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									University of California, Davis
ESP 162: Environmental Policy
Winter 2011

Instructor:                                                                          Teaching assistants:

Mike Springborn                                                                      Sunny Jardin
Assistant Professor                                                                  email: jardine@primal.ucdavis.ed
website                                                                              office hours: 2133 Wickson, Wed
Department of Environmental Science & Policy
2104 Wickson Hall                                                                    Boon-Ling Yeo
mailbox: ESP Office 2132 Wickson Hall                                                email:
                                                                                     office hours: 2133 Wickson, Mon
office hours: By appointment most days of the week--
just send me an email to arrange a time to come by.                                  See the location for office h

Class lectures: T/Th, 1:40-3:00 PM, Surge III, room 1309
Discussion/Lab: Wed., 10:00-10:50 (Sec. 1), 11:00-11:50 (Sec. 2) and 12:10-1:00 (Sec. 3), SCILAB 2020
Midterm: time TBD, in class
Final: Tuesday, March 15, 1:00-3:00 PM, location TBD

Announcements (newest first)
       Office hours for the rest of the quarter will be held in 2133 Wickson (see this floorplan)

       The midterm is on 2/8--see this set of example midterm questions

       Homework 3 is posted below (due 2/1 at the beginning of class)

Syllabus                                  See
                                          this expandable
Schedule of lectures and                  mind map for
                                          an overview of
assigned readings (includes
                                          the course
links to most articles)                   (adapted from a flow
                                          chart by Robert

Writing for ESP 162:                      Stavins).

Expectations for formatting and
content of written assignments.

Key concepts list: Useful for
directing your reading and
studying for exams. (NOTE:
not intended as a
comprehensive study guide)

Useful Economics &
Environment Links: various
economics and environment
references and blogs.

Each homework assignment is due at the beginning of class.

Short papers (15 points each, except for Homework 1):

      It is essential that you see "Writing for ESP 162" (see Links above) for
       requirements for formatting, citations, content, etc.
      You're score on short paper assignments will be broken down into two scores:
            o Content: addresses the question, stays on topic, states a coherent position
               supported by analytically sound arguments and references (as needed).
            o Writing: meets the standard for grammar, spelling, punctuation and
               mechanics. Follows formatting requirements including reference format
               specified in "Writing for ESP 162".
                   A circled "g" on your paper indicates a problem with grammar.

Problem sets (10 points each):

      May be handwritten or typed.
      We will typically grade two questions in depth for 2.5 points each and award
       the remaining five points based on the completeness of the remaining
      For some problem sets we will note additional problems to "Read". These are
       not assigned and should not be turned in but are strongly suggested for practice
       and review.
1. Homework 1: Problem set 1, due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Jan. 18th.
    - Data from the lab experiment for questions 1 & 2.
    - Late homeworks will not be accepted after 10:00 A.M. on Jan. 19th since answers
to the problem set will be discussed in section.

2. Homework 2: Short paper: Open Access Resources, due at the beginning of class
on Tuesday, Jan. 25th.
   -Please read Writing for ESP 162 to understand general expectations for writing.

3. Homework 3: Problem set, due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Feb. 1.
   - Late homeworks will not be accepted after 10:00 A.M. on Feb 1 since answers to
the problem set will be discussed in section.

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