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There are plenty of crazy drivers on the road, but most of them drive normal boring old cars. Maybe those drivers wouldn't be as crazy if they drove one of these cars, which range from a little unusual to downright bizarre. In any case, please enjoy this presentation of the craziest cars on the road.

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									The Craziest Cars on the Road

Was this a boat that was modified into a car or a car that was modified into a boat? Either way, slap on some wings and you've got the ultimate vehicle.

It’s strange-looking, it’s electrically powered and best of all, it’s aerodynamic. Well, only if you plan on going straight upward.

Ok, so this guy just glued a bunch of crazy crap onto his car, but we're not saying "crazy" lightly in this case. Just imagine what this guy's dreams are like.

Who doesn't love a goldfish cracker? If you happen to see a giant one buzz past your house, it's not because you're really drunk, it's probably this wacky little car zipping by. Also, it might be because you're really drunk.

Given the resemblance of this hippo car to the Hungry Hungry Hippos from their namesake game, we shudder to think at the mileage it gets.

Street racing in this car would probably be tons of fun (and very illegal, don't do it kids). Imagine it: you pull up to the red light next to a standard muscle car, gun the engine, and when the other driver rolls down his window, you say only one thing: "meow." If you lose, pretend to lick yourself.

We really don't know what to say here, so we'll just describe what we see: a car shaped like a red high-heeled shoe with several people riding happily in it. Notice the driver's hat.

Why do so many people make cars shaped like shoes? Doesn't it make more sense to make roller skates shaped like cars?

This is just about the coolest thing ever, especially if you’re a getting married and you’re in a biker gang.

All hail the ultimate in automotive wackiness, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile! This whimsical vehicle has been delighting children and hot-dog enthusiasts for decades,and even today, the mighty sausagesedan still rolls on.

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