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									2 Bryant Street Rockdale NSW 2216
PO Box 21 Rockdale NSW 2216
Tel 02 9562 1666
Fax 02 9562 1777
Email rcc@rockdale.nsw.gov.au
Web www.rockdale.nsw.gov.au
2 | Rockdale City Council
4    Index of Statutory Requirements
5    Mayor’s Message
6    General Manager’s Message

7    Overview
8    About the City
11   Council’s Charter
12   Councillors
     Our Executives
     Highlights of our Achievements                                                    Contents
19   Performance of Principal Activities
20   Promoting a Healthy, Safe and Accessible Lifestyle for the Community
22   Environmental Quality
25   A Liveable City
27   Lifestyle Quality
29   Developing Reliable Transport and Safe Roads
31   Economic Prosperity

33   Specific Activity Reports
34   Amount of Rates and Charges Written-Off
35   State of the Environment Report
42   Condition of Public Works
44   Legal Proceedings
52   Elected Members
53   Senior Staff
54   Major Contracts Awarded
54   Bush Fire Reduction Activities
54   Private Works
55   Multicultural Activities
56   Financial Assistance - Contributions & Grants
57   Human Resources Activities
58   Implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
58   External Bodies Exercising Delegated Functions
59   Controlling Interest in Companies
59   Partnership, Cooperatives and Joint Ventures
60   Complaints Handling Mechanism for Competitive Neutrality Complaints
60   Overseas Visits by Councillors, Council Staff and other Council Representatives
61   Activities for Children
62   Access and Equity Activities
62   Category 1 & 2 Business Activities
63   Stormwater Management Services
64   Functions under the Companion Animal Act
65   Compliance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act
66   Freedom of Information Activities
71   Compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act
71   Compliance with the Threatened Species Conservation Act
72   Special Variations

73   Financial Reports
                                                                                          Annual Report 2008/09 | 3
Index of Statutory Requirements

Local Government Act 1993
73      Sec. 428 (2) (a) - Financial Reports
34      Sec. 428 (2) (a) cl 132 - Amount of Rates and Charges Written-Off
19      Sec. 428 (2) (b) - Performance of Principal Activities
35      Sec. 428 (2) (c) cl 218-226 - State of the Environment Report
42      Sec. 428 (2) (d) (i, ii, iii) - Condition of Public Works
44      Sec. 428 (2) (e) - Legal Proceedings
52      Sec. 428 (2) (f) - Elected Members
53      Sec. 428 (2) (g) - Senior Staff
54      Sec. 428 (2) (h) - Major Contracts Awarded
54      Sec. 428 (2) (iI) - Bush Fire Reduction Activities
55      Sec. 428 (2) (j) - Multicultural Activities
54      Sec. 428 (2) (k) - Private Works
56      Sec. 428 (2) (L) - Financial Assistance - Contributions and Grants
57      Sec. 428 (2) (m) - Human Resources Activities
58      Sec. 428 (2) (n) - Implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
58      Sec. 428 (2) (o) - External Bodies Exercising Council’s Delegated Functions
59      Sec. 428 (2) (p) - Controlling Interest in Companies
59      Sec. 428 (2) (q) - Partnerships, Cooperatives and Joint Ventures
60      Sec. 428 (2) (r) and cl 217 (1) (d) (v, vi, vii, ix) - Complaints Handling Mechanism for Competitive Neutrality Complaints
60      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (a) - Overseas Visits by Councillors, Council Staff and other Council Representatives
61      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (c) - Activities for Children
62      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (d) (i) - Access and Equity Activities
62      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (d) (ii, iii, vi) - Category 1 & 2 Business Activities
63      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (e) - Stormwater Management Services
64      Sec. 428 (2) (r) cl 217 (1) (d) (f) - Functions under the Companion Animals Act

Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998
65      Sec. 33 - Compliance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act

Freedom of Information Act 1998
66      Sec. 68 cl 10 - Freedom of Information Activities

Threatened Species Conservation Act
71      Sec. 70 (2) - Compliance with the Threatened Species Conservation Act

Environmental Planning and Assessment
71      Sec. 93 G (5) - Compliance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act

4 | Rockdale City Council
Message from
the Mayor
What are the ingredients for a great city? What factors are
integral in creating a vibrant cosmopolitan environment
where its people love to live, work and play?

The answers to these questions can be found inside this
Annual Report. It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this
essential publication; it is our report card to the residents,
business owners and visitors to our City. It is our opportunity
to highlight our achievements, underline our successes and
demonstrate that when it comes to building and maintaining
the greatest city in Australia; this Council means business.

Whilst I am proud to present this document to you, a
document that demonstrates our commitment to this City
and its community, I am also mindful that our job in delivering
the highest possible standards will never end. To maintain
a Council that fosters sustainable growth, progressive
leadership and a harmonious community, we need to
be open to new ideas and committed to the needs of a
community that is forever evolving, and this is why we have
created six Strategic Directions. The Strategic Directions
guide us on our journey of continuous improvement, a
journey I hope you will join me on.

During the past 12 months we have worked relentlessly to
pursue the aspirations, goals and visions that we have put in
place. We have done this following our strategic directions.

The 2008/09 Statutory Annual Report is your opportunity
to witness what your Council has been doing for you and
your community during the last financial year. This document
contains a range of information that details our activities,
projects and initiatives that have taken place over the past
12 months. The detailed financial figures illustrate a fiscally
responsible Council, committed to protecting its community’s
assets and funds.

I welcome you to the 2008/09 Statutory Annual Report and
encourage you to contact Council if you have any questions
or considerations about this crucial document, because, at
the end of the day, when it comes to building the greatest
City, we all need to be on the same page.

Councillor Bill Saravinovski

                                      Annual Report 2008/09 | 5
                            Message from the
                            General Manager
                            As you flick through Council’s 2008/09 Statutory Annual
                            Report, I encourage you to take the time to thoroughly read
                            this important document. The information within the Annual
                            Report contains vital facts about the projects Council has
                            been undertaking, the requirements we have met and the
                            financial position we are in.

                            We are a people’s Council and it is paramount to us that our
                            residents are well-informed and aware of what Council has
                            been doing for the City and its community.

                            The 2008/09 Statutory Annual Report has been broken
                            down into four chapters. The first Chapter is the Overview.
                            In here you can learn about:

                             A brief history of our City;
                             Council’s Charter;
                             Council’s corporate structure;
                             The Councillors and their respective Wards;
                             And, most importantly, the list of our major achievements.

                            The second chapter in this document is the Performance of
                            Principal Activities. This chapter discusses the main activities
                            that were undertaken by Council throughout the financial
                            year. These activities were outlined in the Rockdale City Plan.
                            This chapter provides an in-depth analysis of the actions we
                            promised and undertook.

                            The third chapter covers the Specific Activity Reports. The
                            Specific Activity Reports outline a number of statutory
                            reporting categories. Information such as Councillor
                            expenses, senior staff remuneration, and the number of
                            Freedom of Information requests submitted to Council are
                            highlighted in this chapter. This chapter requires Council to be
                            upfront with its core responsibilities; it’s about demonstrating
                            our transparent and open governance.

                            Finally we come to the fourth chapter, the Financial Reports.
                            This chapter is largely self-explanatory. It encompasses a
                            range of audited financial documents, demonstrating that we
                            are a fiscally responsible Council, determined to get the best
                            value-for-money results for its community.

                            I encourage you to have a comprehensive look at this
                            Annual Report and urge anyone who may have questions or
                            comments, to make their voice heard and provide feedback
                            to this crucial document.

                            Chris Watson
                            General Manager
6 | Rockdale City Council

   Annual Report 2008/09 | 7
About the City of Rockdale

Snapshot                                                         Solander and Banks lived in a whirl of excitement, for
                                                                 hitherto unknown plants and trees grew in profusion. In their
The City of Rockdale is located 12km south of the Sydney         honour, two streets in the City of Rockdale were named
CBD, on the historic shores of Botany Bay.                       after them. Banksia was also named after the latter botanist.
Our suburbs include Arncliffe, Banksia, Bardwell Park,           On 7 May 1770 HMS Endeavour weighed anchor and sailed
Bardwell Valley, Bexley, Bexley North, Brighton Le Sands,        out of Botany Bay, heading north, and later back to England.
Carlton (part), Dolls Point, Kingsgrove (part), Kogarah
(part), Kyeemagh, Monterey, Mascot (part), Ramsgate (part),      Until the War of Independence, North America was a
Ramsgate Beach, Rockdale, Sandringham, Sans Souci (part),        dumping ground for England’s convicts. But after the war,
Turrella and Wolli Creek.                                        America put a stop to this, and this in turn created a serious
                                                                 situation for England.
Area square km: 30 approx.
                                                                 The English prisons were filled to capacity with law breakers.
Population: 92,122 (2006 Census of Population and                The Loyalists, who had supported the mother country in the
            Housing, ABS)                                        American war, were living in London in poverty and squalor.
A multicultural area, around 41 per cent of our residents are    Joseph Banks and another Englishman – James Matra (for
born overseas and 36 per cent of our residents come from a       whom the suburb of Matraville is named) – suggested Botany
non-English speaking background.                                 Bay as the ideal place for a new penal colony. By logical
                                                                 extension it would also be a new home for the Loyalists.
The top 10 languages spoken at home in our community are:
Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Macedonian, Italian, Spanish, Tagalog,   In May 1786, a group of ships known as the First Fleet
Portuguese, Croatian and Serbian.                                commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip in HMS Sirius, sailed
                                                                 from England. Captain Phillip later became the first Governor
Over the years, the City of Rockdale has embraced new
                                                                 of NSW; his immediate task was to establish a colony and his
residents from the former Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom,
                                                                 ships carried all the necessary personnel and equipment to
Greece, Lebanon, Italy and, increasingly, Asian countries - in
                                                                 begin this task.
particular, China.
                                                                 Almost 700 convicts including 192 women, together with
History                                                          officers, guards and livestock, made the journey which lasted
                                                                 about eight months. The vessels of the First Fleet sailed into
Before embarking on his adventure to discover Terra              Botany Bay in January 1788.
Australis Incognita, 39-year-old Captain James Cook was
given certain secret instructions from his masters at the        Arncliffe and Bexley began as farming villages, while in the
Admiralty, ordering him to search for the unknown southern       late 1800s larger homes began to be built by wealthy people
continent. The exact location of the southern continent had      close to the beach. In 1871 the Municipality of West Botany
been a matter of conjecture for many years, and England          came into being which, in 1888, became the Municipality
wanted a British navigator to plant a British flag on the new-   of Rockdale. Twelve years later Bexley Municipality was
found land.                                                      incorporated and in 1948 merged with Rockdale as increasing
                                                                 numbers moved to the area, due to the implementation of
When Captain Cook entered our shores three years after he        the Illawarra railway.
set sail from England, he first tried to anchor in waters near
what is known today as Wollongong, but the surf was too          The most significant growth occurred in the post-war years
powerful. He then chose to sail the HMS Endeavour north.         and the City became a popular area for migrant families to
On Sunday 29 April 1770 at 2pm, Captain Cook sailed
between the headlands and dropped anchor off the place we        In more recent years tourism around the beach areas and
call Kurnell.                                                    high density housing in previously industrial areas, such as
                                                                 Wolli Creek, have fuelled the expansion of the City – now
Two botanists accompanied him – Joseph Banks, a wealthy          the largest Council in the St George region.
young naturalist, and Daniel Solander, a Swedish botanist and
pupil of the great Linnaeus. Also accompanying them was          Rockdale’s elevation to a City in 1995 cemented its position
Charles Green, an astronomer.                                    as a major hub in southern Sydney.

8 | Rockdale City Council
Annual Report 2008/09 | 9
Present Day
Today, the City of Rockdale offers something for everyone
– from thriving Town Centres to the tranquillity of stunning
beaches. All are ideally located, with highways and rail
services passing through the City, Sydney Airport next door,
and Sydney’s central business district only 12km away.

Retail and finance are the two biggest industries in the City,
followed by education, health and community services,
recreation, hospitality and manufacturing.

A very popular feature of the City is the spectacular Lady
Robinsons Beach, a perfect spot to unwind. The beach, and
Cook Park behind it, often plays host to major City events.

The Rockdale wetlands, which form a thin ribbon from the
Cooks to Georges Rivers, provide important habitats for a
variety of animal and plant species.

The City of Rockdale also has expanses of bushland including
Bardwell Valley and Hawthorne Street Natural Area which
house hundreds of different plants and animal species,
including some that are endangered.

Beautiful Tempe House in Wolli Creek is a good place to
glimpse into our past, as is Lydham Hall in Bexley. Built
around the 1860s, Lydham Hall boasts one of Sydney’s finest
collections of antique furniture and china.

10 | Rockdale City Council
Council’s Charter

Our Vision
This is what we are aiming to achieve.
One Community, Many Cultures, Endless Opportunity.

Our Mission
Our mission is who we are, what Council stands for and what we
provide as an organisation.
To provide quality local government services that protect
our environment, are respectful to our community’s needs
and are delivered in a financially, socially and environmentally
responsible way.

Our Values
Our values are the underlying attitudes that influence our
decisions and actions. They define the relationships with our
community, customers, suppliers and employees.
 Pride in our City
 Responding to community needs
 Working together

Council will demonstrate these values in the workplace
through the following behaviours:

Pride in our City
 Be creative and innovative
 Champion effective new ideas
 Be proactive in finding solutions

Responding to Community Needs
 Be enthusiastic when dealing with customers
 Be empathetic, polite and professional
 Respond within agreed timeframes
 Focus on solutions to meet customer needs
 Take ownership of a customer query by resolving it or
  following up its resolution personally
 Respect the customer’s perspective

Working Together
 Be open and accountable
 Keep up-to-date with industry and technology changes
 Challenge each others’ ideas and strip away barriers to
 Be receptive to change and new ideas

                                         Annual Report 2008/09 | 11

 First Ward

Councillor                   Councillor       Councillor
Angelo Anestis               Yvonne Bellamy   Peter Poulos

 Second Ward

Councillor                   Councillor       Councillor
Shaoquett Moselmane          Jan Brennan      Michael Nagi

 Third Ward

Councillor                   Councillor       Councillor
Lesa de Leau                 John La Mela     Bill Saravinovski

 Fourth Ward

                                                                  Councillor Bill Saravinovski
Councillor                   Councillor       Councillor
Joe Awada                    Liz Barlow       Judy Feeney
                                                                  September 2008 to September 2009

                                                                  Councillor John Flowers
 Fifth Ward                                                       September 2007 to September 2008

                                                                  Deputy Mayor
                                                                  Councillor Peter Poulos
                                                                  September 2008 to September 2009

Councillor                   Councillor       Councillor          Councillor Jan Brennan
John Flowers                 Shane O’Brien    James Macdonald     September 2007 to September 2008

12 | Rockdale City Council
Our Executives


                                  Mayor & Councillors

                                       Chris Watson
                                         General Manager

  John Logue             Greg Smith                  Fay Steward                  John Lee
    Governance             City Services                City Strategy          Corporate Support
    Department             Department                   Department               Department

    Supports the           Development              Strategic Infrastructure        Media and
  functioning of the      Assessment and                 and Financial           Public Affairs Unit
   Office of Mayor        Compliance Unit                Planning Unit         Human Resources and
 Operational Support      Community and             Economic Strategy and      Risk Management Unit
   for Councillors     Customer Services Unit       Property Services Unit        Financial and
    Legal Services      Operational Services        Business Development           Services Unit
                               Unit                  and Marketing Unit
 Sister City Program                                                               Information
                       Technical Services Unit         Urban Strategy            Management Unit
   Public Officer’s
                                                       and Design Unit
   Responsibilities    Environmental Business                                  Business Development
                            Services Unit               Environmental          and Measurement Unit
                                                        Strategy Unit
                                                                                 Supply and Fleet
                                                                                 Management Unit

                                                                               Annual Report 2008/09 | 13
Highlights of our Achievements

1. Awards                                                        2. Serving our Community’s Needs
A number of our initiatives, programs and activities have        2.1 Rockdale City Library
been recognised by various industry and government
                                                                  There was a 26 per cent increase in participation in
bodies with highly coveted awards:
                                                                   Rockdale City Library’s children's programs and activities
 Winner of two Highly Commended Awards at the 2008                during 2008/09.
  Local Government Awards held on Wednesday 30 July
                                                                  The Outreach program which provides free story time
  2008, these were:
                                                                   activities to preschools in Rockdale City was established.
   Rockdale Meal Service was Highly Commended for its
    ‘Good Food, Good Heart’ food initiative by the Heart          Council hosted a Starting School Information evening
    Foundation; and                                                with speakers and information provided by local primary
   Council’s Media and Public Affairs Unit received a joint       schools. The event was well-attended by prospective
    Highly Commended award for the Rockdale Review,                parents.
    Council’s monthly community newsletter, from the
    Morpheum RH Dougherty Awards: Reporting to Your              2.2 Chinese Parenting Program
    Community.                                                   A parenting program was held for Chinese speaking
                                                                 parents. The program discussed issues and concerns about
 Winner of the 2008 Highly Commended StateCover
                                                                 raising children and teenagers. Future programs in Arabic
  Award for Excellence in Occupational Health & Safety
                                                                 and English are being planned.

 Council’s Customer Service team was recognised at the          2.3 Waste Services
  Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) Local
                                                                 The ‘It’s Not All Rubbish’ waste education campaign was
  Government Awards in the NSW and State categories.
                                                                 created to inform residents of Council’s new waste service.
  Council was the outright winner in the NSW category
                                                                 This included a detailed brochure on waste services and
  and received a Highly Commended Award in the
                                                                 an entertaining and informative DVD that discussed the
  National category.
                                                                 importance of recycling.
 Winner of the 2008 Metro Pool Excellence in Risk
  Management Award for activities aimed at reducing              2.3 Shopfront Improvement Program
  back injury. This has led to major savings for Council in      The Shopfront Improvement Grants were awarded to 69
  accident costs associated with lost time in staff incidents.   businesses across Rockdale and Bexley, resulting in $211,850
 Winner of the Local Government and Shires                      worth of investment into the appearance of the Town
  Associations of NSW Division C, Waste Management               Centres.
  Award for the ‘St George Recycle IT’ - Collection
  and Awareness Project. The award was shared with               2.4 DVD and Audio Productions
  Hurstville City and Kogarah Councils for our e-waste           Council’s Media and Public Affairs team has produced
  recycling initiative.                                          three informative and entertaining short films which have
                                                                 been published on Council’s website and on DVDs. The
 2009 Australian Business Excellence Systems Award in
                                                                 films have improved Council’s ability to harness new media
  the following categories:
                                                                 technologies and gain a greater audience.
   Integrated Management System (Winner);
   Environmental Management System (Winner); and                In addition to the film productions, the Media and Public
                                                                 Affairs team has adapted its equipment and staff skills to
   OH&S Management System (Finalist).
                                                                 create in-house audio newsletters for the vision impaired
                                                                 community and, as a result, has reduced overall production

14 | Rockdale City Council
City of Rockdale                          Ray White Brighton
  Our History                             Kids Beach Soccer
                                            Sunday 22 February 2009

            City of Rockdale                                      Victorian Bushfire
              Beautiful Creatures                                 Fundraising Dinner
              Photography by David Hall                                 Rockdale Town Hall
                                                                      Friday 20 February 2009

                                                                                  Annual Report 2008/09 | 15
3. Community Activities                                         4. Improving Facilities in our
3.1 Chinese New Year Celebrations
                                                                4.1 Brighton Boardwalk
Chinese New Year celebrations took place in King Street
Place for the first time. Taking the celebration out onto the   Completed the refurbishment of the Brighton Boardwalk
streets created significant interest for onlookers and local    lights.
                                                                4.2 Cycling Routes
3.2 Victorian Bushfire Appeal
                                                                Completed installation of three on-road cycle routes
Council’s Victorian Bushfire Appeal was held on Friday 20       through the western sector of the City.
February in conjunction with the local Australian Arabic
community. The Appeal raised $17,000. The event included        4.3 Town Centre Improvement Program
a dinner, auction and a raffle.
                                                                Completion of the Banksia Town Centre which included
                                                                new drainage, road works, new paving, landscaping and
3.3 Christmas Activities
                                                                street furniture. The project was completed on schedule
The 2008 Family Christmas in Rockdale program took              and $200,000 under budget.
place. This involved 11 days of events in King Street Place
and promoted King Street Place as an enjoyable and friendly     The revamp of King Street Place was completed and
place for families both day and night.                          officially opened on Thursday 28 August 2008. King Street
                                                                Place has been transformed into an outdoor mall that
                                                                encourages people to stop and enjoy the vast array of cafes,
3.4 Harmony Day
                                                                shops and speciality stores on offer.
Council assisted with the organisation of the 2009 Harmony
Day celebrations. The event included talks, demonstrations,     4.4 Wolli Creek
stalls and music. Over 150 people attended.
                                                                The official opening of Mount Olympus Boulevarde
                                                                and Brodie Sparks Drive at Wolli Creek took place on
3.5 Rockdale City Library
                                                                8 September 2008.
 There were 1186 entries from local school children
  for Council’s Book Week celebrations. Book Week               4.5 Strand Levee
  continues to grow in popularity.
                                                                The Strand Levee was built and completed. The new levee,
 The Ron Rathbone Local History Prize was held. Now in         which was part-funded by the NSW Government, will
  its third year, the prize continues to attract a number of    protect residents in the area from localised flooding.
  high calibre entries. In 2008, 16 high quality entries were
  received and judged.                                          4.6 Council’s Website
                                                                Council’s new website was launched in September 2008.
3.6 Easter Celebrations
                                                                The website has increased Council’s ability to provide more
King Street Place played host to Council’s annual Easter        of its services online and has an improved user interface.

3.7 Youth Off The Streets Charity Luncheon
On Friday 25 July 2008 Council assisted with a Charity
Luncheon in Support of Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The
Streets program. The luncheon raised $140,000.

3.8 Business Excellence Awards
Another successful Business Excellence Awards night
was hosted by Council. The number of entries for this
prominent community event continues to grow.

16 | Rockdale City Council
                                                              6. Helping the Environment
                                                              Council is committed to the improvement of our local
                                                              natural environment, with a strong focus on conserving our
                                                              water resources. Our achievements in 2008/09 reflect our
                                                              commitment to the environment.

                                                               Council was a finalist in the Sydney Water ‘Every
                                                                Drop Counts’ Sustainable Business Process Awards,
                                                                recognising Council’s commitment to saving water.

                                                               The second annual Earth Hour event in March 2009 was
                                                                hosted, in conjunction with Kogarah City Council.

                                                               Council jointly received the Local Government
                                                                and Shires Associations of NSW Division C Waste
                                                                Management Award for the St George ‘Recycle IT’
                                                                Collection and Awareness Project. This award was
                                                                shared with Kogarah and Hurstville City Councils for
                                                                e-waste recycling.

                                                               With the help of volunteers Council planted 2000 native
                                                                plants on National Tree Day.

                                                               Ongoing support for the City’s bushland volunteers
                                                                continues to be maintained with the provision of tools,
                                                                Council staff and general support.

                                                               Completion of Council’s first draft for the Climate
                                                                Change Adaptation Plan.

                                                               Another successful summer activities program, which
                                                                included guided bushwalks and wetlands tours for
                                                                residents, was held.
5. Road Safety
                                                               Over 300 street trees were planted across the City.
A number of road safety programs and traffic infrastructure
improvements took place throughout the course of the
year, these included:

 Installation of new raised pedestrian crossings
  throughout the City;

 Council completed the installation of three cycle routes
  which run through the western area of our City;

 Council conducted the speed campaign ‘No One Thinks
  Big of You’ which was advertised on local bus shelters;

 Two workshops for teachers of learner drivers were
  hosted. Both were very well-attended;

 Two child restraint check days were held throughout the
  course of the year; and

 Conducted a drink driving speed campaign for the Easter

                                                                                                  Annual Report 2008/09 | 17
7. Recreation and the Environment                          8. Workplace Safety
 The Skate Park at Bicentennial Park, Rockdale, was        Council has achieved certification to the OH&S
  completed and is frequented throughout the year by         (AS 4801) standards. This will improve workplace safety
  skaters young and old.                                     in all aspects of Council’s operations.

 Field works were completed in Bicentennial Park East      The 2008 Workers’ Compensation Claims year saw
  and Scarborough Park South, with the finishing touches     Council achieve its lowest ever associated cost of
  having been applied to the Cooks Cove Sporting Fields      $60,000 for the year. Providing further evidence
  Relocation Program.                                        of Council achieving its OH&S goal to create a
                                                             ‘safety culture’. Through Council’s safety culture we
                                                             have delivered a $150,000 saving in our workers’
                                                             compensation insurance premium.

18 | Rockdale City Council

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