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									General Instructions to help you complete the WS Worksheet
Note: All benefit numbers will be projected one year, using current cost assumptions
1. For benefits that apply to all employees uniformly (holidays, tuition reimbursement, etc.)
list the benefit and the amount of the benefit on the top portion of the spreadsheet.
2. For all benefits that have specific costs associated with specific individuals (medical insurance,
workers compensation rates, salary, bonus, etc.) list the benefit amount in a column
on the bottom portion of the spreadsheet.
3. Please make sure that you indicate the mode (monthly, annual, etc.) for each benefit cost.
4. Use additional columns for additional benefits as needed.
5. If Salaried and Hourly employees have different benefits, please add a column and indicate
     whether they are Salaried (S) or Hourly (H).
6. The following is a Benefit Checklist to help you include all relevant benefits in the employee's benefit statements:

LEGALLY REQUIRED BENEFITS- These are Federal benefits, so they are the same rates for everyone:
FICA - Social Security Matching Contribution
FUTA - Federal Unemployment Compensation Insurance

These vary by state and occupation, so please provide the rates
SUTA - State Unemployment Compensation Insurance
Worker's Compensation Insurance

Holidays                   Personal Days
Vacation Pay               Break Pay
Sick Pay                   Birthday

Health Insurance                       Prescription Drug Plan
Dental Insurance                       Vision Care Plan

Life Insurance                         AD&D                Other

Short Term Disability                  Long Term Disability

401-K                        Pension Plan
Profit Sharing Plan          Payroll Deduction Investment Plan
Stock Bonus or ESOP                   Other savings plans

Service Awards                         Safety/Productivity Awards
Matching Gifts                         Holiday Bonuses
Dependent Care Assistance              Other

Tuition and/or Education               Employee Assistance Program
Parking                                Transportation to/from work
Free and/or subsidized meals           Wellness Programs
Financial Planning Programs            Retirement Counseling
Section 125 Administration             Auto expense
Uniforms/work clothing                 Safety equipment
Employee Discounts                     Company parties/picnics/outings
Seminars                               Hams/Turkeys, etc.

 If you have any questions at all, please call us at 1-800-365-2363.
Remember, the more information you provide us, the better job we can do for you!
                                         Timeline Guide

                                        Business Days Required to      Any Questions Please call 1-
     BeneTrax Guidelines
                                       Sample statements emailed
Complete Census Received               within 3 Business Days from
                                       receipt of completed census
                                       Printed statements to be
                                       received by client within 7
"Authorization to Print" Received
                                       Business Days from receipt
                                       of Authorization to Print.
                                       Enrollment scheduled 7
"Authorization to Print" Received      Business days after receiving
                                       "Authorization to Print"

The “Authorization to Print Form” must be signed and faxed back to Benetrax no later than 7 Business Days
prior to the scheduled distribution to ensure sufficient time for printing and shipping.
These questions are for general company information, and may be added to as needed.

1. Your State Unemployment Tax Rate (SUTA) is                          %, with a salary cap of                .
2. Your employees receive                          PAID HOLIDAYS each year.
3. Your employees receive                          PAID SICK and/or PERSONAL days each year.

4. *****Vacation Schedule                          Days after                       years.            ------> For Example: 0 days for less than 1 year.
                                                   Days after                       years.                                 5 days for 1-5 years.
                                                   Days after                       years.                                 10 days for 5+ years.

5. Our company matches                             % up to the first                % of each employee's 401K Contribution.
6. We spend a total of $                           on HOLIDAY PARTIES (or other special functions).
7. Add additional columns and information as needed.
*****Either provide a schedule or put vacation days in the appropriate column.

Format Instructions for census:
Dates must be in MM/DD/YYYY Format.
All dollar amounts in numerical format (with 2 decimal places)
Percentages in decimal format with (4 decimal places)
Workers Comp is per $100.

SSN or Employee ID Number        First Name        MI                  Last Name    Sex          Income       Birthdate    Location/Other ID
123456789                        Hap               E                   Employee     M            29120.00    06/03/1956    1435642
ys for less than 1 year.
ys for 1-5 years.
ays for 5+ years.

            Hiredate       Occupation   Address Street   City     State   Zip     Telephone
            6/12/2003      Sales        4537 Burnadine   Fallon   IL      37833   (555)555-7847
                             Monthly     Monthly                    Term Short        Company
                Worker's     Medical     Dental    Life             Disabi Term       401(k)             Vacation
Pay Frequency   Comp. Rate   Insurance   Insurance Insurance Ad&d   lity   Disability Match   Holidays   Days
Weekly          0.036        235.46      55.23    21.64     2.35    15.16   23.00   264.11    8          10
Sick/Pers Scheduled   Suta
onal Days Hours/Wk    Rate
11       40.00        2.5

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