all internet cyber
                                        W: www.mxsweep.com

Onformonics Limited (incorporated in
April 2008) is a young HPSU
company that is bringing to market a   Onformonics is making significant
suite of innovative solutions to       progress in Europe in marketing its
address IT compliance, risk and        solutions, having recently signed a
governance within the card payments    number of deals with payment
sector. These solutions assist         processors in the Nordics.
companies in managing their            Onformonics has also recently signed
compliance programs to regulatory      a contract with Visa to provide
and industry standards. Identify and   training and awareness around the
reduce IT based risk and ultimately    PCI DSS standard in the CEMEA
avoid costly data breaches.            region.

                                       W: www.onformonics.com

ParkMagic is an Irish company. We         We'd be delighted for you to join us!
designed and built ParkMagic right        Click on through to read more about
here in Ireland as part of our            what ParkMagic and TollTag.ie can
ambition to build Ireland’s friendliest   offer you.
and most convenient system for
paying all of those irritating little
charges such as parking and tolls
and to extend that ambition on a          W: www.parkmagic.net
global scale.

Today more than 140,000 drivers
around Ireland use the Services of
Parkmagic or our offspring TollTag.ie
and we have also launched our
service in the city of Chicago in the

Polecat’s MeaningMine platform is a       affordable   market   insight   is   still
market        intelligence     solution   lacking.
delivering quantitative metrics that
enable our clients to be informed on      Through MeaningMineGreen, Polecat
the value of their strategic and          delivers the market intelligence
communications              activities.   strategic decision makers need in the
MeaningMine gathers and archives          environment        sector      enabling
300,000 articles and four million blog    strategic decision makers to judge
posts a day and analyses this content     the impact of their decisions.
to map the information landscape
that surrounds an organisation.           Customers include various UK Public
Using a combination of data mining        Sector clients, BT, HSBC, Heller
and text analytics the technology         Ehrman,     Etelos,     Sustainability,
dives into the content to look for        Microsoft, Oracle, Orrick, Royal Mail,
statistical and linguistic patterns,      and Volans.
dominant trends, emerging issues,
regional     differences   and     key
influencers.      Through interactive
visualizations clients see which
articles make up the analysis.            W: www.meaningmine.com

Polecat has a specific focus on
CleanTech with MeaningMineGreen.
The combined global challenges of
climate change and urbanization
could represent the largest economic
opportunity of the 21st century. In
spite of this, timely, reliable and

                                          structure to your information in your
                                          office or home.
Recuerdó global is a vibrant new
company,        offering    innovative
information management solutions
for both office and home. The name        By using our solutions, more time
of the company is inspired by the         can be spent doing what you do best.
Latin word 'Recordar', meaning to
recall or to remember. 'Recuerdo' is
more      personal,      meaning     'I
remember' or 'I recall' - forming the     W: www.recuerdoglobal.com
basis of what we are all about. Our
solutions eliminate time consuming
processes, improve productivity and
reduce      costs     by    managing,
streamlining and automating tasks.
We are focused on delivering a

                                          achieved   turnover   of   £3.5m   last
Located in the West Cork Technology       year.
Park in Clonakilty, Sentaca provides
IT services and solutions to the          Sentaca’s target customers are
telecom industry. It adds value to its    predominately Tier 1 operators and
client   companies      through    the    its current customer base includes
provision of consulting services,         Vodafone, O2, Telus, AT&T, T-Mobile,
managed technical services and            and more recently MySCREEN.
solution design and integration
services. The company has four
shareholders, Neil Gallagher, Phil
                                          W: www.sentaca.com
Cheetham, Phil O’Neill and David
Signorelli. Sentaca also has offices in
the UK, US, Canada and Poland.

Turnover for the Irish operation at
end 2008 was just over €1 million
and it employed six people. Its UK
office has grown to 44 staff and

ServusNet    provides    Operational     •      improve production efficiency
Intelligence  solutions    for   the     •      increase planning accuracy
renewable energy industry.               Our    product    is   designed    to
                                         accommodate diverse distributed
Building on a scaleable, high            generation technologies, such as
performance platform licensed from       solar   and   ocean    energy,    and
Nokia Siemens Networks, we have          positions ServusNet to deliver a
developed applications to address        valuable roadmap of features as the
the critical operational challenges in   sector expands.
this rapidly growing sector.

Our Operations and Maintenance
system allows operators of larger        W: www.servusnet.com
wind farm portfolios to:

•      reduce operating costs

SIMchronise was founded by a team      SIMchronise's    core    competencies
of technology entrepreneurs to offer   have been to use extensive expertise
Mobile Phone Operators (MNO’s),        of the mobile markets and the
VAS resellers, ISPs, ASPs, and         associated technologies to quickly
mobile phone retailers a range of      turn ideas into leading products and
products and services targeted at      services, building and customising
mobile phone users. SIMchronise is     applications specifically for mobile
based in Dublin, with additional       data      backup,     restore     and
Engineering and Sales efforts spread   synchronisation, mobile security, and
across Europe and Asia Pacific.        remote device management.

SIMchronise Ltd builds, customises
and deploys mobile phone data
synchronisation solutions capable of
capturing all data from the phone      W: www.simchronise.ie
(contacts/content), and storing this
data online in secure user accounts.
All solutions are web based and
require GPRS to communicate, and
download the application to the
phone. A simple user experience
combined with attractive graphics
and regionally focused marketing
strategies   ensures    mass    user

Transpoco designs and develops GPS
tracking software.
                                          We trade in Ireland and the UK and
Our primary offering is our Fleetwise     also have a sales team concentrating
product. It helps organisations with a    solely on the French market. We will
number of vehicles to see where           achieve significant growth in France
their assets are now, where they          in 2010. We will also begin
have been and where they are going        operations in three other European
to go.                                    markets in 2010.

We expect our clients to see
significant productivity and efficiency
                                          W: www.transpoco.ie
increases. In most cases we achieve
double         digit       percentage

Some of our clients include: Fingal
County Council, Dublin City Council,
Roscommon County Council, Limerick
County Council, DHL, AES/Bord Na
Mona    and   hundreds    of  other
businesses and organisations.

Trezur ('treasure') is creating cutting   •   Will be unveiled in 2010, when
edge     digital   music     consumer         Trezur   launches   in  multiple
applications for PC and mobile                countries and language.
devices.    Trezur's 'killer apps' are
paid software which…                      Trezur is addressing the worldwide
                                          base of half a billion digital music
•   Allows music fans to do things        fans. Stay tuned.
    they previously couldn't with the
    music they already have and
                                          W: www.trezur.com
•   Are based on patented audio
    technology from DIT for which
    Trezur has a worldwide exclusive

VisibleThread continuously measures         Empowers key stakeholders, IT
how well IT project documentation           Leadership,        Program/Project
adheres to industry or organizational       Managers, Business Analysts, and
best practice. It offers ‘real-time’        QA/Test Leads, to make better
quality metrics for all documentation.      decisions earlier in the IT project
The result; high-quality documents,         lifecycle.
dramatically reduced analysis cost,
                                          VisibleThread targets the North
higher     efficiency    and    better
                                          American market and numbers
                                          among its pilot customers some of
                                          the world’s leading Financial Services
“VisibleThread makes sure that            institutions.
those working on the process side
                                          VisibleThread is privately held, with
are complying with best practices
                                          institutional and private backing.
and compliance requirements.” -
Theresa Lanowitz, Analyst, Voke.
  Measures document structure and         W: www.visiblethread.com
  content   against    proven    or
  customized best practice models.
  Spots    document   quality   issues
  Provides evidence of compliance
  with SDLC/Software Lifecycle best
  practice and satisfies regulatory
  Manages large numbers         of   IT
  programs simultaneously.

             VoiceCo Networks Ltd

The game is up for landline phone       •   Schedule set-up
companies. Businesses are moving        •   Custom actions
to IP based solutions for their Voice   •   Wake-up calls
and Data needs. VoiceCo provides a      •   Auto-attendance
state of the art Hosted PBX System.     •   Conference calls
This provides carriers with:            •   Queuing
                                        •   Paging
•   CRM                                 •   Hunt groups
•   Work Order Management               •   Online bills
•   Installation Management
•   Inventory Management
•   Scheduling and dispatch of Sales
    and Installation staff
                                        W: www.voiceco.ie
•   Complete customer histories
•   Integration with Google

Carriers can offer customers:

•   Voicemail
•   Anonymous call reject
•   Call forwarding
•   Call waiting
•   3-way calling
•   User administration

                                           RAIS technology is “an entirely new
Waratek, inventor of Redundant             paradigm in the market, one that has
Array of Inexpensive Servers (RAIS)        been sought after by many firms”.
technology, will this year begin
trialling the industry’s first RAIS        In 2008, Waratek established its
computing      systems     with    early   international headquarters in Dublin,
adopter customers in the UK and            Ireland, after securing the backing of
Ireland.     RAIS technology is the        high profile venture capital group
result of nearly a decade of research      Mangrove      Capital    Partners    of
and development into an entirely           Luxembourg, and in 2011 will begin
new       classification    of      high   rolling out RAIS certified applications
performance       computing     system;    and systems to the global IT market.
modelled on RAID technology, RAIS
clusters (called RAIS arrays) perform
                                           W: www.waratek.com
in a functionally identical manner to
RAID arrays by virtualizing a cluster
of independent servers in striping,
mirroring, and parity configurations
(RAIS Levels 0, 1, 5, and 1+0) for
various         arrangements          of
performance, capability, and fault-
tolerance.      With     “no     known
technology      addressing     scale-out
architectures in the same way as
RAIS”, IDC writes that Waratek’s

Founded in 2008, Weedle is a          fundamentally more effective way of
technology    company     that  has   connecting people with skills to the
developed an advanced Web 3.0         people that need them.
Internet application. The company’s   Weedle’s goal is to catalogue the
team      of    experienced    R&D    world’s human skills and make them
technologists have used proprietary   instantly searchable by all.
Social Media and Semantic Web
technologies to develop the Weedle    W: www.weedle.com
platform     which     enables    a

Have you ever wanted to pipe video        Xerenet specializes in the design of
from your laptop directly to your         physical layer, data-link layer and
television? Xerenet is solving this       networking solutions for wireless
problem with an innovative wireless       applications. Our skill set is heavily
modem. Our skill set is heavily           geared toward advanced signal
geared toward advanced signal             processing      techniques,     digital
processing     techniques,   digital      communications       and      wireless
communications, wireless systems          systems engineering and integrated
engineering and integrated circuit        circuit design.
                                          Xerenet's wireless system and ASIC
Product and Services                      design     services   offers   turnkey
                                          solutions from concept to silicon. Our
•       Xerenet are developing a          highly experienced team of design
    highly innovative white space         engineers and system architects are
    home networking solution which        niche       expert     in      wireless
    will revolutionize how multimedia     communications,       digital    signal
    is consumed in the home.              processing, digital design, layout and
                                          verification technologies.
•       Xerenet have developed an
    advanced television white space
    development       platform     and
    associated services which it is set   W: www.xerenet.com
    to launch in 3rd Quarter 2010.


YouBloom's vision is to become a
thriving global economy of artists       Beginning with music and with the
and friends, inhabited by socially and   backing of luminaries such as Bob
environmentally conscious individuals    Geldof, YouBloom is poised to
and communities from all over the        become a new force in the creative
world. YouBloom will provide the         industries worldwide.
online space and every tool possible
for artists' entrepreneurial, creative
and life ambitions to be liberated and
                                         W: www.youbloom.com
to make a living from their work.
YouBloom is an Irish company aiming
to be a world leader in web based
supports for all of the arts.

ZolkC Ltd was established in October   multimedia tours for the tourism and
2007 by Paul Savage and Bronwen        heritage sectors.
Robinson, the company currently has    The product combines the capability
three full time and five part time     of a personal digital assistant (PDA)
employees. ZolkC is based in the Arc   with satellite technology to trigger a
Labs    Research   and    Innovation   multimedia experience (such as
Centre, Carriganore, Co Waterford.     Video, Audio Clips and Fact File Data)
                                       for tourists.
ZolkC designs, develops, deploys and
manages       technology       based   W: www.zolkc.com

    Industrial and Lifesciences - Medical Devices & Pharmeucticals

 Company Name                    Main Activity                 County             Website
Argutus Medical Ltd   Research, development and                Dublin      www.argutusmed.com
                      commercialisation of tests to identify
                      early organ injury.

Cappella Medical      Novel solutions for the treatment of     Galway      www.cappella-med.com
Devices Ltd           coronary disease and bifurcation
                      vascular disease.

Global Diagnostics    A provider of international              Dublin      www.centrichealth.ie
(Teleradiology) Ltd   teleradiology services.

HKPB Scientific Ltd   Biomaterials                             Tipperary   www.hkpb.ie
                      manufacture and drug-eluting
                      coatings for medical implants.

NeoSurgical Ltd       Innovative devices for use in            Dublin      www.neosurgical.com
                      laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

Ovagen Group Ltd      Production of germ free eggs for the     Mayo        www.ovagen.com
                      vaccine industry.

Xeolas                Specialty pharmaceutical                 Dublin      www.xeolas.com
Pharmeucticals Ltd    development for paediatric, elderly
                      and acute care patients.

Argutus Medical Ltd was established        2011       to      improve    patient
in July 2008 as a spinout company          management in the hospital.
from Biotrin International Ltd. The        Argutus’ AKI-Test™ will provide the
company is a world leader in the           physician     with   early,  relevant
discovery and development of novel         information on the status of their
biomarker tests of organ injury. Our       patient’s kidney leading to physician
core business is the delivery of tests     action, improved patient care and
for the early detection of kidney          outcomes, and reduced healthcare
damage.                                    expenditure.

Early detection of acute kidney injury     Argutus was awarded ‘Emerging
(AKI) represents a major unmet             Company of the Year 2009’ by the
medical need and a significant             Irish Medical Devices Association.
opportunity for Argutus. Argutus’
skills in the identification, selection,   W: www.argutusmed.com
validation and marketing of novel
biomarkers of organ injury have led
to the development of the AKI-
Test™, a patented technology backed
by strong science and data. With
successful completion of clinical
trials, the technology will launch in
Europe and North America early

Cappella has developed a novel            An optimal stent design specific to
solution for the treatment of complex     the anatomy of the sidebranch,
coronary artery disease (CAD) and         combined with the qualities of Nitinol
specifically    bifurcation    vascular   now provide a dynamic solution for
disease. Cappella’s initial product,      treating    sidebranch       disease.
the Sideguard® Coronary Sidebranch
Stent and Delivery System                 W: www.cappella-med.com
(CE-Marked) offers interventional
cardiologists     a    straightforward,
effective solution that focuses on
treating the sidebranch of diseased
coronary arteries first, rather than
the main vessel. More importantly, it
allows the preferred stent of choice
for the main vessel.

                                         images online. We service clients in
We are a leading provider of             Ireland, the UK and Australia and are
teleradiology and radiology support      growing     within  private   medical
services. Using the latest web based     facilities through securing public
imaging technologies we provide GPs      contracts.
and consultants with rapid access to
radiology reporting services. Digital    We ensure the highest clinical
images from examinations such as         standards by independently auditing
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging),        10% of all our reported cases. Based
Ultrasound or X-ray are transmitted,     in Dublin, Ireland, we aim to become
via secure-web based technology, to      the leading provider of teleradiology
a     global   network    of    expert   solutions in our chosen markets over
radiologists. The radiologists then      the next five years.
carry out a clinical diagnosis online,
using voice recognition software and
                                         W: www.centrichealth.ie
return a report, via the same secure
system, back to the referring
clinician in minutes. The system is
entirely filmless and GPs and
specialists have full access to both
the radiologists report and the

HKPB Scientific, a spin-out from the          Our vision is to become the leader in
University       of      Limerick        is   drug delivery coating services and
commercializing       a    portfolio    of    speciality bioceramics for the medical
patented technologies to supply               device industry.
speciality    biocompatible      calcium
phosphates      and     superior     drug     W: www.hkpb.ie
delivery coatings for implants to the
global medical device sector. HKPB’s
coating     technology       is     called
Temperature Moderated – Collision
Mediated Coating (TM–CMC) and
uniquely     can     provide    coatings
comprised of both polymer and
ceramic carrier matrices with optimal
drug loadings in a single step process
that is readily transferable to the
manufacturing       environment.      The
company can also provide OEMs with
calcium    phosphates,       particularly
Hydroxyapatite, of a specified purity
and morphology for a myriad of
biomedical        applications       from
nanoparticles for coating applications
to a range of porous micro-particles
for optimal bone graft and cement
compositions as well as drug delivery

neoSurgical is an Irish Medical            thereby expand the keyhole surgery
Devices firm which was established         market segment.
by Barry Russell to develop novel
keyhole surgery instruments that           The neoSurgical team is an alliance
make surgical intervention safer,          of leaders from the Surgical, R&D,
easier and quicker for both the            Finance    and     Medical     Device
surgeon and patient.                       Marketing disciplines, all of whom
                                           have extensive high level experience
Our new product design model is            and success in their respective fields
informed and driven by the surgeons        and a passion for innovation in
experience and patient requirements        keyhole surgery.
at every stage of the process.
                                           neoSurgical has already filed patent
Our     products     will  significantly   applications and is confident that our
advance existing keyhole surgery           first  product    platform   will   be
technique         without        adding    launched in to a global market with
significantly to procedure cost.           a potential in excess of $750 Million
                                           in Quarter Four 2011.
Our products will also facilitate
increased adoption of the minimal
invasive surgical approach and
                                           W: www.neosurgical.com

Ovagen is a biotechnology company       The Company has achieved proof of
that has developed a patented           concept (GF chickens have been bred
process of producing GF chickens and    through three generations) and funds
GF eggs in commercial quantities for    have been raised for the construction
use primarily in the pharmaceutical     of a pilot scale production facility
industry    Ovagen    believes   the    which will be used to produce the
company’s GF eggs will replace          initial flocks of GF birds (for
nonsterile eggs currently in use in     subsequent expansion into new large
vaccine R&D and production.             scale GF facilities) and GF eggs,
                                        initially for customer validation.
Ovagen      has    received    patent
protection in both Europe and the US    W: www.ovagen.com
for the process by which it produces
GF eggs and further patent approvals
are pending.

Xeolas Pharmaceuticals is a specialty   The product has completed clinical
pharmaceutical company developing       trials and has been submitted to the
a     portfolio    of    prescription   European health authorities for pan-
pharmaceutical products. A particular   European marketing authorisations.
focus of the company is to develop
‘patient friendly’ medicines that       W: www.xeolas.com
better address the requirements of
special patient groups, in particular
medicines for children and elderly

Xeolas’s lead development project is
a unique, patented product for the
treatment of osteoporosis designed
to improve patient compliance and

                    Industrial and Lifesciences - Cleantech

Company Name                    Main Activity                   County           Website
Aqueduct            Design and Manufacture a range of           Dublin    www.aqueduct.ie
Investments         Bag-In-Box Liquid Dispensers and
International Ltd   supplier of Bag-In-Box Water.

GreenBio Fuels      Producers of biodiesel.                     Wexford   www.gbi.ie
Ireland Ltd

Openhydro Group     OpenHydro is an energy                      Dublin    www.openhydro.com
Ltd                 technology company whose
                    business is the design,
                    manufacture, installation and
                    maintenance of marine turbines for
                    generating Renewable Energy from
                    tidal streams.

R&R Mechanical      R&R Mechanical is a full service            Offaly    www.randrmech.ie
Ltd                 mechanical engineering company
                    capable of carrying out services for
                    power generation, resource recovery,
                    cogeneration and construction
                    industries worldwide.

Solarprint Ltd      Development of novel third generation       Dublin    www.solarprint.ie
                    printable flexible solar cell technology.

Wavebob Ltd         Development of wave energy                  Kildare   www.wavebob.com

Aqueduct has designed and is
currently manufacturing a family of
Bag-In-Box (BIB) liquid dispensers
initially aimed at the water cooler    global markets will commence in the
market but with the potential to       third quarter of 2010.
expand into the multi billion dollar   Over a billion BIB products are
alcoholic,   dairy   and   beverage    produced every year and Aqueduct
markets.                               hopes to get early adopter advantage
                                       in the water market.
The key selling points of Aqueducts
patented range of coolers are that     With further plans for other liquids to
they offer a hygienic one-way          follow with hot, ambient and cold
delivery solution which is the cost    options, Aqueduct envisages a very
effective,     maintenance     free,   busy 2010.
aesthetic,        practical     and
environmentally friendly alternative   W:www.aqueduct.ie
for users of water coolers.

The products were introduced to
select markets in the UK, Ireland,
Denmark, and Germany in February
2010. Further rollout across other

GBIL was incorporated with a vision         partnerships with all stakeholders in
of producing a second generation            the business.
biodiesel, using waste products, on a
timely basis for our customers, at a        The company manufactures 34.50
competitive price and conforming to         million litres of biodiesel annually
all    EU    quality   standards      for   and can supply one third of Ireland’s
incorporation into fossil diesel. This is   biodiesel needs under the Irish
being     consistently   achieved     by    Biofuel Obligation.
utilising state of the art processing
technology, providing our employees
with the work environment and
training to help them achieve their         W: www.gbi.ie
potential and by setting up working

                                         III.   the   technical   ability to
OpenHydro is an energy technology               connect successfully to a
company whose business is the                   national grid and
design, manufacture, installation and
maintenance of marine turbines for
generating Renewable Energy from         These are fundamental attributes to
tidal streams. The company has           underpin the commercialisation of
developed commercial relationships       the technology.
with a number of world class utility
partners in major tidal resource sites   OpenHydro has secured tidal projects
around the world. The company is         in France, Canada and the U.S.
also active in securing ownership in     through competitive global tendering
key tidal resource sites.                processes    which    validate   the
                                         commercial draw of OpenHydro’s
OpenHydro is a world leader in the       technology and approach. These
tidal energy industry. It has a          include projects with EDF, Nova
commercially and economically viable     Scotia Power and SnoPUD. The
tidal turbine technology specifically    company has also secured a strategic
designed for the harsh marine            shareholding in a major tidal
environment with:                        resource in the UK’s Channel Islands
                                         and is currently in the process of
  I.   the proven ability to generate    developing joint ventures for the
       electricity;                      development of commercial tidal
 II.   a proven method to deploy         arrays.
       turbines      safely      and
       economically; and                 W: www.openhydro.com

R&R Mechanical Limited provides
contract services primarily to the
Power industry in Ireland and the
UK. Over five years, the company         In 2007, R&R secured a worldwide
has achieved preferred supplier          licence for the development and
status with all major power plant        commercialisation      of    a    high-
operators in Ireland and the UK. The     efficiency Air Cooled Condenser
company offers a full range of           Technology.     The     design     uses
professional and technical services      conventional      ACC      engineering
including      power       generation    principles in a smaller unit and
assembly,     engineering    services,   configuration to achieve efficiency
installation,         commissioning,     improvements allied to significant
maintenance and repair work.             cost savings in installation, operation
                                         and maintenance.
The company is undertaking the
design and development of a novel        R&R is based in Tullamore, Co Offaly.
modular air cooled condenser for the
power generation industry.               W: www.randrmech.ie

                                         requirements      for     off    grid
Solarprint    is    developing   dye     technologies    are   a     necessity.
sensitised solar cells (DSCCs), a
novel third Generation printable
flexible solar cell technology, which
uses cheap raw materials and             Solarprint     also     intends     to
employs a low cost, fast and easy        aggressively      pursue      Building
manufacturing process.                   Integrated       and       Automotive
                                         Photovoltaic applications including
Solarprint’s    technology    has    a   development      of   glass   facades
multitude of potential applications      (external and internal walling) and
across a broad range of industries       integrated components for the next
from         Building       Integrated   generation of green vehicles.
Photovoltaics      and     Automotive
Photovoltaics        to      Consumer    W: www.solarprint.ie

SP will concentrate initially on the
Consumer     Electronics      market,
manufacturing a PV solar module
which can be adopted in a wide
variety of applications, including a
mobile phone charger for the
developing   world      where     the

Wavebob is developing a unique          For the past three years, the
Wave Energy Convertor – ‘Wavebob’,      company has been testing 30kW
which harnesses the immense power       devices in Galway Bay. It is working
of the ocean to produce clean,          with Vattenfall, the Swedish utility,
renewable energy. The company is        to develop a 250mW demonstration
now considered one of the world's       project off the west coast of Ireland.
leading wave energy technologies.       A further project is planned for
                                        deployment in Portugal toward the
The Wavebob is a floating buoy          end of 2011. The first commercial
device that will automatically adjust   Wavebob devices may be deployed in
its response to suit the prevailing     multiple regions worldwide as soon
wave climate and so maximise the        as 2012.
amount of useful power that can be
delivered to the electricity grid       W: www.wavebob.com

The Wavebob is the first Irish device
and one of only a handful worldwide
to have successfully harnessed the
energy of the ocean waves. At full
scale, each Wavebob will be capable
of producing in excess of a
megawatt; enough electricity for
over 700 homes.

           Industrial and Lifesciences - Engineering and Electronics

Company Name                     Main Activity                  County         Website
Ikon                Development of innovative, integrated       Dublin   www.ikonsemi.com
Semiconductor       and efficient solutions for the LED
Ltd                 lighting industry.

Mcor                Design, Develop and Manufacture; Rapid      Louth    www.mcortechnologies
Technologies Ltd    Prototyping equipment (desktop 3D                    .com

Multihog            Multipurpose Utility Vehicles for highway   Louth    www.multihog.com
                    and grounds care applications.

NanoDiamond         Manufacture of nanodiamonds for             Clare    www.nanodiaproducts.
Products Ltd        industrial polishing, electroplating,                com
                    thermal management, and biomed.

Triton Technology   Provider of safety and survival training    Cork     www.tritonireland.com
Ltd                 equipment and systems to offshore oil
                    and gas industry.

Ikon Semiconductor is a fabless          will be low energy lamps and will
semiconductor company focused on         require electronic drive circuitry.
developing     innovative,      highly
integrated and efficient solutions for   Solid State Lighting (i.e. LED)
the rapidly growing LED lighting         represents the technology whose
industry.                                roadmap offers the best combination
                                         of    long    life, low   power/high
The global lighting industry has been    efficiency, high lumen output as well
heavily     dependent       on     the   as high CRI and all in a small
incandescent light bulb, a technology    footprint.
that has changed little since it was
invented in 1879. However, today in      The company has been founded by
a world increasingly concerned with      industry veterans with a proven track
energy costs and environmental           record of delivering world class
concerns over greenhouse emissions       solutions, taking an idea from
many countries are legislating for the   concept right through to end product.
complete ban of the incandescent
lamp. It is estimated that by 2015       W: www.ikonsemi.com
close to 90% of lighting shipments

                                      To date, Mcor has sold 20 printers to
                                      prove and test the concept in the
Award winning Mcor Technologies       marketplace.
was founded by brothers Conor and
Fintan MacCormack with a vision of
bringing 3D printing to the masses.
                                      The Mcor ‘Matrix’ printer is the only
Mcor;    designs,    develops and     machine in the world to produce eco-
manufactures the ‘Matrix’, a 3D       friendly, 3D objects, using standard
Rapid Prototyping printer.            office graded or recycled paper.

                                      W: www.mcortechnologies.com

Multihog is a self propelled, diesel     to choose for operating on steep
powered,      hydrostatically   driven   inclines and rough terrain.
utility vehicle designed for highway
and grounds care maintenance             The company based in Dundalk
applications.       The       Multihog   showcased the Multihog 4WD at
differentiates itself from all other     Saltex, the Ploughing Championships
machines with its robust design and      and Agritechnica in 2009 and hopes
extreme versatility. Its quick release   to establish a strong international
mechanism        makes        changing   dealer network as a result.
attachments an effortless two minute
job. Its tilting driver station, wide    W: www.multihog.com
wheel base and low centre of gravity
makes the Multihog the only vehicle

Nanodiamond Products Ltd has been         As an additive in electroplating
set up to provide complete solutions      processes to create enhanced
to     emerging       markets     for     wear resistant surfaces.
nanotechnology, based on synthetic
polycrystalline  nanodiamond     and      For emerging medical applications
natural and synthetic monocrystalline     such as drug delivery.
                                        Last October, NanoDiamond moved
Applications     of     nanodiamond     into its modern high technology
suspensions and concentrates include    facility in Smithstown, Shannon,
polishing    electronic   substrates,   which has the latest manufacturing
enhancing wear resistance in metal      and characterisation equipment, and
finishing products, polymers, dental    launched its premium range of
and biomedical products.                nanodiamond       products.       The
                                        company is committed to pioneering
The company is initially targeting      new nanodiamond solutions and aims
three market sectors where the          to be the leading supplier of high
potential for the use of nanodiamond    quality, consistent and cost effective
is already emerging;                    nanodiamond products.

  As a suspension for chemical          W: www.nanodiaproducts.com
  mechanical     polishing   (CMP)
  applications, which are used
  where high surface finishes and
  low defect density on components
  are required.

Triton produces Huets (Helicopter       We are now developing more
Underwater Egress Units) for use in     versatile HUETs with more advanced
Water/Ocean Survival Training.          features.
                                        Based in Cork the company is
Such simulators are designed to         establishing    a     highly    credible
replicate the interior of aircraft as   International profile that is leading to
regards seating, cockpit, avionic       continued growth in worldwide sales.
panels, as well as exits, doors,
windows etc.
                                        W: www.tritonireland.com
Triton also provides actual survival
training    for helicopter  ditching

Our product is sold worldwide.

                                           Food & Retail

Company Name                  Main Activity                    County              Website
Crème Software     Crème provides advanced web based          Dublin      www.cremeglobal.com
Ltd                software, data, training and consulting
                   services in the area of food, chemical
                   and cosmetic exposure assessment.

I-Tab Ltd          Design, manufacture and sales of           Kildare     www.i-tab.com
                   portable music tab players.

JM Food Services   Prepared ready meals and meal              Meath       www.jmfoodservices.com
Ltd                solutions for the food service and
                   convenience market.

Magnetti Foods     Magnetti produce and market an             Galway      www.magnettifoods.com
Ltd                innovative range of quality fresh
                   pastas and sauces as well as Italian
                   based ready meals. The business
                   concept emerged from the success of
                   the established family owned Italian
                   restaurant ‘Trattoria’ in Galway.

The Flat Bread     Manufacture of specialist flatbreads for   Offaly      Kieran@flatbreadcompany.ie
Company Ltd        the European food service sector.

The Tipperary      Dairy products producer: Soft cheese       Tipperary   N/A
Cheese Company     and Yogurt.

Vellum Gold Ltd    Design, manufacture and sale of            Cavan       www.vellumgold.com
                   quality Irish made greeting cards.

Crème provides advanced web based software,             chemicals
data, training and consulting services in the           pesticides
area of food, chemical and cosmetic exposure            contaminants
assessment.                                             packaging migratory
Crème’s mission is to promote consumer health           nanoparticles
and wellness by enabling regulators, safety
authorities, food, personal care product and     Manage safety, quality, new product
chemical     manufacturers   to  easily    and   development or innovation through a
accurately evaluate food intake, nutrition and   centralised web service, connecting
exposure levels of consumers.                    all your locations.

Crème provides the latest scientific data in     W: www.cremeglobal.com
combination with web based software to enable
researchers, industry and government agencies
to obtain the most accurate nutrition and
exposure information to a wide range of
consumer products, including:

       food ingredients
       functional foods
       personal care products

The Real Guitar Heroes.....i-tab launched their
range of electronic songbooks to huge acclaim
at the world renowned NAMM Show in                 Ireland that is unique protected and
California, January 2010. Scrolling musical        will place Ireland at the centre of this
notation and lyrics in perfect time, along with    new music channel. The company
synchronised backing tracks, the i-tab brings      currently employs 12 staff and is
music into the digital era and places i-tab at     adding a further 10 staff at present
the cutting edge of musical media delivery         and is based in Maynooth, Co
worldwide. With distribution in place across the   Kildare. With revenues of over €
globe, joint ventures with major music             5million expected in 2010 growing to
companies and an innovative three year             €20 million by 2012 this business will
product development roll out covering every        be another major Irish flag in the
aspect of music, i-tab have created a global       world music map.
product and brand and are on target to bring a
multi million euro business to                     W: www.i-tab.com

JM Food Services currently employs 23 people      product development philosophy
in a purpose built factory in Navan, Co. Meath.   and an internal culture of best
The company currently manufactures home-          practice every time.
made top quality clean label chilled and frozen
products, including Lasagnes, Bakes, Savoury      With a vigorous food safety
Pies, Ready Meals, Accompaniments, Soups,         management system in place, the
Stews and Salads.                                 company      meets     the highest
                                                  standard in food safety and
Since the establishment of JM Food Services       production methodology and this
the business has grown significantly, and now     will be further verified with the
has a customer base of over 250 in both the       implementation          of    BRC
Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, with    accreditation in 2010.
the potential to also service the UK market.
                                                  W: www.jmfoodservices.com
The company’s ethos of producing top quality
clean label chilled and frozen products is
further supported by a robust innovative new

Magnetti Foods was founded by            sector. The company have a network
brothers Marco and Sean Magnetti to      of agents and distributors covering
produce and market an innovative         over 200 stores nationwide.
range of quality fresh pastas and        Their products are listed with Spar
sauces as well as Italian based ready    and Londis, as well as being
meals.    The     business     concept   available in Supervalu’s throughout
emerged from the success of the          Ireland and Dunne’s in the west of
established family owned Italian         Ireland. They export to the UK
restaurant ‘Trattoria’ in Galway.        through a distribution agent.

Magnetti make fresh, additive and
                                         W: www.magnettifoods.com
preservative-free pasta food products
(filled and unfilled pasta and ready
meals) for the wholesale and retail

The Flat Bread Company Ltd was              The company has the capability to
established to service the Domino’s Pizza   manufacture specialist breads such as
UK and Ireland contract for thin crust      tortilla and pitta breads, with a plan to
pizzas. The Company is customer driven,     develop key partnerships with non
with a clear focus on exceeding customer    competing      customers    in   differing
expectations.                               distribution channels.

The Tipperary Cheese Company was              The company has done extensive research
established by Donal and Liam Hayes. The      and development to enhance existing
plant is located on their family farm and     products and develop new products for the
uses the rich creamy milk produced on         food service sector in both the UK and
site. This ensures the top quality of their   Ireland. Well over 50% of their produce
end products.                                 goes to the UK.

The product range now includes Cream          W: www.tippcheese.ie
Cheese, Mascarpone Cheese, full, medium
and low fat Sour Cream, and Crème
Fraiche. In addition, their yoghurt range
includes Wholemilk, Greek style, Low-Fat
as well as Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach
Melba, Kiwi and Black Cherry flavours.

Their fully refurbished plant has Grade A
BRC accreditation for the past two years.

Vellum Gold Ltd is an Irish owned     A    personalised   Christmas    card
company producing quality Irish       product for children using their own
made Greeting Cards using digital     designs has been tested and found
printing technology.                  successful.    This   product     has
                                      franchise potential in the UK, USA
Located in Ballyconnell, Co Cavan,    and Australia.
we have a client base throughout
Ireland and we are developing an      We are also developing a range of
overseas client base.                 Religious cards for international
                                      distribution starting with ‘Paper
We are exporting our Children’s       World’, a specialist religious goods
name product to the UK and have       distributor in Malta.
product tests ongoing in France. We
are about to commence tests in the    W:www.vellumgold.com
USA and Australia.


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