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					                                    Google Search Appliance (GSA)
                                    Health Check Program
                                    Search Technologies is the leading independent provider of
                                    search software expertise and implementation services. With
Company Summary
                                    offices across the Americas and in the UK, we help clients to
A specialist IT services provider   optimally implement the Google Search Appliance, drive
focused on search
                                    efficiencies, and improve business processes.
Employs 70+ search experts
serving more than 150               EXPERIENCE IS OUR DIFFERENTIATOR
Government and Corporate
                                    Search Technologies is dedicated to search and has provided in
                                    excess of 25,000 consultant-days of search implementation
The most experienced team of        services to 150 clients during the past four years. Our 70+
search architects and engineers
                                    experts are the most experienced team of search engine
in the industry
                                    implementation professionals globally. On average, our
                                    executives and technical leaders have more than 15 years search
                                    industry experience. This mitigates risk for our customers.

                                    A LEADING GOOGLE ENTERPRISE PARTNER
                                    Search Technologies is one of Google’s most prolific partners,
                                    having engaged with dozens of GSA users including PetCo,
                                    SAIC, Smith’s Industries, NVIDIA, and Sandia National Labs. Our
                                    expertise using the GSA combined with our deep experience of
                                    search applications in general is a compelling combination.

                                    HEALTH CHECK PROGRAM DETAILS
Contacts                            Working with Google, we’ve put together a package of expert
                                    services that can be used in a variety of ways, including:
US: 703-953-791
UK: 01344 292 292
                                       System Audit: We’ll audit your GSA implementation and
                                       provide an independent critique of your current setup and a
                                       report detailing how it can be improved
                                       Issue Resolution: If you have specific challenges with your
                                       GSA implementation, we will address these directly and
                                       Extended Use: How can you make better and more
                                       extensive use of your GSA? We’ll use our knowledge of
                                       search software to propose initiatives for your consideration,
                                       focused on business issues and ROI.

                                    For further information contact Search Technologies directly or
                                    through your Google Enterprise representative.

                                                                  The EXPERT in the search space.