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					                                                                     spring 2008

                                GDC gazette
T H E   N E W S L E T T E R   F R O M   T H E   G E N E R A L   D E N T A L   C O U N C I L

   FITNESS TO PRACTISE                                   DCP REGISTRATION
   THE STORY SO FAR                                      BEAT THE DEADLINE
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GDC gazette

This is undoubtedly a challenging time for       officer in their first post to a newly
dentistry. Amidst all the change and             registered dental care professional.
uncertainty many colleagues face, there
are some big ideas we must hang on to.           This freedom to criticise a colleague’s
Top of the list for me is the                    work or lack of it would have been
professionalism that we share, whatever          unacceptable a few years ago. Although I        Hew Mathewson
our other differences. Let’s not forget          am not suggesting that we shouldn’t             President of the GDC
dentistry is a profession. The trust that the    criticise, that we shouldn’t whistle-blow if
public places in us is a reflection of that.     appropriate, I do think that we should
But it’s also about how we behave with           gather the facts first, and be less
each other.                                      judgmental and more respectful of a
                                                 colleague’s approach. Is it not time that
In September 2004, Niall Dickson, former         each one of us stopped and asked
BBC Home Affairs correspondent and now           ourselves what sort of example we are
Chief Executive of the King’s Fund,              setting, not just to colleagues but to
delivered a lecture at the GDC on                patients too?
professionalism in a modern society. He
believed professionalism involved “a sense       On pages 4 and 5, you’ll see that we
of service”, “high moral standards and           currently have three consultations open
ethical codes”, and a “high degree of self       for your views on the scope of practice of
                                                                                                 Hew Mathewson, GDC President
regulation”, both on an individual level and     the dental team, additional skills and
in the wider sense. From the patient’s point     qualifications, and rules on continuing
of view, this includes the expectation that      professional development for dental care
their interests are paramount and that their     professionals. We want to hear from as
practitioner will operate to the highest         many colleagues as possible, so please
standards of competence and integrity.           do let us know your thoughts.

I find it sad that while professional skill in   We have finally seen the Section 60 Order
applying modern technology reaches ever          that we have been waiting on for some
increasing heights, we seem to be at risk        time. After the current period of
of lowering our overall professionalism at       consultation, a revised Order will be
the same time. One particular example            published shortly and should come into
that deeply concerns me is when I                effect later this year. Our current Council’s
witness the lack of respect between              term of office has therefore been
different groups within dentistry, whether       extended until April 2009. Although there
this be salaried or private groups looking       is still a long way to go, with approval of
down on GDPs who are trying to make a            the Order needed in both Holyrood and
contract work for their patients and             Westminster, a new General Dental
themselves, or salaried dentists                 Council could be in place by early 2009.
condemning colleagues because they               This year will certainly be an interesting
charge what seems to them to be a lot of         one for the GDC.
money for private treatment. No group in
dentistry is exempt from this, not even our      Thank you and all the very best.
senior institutions. I hear and see
evidence of this mutual lack of respect
between colleagues almost daily. For let’s
not forget that every dental professional in     Hew Mathewson
the land is a colleague, from a house            President of the GDC                                                                                              page 3      spring 2008

                                                                                              GDC gazette

FROM THE                                                                                          CONTENTS
EDITOR                                                                                            Have your say                       4–5

                                                                        page 4
By the time you read this, there will be only a few months to go        Have your say             Fitness to practise – the story
before compulsory registration becomes a reality for dental nurses
                                                                                                  so far                              6–7
and dental technicians.

The end of July sees the end of the transitional arrangements,                                    Dental Complaints Service Update       8
which allow those without formal qualifications to register on the
basis of experience instead. After July, the only way on to the
                                                                                                  Your questions answered                9
Register will be with a currently recognised qualification - if you
don’t have one, you will need to qualify from scratch. We are
therefore urging all dental nurses and dental technicians who can                                 CPD news                          10 – 11
register solely on the basis of their experience (or an older
                                                                        page 8
qualification) to do so now before it’s too late. Further information   Dental Complaints
                                                                        Service Update            DCP registration
on registration and how to apply is available in the centre pages of
this Gazette or on our website.
                                                                                                      Register now: don’t
Following on from the success of our Registration Surgery at last
                                                                                                      get left behind                   12
year’s BDTA Dental Showcase, we are offering the same service
at two additional events in May. GDC staff members will be on
hand to offer advice on registration and check completed                                              Your route to registration        13
application forms before taking them back to the office to
process. So come and see us at the British Dental Association
                                                                                                      Health guidance for DCPs          14
Conference and Exhibition between 1 and 3 May, and the Dental
Technology Show on 9 and 10 May. More information on both               page 9
                                                                        Your questions answered
these events can be found on page 16.                                                                 From contact lenses to
                                                                                                      DCP registration                  15
Please pass your copy of the Gazette on to colleagues who may
not have their own, especially any unregistered dental nurses or
dental technicians. If you’d like us to add somebody to our mailing                               Dates for the diary                   16
list, so they receive their own regular copy, please let me know –
all DCPs receive their own copy automatically once registered.                                    New guidance on management

I hope you find this edition of the Gazette an interesting and                                    responsibilities                      17
helpful update on GDC developments. As always, I would like to
encourage you to let me know what you think about the content,          pages 12-15               Illegal practice: an update           17
design and format of the Gazette, and to send in any questions          DCP registration
you would like answered on these pages. Please get in touch with
your suggestions and ideas – you can email me at                                                  Conduct cases reviewed            18 – 23 or call me on 020 7009 2746.
                                                                                                  New Year Honours                      24

Jodie Ward, Editor

                                                                        page 16
                                                                        Dates for the diary
spring 2008           page 4                                                                            

GDC gazette
have your

                                        HAVE YOUR SAY
  Patients, dentists and dental care            barriers against, participation in               Scope of practice –
  professionals, education providers, and       consultations. We will develop this
  other regulators are just some of the         understanding by talking to stakeholders
                                                                                                 who is allowed to
  stakeholders who are affected by the
  policies, procedures and decision-making
                                                at events, conducting focus group                do what?
                                                discussions and surveys, and through
  of the GDC. We want to ensure that our        existing feedback systems.                       To clarify for patients and members of the
  activities recognise the interests of                                                          dental team what different dental
  stakeholders, and so we conduct                                                                professionals are, or are not, allowed to do,
                                                We are also looking at how we can
  consultations to give interested groups and                                                    we are consulting on draft guidance on
                                                increase patient awareness of the registers
  individuals an opportunity to share their                                                      scope of practice as well as issues around
                                                and build recognition of the high                dental nurse and dental technician
  ideas and experiences and express any
                                                standards and value that GDC registration        registration.
                                                represents. In conjunction with this work
                                                we are reviewing our website and looking         The scope of practice guidance outlines the
  To make our consultations more meaningful
                                                for innovative solutions to help us build an     skills that dentists and dental care
  we want to reach a larger number and                                                           professionals should have at the point of
                                                online information and consultation portal
  more varied group of stakeholders across                                                       qualification as well as suggesting
  the four countries of the UK.                 for all stakeholders.
                                                                                                 additional skills that each group could go
                                                                                                 on to achieve during their career. We are
  To do this we are looking at ways to make     If you would like to participate in a            asking for views on the skills that:
  it easier for stakeholders to share their     focus group discussion or share
  opinions with us. This means that we          your views with us on any of the                 ■ each registrant group should have at
  need to increase our understanding of         issues above, please contact our                   the point of qualification;
  your information needs, preferred sources     Stakeholder Relations Team at                    ■ each registrant group may develop
  of information, and motivations for, and                   throughout their career; and
                                                                                                 ■ should be ‘reserved’ to particular
 The following consultations are taking place now. More information and details                    registrant groups.
 on how to take part are available on our website, or by calling 0845 222 4141.
                                                                                                 The consultation also seeks views on which
                                                                                                 members of the dental team should be able
What do patients need and want to                                                                to carry out tooth whitening, and whether
know about dental professionals’                                                                 treatments such as Botox, collagen fillers
                                                                                                 and bone harvesting should be recognised
additional skills and qualifications?                                                            as part of dentistry.

We are currently seeking views on                   patients to list skills or qualifications?   Issues around the registration of dental
whether it is of benefit to patients to                                                          technicians and dental nurses are also
                                                ■ How could we ensure that any                   explored in the consultation document.
record dental professionals’ additional           qualifications we listed were quality-         Views are sought on questions such as:
skills or qualifications on the registers.        assured and demonstrated ongoing
                                                  competence in the skill area?                  ■ the definition of ‘in training’ for dental
We are asking:                                                                                      technicians and dental nurses; and
■ Do you think there would be clear             The consultation document is available on        ■ who can do what in an emergency?
  benefits to patients of recording dental      our website, The closing
  professionals’ additional skills or           date for responses is Friday 9 May 2008.         The consultation document is available on
  qualifications on our registers?
                                                The results of this consultation will aid the    our website, The closing
■ Do you think it would be more helpful to      decision on the next steps.                      date for responses is Friday 9 May 2008.                                                                                          page 5    spring 2008

                                                                                           GDC gazette

                                                                                            ARF - ARE YOU UP
                                                                                            TO DATE?
                                                                                            Due to problems with the annual
                                                                                            retention fee (ARF) collection process
                                                                                            at the end of last year, we are aware
                                                                                            that some registrants experienced
What are your views on our proposed                                                         delays when trying to pay the fee. We
rules for the dental care professional                                                      are very sorry for any inconvenience
                                                                                            this may have caused, and as a result
CPD scheme?                                                                                 we extended the payment period until
This consultation seeks views on the           rules before the scheme can come into        the end of January 2008.
content of the procedural rules on             force and we are seeking your views on
continuing professional development            the procedural aspects of these. CPD for     Each year, a small number of
(CPD) for dental care professionals            DCPs is expected to operate in exactly
                                                                                            registrants are removed from our
(DCPs). We are keen to hear from DCPs          the same way as it does for dentists.
who will be completing CPD, and anyone                                                      registers for non payment of the ARF.
else with an interest.                         The consulation document is available on     It is illegal for a person who is not
                                               our website,
                                                                                            registered with the GDC to practise
This is not a consultation on the policy
itself – we have consulted on that             The deadline for responses is Friday 16      dentistry, and as such, you could
already. However, the Council must make        May 2008.                                    face criminal charges if you continue
                                                                                            to work without registration.

 STOP PRESS                                                                                 A total of 1,256 dentists and 155
                                                                                            DCPs (excluding dental nurses and
 The GDC will shortly be issuing draft guidance on the responsibilities of dentists         dental technicians) were removed
 and clinical dental technicians who commission dental work from laboratories
                                                                                            from our registers this year following
 outside the UK, and dental technicians who have been commissioned to produce
 work and then choose to sub-contract some parts of it from outside the UK.                 non-payment of their ARF for 2008.
                                                                                            Although these figures include those
 There is a need to clarify who is responsible for what before registration becomes         who may be retiring or taking a career
 compulsory for all members of the dental team in the UK after 30 July 2008.
                                                                                            break, a number are likely to have
 The draft guidance will be available on our website,, with an               simply missed the payment deadline.
 opportunity for you to contribute your comments.                                           They will need to cease work
                                                                                            immediately and will have to complete
                                                                                            a restoration application form and pay
                                                                                            a fee if they intend to return to work.
                                                                                            To ensure you are not removed from
 THERAPY AND COSMETOLOGY                                                                    our registers for non-payment of the

 – A CORRECTION                                                                             ARF, sign up to pay the fee by Direct
                                                                                            Debit. You can pay your 2009 ARF by
 In the last issue of the GDC Gazette, in the article ‘Tooth whitening – an update’, we     Direct Debit by completing a mandate
 reported that there were around 80 civil cases involving members of the British            form and returning it us by 31 October
 Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) being sued for damages by           2008.
 patients who had been adversely affected by tooth whitening. This was incorrect. These
 cases were not against BABTAC members. BABTAC has informed us that the cases               For a mandate form:
 concerned were being examined in the Bolton area by Trading Standards and were not         Visit:
 solely or primarily involving beauty therapists, but suppliers. We wish to apologise to
 BABTAC for the error in our reporting and for any embarrassment this may have caused
                                                                                            Call: 020 7009 2720
 to them or their members.
spring 2008          page 6                                                                         

GDC gazette
fitness to

 Fitness to Practise –
 the story so far
 On 31 July 2006, the GDC launched a new overhauled fitness to practise system to
 create a more streamlined, more robust and more effective framework for tackling
 fitness to practise problems.

 Now, nearly two years since these changes were introduced, Sarah Manuel, Fitness to
 Practise Operations Manager, offers an insight into how the new system is working.

 It’s fair to say that since July 2006 we        can include a primary care trust (PCT), a    Cases in numbers
 have been busy! Under the new fitness to        practice principal or Denplan. Registrants   To give you an idea of how busy we’ve
 practise procedures, several key changes        are now asked to confirm this information    been since the introduction of the new
 were introduced to improve patient              when they are notified of an allegation      system, the following table outlines some
 protection:                                     being made about their fitness to            of the work we’ve been doing since
                                                 practise.                                    August 2006 until February 2008:
 ■ The civil standard of proof now applies
   in conduct cases.
 ■ The Preliminary Proceedings
   Committee has been replaced with               Number of assessments carried out by        928
   the Investigating Committee and its            caseworkers
   enhanced powers, including the
   publication of warning letters and the         Number of cases considered by the           589
   issuing of third party advice.                 Investigating Committee
 ■ An Interim Orders Committee (IOC)              Number of Professional Conduct              252
   now makes decisions about interim
                                                  Committee cases held
   suspension, pending a full hearing
   before a practice committee. The IOC           Number of cases where impairment            215
   can also place conditions on a                 was found
   person’s registration. Preliminary
   Proceedings Committee hearings                 Number of Interim Orders Committee          77
   were held in private, but IOC hearings         hearings held
   are heard in public, unless there is a         Breakdown by outcome: suspension            49 (25 suspended and 24
   sensitive reason not to do so.                                                             suspension continued)
 ■ A Professional Performance                     conditional registration                    19 (14 conditions imposed
   Committee has been introduced.                                                             and 5 continued)
                                                  no order made                               9 (1 suspension lifted)
 Greater emphasis has also been placed
                                                  Number of published warning letters         62
 on actively notifying interested parties of
 any investigations undertaken by the GDC
 into a registrant’s fitness to practise. It’s    Number of restorations under                4 heard, none granted
 now our responsibility to inform those with      the new rules
 whom a registrant has a contract, which                                                                                                    page 7    spring 2008

                                                                                                GDC gazette
                                                                                                                                to practise

We have a total of 17 registrants under the      We’ve continued to develop our links with       Investigating Committees, both informants
jurisdiction of the Health Committee, all of     other organisations in order to provide a       and registrants whose cases are closed
whom are subject to the new rules.               better service, and have already held           will be given the form, asking for their
Although the Professional Performance            several open days for PCTs, with more           feedback on a number of topics, including
Committee has not met to consider a case,        planned for later this year. These give the
                                                                                                 information received, deadlines and the
the Investigating Committee has referred         PCTs an opportunity to find out more
                                                                                                 service provided by their caseworker.
one registrant to the National Clinical          about the work we do, what concerns
Assessment Service (NCAS) to identify            should be raised with us and when and
whether any performance issues exist.            how we can help. We have also been              As 2008 progresses, we will be undertaking
                                                 meeting with the Counter Fraud Service,         a review of our working processes. We have
Changes at the GDC                               defence solicitors and organisations,           now had sufficient time to judge what has
In order to handle the increase in our fitness   NCAS and the British Dental Association,        worked well and where improvements can
to practise work we have had to restructure      and have had regular visits from external       be made. As part of the GDC’s commitment
our team. We now have two operation              speakers to inform us about their work          to being open, transparent and accountable,
teams, each with an operations manager,          and its impact on the GDC.                      we plan to publish our own annual report on
seven caseworkers and two administrators.                                                        our performance, which we hope will be
                                                 What the future holds
                                                                                                 available in 2009.
The GDC’s Standards Team has merged              Our next step is to assess our customer
with our Policy Team to create a more            service, and as part of this we have just
                                                                                                 If you have any comments or need further
streamlined approach, which means they           piloted our first feedback form. This review
can respond more effectively to any fitness      is not to question the decisions made on        information on any of the issues raised in
to practise operation issues that arise and      the allegations we receive, but to gain         this article, please do not hesitate to
identify new areas which may need to be          feedback from those who have gone               contact me (email or
addressed in our standards guidance.             through the process. At the end of two          call 020 7009 2715).

                                                 How to avoid trouble
Police cautions                                  The Fitness to Practise Team handles a large volume of complaints against registrants
As of 31 July 2006, the GDC has been             every year. Many of these complaints may not need to come before the Council and can
able to investigate cautions which               be averted by taking a few simple steps.
have been accepted by registrants
                                                 Standards guidance Ensure that you are thoroughly familiar with our core guidance
from the police or other prosecuting
                                                 booklet ‘Standards for dental professionals’ and its associated, supplementary
authorities as potentially raising
                                                 guidance. The obligation is on you to do so. These documents can be found on our
questions regarding fitness to practise.
                                                 website,, under ‘Ethical guidance’. They are the basis of how you
                                                 should conduct yourself as a registrant.
Accepting a caution means a person
accepts their guilt of the offence. The          The patient comes first Always put patients’ interests first and respect their right to
existence of that caution and the                make informed choices. Without properly informed consent to carry out treatment or a
offence to which it relates will appear          physical investigation, a patient’s right to control what happens to his or her body is being
on a person’s criminal record.                   trespassed upon. The complaints that come before the Council frequently stem from a
                                                 failure to fully discuss treatment options with a patient and to provide a written treatment
We are concerned that in a number of             plan, or a failure to properly communicate to the patient exactly what the course of
cases, registrants have simply accepted          treatment they have agreed to undergo will entail and what it will cost. Ensure that you are
a caution without taking legal advice            familiar with ‘Principles of patient consent’ which is also available on our website.
and, as a result, may not have realised
the full implications of doing so.               Truthful advertising Be careful with advertising. You are under a duty not to mislead the
                                                 public. When you place adverts or create a website, you are responsible for its content
                                                 regardless of whether you designed the advert yourself or contracted a media or website
If you are arrested by the police you
                                                 design company to do it on your behalf. Do not claim a specialist status if you are not on one
have an absolute right to free legal
                                                 of our Specialist Lists for that specialism and do not make claims you cannot substantiate.
advice. We therefore strongly
recommend that you take                          Legal responsibilities We do not give legal advice. You are responsible for making yourself
independent legal advice before                  aware of laws and regulations which affect your work, premises, equipment and business,
accepting a caution.                             and following them. If you are not sure about the law relating to any particular matter, ask an
                                                 appropriate source for advice, such as your dental defence organisation.
spring 2008             page 8                                                                           

GDC gazette
complaints service

    Hugh Smith,
    Head of the Dental Complaints Service        helping you put things right...

More and more, it is becoming clear that it is   cases, patients then engage directly with         Only those complaints that remain
the support of the whole dental team, and        their practice to try to resolve their            unresolved become the subject of a
their willingness to engage positively, that     complaint.                                        complaints panel meeting – and so far, we
enables the Dental Complaints Service to                                                           have held only 38 panels:
continue to help private patients and dental     But not every enquiry or complaint is for us.
professionals “put things right”.                For example, we help NHS dental patients          ■ On 23 occasions the panel either
                                                 who contact us by referring them to the             facilitated an agreement between the
In the last few weeks of 2007, we reached a      appropriate local contact. Another example is       patient and the dental professional on
milestone, having helped to resolve more         a patient questioning a dental professional’s       how to resolve the complaint, or, having
than 2,500 complaints, most with the             ability to do their job. This would be referred     found a complaint to answer,
overwhelming support of dental                   to the General Dental Council’s Fitness to          recommended a resolution.
professionals. This is an average of 30-plus     Practise Team.                                    ■ On 14 occasions, panels recommended
complaints a week.                                                                                   that no further action be taken in relation
                                                                                                     to the complaint.
Proof of this is the relatively slim number of
complaints that become the subject of a
panel meeting – that is, our final attempt to
                                                 “  At the end of 2007 we
                                                 reached a milestone, having
                                                 helped to resolve more than
                                                                                                   ■ One panel was adjourned.

                                                                                                   Another demonstration of the dental team’s

“put things right”, if convening a panel         2,500 complaints                                  commitment to professionalism is that, in
seems appropriate (which isn’t always the                                                          each case, the resolutions recommended by
case).                                                                                             panels have been followed by the dental
                                                 A further positive point to repeat is how         professional concerned. Clearly, panel
Before this, there will have been two            comparatively few patients return to us after     meetings work – as does the Dental
attempts at resolution: first, on receiving a    they have put their complaint directly to their   Complaints Service generally – because
complaint, we encourage the patient to run       practice. However, if they do come back to        dental professionals take part positively.
their complaint through their dental             us, our complaints advisers will try to help
practice’s own complaints procedure, if they     further by attempting to facilitate resolution
haven’t already.                                 and assisting with communication. On               To contact the Dental Complaints
                                                 occasion, that may mean helping a patient          Service:
When a patient first contacts us, we ask         to understand that their complaint has been        Phone: 08456 120540 (local rate)
what they’re unhappy about, and how they         answered. We are still managing to close           Email:
want this put right. Their answers inform        three-quarters of complaints within three          Visit:
how we can help, and in the vast majority of     working days, which is excellent.                                                                                                       page 9    spring 2008

                                                                                                     GDC gazette
                                                                                                                    questions answered

Your questions answered
I                                                However, dentists who are nationals of the          confidentiality. They should also have the
                                                 EEA, or entitled to be treated as such, are         necessary immunisations, and keep a log of
                                                 exempt from the English language                    the training they receive in the practice while
                                                 requirement under European Law.                     waiting to start their course.

                                                 It is also the responsibility of the employing
                                                 dental professional to ensure that candidates        If you would like your questions
                                                 have a good level of understanding and               published, please email them to
                                                 command of the English language in order to
                                                 be able to communicate effectively with

                                                 As a dentist, what are my
                                                 responsibilities with regard to trainee
                                                 Dentists, as team leaders, are responsible for
In the last issue of the Gazette, we invited     ensuring their trainee dental nurses have the
you to send in any questions you may have        appropriate induction, vaccinations and
about any aspect of our work. Whether this       enrolment onto a GDC-approved dental
is to do with fitness to practise proceedings,   nurse training programme. A proper
education issues or continuing professional      induction must cover health and safety and
development. No matter what questions you        confidentiality.
have, we would like to encourage you to
send them in and we will endeavour to            How liable am I, as a practice owner, if a
publish as many as we can here in the
                                                 member of my staff fails to register
                                                 before the deadline?
After reading the conduct cases in the
                                                 If you are a registered dentist or dental care
                                                 professional and you employ or manage an
                                                                                                      IS YOUR TEAM
last edition of the Gazette, I was startled
to see the number of cases involving a
                                                 unregistered person to work as a dental
                                                 nurse or dental technician (regardless of their
‘poor knowledge of English’ or                   job title), you will be liable to fitness to         Now that there is less than four months
‘insufficient command of the English             practise proceedings and risk your own               to go until registration becomes a legal
language’. A high standard of                    registration. If the actions of an unregistered      requirement for all dental nurses and
communication skills is a must for               person cause harm, you are responsible for           dental technicians, it’s more important
dental professionals, so if a foreign            their mistakes.                                      than ever to make sure that your team is
dentist has a lack of understanding, why                                                              registered.
are they allowed to register and work            My dental nurse is unable to register on
here without being tested on language            the basis of experience, but is also                 After 30 July 2008, dentists who employ
skills first?                                    unable to get on to a recognised training            unregistered dental nurses or commission
Dentists from outside the European               course. What can we do?                              work from unregistered dental technicians
Economic Area (EEA) whose qualifications         Your dental nurse should make every effort           may face fitness to practise proceedings
                                                                                                      and possible erasure from the Register.
are not recognised for full registration with    possible, and be able to demonstrate that
the GDC must take our Overseas                   they have made the effort, to get onto the
                                                                                                      Why risk your registration? There’s further
Registration Examination (ORE). Dentists         next available course. If necessary, they
                                                                                                      information on how to get your team
applying to sit the exam must demonstrate        should get onto a waiting list and request a
                                                                                                      registered on page 12, or you can
they have a good standard of English. They       letter that states they are on a waiting list. If
                                                                                                      contact our Registration Team on
are required to submit a single, Academic        they are working in the surgery before the
                                                                                                      0845 300 7794 or
IELTS Test Report Form before their              course begins, they should have a proper
application will be accepted.                    induction covering health and safety and
spring 2008           page 10                                                                                   

GDC gazette

 Earlier this year, the GDC contacted all dentists   every five-year cycle, with at least 75 hours      These apply to dentists starting
 in the January 2003 to December 2007                being verifiable. So that CPD stays relevant,      their second CPD cycle and newly
 continuing professional development (CPD)           we have introduced three core subjects that        registered dentists.
 cycle asking them to declare the amount of          dentists should do as part of verifiable
  CPD completed during this period.                  CPD, which amount to 20 hours:                     Failure to comply with the CPD
                                                                                                        requirements could result in removal
  We have since received 8,393 declarations          ■ medical emergencies (at least ten hours          from the Dentists Register. This means
  from dentists in this cycle confirming they          in every CPD cycle);                             the dentist is no longer able to practise
   have completed the required amount of             ■ disinfection and decontamination (at             in the UK. In 2007, a total of 60 dentists
   CPD. The remaing 589 dentists who did               least five hours in every CPD cycle);            were removed from the Register for
  not return a declaration confirming                  and                                              non-compliance with the CPD requirements.
 compliance have now been contacted. They            ■ radiography and radiation protection
 have until 10 April to respond to this letter.        (at least five hours in every CPD cycle).        The table below lists the compulsory CPD
                                                                                                        start dates, which are determined by the
 In May, we will be auditing the records of a                                                           date of first registration with the GDC:
 random sample of dentists in this cycle to
                                                      Date of first registration              1st CPD cycle                    2nd CPD cycle
 monitor compliance with the CPD
                                                                                              start date                       start date
 requirements. Dentists selected will be
                                                      On or after 1 January                   1 January in the year after      1st CPD cycle start
 asked to send in their CPD records.
                                                      2002                                    first registration               date + 5 years
 Compulsory CPD was introduced to ensure              Between 1 January 1990 and 31           1 January 2002                   1 January 2007
 that dental professionals maintain their             December 2001 and on the
 professional knowledge and competence to             Register on 31/12/01
 give patients the best possible treatment            Between 1 January 1990 and 31           1 January 2003                   1 January 2008
  and care. The requirements formalised what          December 2001 but not on the
  was already good practice followed by               Register on 31/12/01
  thousands of dentists on a voluntary basis.
                                                      Between 1 January 1980 and 31           1 January 2003                   1 January 2008
                                                      December 1989
  By law, all dentists must do, and keep
  records of, 250 hours of CPD over                   On or before 31 December 1979           1 January 2004                   1 January 2009

   Legal and ethical issues, and handling complaints
   Our core guidance booklet ‘Standards              practice. You should apply the principles          in line with the principles set out in ‘Standards
   for dental professionals’ and                     appropriately to any work you are involved in      for dental professionals’. You should review
   associated, supplementary guidance,               as a dental professional, whether or not you       this regularly to ensure that your knowledge is
   emphasise that all dental professionals           routinely treat patients.                          up to date in handling complaints.
    are responsible for putting patients’
    interests first and acting to protect            We recommend all dental professionals
                                                                                                        For further information on our standards
    them.                                            working in a clinical environment cover legal
                                                     and ethical issues and handling complaints in      and CPD guidance, please visit our
    All dental professionals need to ensure          either their general or verifiable continuing      website, You can also
        that their knowledge of the guidance         professional development (CPD). We have            find more information regarding
                is up to date. The principles        issued supplementary guidance called               complaints handling on the Dental
                 should influence all areas          ‘Principles of complaints handling’, which is      Complaints Service website,
                  and stages of your                 available on our website. This guidance  , or the
                   professional education and        provides a checklist for handling complaints       NHS complaints website,                                                                                               page 11    spring 2008

                                                                                              GDC gazette

In less than four months, it will become a      regularly showing us that you are still fit   In line with the requirements for dentists,
legal requirement for all dental nurses         to be on our registers.                       the GDC recommends that dental care
and dental technicians to be registered                                                       professionals involved in the care of
with us, which means that compulsory            Under the requirements, you will need to      patients also undertake CPD in legal and
GDC registration now encompasses all            complete and record a minimum of 150          ethical issues and complaints handling.
six groups of dental care professionals –       hours of CPD in every five-year cycle.
a requirement that has been introduced          A third of this requirement (50 hours)        Each year we will ask you to send us an
to improve patient protection.                  should be verifiable CPD while the rest       annual statement of the hours you have
                                                can be general CPD.                           completed. We will then monitor
By registering with the GDC, you make a                                                       compliance with the requirements by
commitment to behave ethically and              When completing a verifiable activity, you    auditing the records of a sample of dental
professionally, and to meet and uphold          should cover the following core subjects:     care professionals at the end of each
the standards of the profession. You also                                                     five-year cycle. Those who fail to comply
commit to keeping your knowledge and            ■ medical emergencies (ten hours per          with the requirements face removal from
skills up to date.                                cycle);                                     the Register.
                                                ■ disinfection and decontamination
As part of this commitment, all dental            (five hours per cycle); and                 So, why not start thinking about
care professionals must start recording         ■ radiography and radiation protection        recording your CPD now so that you’re in
their continuing professional development         (five hours per cycle).                     the habit by the summer? Further
(CPD) from 1 August 2008. This means                                                          guidance for dental care professionals
that patients can now expect the whole          Dental technicians will be able to            has now been published and is available
dental team to maintain their knowledge         substitute radiography and radiation          on our website,, or by
and skills in relevant areas, and is an         protection for materials and equipment        calling 0845 222 4141.
important first step in the planned             (five hours per cycle) as radiography is
introduction of revalidation – a way of         not within the dental technican curriculm.

 With the introduction of continuing              should know what you can expect to          attendance at a trade show as verifiable
 professional development (CPD) for               gain as a result of taking part in the      CPD, however this is not always
 dental care professionals in August this         activity;                                   appropriate. While certain activities at a
 year, and the successful completion of         ■ ‘quality controls’ – you should have the    trade show may meet all of the above
 the first cycle for dentists in December         opportunity to give feedback, with a        requirements, a dentist has a
 2007, we would like to clarify exactly           view to improving quality; and              responsibility to submit accurate CPD
 what general and verifiable CPD entails.       ■ documentary proof (e.g. a certificate) –    returns and should consider whether time
                                                  to prove you took part in the activity.     at these events should more accurately
 In order to count an activity as verifiable,                                                 be recorded as general CPD.
 it must have:                                  General activities are those which
                                                contribute to your professional               The activity provider also has a
 ■ ‘concise educational aims and                development, but do not meet all four of      responsibility to only certify an activity as
   objectives’ – the activity should have       the criteria above for verifiable CPD.        verifiable where they can confirm without
   a clear purpose or goal;                                                                   doubt that a dental professional has
 ■ ‘clear anticipated outcomes’ – you           Dentists have often previously classed        participated in the event.

 For further information on CPD:
 Visit: Email: Call: 020 7344 3740
spring 2008          page 12                                                                                     

GDC gazette

 The following four pages are dedicated to compulsory registration for dental care professionals.
 They include information on what to look out for when completing your registration application,
 as well as a selection of questions we have been asked about registration over the past few

 We’re keen to find out your views on these pages. Did you find the information you were looking
 for? What additional information would be useful? Please contact us at communications@gdc- to give us your feedback or call 0845 222 4141 for further information.

  At the end of 2007, we received a record number of application
  forms from dental nurses and dental technicians keen to beat the
  registration deadline – over 7,000 applications were received in
  December alone.

  This brings the total number of registered dental nurses to
  25,607*, and registered dental technicians to 3,175* - both more
  than double the amount that were on the Register at the time of
  printing the last Gazette in November 2007.

  Edward Bannatyne, GDC Director of Operations said, “We’re really
  pleased to see that so many dental technicians and dental nurses
  are now registered with us. If you haven’t applied yet, please don’t
  leave it too late. This is especially important if you’re counting on
  applying on the basis of your experience as 30 July is the absolute
                                                                            for you get your applications to us as
  cut-off date. After this the only way onto the register will be with an
                                                                            soon as possible. Download a form from our website today, or
  up to date qualification. I’d hate you to miss the boat.”
                                                                            call our Registration Team on 0845 300 7794 for further
  So what are you waiting for? With less than four months to go
  until the registration deadline, it’s now more important than ever        *These figures are accurate on 19 March 2008

Don’t delay your                                   Remember to provide certified                       need to sign to say that they have seen the
                                                   photocopies of your:                                original documents listed.
A number of registration application forms         ■ Identity;                                         Lastly, don’t forget to complete the health
received by the GDC are either missing             ■ Qualification (if applicable); and                declaration, but please be aware that
information or not completed correctly,            ■ Change of name (if different to that on           health certificates are only needed if you
which can mean a delay in getting you                your qualification certificate).                  work with patients. This must be
registered. To make sure this doesn’t                                                                  completed by a dentist if s/he has worked
happen to you, it’s important that you             A referee, who is not a family member and           with you for over a year, or by a medical
check your form for common mistakes                has known you for at least one year, must           practitioner who is not a member of your
before sending it to us.                           confirm your good character. They will also         family.

 More comprehensive guidance for applicants is available on our website,, and in the registration application
 pack. To request a pack, please contact our Registration Team on 0845 300 7794 or                                                                                                     page 13     spring 2008

                                                                                                    GDC gazette

 Your questions answered
 I’ve completed the dental nursing               I’m a dental technician. Can I own my              Can a dental technician carry out
 national exam and am now                        own practice?                                      clinical work while on a recognised
 undertaking my two years’ work                                                                     training course leading to clinical
 experience before I get my                      Following the opening of the Dental Care           dental technician status?
 certificate. This means that I will be          Professionals Register in July 2006 all
 doing my work experience after the              registered dental care professionals (DCPs) can    Only when such patient contact is part of
 registration deadline. Do I therefore           own their own practices, go into partnership       a GDC-approved training course.
 need to register with the GDC?                  with each other or dentists, and employ other
                                                 members of the dental team. Registered DCPs        As a dental nurse, am I covered by
 One of the requirements to complete the         and dentists all count towards the professional    my employer’s indemnity?
 National Certificate is for dental nurses to    majority required on the board of directors of a
 complete two years’ chair-side                  Dental Body Corporate.                             All registrants have an individual
 experience. Although you have passed                                                               responsibility to ensure they have
 your exam, the fact that you are still doing    Do I have to supply a health certificate           adequate indemnity cover. As you are a
 your two years in the practice means that       to register with the GDC?                          dental nurse, you could be covered by
 you are still ‘in training’ and can therefore                                                      the dentists’ Employer’s Liability
 work as a dental nurse without                  The health certificate only needs to be            Insurance or indemnity policies held by
 registration. Once you have completed           completed if you work with patients, in            your employer. However, it is your
 your two years and received your                which case it will show that you are fit to        responsibility to find out if this is the case.
 certificate, you will need to register with     practise. This must be completed by a              Talk to your employer to be sure you are
 us straightaway.                                dentist if s/he has worked with you for            adequately covered, and if not, ensure
                                                 over a year, or by a medical practitioner          you obtain cover before working.
                                                 who is not a member of your family.

 On 30 July 2008, the GDC’s transitional arrangements for dental nurse and dental technician registration will come to an end. Under
 these arrangements, dental nurses and dental technicians have a one-off opportunity to access the register via experience rather than
 formal qualifications. This route recognises that in the past many dental nurses and technicians did not undergo formal, approved
 training and instead became experienced and competent by doing the job to a high standard over a long period of time.

 This means that in less than four months, dental nurses and dental technicians who do not hold a formal qualification and want to
 apply on the basis of their experience will no longer be able to. The only way on to the Dental Care Professionals Register after 30
 July 2008 will be with a recognised qualification. Some qualifications no longer awarded are still accepted for GDC registration if you
 apply by July 2008.

 For more information on the amount of experience you need, or for details of the qualifications recognised for
 registration, please visit our website,, or contact our Registration Team on 0845 300 7794.
spring 2008           page 14                                                                          

GDC gazette

To register as a dental care professional       ■ make a self-declaration about their
with the GDC, you must provide                    health; and
                                                                                                  Are you registered? Would
information about your professional             ■ confirm they do not have any clinical           you like help with your
training, character and health. These             contact with patients.                          application form?
checks are an essential part of our work to
                                                For further information on DCP                    The GDC’s Registration Surgery will
protect the public.
                                                registration:                                     be available at two events in May,
                                                Visit:                             where staff will be on hand to answer
One of the health requirements is
                                                                                                  questions on registration, provide
confirmation of immunity to Hepatitis B.        Email:
                                                                                                  application forms, check applications
Those of you working in a clinical              Call: 0845 300 7794
                                                                                                  and make sure they are completed
environment will already have been
                                                                                                  correctly. Please see page 16 for
vaccinated, but if you can’t prove this you
                                                                                                  further details.
will need to be tested. This can take quite
a few weeks to arrange so leaving your
application for registration to the last
minute may mean you are unable to gain            WE’RE GDC-REGISTERED!
the necessary proof before the July 2008
deadline, subsequently risking your ability
to work. Indeed, you may lose the
opportunity to register completely if you are
planning to apply on the basis of your
experience. From 30 July this year, you will
only be able to register if you possess one
of the modern qualifications.

Dental nurses and dental technicians who
work in a clinical environment are able to
ask either their employing or supervising         All four dental nurses at Watling Street      All members of staff at Cosmetic Design
dentist, or doctor, to sign the health            Dental Care in Gillingham have                Dental laboratory in Maidstone, Kent, are
certificate on the application form. You will     registered with the GDC.                      registered with the GDC.
need to have worked with the employing or
supervising dentist signing your health           Two nurses registered through the             Managing Director Graham Hoad fully
certificate for at least twelve months and        National Certificate, while the other two     endorses registration as not only a
provide evidence of your original                 nurses registered on the basis of their       benefit to patients, but also to the rest of
immunisation certificates to them.                experience.                                   the dental team. He said, “There is a lot
                                                                                                of scepticism in the dental technology
Dental nurses and dental technicians who          The principal dentist Olurotimi Adesanya      industry about registration, but we
do not work in a clinical environment are
                                                  said, “We feel that it is important for all   believe that recognising our profession in
not required to provide a health certificate,
                                                  dental care professionals to be               this way can only enhance the overall
but will need to:
                                                  registered with the GDC and that this         service we deliver. By having all our
                                                  should be done as soon as possible. All       technicians registered relatively early, we
                                                  members of my team are registered to          can set an example to our fellow
                                                  ensure patient safety.”                       colleagues.”                                                                                                    page 15      spring 2008

                                                                                                   GDC gazette

Coming from a manufacturing                      can register on the basis of their experience     last minute and finds there is a problem
background Edward Bannatyne,                     do so now before it’s too late.                   with their registration may have left
Director of Operations, brings a                                                                   themselves too little time to sort it out.
different view to the General Dental             Compulsory registration is for the patient’s
Council. Here he outlines what he has            benefit. The GDC is not a representative          For an application pack and more
been up to since he joined the GDC               organisation, or a leadership body for the        information about compulsory registration,
and explores the issues around                   profession. We’re not an educational              please visit our website,,
compulsory registration.                         institute. Our role is to protect the public by   or contact our Registration Team on 0845
                                                 making sure that the dental professionals         300 7794 or
Tasked with overseeing the GDC’s                 we register have met the standards that we
operational teams (exams, registration,          set, and that they continue to do so
fitness to practise and hearings) I arrived at   throughout their career. The patient’s            *This figure is accurate on 19 March 2008
the GDC last year, armed with 20 years in        interests come first and always.
the manufacturing industry, in operational
business management, working in                  Spreading the message
businesses that manufacture car brakes,          ‘Don’t lose your opportunity, register now’ is
cosmetics and contact lenses.                    the message I want to get out to dental
                                                 technicians and dental nurses. There are
Simplifying the registration application         fewer than four months left. Dental
packs was one of my first challenges at the      technicians and dental nurses who do not
GDC. The original packs were not ‘right first    register now run the risk of not being able to
time’. They were complicated and as a            register later, and so not being able to work
result, many of your applications were not       in dentistry after July this year. Someone
‘right first time’. I am happier with the new    may employ a ‘dental laboratory assistant’
pack which is more user-friendly and             now, but what happens if this person wants
means that fewer mistakes are being made         or needs to change their employer in the            Career history
by applicants.                                   future and they are only taking on registered
                                                 dental technicians? And where will you work         ■ Degree in Engineering with
Most of the changes that have been made          from August if you are not in training and not        languages.
                                                                                                     ■ Worked in a range of world class
with the GDC teams have focussed upon            registered with the GDC?
                                                                                                       manufacturing organisations
reducing the time it takes to get things
                                                                                                       including the electrical and
done by improving the process and by             We saw the number of applications soar at
                                                                                                       engineering company Lucas, the
dimensioning the resource requirements           the end of 2007. We now have nearly
                                                                                                       glass manufacturer Pilkington, the
more closely. We have concentrated on            29,000* dental nurses and dental
                                                                                                       cosmetics group L’Oreal, and
registration and the fitness to practise         technicians registered with us. This is great.
                                                                                                       CooperVision, a manufacturer of
areas.                                           We want to see it continue.
                                                                                                       contact lenses.
                                                                                                     ■ Joined the GDC as the Director of
Focussing on DCP registration                    We are preparing for a surge in applications          Operations in June 2007 bringing
Currently my key priority is to register all     in June and July and putting systems in               ‘change management’ expertise
eligible dental technicians and dental           place to make sure that we can get                    and over 20 years of operational
nurses. It’s vital that they all know about      everyone on the Register in time. However,            management experience.
compulsory registration and that those who       anyone who leaves their application to the
spring 2008         page 16                                                                      

GDC gazette
of events

 For more details of any of these meetings, hearings and events, please
 visit the event sections of our website.

 On the road                                   We are also holding a seminar at the
                                               conference on continuing professional
                                                                                           safety and learn from mistakes to
                                                                                           ensure a safer workplace.
 Following its success at last year’s Dental
                                               development (CPD) for dental care
 Showcase, the GDC will be operating its
                                               professionals (DCPs). The aim of this       The conference has been designed for
 Registration Surgery again at two major
                                               session is to outline the requirements of   the whole dental team, as well as
 events this spring – the British Dental
                                               CPD, how DCPs can complete the core         those concerned with clinical
 Association Conference and Exhibition,
                                               verifiable topics to suit how they work,    governance, risk management, patient
 and the Dental Technology Show. A
                                               and the different ways of completing        safety and complaint management in
 dedicated team of GDC staff will be on
                                               CPD.                                        dentistry, both in NHS and private
 hand to answer questions, provide
                                                                                           practice. Lawyers who have been
 application forms, check applications and
                                               Further information on both of these        involved in dental cases may also find
 make sure they are complete and correct.
                                               sessions is available on the BDA            this conference useful.
 Completed forms and accompanying
                                                                                           The conference programme will be
 documents, including proof of identity,
                                               Dental Technology Show                      available in May but to register your
 can be submitted by colleagues for those
                                               9 – 10 May 2008, The Ricoh Arena,           interest please email Ed Maycock at
 who can’t make it themselves. Don’t
 forget, we need certified copies of all the
                                               Over these two days, we will be
 relevant supporting documents, as
 originals will not be accepted on the day.
                                               discussing registration and what you        Council meetings
                                               can do to ensure your application is        Our Council meetings are open to the
                                               right first time.                           public. Each meeting begins with a
 If everything’s in order, we can take your
                                                                                           public question and answer session,
 completed forms back to the office for
                                               Many of the forms we receive are either     giving you the opportunity to voice your
                                               completed incorrectly or are missing        opinion. More information, including the
                                               information. We want to make sure that      agenda and papers, is available on our
 Meet and greet                                you have all the relevant information so    website in advance of each meeting. We
 We’re taking part in the following dental     that you are registered well before the     also publish a summary of the decisions
 events this year. We look forward to          July deadline.                              made by the Council on our website
 meeting as many of you as possible at                                                     following the meeting.
 these events. Come and hear the latest        We will be in the ‘Speakers Corner’ of
 GDC news, share your views and get            the exhibition hall both days between       Future Council meeting dates in 2008:
 your questions answered.                      12.30pm and 1.00pm.                         ■ 5 June (London)
                                                                                           ■ 3 September (Belfast)
 British Dental Association Conference         Further information on this event is        ■ 3 December (London)
 & Exhibition                                  available by visiting
 1 – 3 May 2008, Manchester Central                                                        Fitness to practise
 Convention Complex                            Legal, Ethical & Clinical Issues in         hearings
 At this event, we have a main conference      Dentistry Conference                        For a list of dates and details of public
 session entitled ‘DCP Registration -          9 October 2008, Woburn House,               hearings into allegations against dental
 moving forward’. During this session, we      London                                      professionals and their fitness to
 will be discussing the transitional           The event is organised by the patients'     practise, please visit our website or
 arrangements for dental nurses and            safety charity AvMA (Action Against         contact our Hearings Team on 020 7887
 dental technicians and the importance of      Medical Accidents) and run in               3821 or
 registering sooner rather than later. We      association with the GDC.
 will also explore standards, and the scope                                                Outcomes of recent hearings are
 of practice of the dental team and who        The conference will examine the impact      available on our website, and a
 should be able to do what. For example,       of recent reforms on dentists and           summary of a selection of cases is
 should dentists be able to offer Botox?       patients. It will also tackle the medico-   available from page 18 onwards.
 Which members of the dental team              legal issues facing dentistry
 should be able to carry out tooth             and examine how to improve patient
 whitening?                                                                                                             page 17      spring 2008

                                                                                                            GDC gazette

  The GDC has published guidance for all              ‘Principles of management responsibility’               structure of dental healthcare
  registrants who are in a position of                should be followed by dentists and dental               organisations or educational
  management responsibility. It expands on            care professionals who:                                 establishments; or
  the GDC’s ‘Standards for dental                                                                           ■ have responsibility for conducting
  professionals’ states that you should ‘put          ■ are directors of dental bodies                        clinical trials.
  patients’ interests before your own or                corporate;
  those of any colleague, organisation or             ■ own or are responsible for running                  The guidance is available now on our
  business’.                                            dental practices or dental laboratories;            website,
                                                      ■ have a role in the management

GDC issues policy statement on implant dentistry
The Council’s Education Committee has                practitioner will not therefore be competent to        training standards for implant dentistry for dental
issued a policy statement in light of the            practise implant dentistry without further training.   practitioners in the UK. Dental professionals
concerns raised with us about the practice of                                                               have an ethical responsibility to limit their scope
implant dentistry by general dental                  The Council supports the ‘Training Standards in        of practice to what they are trained and
practitioners. ‘The First Five Years’, the GDC’s     Implant Dentistry for General Dental                   competent to do. Any dental professional who
guidance on the required learning outcomes           Practitioners’, published by the Faculty of            carries out work for which they are not trained
of undergraduate education for dentists,             General Dental Practice (UK). We expect                and competent puts their registration at risk.
states that dental students should ‘be familiar      educational providers, and dental practitioners
with dental implants as an option in replacing       who wish to practise implant dentistry, to refer       The policy statement is available now on our
missing teeth’. A UK-qualified general dental        to these standards as the authoritative source of      website,

  It is a criminal offence for anyone other than      contact Mr Jordan to obtain redress, he               the subject of separate proceedings in
  a registered dental professional to carry out       did not respond. As a result these                    due course. In this respect, and in relation
  dentistry. The GDC is committed to                  individuals, one of whom was terminally ill,          to the order for unpaid work, the case
  protecting the public by bringing cases of          were left with poorly fitting dentures that           was a first for the GDC.
  illegal practice to court. As such, we              they were unable to use properly.
  successfully prosecuted two cases in                                                                      The second case was the first prosecution
  February 2008, both of which represented            Mr Jordan pleaded guilty to 14 charges of             to be brought in respect of a body
  “firsts” in relation to this aspect of our work.    the illegal practice of dentistry, and was            corporate carrying out the business of
                                                      ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid              dentistry where a majority of its directors
  The first case related to the practice of           work (community service). The Court took              were not registered with the GDC. The
  dentistry by an unregistered dental                 the matter particularly seriously as Mr               defendant company, Community First for
  technician, Joe Jordan. Mr Jordan, who              Jordan had previously been convicted for              Treatment Limited, set up practices in
  practised in Winchester, advertised his             similar offences, and was sentenced for               Boston, Sleaford and Peterborough,
  services by way of Yellow Pages items and           these offences along with the more recent             employed dentists and purported to levy
  locally distributed flyers. The Council’s case      charges. Mr Jordan was also ordered to                charges below those of the NHS, when
  related to his treatment of five elderly            pay compensation to the surviving                     none of its directors were registrants.
  people, four within their own homes and             patients of £642, £340 and £340, and to
  one within a nursing home. In all cases he          pay a contribution of £400 towards the                The company, who did not appear at any
  took impressions and purported to                   Council’s legal costs.                                stage during the proceedings, were found
  manufacture and fit dentures.                                                                             guilty of two charges and fined £500 in
                                                      The Council is seeking an anti-social                 respect of each offence. The company
  When the dentures did not fit properly,             behaviour order to prevent Mr Jordan                  was also ordered to pay £3,000 towards
  and the persons affected attempted to               from any further practice, and this will be           the Council’s legal costs.
   The New Year Honours awarded earlier this year recognised and paid tribute to the outstanding achievements and service
   of a number of figures from the dental world.

   Ursula Bennett                                                                                     Head of Dentistry, Tower Hamlets, London, has been
                                                                                                      awarded an MBE for services to dentistry.
   Rajendra Rattan                                                                                    A general dental practitioner in Bromley has been
                                                                                                      awarded an OBE for services to dentistry.
   Professor William Christie Shaw                                                                    Professor of Orthodontics, University of Manchester,
                                                                                                      has been awarded a CBE for services to dentistry.
   Professor Jonathan Paul Shepherd                                                                   Director of the Violence and Society Research Group, Cardiff
                                                                                                      University, has been awarded a CBE for services to
                                                                                                      healthcare and to the Criminal Justice System.
   Professor Kasturi Arachchi Ariya Saman Warnakulasuriya                                             Professor of Oral Medicine and Experimental Oral Pathology,
                                                                                                      King’s College London, was awarded an OBE for services to
   Many congratulations to all from the GDC.

    From examination                                                           HPCB launches                                                            news
                                                                               Portugal Agreement
                                                                                                                                                          in brief
    to registration
                                                                               The Healthcare Professionals                     The practice of dentistry
    January saw the final sitting of the                                       Crossing Borders (HPCB) initiative
    International Qualifying Examination (IQE)                                 has published a collaborative                    The GDC has issued guidance on
    Part A take place, with Parts B and C                                      voluntary work programme for                     the definition of ‘the practice of
                                                                               professional healthcare regulators               dentistry’. The guidance offers an
    scheduled for later this year. The IQE will
                                                                               from within Europe. The new two-                 explanation of the activities legally
    then be closed by the end of 2008.
                                                                               year programme, the Portugal                     reserved to registered dental
                                                                               Agreement, sets out a range of                   professionals, and the limited
    The Overseas Registration Examination                                      actions that provide a framework                 circumstances in which some of
    (ORE), which replaces the IQE, is now in                                   for voluntary cooperation and the                these might be carried out by other
    full swing, with sittings of Part 1 having                                 development of professional                      registered healthcare professionals.
    taken place in September 2007 and                                          healthcare regulation in Europe.
                                                                                                                                The full guidance, with practical
    January 2008. Part 2 sittings have also
                                                                               The Portugal Agreement is available              examples, is available on our
    been held in January and March which
                                                                               to view on the newly launched                    website,, under
    means that the first dentists to pass the
                                                                               HPCB website,                       ‘Latest information for registrants’.
    ORE will shortly be eligible to apply for full
    registration with the GDC.

                                                                           GDC responds to draft Section 60 Order
    More information on the ORE can be found
                                                                            The GDC has responded to the Department of Health’s consultation on the
    on our website, including comprehensive
                                                                            Health Care and Associated Professions (Miscellaneous Amendments) No 2
    candidate guidance regarding the content
                                                                            Order, stating that all healthcare regulators should continue to emphasise the
    and format of Part 2, which briefs potential
                                                                            public protection focus of their work.
    candidates on what to expect from the
    new exam.                                                               In our response to the draft legislation, which proposes a fully appointed, newly
                                                                            constituted Council, we say that continued independence of healthcare regulators
                                                                            from the Government, employers and health professionals themselves, including
    We welcome your suggestions on the
                                                                            the bodies that represent them, is also crucial.
    content or format of the examinations pages
    on the website. Please contact our                                      To ensure our continued independence, we have recommended that appointments
    Examinations Team at examinations@gdc-                                  to the Council are made by an independent body, to be specified by the GDC. to share your views.
                                                                            You can read our full response to the consultation on our website,
                                                                  , under ‘GDC consultations’.

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