Team Tunner Acronyms List Current as of 16 May 2005 For updates or information please contact Clarke - Excel by utr32818


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									                             Team Tunner Acronyms List
                   Current as of: 16 May 2005

                   For updates or information, please contact Clarke Winkle (SEI) at or Donna Carbon(Warner
                   Robins) at

ACRONYM                  DESCRIPTION

ABES              Amended Budget Estimate Submission (part of AF budgeting process)
ABIDES            Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System (part of AF budgeting process)
ABL               Allocated Baseline (configuration management)
ACAT              Acquisition Category
ACMS              Automated Configuration Management System (used by SPO to track ECP submissions)
ACO               Administrative Contracting Officer (function of DCM, St. Louis)
ACWP              Actual Cost of Work Performed (EVMS)
ADMS              Automated Data Management System (used by SPO to track data submissions)
AETC              Air Educational Training Command
AFDR              Award Fee Determination Report
AFI               Air Force Instruction
AFM - or - AFMAN Air Force Manual
AFMC              Air Force Materiel Command
AFOTEC            Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFRB              Award Fee Review Board
AFSC              Air Force Safety Center -also - Air Force Specialty Code
AID               Altered Item Drawing
AMC               Air Mobility Command
ANSI              American National Standards Institute
Ao                Operational Availability
APB               Acquisition Program Baseline
APOM              Amended Program Objective Memorandum (part of AF budgeting process)
APCAM             After Production Corrosion Abatement Modification
APS               Aerial Port Squadron
AQMS              Advanced Quality Manufacturing System
ASC               Aeronautical System Center - also - Accredited Standards Committee
ASCII             American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATP               Acceptance Test Procedure
ATR               Acceptance Test Report
BAC               Budget at Completion (EVMS)
BCR               Baseline Cost Report - also - Budget Change Request (EVMS)
BCWP              Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (EVMS)
BCWR              Budgeted Cost of Work Remaining (EVMS)
BCWS              Budget Cost of Work Scheduled (EVMS)
BDRSK             Battle Damage Repair Spared Kit
BES               Budget Estimate Submission
BMWG              Business Management Working Group
BOE               Basis of Estimate
BPAC              Budget Program Activity Code (part of AF budgeting process)
BPAT              Business Process Action Team
BRAC              Base Realignment And Closure
C/L               Checklist
C/SCSC            Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (EVMS)
C/SSR             Cost/Schedule Status Report
CA                Critical Action - also - Corrective Action
CAAS              Contract Advisory and Assistance Support
CAC               Cost at Complete
CAD               Computer Aided Design
CAIV              Cost as Independent Variable
CAM               Cost Account Manager
CAO               Contract Administration Office (function of DCM, St. Louis)
CAP               Control Account Plan (EVMS) - also - Corrective Action Plan
CAR               Corrective Action Report       - also - Configuration Audit review
CARS              Consolidated Analysis and Reporting System (AF system for reporting vehicle maint.)
CAS               Contract Administration Services (DCM st Louis) - also - Cost Accounting Standards
CCA               Corrosion Control and Abatement - also - Circuit Card Assembliy
CCB               Change Control Board       - also - Configuration Control Board
CCN               Contract Change Notice -also- Configuration Change Notice
CCP               Contract Change Proposal
CDM               Configuration Data Management
CDR               Critical Design Review
CDRL              Contract Data Requirements List (reports required by contract)
CER               Cost Estimating Relationship
CFE               Contractor Furnished Equipment
CFSR              Contract Funds Status Report
CI                Configuration Item (configuration management)
CID               Commercial Item Description
CIDS              Critical Item Development Specification (configuration management)
CLIN              Contact Line Item Number
CLS               Contractor Logistics Support
CMP               Configuration Management Plan
CMS               Contract Management System (SEI's contracting system)
CND               Cannot Duplicate
CO                Change Order
COEA              Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COM               Cost of Money
CONOPS            Concept of Operations
CONTR             Contractor
CONUS             Continental United States
CPAF              Cost Plus Award Fee (type of contract)
CPAR              Contractor Performance Assessment Report
CPC               Corrosion Prevention Compounds
CPDT              Critical Pin Durability Test
CPI               Cost Performance Index [BCWP/ACWP] - also - Continuous Productivity Improvement
Cpk               Capability index (part of DMS)
CPR               Cost Performance Report
CR                Change Request
CRAF              Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRB               Configuration Review Board
CRC               Contractor Request for Change
CREP              Contract Repair Enhancement Program
CRI               Cost Reduction Initiative
CSR               Contract Summary Report
CV                Cost Variance (EVMS)
CWBS              Contract Work Breakdown Structure
DAC               Designated Acquisition Commander
DAL               Data Acquisition List (lists contractor data available to Gov't)
DCAA              Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAS              Defense Contract Administration Service
DCM St Louis      Defense Contract Management St. Louis
DCMA              Defense Contract Management Agency
DCN               Design Change Notice
DCP               Design Change Proposal - also - Data Change Proposal
DED               Diesel Engine Driven
DEM/VAL           Demonstration / Validation
DFARS             Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFMA              Design for Manufacturing Assembly
DID               Data Item Description (specifies req'mts & format for data submittals)
DLA               Defense Logistics Agency
DMS               Dimensional Management System
DMSMS             Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortage
DoD               Department of Defense
DODD              Department of Defense Directive
DODI              Department of Defense Instruction
DR                Deficiency Report - also - Disposition Report
DREP              Depot Repair Enhancement Program
DRR               Design Readiness Review
DSMC              Defense Systems Management College
DSN               Digital Switched Network (AF system for long distance)
DT                Developmental Test
DT&E              Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTB               Dayton T. Brown
DTC               Design to Cost
DTLCC             Design to Life Cycle Cost
DTOSC             Design to Operational and Support Cost
DTS               Defense Transportation System
DTUPC             Design to Unit Production Cost
DVT               Design Verification Test
EAC               Estimate at Complete (EVMS)
ECF               Engineering Change Form
ECN               Engineering Change Notice
ECO               Engineering Change Order
ECP               Engineering Change Proposal
ECR               Engineering Change Request - also - Estimated Change Request
EIRT              Executive Integrated Review Team - also - Extended IRT
ELWA              Engineering Lab Work Authorization
EMD               Engineering Manufacturing Development [Phase]
EMI               Electromagnetic Interference
EPA               Economic Price Adjustment
EPC               Estimated Price at Completion
ESSA              Enhanced Supply Support Agreement
ESSI              Engineered Support Systems Inc.
ETC               Estimate to Compete (EVMS)
ETI               Elapsed Time Indicator (Hobbs meter- shows total engine hours)
ETO               Enhanced Technical Order
E-Vault           Electronic Vault
EVMS              Earned Value Management System
F3I               Form, Fit, Function, and Interface
FAI               First Article Inspection
FAR               Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAT               First Article Test
FBL               Functional Baseline (configuration management)
FCA               Functional Configuration Audit (demonstrates system meets requirements)
FEA               Finite Element Analysis
FEDR              Field Engineering Discrepancy Report
FEF               Fix Effectiveness Factor
FER               Finite Element Report
FIR               Field Incident Report
FIT               Fault Isolation Tree
FM                Field Manual
FMECA             Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FOC               Full Operational Capability
FOD              Foreign Object Debris - also - Falling Object Damage
FOL              Forward Operating Location
FOT&E            Follow-on Test and Evaluation
FPRA             Forward Pricing Rate Agreement
FPT              First Production Test
FRACAS           Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
FRB              Failure Review Board
FRPRR            Full Rate Production Readiness Review
FSB              Field Service Bulletin
FSD              Full Scale Development
FSE              Field Service Engineer
FSP              Forward Supply Point
FY               Fiscal Year
G&A              General and Administrative
GFE              Government Furnished Equipment
GFP              Government Furnished Property
GSI              Government Source Inspection
HAC              House Appropriation Committee
HASC             House Armed Services Committee
HWCI             Hardware Configuration Item (configuration management)
HWTRR            Hardware Test Readiness Review
IBR              Integrated Baseline Review (EVMS)
IC               Improvement Candidate
ICD              Interface Control Drawing - also - Interface Control Document
ICS              Interim Contractor Support
ID/IQ            Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (type of open ended contract)
ILS              Integrated Logistics Support
ILSM             Integrated Logistics Support Management
ILSP             Integrated Logistics Support Plan
IMP              Integrated Master Plan
IMS              Integrated Master Schedule
IOC              Initial Operational Capability
IOR              Improvement Opportunity Request
IOT&E            Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP               Improvement Project - also - Initial Problem
IPB              Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IPD              Integrated Product Data
IPPD             Integrated Product and Process Development
IPR              In-Process Review
IPT              Integrated Product Team
ISO              International Organization Standard            [Quality standard - ISO 9000] not an acronym
ISP              Integrated Support Plan
ISSL             Initial Spares Support List
ITDP             Integrated Technical Data Package
IWA              Internal Work Authorization
J&A              Justification and Approval
JCS              Joint Chief of Staff
JRMET            Joint Reliability and Maintainability Evaluation Team
KO               Contracting Officer
KPC              Key Product Characteristic
KPP              Key Performance Parameter (part of DMS)
LCC              Life Cycle Cost
LD3              Lower Deck containers (3 refers to the series)
LEL              Loader System Program Office
LIMS             Logistics Information Management System [database at SEI]
LIP              Large Item Parts
LLDT             Lift Link Durability Test
LMS               Load Management Systems
LRE               Latest Revised Estimate (EVMS)
LRIP              Low Rate Initial Production
LRU               Line Replaceable Unit
LSA               Logistics Support Analysis
LTS               Long Term Support --also-- Long Term Storage
MA                Maintenance Action          - also -   Maintenance Availability
MCSP              Mission Completion Success Probability
MDT               Mean Down Time
MFR - or - MR     Memorandum for Record
MHE               Material Handling Equipment
MHS               Material Handling Systems
MIL-HDBK          Military Handbook
MIL-STD           Military Standard(s)
MIPS              Master Integrated Program Schedule - also - Manufacturing Integrated Program Structure
MIS               Manufacturing Instruction Set - also - Management Information System
MM                Material Management
MOA               Memorandum of Agreement
MOE               Measure of Effectiveness
MOP               Measure of Performance
MR                Management Reserve - also - Memorandum for Record
MRB               Material Review Board
MRP               Manufacturing Resource Planning - also - Material Review Panel
MRPS              Material Requirements Planning System [master schedule]
MRSP              Mobility Readiness Spares Package
MRT               Mean Repair Time
MS                Milestone      [MSIII = Milestone III]
MTBCF             Mean Time Between Critical Failure
MTBF              Mean Time Between Failure
MTBM              Mean Time Between Maintenance
MTBMi             Mean Time Between Maintenance -inherent [characteristic of the vehicle]
MTD               Maintenance Time Down
MTMC              Military Traffic Management Command
MTW               Multi-Theatre Wars /or/ Warfare
NCR               Non-Conformance Report
NDI               Non-Development Item - also - Non-Destructive Inspection
NGSL              Next Generation Small Loader
NSA               Nuclear Safety Assessment
O&S               Operations and Support
OA                Operational Assessment (less formal than OT&E)
OBS               Organizational Breakdown Structure
OCC               Other Contract Costs
OCONUS            Outside the Continental United States
OCR               Office of Collateral Responsibility
ODC               Other Direct Costs
OH                Overhead
OI                Operating Instruction
OLVIMS            On-Line Vehicle Interactive Management System (AF system for reporting vehicle maint.)
OPR               Office of Primary Responsibility
ORD               Operational Requirements Document
OSD               Office Secretary of Defense
OSHA              Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSS&E             Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness
OT&E              Operational Test and Evaluation
P3                Primevera Project Planner
P3I               Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PAT               Process Action Team           - also - Production Acceptance Test
PB                President's Budget [Basis for Congressional deliberation; Auth&Appr Process]
PBD               Program Budget Decision [[translates SecDef Decisions to Serv Sec; results in PB]
PBL               Production Baseline (configuration management)
PCA               Physical Configuration Audit (ensures hardware matches drawing)
PCO               Procuring Contracting Officer (usually located at SPO)
PCOL              Procuring Contracting Officer Letter
PE                Program Element (part of AF budgeting process) - also -                      Project Engineer
PEO               Program Executive Officer
PES               Program Engineering Support
PFIS              PIOS Financial Information System
PFR               Program Financial Review
PI                Program Integrator (function of DCM, St. Louis)
PIDS              Prime Item Development Specification
PIOS              Production and Inventory Optimization System
PM                Program Manager
PMB               Performance Measurement Baseline
PMD               Program Management Directive
PMR               Program Management Review
PO                Program Office - also - Purchase Order
POD               Program Office Directive
POM               Program Objective Memorandum (part of AF budgeting process)
POP               Period of Performance
PPBS              Planning, Programming and Budgeting System [Long Term, Mid Term, Near Term]
PPDT              Power Pack Durability Test
PPSL              Preliminary/Program Parts Selection List - also - Program Parts Section List
PPL               Provisioning Parts List
PR                Purchase Request
PRR               Production Readiness Review
PS                Program Support --also-- Performance Specification
PSR               Program Status Report
PWO               Production Work Order
QA                Quality Assurance
R&M               Reliability and Maintainability
RAB               Repairable Assembly Baseline
RAM               Responsibility Assignment Matrix - also - Random Access Memory
RDW               Request for Deviation or Waiver
REA               Request for Equitable Adjustment
RFD/W             Request for Deviation/Waiver
RFP               Request for Proposal
RFQ               Request for Quotation
RGT               Reliability Growth Test
RLA               Repair Level Analysis
RM&A -also- RMA   Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability
RMS               Risk Mitigation Study
ROI               Return on Investment
ROM               Rough Order of Magnitude - also - Read Only Memory
SAF/AQQM          Office of Assistant Secretary of AF (Acquisition), Directorate of Global Reach
SAMP              Single Acquisition Management Plan
SAR               Safety Assessment Report-also-System Anomaly Report-also-Subsequent Application Review
SASC              Senate Armed Services Committee
SCAR              Supplier Corrective Action Report
SCD               Source Control Document
SCN               Specification Change Notice - also - Software Change Notice
SEI               Systems & Electronics Inc.
SEP               Standard Engineering Procedure
SERD              Support Equipment Requirements Document
SIC               Standard Industrial Classification
SLEP             Service Life Extension Program
SMC              Space and Missile Systems Center [AF]
SMM              System Maturity Matrix
SOA              Service Order Authorization
SOF              Special Operations Forces
SON              Statement of Need (followed by ORD)
SOP              Standard Operating Procedure - also - Standing Operating Procedure
SORAP            Source of Repair Acquisition Plan
SORD             System Operational Requirements Document (new name-ORD)
SOW              Statement of Work
SP               Standard Procedure
SP&A             Schedule, Performance and Actual -- (cost) [charts at SEI reviews]
SPC              Statistical Process Control
SPD              System Program Director
SPI              Schedule Performance Index [BCWP/BCWS] - also - Special Packaging Instructions - also - Special Process Initiative
SPO              System Program Office - also - System Project Office -also- Specific Procurement Office
SR               Status Report
SRP              Standard Repair Procedures - also - Supportability & Reliability Program
SRU              Shop Replaceable Unit - also - Subassembly Repairable Unit
SSA              Supply Support Agreement - also - Software Support Agency
SSDT             Steering System Durability Test
ST               Special Tooling
STE              Special Test Equipment
SV               Schedule Variance (EVMS)
SWO              Service Work Order - also - Surface Work Order
T&E              Test and Evaluation
T.O.             Technical Order - also - Technical Operations (Tech Manuals)
TAAF             Test, Analyze, and Fix
TAB              Total Allocated Budget
TACOM            Tank Automotive Command - also - Tank Armaments Command
TC               To Complete (EVMS)
TCPI-BAC         To Complete Performance Index to BAC (EVMS)
TCPI-LRE         To Complete Performance Index to LRE (EVMS)
TD               Technical Data - also - Test Director - also - Technical Director
TDP              Technical Data Package - also - Test Discrepancy Report - also - Test Design Plan
TDR              Test Discrepancy Report
TE               Test Equipment
TEMP             Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TIM              Technical Interchange Meeting
TIR              Total Item Record       - also - Test Incident Report
TIWG             Test Integration Working Group
TMCR             Technical Manual Contract Report/Requirement
TMSK             Temporary Mission Support Kits
TP               Test Plan
TPM              Technical Performance Measurement
TPWG             Test Plan Working Group
TQM              Total Quality Management
TRANS            Transportation Squadron
TRR              Test Readiness Review
TRSP             Tunner Reliability and Supportability Plan
TSPR             Total System Performance Responsibility
TSSA             Tunner System Sustainment Availability
TUS              Tunner Unique System [SEI data system]
UB               Undistributed Budget (EVMS)
UCA              Undefinitized Contract Action
ULD              Unit Load Device
ULO              Unliquidated Obligation
UPC              Unit Production Cost
UPCC             Unit Price Commitment Curve
UUT              Unit Under Test
VAC              Variance at Complete (EVMS)
VAR              Variance Analysis Report (EVMS)
VCR              Validation Completion Report
VDP              Vehicle Deadlined for Parts
VECP             Value Engineering Change Proposal
VIC              Vehicle in Commission
VMR              Variation Measurement and Reduction 9 (part of DMS)
VOC              Vehicle out of Commission
VpCI             Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor
VSA              Variation Simulation Analysis (part of DMS)
W/O              Work Order
WBEL             Wide Body Elevator Loaders
WBS              Work Breakdown Structure
WBSE             Work Breakdown Structure Element
WI               Work Instruction
WR-ALC           Warner Robins-Air Logistics Center
WRM              War Readiness Material
WRSK             War Readiness Spares Kit


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