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   Frodsham’s Own Newsletter                                                 Issue 10 • July 2001

HOLIDAY SCAM                                                                           OLD
                                                                                       to Frank

CATCHES LOCAL                                                                          Pennington who
                                                                                       celebrated 25
                                                                                       years of service to
                                                                                       the Town Council

                                                                                       in May.
                                                                                       Frank was the
                                                                                       first Mayor of
                                                                                       Frodsham after it
                                                                                       became a town in

A Frodsham couple were recently
the victims of a robbery scam while
on holiday in Spain.
The couple, who don’t wish to be iden-
tified, picked up their hire car from
the airport and set off on the road to
their hotel. But before long a flat tyre
meant that they were forced to stop
                                            Station is
and pull over.
Two men in a passing car stopped and
offered to help. But these were not
good samaritans; while one of the men
                                             Given a                                   Frank Pennington

distracted the couple, the other stole
their belongings from inside the car.
Later checks showed that the tyre had
                                             Facelift                                  …NEW
been deliberately cut before the couple
collected the car.                             Many, many years ago before             MAYOR
They were very upset about the inci-       Doctor Beeching got his hands on the
                                                                                       Maureen Turner,
dent and asked us to issue a timely        railways of Britain, Frodsham was one
                                                                                       a well-known face
reminder to readers to be on their         of the stations where the staff made
                                                                                       around Frodsham
guard for such scams while on holiday.     great efforts to make the platforms very
                                                                                       is the new Mayor.
                                           pleasant places to wait or to pass
                                                                                       As well as run-
                                           through on the train. Now The North
                                                                                       ning the funeral
                                           Cheshire Rail Users Group is working
                                           with the Town Council and the Tree
                                                                                       D.T.Turner, with
                                           Group to restore the station to its for-
                                                                                       her husband
                                           mer glory. They are making good
                                                                                       Trevor, Maureen
                                           progress in regenerating the station
                                                                                       does occasional
                                           area with flower-beds, trees and
                                                                                       taxi work and still
                                           shrubs, new signage and proper securi-
                                                                                       manages to find
                                           ty. The group welcomes new members
                                                                                       time to be a dot-
                                           and also any volunteers who would like
                                                                                       ing Grandmother!
                                           to help with gardening.
                                                                                       We wish her Good
                                                                                       Luck for the com-
                                              If you would like to help, call Laurie
                                                                                       ing year.
                                           Tennant 725483
  The Post - Frodsham’s Own Newsletter                                                 Issue 10 • July 2001

Marvellous                                      Debate                                            PUZZLER
                                                                                                 rearrange the ana-

                                                Begins on
                                                                                                 grams to find
                                                                                                 Frodsham’s A-Z of
Our town is entering the “North West                                                             roads.
in Bloom” competition run by the “Tidy                                                           (except for I,U,X,Y & Z)
Britain Group” this year.
Roads into town will get special atten-         Castle Park                                      A: RARER DIVAN
                                                                                                 B: ETERNAL BLOOMED
tion as will the main shopping areas.
The Councils in partnership with the
North Cheshire Rail User Group are
                                                The trustees of Castle Park are seeking
                                                                                                 C: COBRA CLOUT
                                                                                                 D: OUNCE VARIED
                                                                                                 E: EYE LEVEL CROSS
also decorating the Station with floral
displays. The work is scheduled to              local views on the future of Castle              F: CORNS AFRAID
begin in June and be completed during           Park. You are welcome to drop in with            G: SUAVE ENGINEERED
July, ready for the judges to make their        your ideas at any of the following con-
                                                                                                 H: CHASTE SCENERY
choices.                                        sultative events:-
Why not add your blooms to the ‘pot’?                                                            J: (ST) MESS CAJOLE
                                                Frodsham Market
                                                Thursday 21 June 9 - 3pm                         K: GAY WINKS
                                                                                                 L: WAG ANY LADLE
                                                Castle Park Festival                             M: AN ILL ELM
                                                Sunday 1 July 1.30 - 4.30pm                      N: WALL CONDENSES
                                                                                                 O: VALUE AND OAKEN
                                                You can also download a questionnaire
                                                                                                 P: NIL BLIMP ROW
                                                and put forward suggestions on the
                                                                                                 Q: NEW QUEASY
                                                Frodsham Web -
                                                                                                 R: OILY REVEREND
                                                                                                 S: FINDS DEALS
                                                                                                 T: REMOTE CHILLERS
                                                    PINGI-PINGI                                  U*

                                                 STEALS THE SHOW                                 V: ANGEL AVARICE
                                                                                                 W: WOOF SACREDLY
                                                Frodsham’s ver-                                  X*
                                                sion of Gardeners
                                                Question       Time
                                                was recently held
                                                at Kingsley Road
                                                Methodist Church
                                                Among the many
                                                                                                 Your comments, views
                                                questions was one                                and any information that
                                                from Pat Worrall                                 you wish to share with
                                                                                                 the people of Frodsham
                                                of Watery Lane,                                  will be most welcome.
                                                who asked for                                    Our deadline date for the
                                                                                                 September issue is 20
                                                advice on her          Len and the Pingi Pingi   August
                                                poorly       ‘Pingi-                             You can deliver your
                                                Pingi’. Amid much                                material by hand or by
                                                                                                 post to the Town Council
                                                laughter from the                                office at Castle Park, or
                                                audience,       her                              by e-mail to
                                                husband Len pro-                                 or online at
                                                duced a pot with                       
PUZZLER SOLUTION                                what looked like a                               For reasons of clarity or
                                                stick growing out                                space, the editors reserve
                                                of it. The experts                               the right to modify or
                                                                                                 abbreviate material sub-
                                                rose to the chal-                                mitted for publication.
                                                lenge and gave                                   Frodsham Post is pro-
                                                                                                 duced by local people as
                                                her some good                                    a forum for local news
                                                advice on what to                                and views. Opinions
                                                                                                 expressed are not neces-
                                                do with her poorly                               sarily those of the Town
                                                Pingi-Pingi.                                     Council or individual
                                                                 AT                              Councillors.
   The Post - Frodsham’s Own Newsletter                                             Issue 10 • July 2001


        Letters                              Prescription for Poor Service ?
                                             I recently asked for a prepaid prescrip-
                                                                                             Mr Tittle has
                                                                                             been appointed as
                                                                                             the new Council
Shock for former resident                    tion form at Earlam’s Chemist, only to
I lived in Frodsham from 71 - 92 and I       be told that they had been taken over             WANTED
was always proud to live in a village        by Moss Pharmacies, and didn’t offer
                                                                                             Short articles,
that seemed to take pride in its appear-     that service anymore, and that ‘the pre-
                                                                                             news, funny
ance. However, when I recently returned      vious owner did it as a personal service
to visit my parents I was shocked to see                                                     photos, poems,
                                             to his customers. In short, the people of
how run down the village has become.                                                         cartoons about
                                             Frodsham have had their chemist taken
The amount of litter lying on the                                                            Frodsham
                                             over by yet another large concern who
Railway embankment that runs along                                                           735150
                                             seem more pre-occupied with profit
the bottom of the school is a disgrace                                                       Delivery People
                                             rather than good service. I wonder if
and Alvanley Terrace itself resembles a                                                      to deliver
                                             Moss Pharmacies wish to review their
slum. The path is broken and has                                                             Frodsham Post.
                                             services to us?
weeds growing through it, the fence into                                                     Good Rates of Pay
                                                                         Gary Spencer
the school is broken in several places                                                       or generous dona-
and again litter is everywhere.                                                              tion to your
Frodsham still has a reputation for          Public Transport Debated                        Organization.
being a nice place to live, but unless       Re ‘Bus Woman’s’ letter (April Issue)           Frodsham Town
something is done, I fear this may soon      I cannot agree that the Frodsham                Council 735150.
disappear.                                   rail/bus services are unreliable. They          Gardening
                            Mark Nickson.    compare favourably with other places            Books for the
                                             such as Knutsford, where my parents             Gardening Club’s
                                             now live.                                       library. 733422
Dig Lane needs cleaning                      Living in Widnes and using the
In your article ‘Broader Sweep’ (April
issue) I noted the proposals to extend
                                             ‘Dayrider’ and ‘Sunday Adventurer’
                                             tickets to visit Frodsham watering holes,
road cleaning to other areas outside         I have not encountered any serious
Frodsham. Perhaps the Council might          delays or inability to return home.             ANN CRESSWELL
consider extending it to Dig Lane, which     Do any readers agree?                           COONEY left for
is subject to heavy traffic. The road is                               Mr Kim Rampley        Uni. in 65. Now
now both rutted and filthy, and over-                                                        lives in USA.
grown with weeds, making it very                                                   
unsightly. It is many years since I’ve                                                       DEREK NIELD
seen this road being cleaned. Can the                                                        left in 88 for Oz.
Council really congratulate itself on
maintaining high standards of street                     WHAT’S ON                           derekjohn40@hotmail
                                                                                             NICK WAKE-
cleanliness, when it continues to over-                                                      FIELD wants to
look what is otherwise an attractive                                                         contact Sharon &
area of Frodsham?                             Frodsham Horticultural Show 2001               Dave BROWN
                            Local Resident                                         
                                                     Saturday 1st September
Bumps Blues                                               2pm til 4pm
In the last edition of The Post, someone                                                     PAUL DONOVAN
complained that the speed bumps in                     Community Centre                      will visit in
Howey Lane do not slow down cars                                  also                       August. School
larger than a Mini. That may well be                                                         friends, esp.
                                                   All-Day Plant Hunters’ Fair
true, but as a Mini driver who lives off                                                     Andrew Skidmore
                                                           (on the forecourt)                please contact
Howey Lane and has to negotiate the
bumps several times a day, may I say                        Refreshments           
that they have damaged the exhaust                     We welcome your support
system on my car several times despite
going over them at the slowest crawl. So
please don’t suggest more bumps or
higher ones! Personally, I’d have pre-
                                                Coffee Morning and Plant Sale                  Good Sites Guide
ferred chicanes.
                                               Church Hall, Church St.Thursday 26 July
                            Pauline Lowrie     help raise funds for the Horticultural Show
   The Post - Frodsham’s Own Newsletter                                           Issue 10 • July 2001

Down Your Way                                                                                 Out & About
                                                                                             Coming into town
                                                                                             from Bridge Lane,
A regular item featuring the people of Frodsham.                                             the Garden Centre
In this issue we visit Doric Avenue                                                          improvements and
                                                                                             the newly-laid brick
Doric Avenue lies at the top end of           at local schools, and are committed to com-    paving outside
Frodsham running between Bradley Lane         munity involvement.                            Frodsham
and Townfield Lane. House-building began      Ruth Caldwell, who lives further down the      Business Centre
in the road in the 1930s and many changes     road, is always ready to help out with rais-   look really super.
have been seen over the years. Older resi-    ing money for charity. Her neighbours are
dents refer to “Doric Avenue North” and
“Doric Avenue South” because once the
avenue was physically divided by a wall.
                                              Jean and Brian Miller at number 58. Jean
                                              is a well-known face around Frodsham `and
                                              always has a cheery smile. Across the road
This barrier finally came down in the mid-    live Sylvia and John Langley who with many     Speaking of super,
60s when new developments were taking         others helped bring the Christian Aid          welcome to the new
place in that area.                           fundraising Frodsham to Fontalle project to    film and casting
At number 1 you’ll find Town Councillor and   a very successful conclusion.                  agency ‘SuperStar’
Deputy Mayor Dennis Taylor and his wife                                                      who opened for
Pammi. They’ve lived there for 25 years.                                                     business on High
Both Dennis and Pammi serve as governors      Left to right below:                           Street recently.
                                              Brian Miller, Ruth Caldwell, Dennis Taylor     Call Val on 734811.

                                                                                             The Golden Lion
                                                                                             looks very smart
                                                                                             after being painted.

Frodsham                                      BROTHERS                                       Summertime, and
                                                                                             the fish are jump-

                                                                                             ing at Crowmere
Horticultural                                                                                Lake. It’s great to
                                                                                             see the fishermen
Show 2001
Saturday 1st September
                                              SCHOOL FUND                                    (and the ducks)
                                                                                             relaxing, but can
                                                                                             anything be done to
                                                                                             stop the car-tyres
Community Centre Fluin Lane.                                                                 churning up the
    The Show is always a great start to                                                      wet grass? It spoils
Autumn. There are many classes which                                                         an idyllic scene.
exhibitors can enter, ranging from flow-
ers, veg and fruit to home-made jams,
cakes, art, handicrafts and photogra-                                                                ❖
phy. The children’s section is always                                                        Thanks to the peo-
fascinating, especially the miniature                                                        ple who recently-
gardens which must be great fun to do.                                                       cleaned up all the
    Even if you don’t want to put in an                                                      litter near the
entry, it is well worth a visit to see all                                                   Orientation Table.
the exhibits.                                     Weaver Vale School pupils recently
    A big bonus is the All-Day Planters
Fair where many growers have interest-
                                              raised money for school funds by taking
                                              part in a sponsored run for older chil-
ing plants for sale. The advice on look-      dren and a sponsored walk for the              … and thanks to
ing after your purchases comes free!.         younger ones. Jack Brooks and his twin         the reader who
    This year many of the entries will be                                                    named all the foot-
                                              brothers Josh and Jordan, who live in
sold off at bargain prices at the end of                                                     ballers from the old
                                              Marshgate Place, did really well in both       photo in the last
the show.                                     events.                                        issue.
    For more information see What’s On            Jordan now says his middle name is
page or call Avril Johnson on 733342          Superman!                                                  JH
  The Post - Frodsham’s Own Newsletter                               Issue 10 • July 2001

Summer Activities
 SCHOOLS • CLUBS • GROUPS                               COMMUNITY CENTRE
MANOR HOUSE COUNTY PRIMARY                       U3A Thur 21 June ‘Dog Collar in the Docks’
3rd July - Music Concert.                        Rev. Canon Bob Evans
Friday 6th July - Family Fun Night 6-9pm.        Thur 19 July Diane Nowell - Port Sunlight
Games, sideshows and food.                       Sunday 1st July - Antique Fayre
Tuesday 10th July - Annual Sports Day.
ST LUKE’S RC PRIMARY SCHOOL                                  saturday mor nings
Friday 21st June 6-8pm - Summer fair with the             teachings and meditatio n
ICI Roadshow                                          june 9th july 7th august 11th
Tuesday 10th July 3.30 - 5.30 - Open Evening
                                                            & september 15th
Tuesday 17th July 1pm - School Sports
Wednesday 13th July 6-7.30pm - Leavers Disco                 07703 210 058
Friday 20th July 1.15pm - Leavers Mass
                                                 Monday 27th August - Red Lion Boot Sale
FRODSHAM C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL                   Saturday 1st September - Plant Hunters Fair
Friday 29th June - Hosting Frodsham and          and Horticultural Show.
District Primary Schools Arts                    Fri 14th Sept - Music and Arts Meeting.
Association Summer Dance Festival.               Sat 15th Sept - Film Society ‘Topsey Turvey’
Saturday 23rd June - Summer Fayre                Sunday 16th September - Millennium Crafts
Tuesday 3rd July - Infant Sports                 FRODSHAM STREET FESTIVAL AND CARNIVAL
Wednesday 4th July - Junior Sports
Tuesday 17th July - Year 6 Exhibition of Work
Friday 20th July - Leavers Service
                                                     CARNIVAL 2-8 September
                                                 Look out for the ‘Movietown News’
WEAVER VALE CP SCHOOL                            to your door
Wednesday 18th July 1.30 - 3.30pm - Fun Day      Carnival starts Sunday 2nd September
Sports day to be arranged                        Street Festival on Church St and Eddisbury Sq.
                                                 At the Centre Monday 3rd September - Bingo
FRODSHAM HIGH SCHOOL                             Tuesday 4th September - Quiz
Wednesday 11th July - Sports Day on the Sports   Wednesday 5th September - ‘Rocksavage Power’
field behind Main Street                         Talent 2001 Contest
Tues17th July - Awards Evening at Crest Hotel.   Friday 7th September - Frocademy Awards at
Thurs 16th Aug - A level results                 the Frollywood Centre 8pm - Late Disco, Supper,
Thursday 23rd August - GCSE results.             Bar.
                                                 Saturday 8th September - Junior Frocademy
LOCAL HISTORY GROUP (Castle Park)                Awards and Disco for 5 -12 year olds
2 July ‘Bess of Hardwick and the Cavendishes’    Thursday 6th - Saturday 8th September
Roger Mitchell MA Oxon                           Silcocks Fair
3 Sept ‘Rescue & Restoration of Little Moreton   ‘
Hall’ Dean Thomas

                                                              CASTLE PARK
July 4th and 18th 731887
                                                 Hollywood’ Childrens Summer Art Workshops
      SCOUTS BIG BBQ                             Costume and Set Design and Props
     Saturday 30thJune 7.30pm                    August 28, 29, 30 Arts Centre 7335832
       The Bill Brookes Band.                     FESTIVAL IN THE PARK
    Bar T ickets £8 including food                    SUNDAY 1st JULY 1-4pm
        Contact Sue 732257                            Free Fun for all the Family
        H.Q. Greenfield Lane                         MASSES OF ENTER TAINMENT

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