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					                              GLOSSARY OF ACRONYMS

ACID      Atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable     DTD      Data type definitions
ACM       Association for Computing Machinery           DWA      Data warehouse administrator
AITP      Association of Information Technology         DVD      Digital versatile disc
          Professionals                                 EAI      Enterprise application integration
ANSI      American National Standards Institute         EDI      Electronic data interchange
API       Application programming interface             EDW      Enterprise data warehouse
ASCII     American Standard Code for Information        EDR      Enterprise data replication
                                                        EER      Extended entity-relationship
ASP       Active Server Pages
                                                        EFT      Electronic funds transfer
ATM       Automated teller machine
                                                        EII      Enterprise information integration
BCNF      Boyce-Codd normal form
                                                        EJB      Enterprise JavaBeans
BOM       Bill of materials
                                                        E-R      Entity-relationship
BPM       Business performance management
                                                        ERD      Entity-relationship diagram
B2B       Business-to-business
                                                        ERP      Enterprise resource planning
B2C       Business-to-consumer
                                                        ETL      Extract–transform–load
CAD/CAM   Computer-aided design/computer-aided
                                                        FDA      Food and Drug Administration
                                                        FK       Foreign key
CASE      Computer-aided software engineering
                                                        FTC      Federal Trade Commission
CDC       Changed data capture
                                                        FTP      File Transfer Protocol
CDI       Customer data integration
                                                        GPA      Grade point average
CD-ROM    Compact disc–read-only memory
                                                        GUI      Graphical user interface
CEO       Chief executive officer
                                                        HIPAA    Health Insurance Portability and
CFO       Chief financial officer
                                                                 Accountability Act
CGI       Common Gateway Interface
                                                        HQL      Hibernate Query Language
CIF       Corporate information factory
                                                        HTML     Hypertext Markup Language
CIO       Chief information officer
                                                        HTTP     Hypertext Transfer Protocol
CLI       Call-level interface
                                                        IBM      International Business Machines
COM       Component Object Model
                                                        I-CASE   Integrated computer-aided software
COO       Chief operating officer                                engineering
CPU       Central processor unit                        ID       Identifier
CRM       Customer relationship management              IDE      Integrated development environment
C/S       Client/server                                 IE       Information engineering
CSF       Critical success factor                       INCITS   International Committee for Information
DA        Data administrator (or data administration)            Technology Standards
DBA       Database administrator (or database           I/O      Input/output
          administration)                               IP       Internet Protocol
DBD       Database description                          IRDS     Information Resource Dictionary System
DBMS      Database management system                    IRM      Information resource management
DB2       Data Base2 (an IBM Relational DBMS)           IS       Information system
DCL       Data control language                         ISAM     Indexed sequential access method
DDL       Data definition language                      ISO      International Standards Organization
DES       Data Encryption Standard                      IT       Information technology
DFD       Data flow diagram                             ITAA     Information Technology Association
DKNF      Domain-key normal form                                 of America
DML       Data manipulation language                    J2EE     Java 2 Enterprise Edition
DNS       Domain Name System                            JDBC     Java Database Connectivity
DSS       Decision support system                       JDO      Java Data Objects
602 Glossary of Acronyms

JPA          Java Persistence API                    RDBMS     Relational database management system
JSP          Java Server Pages                       ROI       Return on investment
LAN          Local area network                      ROLAP     Relational online analytical processing
LDB          Logical database                        RPC       Remote procedure call
LDBR         Logical database record                 SCD       Slowly changing dimension
LDM          Logical data model                      SDLC      Systems development life cycle
LINQ         Language Integrated Query               SGML      Standard Generalized Markup Language
MB           Megabytes (million bytes)               SOA       Service-oriented architecture
MDM          Master data management                  SOAP      Simple Object Access Protocol
MIS          Management information system           SOX       Sarbanes-Oxley Act
M:N          Many-to-many                            SPL       Structured Product Labeling
M:1          Many-to-one                             SQL       Structured Query Language
MOLAP        Multidimensional online analytical      SQL/CLI   SQL/Call Level Interface
             processing                              SQL/DS    Structured Query Language/Data System
MMS          Multi-messaging service                           (an IBM relational DBMS)
MOM          Message-oriented middleware             SQLJ      SQL for Java
MRN          Medical record number                   SQL/PSM   SQL/Persistent Stored Modules
MRP          Materials requirements planning         SSL       Secure Sockets Layer
MS           Microsoft                               TCP/IP    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet
MVCH         Mountain View Community Hospital                  Protocol

NIST         National Institute of Standards and     TDWI      The Data Warehousing Institute
             Technology                              TQM       Total quality management
ODBC         Open database connectivity              UDDI      Universal Description, Discovery, and
OODBMS       Object-oriented database management               Integration
             system                                  UDF       User-defined function
ODL          Object definition language              UDT       User-defined data type
ODS          Operational data store                  UML       Unified Modeling Language
OLAP         Online analytical processing            URI       Universal resource identifier
OLTP         Online transaction processing           URL       Uniform resource locator
OO           Object-oriented                         VLDB      Very large database
OODM         Object-oriented data model              W3C       World Wide Web Consortium
OQL          Object Query Language                   WSDL      Web Services Description Language
O/R          Object/relational                       WYSIWYG   What you see is what you get
ORB          Object request broker                   WWW       World Wide Web
ORDBMS       Object-relational database management   XBRL      Extensible Business Reporting Language
             system                                  XHTML     Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
ORM          Object-relational mapping               XML       Extensible Markup Language
P3P          Platform for Privacy Preferences        XSL       Extensible Style Language
PC           Personal computer                       XSLT      XML Stylesheet Language Transformation
PDA          Personal digital assistant              1:1       One-to-one
PIN          Personal identification number          1:M       One-to-many
PK           Primary key                             1NF       First normal form
PL/SQL       Programming Language/SQL                2NF       Second normal form
PVFC         Pine Valley Furniture Company           3GL       Third-generation language
RAD          Rapid application development           3NF       Third normal form
RAID         Redundant array of inexpensive disks    4NF       Fourth normal form
RAM          Random access memory                    5NF       Fifth normal form