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					New Hire Procedures
Getting Ready!
In this section we discuss the entire process of bringing on a new associate. All forms mentioned in the area can be found in the Forms Index tab and on the company Intranet.

1. Schedule start date Allow candidate time to resign from position if needed. 2. Complete a New Associate Employment Package (to be completed prior
to Associate start date)  Personnel Action Form (PAF)  Employment Application (from pre-employment process)  Drug Test Results with Drug Test Consent Form  Employment History and Educational Verification (from pre-employment process)  Receipt for Company Issued Items  Order each of the following so that they are available on the first day of employment:  Name Badge  Facility Keys and/or access cards (if applicable)  Parking permits (if applicable)  Business cards (if applicable)  Long Distance Access code (if applicable)  Cellular Phone (if applicable)  Pager/Radio (if applicable)

3. Prepare the work area:
  


Identify desk/office Install phone Install computer equipment Prepare office supplies (e.g., pens, pads, stationery, etc.)

4. Prepare materials for the first day orientation:
a. Coordinate a room for orientation b. Prepare Orientation Materials  New Associate Orientation Folder  New Employment Paperwork (see list on page 2)  Special Cultural Edition of Newsletter (order thru Corp office)  Name Badge  National Phone Directory – included on the company Intranet  Holiday Schedule – included on the company Intranet  Associate Reference Guide – included on the company Intranet or provide a hard copy  Benefits Portfolio (to be used as sample only)  Benefits Plan Materials  401(k) Information

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New Hire Procedures
c. Prepare a package of local services (local office phone directory, area restaurants, banks/ATM’s, dry cleaners, shoe repair, etc.) d. Prepare a tentative schedule of first day and first week activities that includes daily and weekly check-in times during which the new associate can ask questions and obtain feedback.

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New Hire Procedures
New Employment Paperwork List

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Direct Deposit Agreement Form (attach voided check or routing slip) Emergency Notification Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (with copies of ID’s attached) Associate Acknowledgment Form (included in Reference Guide) W-4 Withholding Tax form Equal Employment Opportunity Survey Receipt for Company Issued Items Copies of Licenses required and, if applicable, transfer of license form New Hire/Family Status Change Form for Benefits Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Policy with Acknowledgment Form & Audit Committee Reporting Instructions Information Services Associate Computer Profile Request U.A.M.C. Pre-employment Inquiry (To be completed by all U.A.M.C. associates only) U.A.M.C. Notice to Users of Consumer Reports (To be completed by all U.A.M.C. associates only) Your Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (To be completed by all U.A.M.C. associates only)

State of Florida required forms:

□ □

State of Florida Notification of Probationary Period form for Unemployment Benefits Florida State Withholding form

State of Arizona required forms: (not included in Forms Index)

□ □

Arizona State Withholding form Release of Credit Information – Universal American Mortgage associates only

State of California required forms: (not included in Forms Index)

□ □

California State Disability form DE4 California State Withholding tax form

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New Hire Procedures
New Associate Celebration
All new hire orientation is to be conducted on the 1 st day of employment. New associates are to be greeted by the Orientation Facilitator with a pleasant attitude and enthusiasm. Breakfast is suggested and lunch with the new associate’s hiring manager is highly recommended. Program Agenda I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. Introductions Distribution of name badges, parking cards and bldg access cards Review of Orientation program and materials New and Undug Spots Video and Cultural Edition HR Paperwork Associate Reference Guide Benefits Highlights New Hire paperwork Harassment Online Training Business Conduct and Ethics Policy Break Time & Attendance Training Guide The Work Number Employment & Income Verification Service Holiday Schedule Welcome to company local area facilities

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New Hire Procedures
Script WELCOME TO company! My name is ________________________. I am the___________________with company. Today I will be conducting a new associate orientation. The orientation schedule includes an introduction to:       company’s History & Culture Collection of Payroll & Employment Forms company Benefits Program Associate Reference Guide Online Harassment Prevention Training Office Tour & Introductions

Please feel free to ask any questions during this orientation.

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New Hire Procedures
company’s History & Culture: The first part of today’s orientation includes, among many other topics, an introduction to company’s history and culture. Included in the New Hire Celebration package is Cultural Edition of the Company newsletter. Let’s begin with the company History:
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our Business: company has homebuilding operations in 12 states and is one of the nation's leading builders of quality homes for all generations, building affordable, move-up and retirement homes. The Company builds homes under the company Unique Culture:

The Organization: Who’s who?
Executives        Affiliates       President CFO Treasurer Controller President – Title President – President/CEO COO CFO VP & Treasurer VP & Controller General Counsel Western Regional President  President –

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New Hire Procedures
Office Operations
Scheduled Hours Each associate should be directed as to their scheduled work hours. Phone directories Provide a local phone directory and Company directory. The Company directory is on the company Corporation Intranet.

Access to office and parking
Each division office should provide pertinent information regarding parking, building access and the hours the office is open.

System Access
Passwords/Codes Each associate requiring access to various computer systems will be assigned a temporary password c. After your initial access to the system using the temporary password, you should change the password to one you personally select. Your password will provide you with access to all files and programs relevant to your responsibilities. Some offices require long distance calling codes. If required in your office, this personalized code must be used to place calls outside the local area code. All long distance calls will be recorded to your code and you will receive a periodic statement. You are responsible for paying for personal calls.

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New Hire Procedures
Pay Schedule
We are paid on a bi-weekly payroll cycle. Paydays are every other Friday. Checks or vouchers are distributed from the corporate office to all locations and then they are distributed internally. We strongly encourage you to have your pay direct deposited (electronically transferred) to a checking and/or savings account of your choice. Most banks participate in this program. The advantages are:  Your money is safely transferred and funds are available in your account immediately.  There is no charge for this service.  You may electronically transfer funds into 4 separate accounts. Non-exempt associates (hourly) must report their hours worked daily via the time & attendance keeping system (or manually on a time sheet). Refer to time keeping instructions. You are also responsible for completing a Time Off Form when taking time off, whether it is paid or unpaid vacation, personal or sick days.

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New Hire Procedures
Performance Evaluation
The Introductory Period for new associates is the first 90 days of employment. During this 90-day period, performance will be evaluated to ensure initial expectations are being satisfied. Managers must complete the Introductory Period Evaluation. Annual performance evaluations are completed in July. The immediate supervisor will be responsible for completing an evaluation and meeting with associates to discuss the results. Annual compensation adjustments are determined in December based upon the performance evaluation completed the previous summer. The adjustments are merit based and include inflation and cost of living factors. Adjustments are effective the first pay period of January. There is no compensatory adjustment following the completion of the 90-day Introductory Period. Annual adjustment for associates hired during the second half of the calendar year may be pro-rated.

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New Hire Procedures
Benefits Highlights
 The company Benefits Department in based out of our Los Angeles, CA office. The toll free number is 555-555-5555.  All eligible associates must enroll or waive benefits within 30 days from their date of hire. Associates that waive coverage upon hire MUST wait until open enrollment or have qualifying event in order to enroll benefits.    Associates pay a portion of the benefit through payroll deductions. Dependant coverage is available. COBRA benefits are available for associates and their dependants who become ineligible for coverage under the group plan.              

Medical coverage HMO or PPO Dental Coverage Basic or Comprehensive Vision Coverage Basic or Comprehensive Short Term Disability (STD) Basic Long Term Disability (LTD) Buy-Up Long Term Disability Basic Associate Life Insurance Additional Life Insurance Spouse & Child Life Insurance Accident Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Flexible Spending Accounts (Health and Dependent ) Associate Assistance Program 401 (K) Retirement Plan Educational Reimbursement Home Purchase Program

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New Hire Procedures
company Benefits Program Medical Coverage through Cigna Basic EPP and Preferred EPP (more information on Page 31 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  This pan is operated as an HMO plan.  Associates select one Primary Care Physician who will coordinate healthcare needs including referrals to specialist within the network. PPO (more information on Page 32 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  Associates can visit any Physician in or out of network.  Deductibles are based on Salary level. Dental coverage through MetLife Basic or Comprehensive Plan (more information on Page 35 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  Both plans cover in-network or out-of-network providers.  Difference between the plans are, the per-day period premiums, deductible amounts, co-insurance and orthodontia lifetime benefits.  Vision Coverage through Managed Vision Basic or Comprehensive Plan (more information on Page 37 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  Both plans cover in-network or out-of-network providers.  in-network providers are nationwide and include names such as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, JCPenny Optical, Target Optical and thousands of independent doctors. Short Term Disability (STD) Coverage through CNA (more information on Page 39 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  This benefit is paid for with after-tax dollars. Benefits, which you receive, will not be subject to income tax.  The maximum is 60% of covered weekly earnings, $1,500.00 maximum weekly benefit.

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New Hire Procedures
 STD benefits begin after the first 14 days of disability or sickness.  No benefits are payable under this program for work-related injuries. Waive  If you enroll at any time, than when you are first eligible for benefits as a new hire, you will be required to complete Evidence of Insurability. Your coverage will not go into effect until approved by the carrier (CAN). Long Term Disability (LTD) Coverage through CAN (more information on Page 41 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide) LTD Base Plan  company pays for coverage in the LTD Base Plan.  The benefit is 50% of covered monthly earning, $7,500.00 maximum monthly benefit.  This coverage is mandatory. If you do not make an election you will be covered by the 50% option.  LTD benefits begin after 180 days of total disability or sickness. Buy-Up  The benefit is 60% of covered monthly earnings, $12,500.00 maximum monthly benefit. Basic and Additional Life through UNUM (more information on Page 43 of the Everyone Benefits with company company Guide) Basic Plan  This insurance is Group Term Life Insurance.  company provides all associates with 1 time annual earnings.  The minimum coverage is $30,000 and maximum is $550,000. Additional Associate Life  Associates can purchase additional life insurance in increments of $50,000 to a maximum (basic and additional life combined) of $550,000.
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New Hire Procedures
Spouse and Child Life through UNUM Spouse Life Plan (more information on Page 46 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  This insurance is Group Term Life Coverage.  The maximum spouse life election is limited to 50% of associate life insurance election (basic and additional life combined). Child Life Plan more information on Page 48 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)  Associates can purchase child life insurance in increments of $2,000 to a maximum of $10,000.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) through UNUM (more information on
Page 50 of the Everyone Benefits with company Guide)

AD&D  This coverage pays benefits to associates for certain accidental loses or to the beneficiary in one lump sum in the event of your accidental death.  Under this program associates can choose an amount of AD&D from $10,000 to $500,000.  This plan also provides travel accident protection for associates and family. Health Care Spending Account Health Care Spending Account are a tax free way of paying those medical, dental, or vision expense that are not paid for by your insurance coverage.  Associates may contribute between $100 and $2,000.  Dependent Day Care expenses cannot be reimbursed from this account.  Use-it-or-Lose-it Rule: According to the IRS, if expenses for the plan year are less than the elected contributed amount, the unused amount will be forfeited.

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New Hire Procedures
Dependant Care Spending Account (more information on Page 54 of the Everyone Benefits
with company Guide)

Dependent Care Spending Account is a tax-free way of paying for those day care expense.    Associates may contribute between $200 and $5,000. Health Care expenses cannot be reimbursed from this account. Use-it-or-Lose-it Rule: According to the IRS, if expenses for the plan year are less than the elected contributed amount, the unused amount will be forfeited. Associate Assistance Program (AAP) through CIGNA The AAP provides associates and members of their households, assessment, consultations, and referrals. This program is offered to all associates regardless of enrollment in the Medical plan.  This plan offers support in personal issues such as depression, marital difficulties, roommate difficulties, concern with children, alcoholism, stress, childcare needs, financial and legal issues as well as many others.  The plan is free, voluntary and confidential.

401 (k) Retirement Savings Plan through CIGNA The 401 (k) plan gives associates the opportunity to deposit money on a pre-tax or a post-tax basis. Associate must be at least 21 years of age.  There is no waiting period for enrollment. Associates can enroll on the first day of employment. feasible.  Associates can contribute as much as 15% (up to IRS set maximum limits) of eligible earnings on a pre-tax basis and up to 10% on a post-tax basis. Maximum contribution in a calendar year is 20% of your eligible earnings (pre-tax and post-tax combined).  company matches 50% of the first 6% of salary deferral. Enrollment is effective as soon as administratively

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New Hire Procedures
  Associates over the age of 50 have the opportunity to deposit additional funds over and above the annual pre-tax maximum. For the Vesting Schedule see Section 3, Page 11 of the Associate Reference Guide.

Educational Assistance
The nature of the educational program must be related to the associate’s current or future roll with the Company and consequently, enhance the associates effectiveness and contribution to company.  Available to associates with at least six (6) months of continuous employment.  Prior approval from Senior Management is required.  Courses must be relevant to our business.  Reimbursement percentage ties to the grade achieved.  For the reimbursement percentage schedule see Section 3, Page 14 of the Associate Reference Guide.

Home Purchase Policy
Associates may purchase one (1) home in any three (3) year period from the date of contract under this policy (refer to the policy in Section 3, Page 16 of the Associate Reference Guide).  Full-time regular associates who have worked for company for a minimum of one (1) year will be eligible to purchase a home for a price equal to 95% of the established price of the home at the time the sales contract is executed.  Associates with more than five (5) years of continuous employment will be eligible to purchase a home for a price equal to 92.5% of the established price of the

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New Hire Procedures
Associate Reference Guide
All new associates should be provided access to an Associate Reference Guide through the company Corporation Intranet or hard copy. The Associate Reference Guide is a tool for you to keep and update. This guide is proprietary and may not be released to sources outside the Company without the permission of the Human Resources Department.


The associate reference guide is assembled in two parts. Part One describes Company-wide policies and guidelines Part Two includes any applicable policy amendments by state.

Highlights: Section 1: General Overview Identify our Equal Employment (1.4) and Harassment and Discrimination (1.5) Policies. Employment Practices All associates need to notify payroll of changes of name, address, marital status or beneficiary information Associate Benefits, much of which you have already heard. Identify the Vacation policy (3.1), Personal Holidays (3.3), Home purchase discounts (3.10). Describe these benefits. In addition, mention that mortgage and title/closing discounts are available. Check with the local branch office to verify discounts. Leaves of Absence. Identify Sick Leave policy (4.2) Other Policies and Guidelines

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4: Section 5:

Acknowledgement Page: Please sign and return the Associate Acknowledgement page.

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New Hire Procedures
Online Harassment Prevention Training
We have established a strict policy prohibiting unlawful harassment of associates, including implied or expressed forms of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other conduct of a verbal or physical nature that is used as a basis for an employment decision or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. To ensure that company’s policy on harassment is communicated all new associates need to complete the online Harassment Prevention Training within their first week at work. Discrimination in employment is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any associate who is aware of anyone who may be subject to discrimination or harassment of any type, whether by a co-worker, supervisor or other manager or officer of company, or by anyone else, in the course of their employment, should contact their Regional Human Resources Department or the Company’s General Counsel. Appropriate and confidential measures will be taken to resolve the situation in a fair and expeditious manner. Matters brought to our attention in good faith will not jeopardize an associate’s position with the Company.

Office/Campus Tour
Put on your name badge and let’s take a tour. Introduce new associates to available executives, managers and associates; show key departments; emergency exit doors and stairwells; kitchens; restrooms; cafeteria; location of restaurants or cafes; nearest bank/ATM; location of post office; and their office/work station. Return to room where orientation is being conducted to collect portfolio, handbook, and business cards (if applicable) and answer questions

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