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									          2010 International SPA Association Media Event                                               Please Return Contract To:
          Sponsor Contract                                                                                             Shelby Jones
          Thursday, August 19, 2010                                                                   International SPA Association
          Cipriani 42nd Street                                                                 2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A325
          New York, NY                                                                                          Lexington, KY 40504
                                                                                             P: 1.859.425.5072 | F: 1.859.226.4445

       Property Name:

       Contact Name:

       Phone:                                        E-mail:

Sponsorship Price: $10,000
   •   A non-refundable deposit of 50 percent ($5,000) to be paid upon submission of contract.
   •   The final 50 percent ($5,000) payment to be paid 90 days prior to event (May 21, 2010).
Sponsorship Benefits:
   •   Placement of one 10’ X 12’ booth in the exhibit area during the Interactive Spa Marketplace.
   •   Property listing on Media Event invitation sent to more than 400 top journalists representing trade and consumer publications,
       national newspapers, television networks and Web sites.
   •   Sponsor will be one of at least 20 sponsors for the ISPA 2010 Media Event.
   •   Sponsor will receive the list of media who have RSVP’d to the event including e-mail addresses one week prior to the event.
       After the event, sponsor will receive the actual media attendee list including both mailing and e-mail addresses.
   •   Sponsor will have the opportunity to perform a mini-version of a featured treatment within their 10’ x 12’ booth.
   •   Digital press kit summary sheets will be distributed by ISPA to media guests.
   •   Sponsor name and featured treatment will be listed in the “Menu of Services” distributed to each media guest.
   •   E-mail communications will be sent to attending media one week prior to and one week following the event including each
       sponsor’s name, contact information, featured service description and a concise property description.
   •   Sponsor can provide an ISPA approved gift to media guests.
   •   Sponsor will receive an advertising credit of $1,895 for use in the 2010 edition of LiveSpa magazine, this equals a 1/4 page,
       full color advertisement. This credit is non-negotiable and non-transferable and cannot be used towards an existing
       advertising contract.
   •   Sponsor will be listed in an article in Pulse magazine following the event.
   •   Sponsor will be listed on the ISPA Web site.
Sponsorship Specifics:
   •   ISPA 2009 Media Event sponsors are offered first-right-of-refusal and priority booth placement for the 2010 event through
       February 10, 2010. Remaining sponsors will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsor will be placed on the
       Interactive Marketplace Floor in the order their contract is received.
   •   After gift bag distribution, any leftover sponsor products that were not distributed will be retained by ISPA unless otherwise
   •   A/V rental, decorator, utility, box storage, venue set-up, etc. services are optional and are at the sponsor’s expense. A
       complete list of preferred vendors will be sent with the ISPA Media Sponsor Exhibitor Kit.
   •   Sponsors will provide ISPA a sample of their media gift by May 21, 2010 for approval. The product can be no larger than one
       pound and 90 cubic inches. Sponsor will incur shipping costs. Product must be fully assembled upon arrival. Gifts must arrive
       at ISPA headquarters by July 16, 2010. If gifts are not received by July 16, 2010 they will not be distributed to the media. All
       sponsors gifts will be pre-stuffed into one gift bag at the ISPA headquarters and distributed to media attendees by ISPA staff
       as they depart the venue. Retail value of gift can be up to $25.
   •   In order to promote sponsor to the media, a description and title of offered treatment must be submitted to ISPA staff by May
       21, 2010.
   •   Each sponsor is invited to register a maximum of four company representatives for the event. Names of each attendee should
       be received by July 16, 2010.
   •   Sponsorships are available to ISPA spa members in good standing. Spa members must renew their annual membership by
       June 30, 2010 in order to maintain placement. Failure to maintain proper membership will result in a forfeiture of booth.
Payment Method:
         Check Enclosed OR              Charge to:         American Express           MasterCard          VISA        Discover

        Credit card number________________________________________               Expiration Date_____________________

        Print name as it appears on the credit card_________________________________________________________

        Signature (required)__________________________________________ Authorized charge amt.______________


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                 2010 International SPA Association Media Event
                 Sponsor Contract
                 Additional Terms & Conditions

1.    Effective Date.
     This contract shall become effective upon being executed by each of the parties to the Contract.
2.   Liability of Sponsor and Agent.
      The Sponsor and any Agent who executes this Contract, as Agent for the Sponsor shall be jointly and separately liable for payment of the
      sponsorship fees provided for in this contract. Please see below for the cancellation policy.
3.   Payment of Fees and Expenses.
      Total sponsorship investment amount is $10,000. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due upon submission of contract. Remaining
      balance must be paid 90 days prior to event (May 21, 2010). ISPA reserves the right to cancel this contract if Sponsor fails to pay
      sponsorship fee within the guidelines of this contract. Priority placement is guaranteed based on deposit payment being received.
4.   Guidelines and Rules.
      (a) All planning and execution for the sponsorship must be coordinated with ISPA staff. All other needs will be handled directly with the
            Facility. The Facility may have exclusive, labor (union or other), service and/or other provider agreements. Sponsor shall abide by
            and comply with all applicable exclusive labor (union and other), service and/or other provider agreements of the Facility.
      (b) All timelines (including the day of event timeline) that will be included in the ISPA Media Sponsor Exhibitor Kit must be strictly
            adhered to.
      (c) Use of the ISPA logo outside of the approved member guidelines must be approved by ISPA.
      (d) The $10,000 is a Sponsorship fee billed by ISPA. Any additional costs are at the expense of Sponsor and will be billed directly to
            Sponsor by Facility.
      (e) Any visible spa related product used in the sponsor’s treatment or distributed in the gift bag to media must be a current ISPA
            Resource Partner.
      (f) ISPA Corporate Partners have specific product exclusive rights for ISPA functions; and Sponsor shall not utilize competing or like
            products with those of ISPA Corporate Partners for or at Sponsor’s Function, i.e. without limitation by utilizing product favors/gifts for
            attendees at Sponsor’s Function, product displays, and/or product logo displays which compete with products of ISPA Corporate
            Partners. For a list of ISPA Corporate Partners, please visit the ISPA Web site www.experienceispa.com.
      (g) ISPA has the right to withhold Sponsor gifts that do not comply with the guidelines of this Contract. Gifts must arrive by July 16, 2010.
      (h) Sponsor should have adequate liability insurance coverage.
5.   Cancellation Policy.
      (a) ISPA reserves the right to cancel this Contract at any time that Sponsor’s actions indicate Sponsor is unwilling or unable to provide a
           sponsored function of the quality expected by ISPA. In the event of a cancellation for such reason, Sponsor shall be liable to ISPA for
           damages, including but not limited to, ISPA’s out-of-pocket expenses in connection with the functions and any costs of obtaining
           replacements for the function.
      (b) ISPA reserves the right to cancel this Contract if the nature of the Sponsor’s core business changes or if the mission of the Sponsor’s
           business changes such that it is no longer primarily engaged in spa-related activities.
      (c) ISPA reserves the right to cancel this contract if Sponsor fails to provide required materials according to written deadlines.
      (d) In the event a sponsor desires to cancel their sponsorship, a written notice of request for cancellation must be submitted to ISPA.
                 i.   If cancellation occurs more than 90 days prior to the event, the non-refundable deposit is forfeited ($5,000).
                ii.   If cancellation occurs 60-90 days prior to the event, sponsor is responsible for payment of 75% of total sponsorship price
               iii.   If cancellation occurs less than 60 days prior to the event, sponsor is responsible for payment of 100% of the total
                      sponsorship price ($10,000).
      (e) Cancelled sponsors forfeit the right to utilize any Media Event passes, which are included in the cost of sponsorship.
6.   Unforeseen Events.
      (a) Should ISPA, due to any emergency or necessity, legal restrictions, labor disputes, strikes, boycotts, acts of God, acts of war or for
            any reason, including but not limited to mechanical breakdowns, be unable to hold the sponsored function at the time specified, ISPA
            shall not be liable to Sponsor by reason of the inability to hold the function.
7.   General.
      (a) Law Applicable. This Contract shall be interpreted under and controlled by the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky any lawsuit or
           proceeding with respect to this Contract may only be brought in or entered by either the courts of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
           sitting in Fayette County, Kentucky or the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, and the parties hereby
           submit to the jurisdiction of such courts for such purposes and waive any other preferential jurisdiction by reason of domicile.
      (b) Assignment of Waiver. This Contract, including all the rights under it, may not be assigned or transferred by Sponsor without
           first obtaining written consent from ISPA.


      Signature of Sponsor Representative___________________________________________________                            Date__________

      Signature of ISPA Representative______________________________________________________                            Date__________

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                2010 International SPA Association Media Event
                Sponsor Contract
                Sponsorship Manager Contact Information

Date and Location of Event:
August 19, 2010
Cipriani 42 Street
110 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017

Sponsorship Manager Contact Information
All future correspondence related to this event should be sent to the individual noted below. In the event this information
sheet is not returned with the contract, ISPA will assume the signer of the ISPA Media Event Contract is the point of
contact and the information is correct.

Sponsor Manager Name______________________________________________________________________________________

Address (if different from below)_______________________________________________________________________________

Phone_______________________________________________ Fax_________________________________________________


Company Listing
Indicate below exactly how your company should be listed in all Media Event print materials. In the event this information
sheet is not returned with the contract, ISPA will utilize the current company listing in the ISPA member database.

Company Name*____________________________________________________________________________________________

Company Contact Name_____________________________________________________________________________________


City__________________________________________ State/Province____________________ Zip Code____________________

Phone_______________________________________________ Fax_________________________________________________

Web site ______________________________________________ E-mail______________________________________________

*Companies must sponsor under the company name that is listed in the ISPA member database. If a corporate member, all
companies marketed at the event must be a member as well.

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