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					                                      Stonebridge Corporate

Who Are We?
Stonebridge Corporate Ltd was
established in May 2005 when Ben
Burford and Richard Evans spotted
a gap in the market for “High Risk
Solutions” within the insurance
                                      V o l u m e    1 ,   I s s u e   1                                   A u g u s t    2 0 0 8
Bringing with them over 38 years
of combined experience and the
commitment to deliver the highest
levels of service and expertise,
Stonebridge identified segments       Welcome
within the market sector which
were harder to place.

Having built key relationships with   Welcome to our first ever newsletter!
key underwriters, both within and
beyond the Lloyds market, and
with a completely new and             At the end of May 2008 we celebrated our three year anniversary and what a three years they have
refreshing way to review
                                      been! From the beginning we have been focused on working with our Client‟s and providing them with a
insurances that avoids the normal
                                      first rate service and, as part of our ongoing commitment to this aim we felt that a regular newsletter
time consuming traditional
processes, we believe we can offer
                                      updating what is going on in the world of Stonebridge, and Insurance as a whole, would be an ideal way
a competitive price, without          of bringing us closer to our Clients as well as giving us a platform to highlight important issues that may
compromising on cover or              affect you.

                                      In this first issue we are seeking to reintroduce ourselves. We have had a momentous year, the
                                      highlights of which are included herein. Also, there is a short introduction to all the staff, some of whom
Inside this issue:                    will be familiar to you and some you may not know.

The Last 12 Months          2         We also consider Sir Michael Pitt‟s report into last years flooding and how it relates to the insurance
                                      industry and look into the recent legislation surrounding Careless Driving and Energy Performance
The “IT” Crowd              2         Certificates.

First for Service           2
                                      At Stonebridge Corporate we are supporting the children‟s medical research charity Sparks and on
Moving Forward              3         page 5 we have a brief introduction to them and the amazing work they do.

After the Floods            3
                                      Finally, we have a brief introduction to one of our recommended companies who are health and safety
                                      experts. Health and Safety has never been more important but, with everything else we have to do in
Careless Driving            4
                                      our professional lives, do we have time to keep fully up to date with changing legislation? That‟s where a
                                      company like Peninsula come in….read all about them on page 6.
Sparks                      5

                                      In further issues we will look to offer further insights into the world of Stonebridge and also to provide
Energy Performance
                                      information on areas affecting the industry.

Meet the Staff              6
                                      This is a work in progress and we have no doubt that the format will change as we go and your
                                      feedback is part of this progress. We would like to know what you think and perhaps let us have your
Health & Safety Matters 8             ideas about what you would like to see in future issues.

                                      We have completed three years but they are now behind us….now to the future!

                The last 12 months have proved momentous in the world of
                Stonebridge Corporate, in fact it has been our biggest year to
                In February this year we moved        There were many aspects that         Finally we wanted to be different
                offices from Croydon, where we had    needed to be taken into account      and stand out wherever we were.
                been based since our creation in      when deciding on location, we
                                                                                           After some debate we decided
                2005, to our new home in Epsom.       needed to retain easy access to
                                                                                           that Epsom would be the town
                The Company has grown dramatically    London and to be near to our old
                                                                                           for us and, after some searching,
                in the last three years to a point    offices to ensure that our staff
                                                                                           we found 4 South Street.
                where we were “bursting at the        were not too inconvenienced and
                seams” in Croydon and we were         would be happy to come with us,      We now enjoy excellent modern
                needing to find, not only bigger                                           facilities within a listed town
                                                      It was also vital that we find a
                premises, but premises in which we                                         building with plenty of room for
                                                      new location where we could be
                could grow into in the future....                                          further expansion.
                                                      part of a new professional
                                                      community while retaining the
                                                      resources to provide an
                The search was on!
                                                      enhanced service to our existing
                                                      and highly valued clients.

“Providing             The “IT” Crowd
                       Also in February we invested in Corporate. We needed a              the Year at the Insurance awards
an enhanced            a new IT system.                 system that we were                in 2006 and 2007.
                                                        comfortable with and that
                       We had been using a bespoke                                         We have worked closely with
                                                        would enable us to provide an
service was            system created for us in 2005
                                                        even greater focus on servicing
                                                                                           Acturis in the production of our
                       but this system had quickly                                         system and believe the quality of
                                                        our customers.
                       grown old and slow and was                                          our service and the quality of our
one of our             not offering us the IT solution  This was a vital decision for us   documentation has been greatly
                       we needed three years down       and a considerable length of       enhanced.
 key aims              the line.                        time was spent in discussion
                                                        with different providers
                                                                                           We will not be stopping there
                       We knew we needed a system                                          though and plan to continue to
                                                        before we decided upon
                                                                                           work with Acturis over the next
 when the              that had been designed specifi-
                       cally for the insurance industry
                                                                                           12 months to continue what we
                       but from a company that we       This is an award winning state     have started.
 company               could work with to design the of the art Insurance system
                       exact platform for Stonebridge winning the Service Provider of


 formed”               First for Service
                       At Stonebridge Corporate we   To enable us to do this we have       customers will now be allocated a
                       have always prided ourselves  put in place a new Admin and          full time dedicated team to look
                       on our customer service       Servicing Manager to create the       after them from day one. This will
                       indeed providing an enhanced  new look servicing unit. David        consist of an Account Director,
                       service was one of our key    Fry has been with us since late       who will have the overall
                       aims when the company was     February and has already put in       responsibility to look after the
                       formed.                       place a new set of procedures         Client and provide the technical
                                                     for the company to follow,            support when it is required, and
                       We recognise however that
                                                     reorganised the operational set       an Account Handler who will deal
                       we continually need to review
                                                     up and re-enhanced our focus on       with the day to day administra-
                       our practices to keep us
                                                     our customers.                        tion.
                       ahead of the game.
                                                     Each and Every one of our

      Sto ne b ri d g e   Co rp o rate
Vo l u me      1,   I s s u e   1

Moving Forward
The final member of the team has       Yanick Lynch has recently joined us It has been a big year for us but we
just joined us. We are pleased to      with a remit to source new          see this as just the beginning.
advise that we have hired a full       markets and enhanced covers at
time claims handler to assist our      competitive premiums.
Clients with the preparation and
                                       This should give us even more           The foundations are now in place
negotiation of claims.
                                       opportunities to, not only bring on     for us to push on to the next stage
This appointment will provide a        board new Clients, but to provide       of the Stonebridge story....If the last
further enhancement to our             further options for our existing        three years are anything to go by
servicing team and one that we         Customers.                              then it‟s going to be quite a ride!
believe is essential in providing our
                                                                                                                             “72% of
                                      Our Sales team continues to grow
customers with the first class
                                      with two new appointments in the
service they have come to expect.
                                      last year and further possibilities on                                               Claimants
We have also enhanced our offer- the horizon.
ings by employing a Director of
Scheme business.


After the Floods                                                                                                           with how
After the floods of 2007, which affected twenty-three English counties, plus parts of Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland and claimed 13 lives, Sir Michael Pitt was asked to carry out a review of the country's flood
defences. His full report was published on 25 June, and contained 92 recommendations, including 4 directly
concerning the insurance industry.                                                                                           handled
Main Findings
       Urgent changes are necessary in the way the country is adapting to the increased risk of flooding.                      their
       The Government should publicly set out its plans on improving the country‟s flood resilience.
       It should create a national framework to reduce risks to the delivery of services. This includes                      claim”
        mandatory business continuity planning for critical infrastructure.
       For the wider business community, local authorities should encourage the take-up of property
        flood resistance and resilience by businesses.
       Local authorities should revisit their reserves and insurance arrangements.
       The insurance industry was seen to respond relatively well to the floods, especially considering
        the magnitude of claims, however some problems were observed.
       A survey for the review found that, following the floods, 72% of claimants were satisfied with how
        Insurers handled their claims, while 22% said that they were dissatisfied.
There were four specific recommendations for insurance in the report:
       The Government and the insurance industry should work together to deliver a public education
        programme setting out the benefits of insurance in the context of flooding.
       The Government should support the creation of insurance-with-rent schemes for low income
       In flood risk areas, insurance notices should include information on flood risk and the simple steps
        that can be taken to mitigate the effects.
       The industry should develop and implement guidance for flooding events, covering reasonable
        expectations of the performance of insurers and reasonable actions by customers.                                 Tewkesbury Cathedral July

While insurance should be the „last line of defence‟ in flooding, it is still a necessary one. The industry will be
taking stock of this report and acting this space!

                 Careless Driving
                 Up until now a motorist who killed          The „Don‟t drive distracted‟          According to the Ministry of
                 would only face jail if the driving was     announcement from Justice             Justice, 150 motorists will be
                 classified as dangerous – falling "far      Secretary Jack Straw highlights a     jailed every year under the "death
                 below" the standard that would be           range of new careless driving laws    by careless" offence.
                 expected from a competent driver.           that came into effect on Monday
                 This could, for example, apply to a         18 August.                         A separate offence penalising
                 driver who is travelling over the
                                                                                                unlicensed, disqualified drivers or
                 speed limit and sending a text
                                                             The new laws have been designed those without insurance came
                 message at the same time, however, if
                                                             to allow courts to imprison        into force at the same time,
                 the driver was driving slowly while
                                                             drivers who cause death because carrying a maximum two-year
                 texting at the time of a fatal crash,
                                                             they were not paying due care      custodial sentence.
                 then the court's powers were far
                                                             and attention to the road or to
                 more limited.
                                                             other road users. The courts will
                                                                                                Ministers said they expect about
                                                             also consider „avoidable
                 This will change as a result of a new                                          five drivers a year to be jailed for
                                                             distractions‟ when sentencing
                 offence that will allow the courts to
                                                             motorists, including use of mobile the "uninsured" offence.
                 jail a driver for up to five years if the
                                                             phones, eating and drinking and
                 standard of driving leading to a fatal
                                                             applying make-up among other
                 crash was merely "below" that of a
                                                             distractions that could lead to a
                 competent driver.
                                                             collision that causes death.

                          Existing Law and Insurance
   “No                   Using a hand-held mobile              The insurance industry              The advice from the AA is that:
                         whilst driving has been an            recognises that this type of
                         offence since December 2003           behaviour can lead to significant
telephone                and currently attracts a fixed        insurance claims and are
                                                                                                   “No telephone call is ever worth
                                                                                                   the risk of causing death or injury.
                         penalty of £60 and three              beginning to refuse to insure
                                                                                                   Switch the phone off when you
                         penalty points. This offence          convicted drivers or
                                                                                                   are driving or put it on silent and
call is ever             also often attracts a careless        significantly increase the
                                                                                                   collect calls at the next service
                         driving penalty that can be           premiums they pay. Drivers
                                                                                                   area. And if you make a call to
                         applied whether the driver is         who have been convicted of
                                                                                                   someone who is obviously driving,
worth the                involved in an accident or not.       causing death through careless
                                                                                                   hang up immediately.”
                                                               driving can expect to find it
                                                               very difficult and expensive
                         In the event of an accident,
  risk of                particularly if someone is killed
                                                               to obtain car insurance after
                                                               they have served their
                         or seriously injured, the police
                         will routinely check mobile           sentence.
 causing                 telephone records to see
                         whether use of a phone
                         contributed to the cause of the
 death or                accident.

  injury”                 Employer‟s Liability and the New Laws
                                                             Employers whose workers use           - Make it clear to employees that
                         The law surrounding the use
                                                             vehicles for business should take     they must stop (at a safe place) to
                         of mobile phones also extends
                                                             positive action to protect            use the phone if it is essential that
                         to 'anyone who causes or
                                                             themselves from liability for the     they are contactable or if they
                         permits any other person' to
                                                             acts of their employees.              make calls while working
                         use a hand-held device while
                         driving. This category relates      Employers should:
                         to employers who risk                                               - Consider extending the policy to
                         prosecution if they permit          - Amend/implement a car/vehicle prohibit the use of hands-free
                         their employees to commit an        or mobile phone policy          devices.
                         offence. It is reasonable to        explaining the new offence and
                         assume that employer‟s              prohibiting use of hand-held
                         vicarious liability will extend     devices while driving
                         to this new offence as well.

       Sto ne b ri d g e    Co rp o rate
Vo l u me      1,   I s s u e   1

Imagine that you are 11 years old and you suffer a constant pain and swelling in your joints. Imagine being the
only child in your class that is always excluded from sport and games at school. Imagine knowing that if it gets
worse you could spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. Now, imagine how scared you‟d be if on top of
everything else, you were told that you might lose your eyesight. Imagine being that child at 11 years old.

Stonebridge Corporate is supporting the children‟s medical research charity Sparks. We are raising funds
over the next two years to fund a project that will research the causes of arthritis in children and possible
treatments. We want to help children suffering with arthritis and ensure they do no have to face the loss of
their vision as well.

Some facts about childhood arthritis:

    1 in 1000 children in the UK suffer some form of arthritis

    There are 3 different forms of arthritis in children. They all involve pain, stiffness and joint swelling

    It can start at any age from birth to adolescence, but the peak age of onset is 6 years old
                                                                                                                    “1 in 30
If inflammation occurs in the eyes it can lead to visual impairment and in worse cases can lead to blindness

Sparks is the only UK children‟s charity that funds medical research across the whole spectrum of pediatric        children in
medicine. 1 in 30 children in the UK are born with a health condition that will affect them and their families
for life. Sparks aims to reduce this statistic to ensure that all babies are born healthy and stay healthy.
                                                                                                                    the UK

                                                                                                                   are born

                                                                                                                     with a
Our Rebranding
As we approached our fourth year of trading we took a moment to reflect on the position in which the
company now finds itself in relation to where it was when it was formed. We have utilised our “Stepping
Stones” logo since 2005; pretty symbolic for the new company finding its way in the world! Now however we
wanted a change.

We wanted something fresh and vibrant, something distinctive and eye-catching, something to make people
sit up and take notice! We hope you agree with us that our new logo and colours more than fulfil these

Our website too is undergoing a transformation and will soon
be re-launched with further information on the company, our
services and products. If you get a moment, why not take a

We would love to know what you think, please email your
comments to or speak
to your usual adviser.

                 Energy Performance
                 To assist in the reduction of        The timescale for this legislation       By 4th January 2009 all
                 CO2 emissions, the Energy            to take effect is:                       commercial premises with air
                 Performance of Buildings                                                      conditioning systems with an
                                                      From 6 April 2008 for buildings
                 Directive was introduced into                                                 output greater than 250kW
                                                      over 10,000 m sq.
                 UK law in April 2008.                                                         will require an energy
                                                      From 1 July 2008 for Buildings           inspection report for their
                 The legislation is being
                                                      over 2,500m Sq                           system.
                 implemented in a phased manner
                 by building sector.                  From 1 October for all other
                 Landlords/Property Owners                                                     On top of our existing range of
                 must provide an Energy               From 1st October 2008 public             services we can also arrange
                                                      authorities and institutions             certification by energy
                 Performance Certificate to any
                                                      occupying buildings with a usable        management specialists to
                 prospective buyer or tenant
                                                      floor area over 1,000m sq. must          ensure you comply with the
                 when they construct, sell or
                                                      present a Display Energy                 above legislation
                 lease a commercial building.
                                                      Certificate (DEC) in an area
                                                      clearly visible to the General

                       Meet the Staff
                       Ben Burford                       “My aim is to provide our Clients with a first class service and to offer

 “I Joined             Managing Director
                                                         them the products and support that best serves their requirements and
                                                         business needs”

                                                         Andy has over 16 years experience in the finance world. Previously, Andy
  because              Thumwood                          worked for DHL (UK) International where he filled the role as financial
                                                         controller managing a budgeted turnover in excess of $1 billion and man-
                       Finance Director
                                                         aging a large team of qualified and part qualified accountants.
 they are a

fast growing           David Fry Cert CII
                                                         David has recently joined us from a national broker where he was the
                       Administration and Servicing      Broking Manager. Throughout his 15 years in the industry David has
innovative             Manager                           always tried to diversify and brings with him a vast experience of
                                                         underwriting, broking and claims having managed teams in all facets.

                                                         “SCL is an exciting place to be. It is a vibrant, forward thinking company
                                                         with a great focus on the Customer in a way that echo‟s my own

                       Yanick Lynch                      Yanick started his career as a personal lines broker in 1987 quickly being
                                                         promoted to an account executive. He then went on to work for three
                       Director of Schemes               major insurance companies in sales and underwriting capacities.

                                                         “I enjoy problem solving and making sure I get the best for my clients. I
                                                         joined SCL because they are a fast growing innovative company I also
                                                         prefer the direct contact with clients.”

      Sto ne b ri d g e   Co rp o rate
Vo l u me        1,   I s s u e   1

Meet the Staff
Damian Hayes Cert CII                 Damian has been with Stonebridge Corporate Limited since its inception and has
                                      progressed from an Account Executive to now being an Account Director gaining
Account Director
                                      experience from various directors along the way and also being CII certified.

                                      Along with Ben Burford, Damian is responsible for the retention of business for the

Gareth Graham                         Gareth joined Stonebridge in August 2007 having previously been an underwriter.
                                      With over 5 years experience in the Industry Gareth is one of our leading sales
Development Executive                 executives.

Shane Pace
                                      Shane is the newest member of our sales team. He has been working in the indus-
Development Executive                 try for 15 years and specialises in the placement of manufacturing and contractor       Stonebridge
                                      risks. Shane is also working towards his Cert CII qualification.

                                                                                                                              we are able
Kathy Burford                         Kathy has been with the company from day one and initially ran the office, dealing

Account Handler
                                      with the day to day administration, accounts and supporting the Directors. She has
                                      many years experience in administration and customer service in industries such as
                                                                                                                              to provide a
                                      Health & Leisure, Construction and Insurance.

Stevie Wade                           Stevie joined us in November 2006 as a Trainee Telesales Executive and has since
                                                                                                                              service that
                                      progressed to an Account Handler. “I enjoy working at SCL and interacting with
Account Handler                       clients and look forward to a long career in insurance.”
                                                                                                                              is second to

Sarah Fairservice                     Sarah has just joined us from Legal and General she says: - “I have a passion for
                                      customer service and relations. I like to treat people how I myself would like to be
Claims Handler
                                      treated. I am keen to flex my negotiation skills & to run an efficient and reliable
                                      claims service, one which will take the stress away from our customers.

                                      I believe that here at Stonebridge we are able to provide a claims service that is
                                      second to none.”

                                      Jennie joined SCL as an admin assistant in June 2007. She is learning about the
Jennie Burford
                                      insurance industry and enjoys dealing with clients and insurers on a regular basis.
Admin Assistant

                                                                                                                             Epsom Town Centre

                                     Health & Safety Matters

4 South Street


Surrey                               A message to all UK employers - whether you’ve
KT18 7PF                             got a work force of five or fifty
Phone: 01372 724747
                                     Peninsula really can help.
Fax: 01372 724789
E-mail:                              Personnel and staff related issues can often be the most difficult and time   consuming part of running a business.

                                     Recent changes in employment law include Age Discrimination, Corporate
                                     Manslaughter and changes to holiday entitlement.

                                     Is your business prepared?

                                        We‟re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that‟s why over 19,000 businesses
                                        have put their trust in us. As the UK‟s largest Personnel, Employment Law and
                                        Health & Safety Consultants we can support, advise and help in virtually all
                                        aspects of employing people.

                                        The 24 hour advice line is a crucial part of the Peninsula service. It means our clients
                                        can speak to one of our experts as often as they want, any time day or night. For            many companies we literally become their HR department; providing all the
                                        contracts and documentation, making sure everything is compliant and correct and
                                        should there ever be a dispute our legal team can step in and represent them at

                                        Our cover also includes an indemnity policy which pays out awards of up to

                                        For more information on how Peninsula can help you and your business contact
                                        James Whelan on 0161 827 9915 or via


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