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					Sample Menus
A sample weekly menu for babies Stage 1 (from 6 months)

               Breakfast            Lunch

 Monday        Baby rice            Carrots puree

 Tuesday       cooked apple puree   Sweet potato puree

 Wednesday     Cooked pear puree    Broccoli puree

 Thursday      Mashed banana        Potatoes puree

 Friday        Baby rice            Parsnip, puree

 Saturday      Mango puree          Squash puree

 Sunday        Baby rice            Swede puree
A sample weekly menu for babies Stage 2 (from 7 months)

            Breakfast           Lunch                                   Dinner
Monday      Baby rice with      Turkey, carrots and potatoes puree      Baby rice with broccoli
            blueberries puree   Plain yogurt

Tuesday     Baby rice with      Chicken, sweet potato and broccoli      Swede and parsnip puree
            cooked apple        puree
            puree               Cooked pear puree

Wednesday   Cooked pear and     Baby rice and broccoli with cheese      Potatoes and squash
            apple puree         sauce                                   puree

Thursday    Mashed banana       Lentils and sweet potatoes puree        Baby rice with peas and
                                Plain yogurt                            carrots
Friday      Baby rice with      Parsnip, carrots and lamb puree         Broccoli, peas and
            cranberries         Cooked apple puree                      spinach puree
Saturday    Cooked apple and    Squash, pasta and chicken puree         Lentils and carrots
            mango               Mango puree                             puree
Sunday      Baby rice with      Sweet potatoes and carrots with apple   Pureed peas and
            cooked plums        sauce                                   potatoes
            puree               Plain yogurt
A sample weekly menu for babies Stage 3 (from 10 months)
            Breakfast                  Lunch                               Dinner
Monday      Quinoa breakfast with      Sweetcorn, Peppers & Chicken        Spaghetti Carbonara
            apple                      Risotto                             Plain yogurt
                                       Pear puree
Tuesday     Porridge with peach bits   Vegetable & Turkey Casserole        Pasta with Tomatoes
                                       Apple puree                         and Mozzarella
                                                                           Cranberries and rice
Wednesday   Buckwheat with banana      Vegetables with Noodles & Chicken   Sweet corn, Peppers &
                                       Peach slices                        Chicken Risotto
                                                                           Plain yogurt
Thursday    Rice breakfast with        Potato, Pumpkin & Chicken bake      Tomato soup
            apricots                   Apricot puree                       Rice pudding
Friday      Buckwheat, oat flakes      Vegetable and chicken risotto       Cauliflower, potatoes
            and soaked dried prunes    Banana                              and zucchini bake
                                                                           Plain yogurt
Saturday    Quinoa with wheatgerm      Baked cod with steamed vegetables   Spaghetti Bolognese
            and blueberry puree        Grapes                              Blueberries puree

Sunday      Porridge with soaked       Broccoli and cheese casserole       Lentils soup
            dried apricots and         Plain yogurt                        Mango slices
            A sample weekly menu for toddlers Part 1

            Breakfast            Mid-morning     Lunch            Snack           Dinner
Monday      Oat flakes and       A small glass   Zucchini,        Avocado and     Spaghetti
            wheatgerm with       of carrot       fennel and       orange pepper   Bolognese
            soaked dried         juice           Chicken          slices with     Plain yogurt
            blueberries                          Risotto          humus
Tuesday     Porridge, butter     Dries           Vegetable &      Cheese on       Pasta with
            and banana           apricots and    Turkey           toast           Chicken,
            Apple juice          prunes          Casserole                        Tomatoes and
                                                 ½ banana                         Mozzarella
                                                                                  Cranberry rice
Wednesday   Wheat breakfast      A small glass   Vegetables       Banana and      Sweetcorn,
            cereals with peach   of pineapple    with Noodles &   plums slices    Peppers &
                                 juice           Chicken          dipped in       Chicken Risotto
                                                 Apple crumble    yogurt          Plain yogurt
           A sample weekly menu for toddlers Part 2

Thursday   Porridge, butter and       Banana        Lamb with          Cheese        Tomato soup
           soaked dried apricots      slices        spring onion and   cubes and     Rice pudding
                                                    spinach            grapes
                                                    Plain yogurt
Friday     Buckwheat, oat flakes      A small       Potatoes,          Pita bread    Chicken
           and soaked dried prunes    glass of      beans, peas and    and humus     nuggets and
                                      pear and      tomatoes bake      slices        salad
                                      apple juice   Plain yogurt                     Apple cubes

Saturday   Quinoa, wheat flakes and   Pear and      Potatoes with      carrot and    Lentils soup,
           mango bits                 mango         spinach and        cucumber      1 slice of
                                      slices        cheese bake        sticks with   toasted
                                                    Blueberries        humus         bread
                                                                                     Rice pudding
Sunday     Cheese and mashes egg      Grapes and    Salmon with        Home-made     Broccoli and
           yolk on toast              melon         potatoes and       oats,         cauliflower
           ½ pear                     slices        parsnip mash       banana,       cheese
           a small glass of milk                    ½ apricot          sultanas      Kiwi fruit

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