Reduce Ice Machine Cleanings of your Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machine by FreshWaterSystems


Cleaning an Ice-O-Matic commercial ice machine is costly and time consuming. Slime & bacteria build-up in restaurant ice machines will cause health Inspector cite your business, the solution to control slime and bacteria found in your Ice-O-Matic ice cube machine is the Ice Wand. The antimicrobial Ice Wand filter helps reduce costly Ice-O-Matic ice machine cleanings preventing bacteria and slime build up, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

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									        Prevent Bacteria Build-up and Reduce Ice Machine Cleanings of your Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice
                                Machine With The Antimicrobial Ice Wand Filter.

    One of the most often overlooked cleaning and an inspection procedure for any restaurant is your
    commercial ice machine. Did you know that dirty ice machines are one of the leading causes of restaurant
    inspection failures? Although the Ice-O-Matic Ice Cube Machine is one of the most advanced commercial
    ice machines on the market you will still be faced with preventing bacteria and slime growing inside your
    Ice-O-Matic commercial ice cube machine. Ice machine microbial growth cannot be eliminated or even
    reduced by ice machine filtration because it is caused by airborne bacteria that enter the machines water
    sump after it has been through any point of entry ice machine water filter. Manually or professional ice
    machine cleanings need to happen 3-4 times a year, with an average cost of over $1000.00. The Solution to
    ice machine slime and bacteria is the Antimicrobial Ice Wand ice machine slime control filter.

Features of the Ice Wand Ice-O-Matic Ice Cube Machine Slime Filter

• Dramatically reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements and costs
• Improved overall beverage and ice quality
• Reduces taste and odor concerns
• Extends life of commercial ice cube machine
• Compatible with almost all Ice-O-Matic commercial ice cube machines
• Long shelf life
• No chlorine additives, carcinogenic chemicals, or toxic by-products
• Safe to handle; easy 5-minute installation, * Ice Machine must be cleaned before installation.
• Oxidation resistant – safe for ice machine parts
• Yearly Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Cost $1000 and Up (3 cleanings)
• Yearly Cost of Ice Wand Less Than $150 (changed every 3 months) Yearly Savings: Over $800
• Made in the USA

     YouTube Video: The Ice Wand Antimicrobial Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machine Filter

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