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									                                                          December 16, 2003

TO:             ALL BIDDERS
RE:             JOB NO. 03/0500
DUE DATE:       December 22, 2003
All bidders are required to sign and attach a copy of this addendum with each proposal for Template Charting
Systems for Emergency Center Physicians and Nurses for the Harris County Hospital District. This
addendum must be received by the Purchasing Department no later than the above due date.
                                           ADDENDUM NO. 2
The following information is being provided to clarify the requirements:
1.      Current Charting System - Is the trauma flow sheet with nurses notes insert a unique trauma sheet
        that is specifically designed for use by a special trauma team, which may or may not be a part of
        the Hospital District EC physician staff, or just high level trauma cases and MVAs that the
        Hospital District EC physician staff treats? Are there any specific requirements for these records?
        The trauma flow sheet is a special flow sheet that was designed by the respective trauma
        teams at BTGH and LBJGH. It is used by surgery. The information on the sheet is what
        the team thinks is essential in caring for a patient. However, the team is probably willing to
        look at other trauma templates.
        ER Discharge Record – Does the Hospital District desire to replace the current Discharge Record
        with a new system? Yes, the current discharge system will be replaced and a computerized
        discharge system is a viable option. How many languages does the EC currently supply
        discharge instructions? The discharge instructions are supplied in English and Spanish.
        Current records are a 3-part form - What is distribution of the 3 parts? Medical Records,
        Coders, and patient

2.      Hospital Registration System - Who is the vendor of the Hospital District current patient
        registration system at each hospital? The current system is HealthQuest Patient Management
        from McKesson. Is there a consideration of having the patient data automatically printed on the
        individual charts of a paper template system via an electronic interface with the registration
        system? There has not been any consideration of printing the patient information on the
        template. However, the Hospital District will consider an electronic interface.

3.      ECR Registration and Triage Setup at each hospital - Is there a separate EC for pediatrics and
        adults at each hospital with separate triage areas and discharge areas for each? Yes, there is a
        separate ER for pediatrics and adults at each hospital and a separate discharge area.
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4.       Electronic Medical Record (EMR) - Is there a hospital wide EMR currently operating, or is one
         planned? There is no EMR today. One is planned with the Epic implementation. Are the
         current records scanned into either an EC local EMR or hospital EMR system today? There is
         no scanning being done in the EC at this time. However, the Hospital District desires the
         ability to scan medical records rather than copy.
5.       Scanning System - In several of the system options, the use of scanning systems is outlined. Is
         scanning currently being used in the EC, and does the hospitals IT department have standardized
         scanning equipment solutions specified for usage with each hospital? There is no scanning
         currently in the EC. A scanning project is planned for the registration area. The Hospital
         District has experience using the Intellivue scanning system from Century Business.

6.       Pilot Program - The statement "hospital plans to pilot the template in both the Pediatric and Adult
         EC." Does this mean that 100% of the patient visits are to utilize the pilot system, or a smaller
         version of the new system setup in each EC to run concurrently with current paper system?
         100% of the patients will be piloted.

7.       Clarification of Option II - Paper Templates and Scanning System. Will a computer-generated
         chart be accepted for this option? A computer-generated chart is acceptable and actually
         preferred by some physicians.


                                                          Jack R. McCown, C.P.M.
                                                          Purchasing Agent

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