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									          HDFC Bank Investment Advisory                                                                                                                                    Sept 2010
                                                                               Fund Snapshot

                                                             Reliance RSF – Equity                                        Fund Manager: Omprakash Kuckien

  Type & Investment Objective                                                                       Growth of Rs. 100 in the fund since inception
  It is an open-ended equity fund. The fund is a multicap                                           (June 9, 05) vs BSE 100 (as on Aug 31, 2010)
  fund with predominant focus towards large cap stocks.                                                350

  Composition                                                                                          300

     Asset Allocation                            Market Capitalization
   Equity          95.20                         Large Cap       61.09                                 250

   Debt             0.00                         Mid Cap         16.88                                 200
   Cash             4.81                         Small Cap       17.22
                                                               * As on Aug 31 , 2010                   150

  Fund Commentary
  ⇒   The fund is an actively managed multi-cap fund with                                              100

      more focus on the mid to large cap stocks.                                                                                   Reliance RSF - Equity         BSE 100

  ⇒ The fund manager takes exposure to high conviction
      ideas in the mid cap space and reviews the positions
                                                                                                    Top Holdings as on Aug 31, 2010
  ⇒ The fund manger is of the view that markets are                                                  Company                                                                   %
      neither cheap nor on the higher side which is why any                                          State Bank of India                                                      5.34
      sort of news-flows could push the market on either                                             ONGC                                                                     4.30
      side.                                                                                          TCS                                                                      4.07
                                                                                                     Tata Motors                                                              3.25
  ⇒ He however says that as the rally has been sharp,
                                                                                                     Mphasis BFL                                                              3.04
      correction in global markets can lead to higher
      correction in the domestic indices. Otherwise,                                                 Total                                                                   20.00
      markets could continue to witness stock specific                                               Sector                                                                    %
- (Fund Manager: Prashant Jain & Anand Laddha)
      action.                                                                                        Banks & Finance                                                         12.79
  ⇒ On the domestic side concerns continue to remain                                                 IT                                                                      11.31
      from inflation while on the global front economic                                              Oil & Gas, Petroleum & Refinery                                         10.94
      slowdown continues to remain a hang.                                                           Pharma                                                                   8.77
  ⇒ As markets are fairly valued, hence any rally going                                              Auto & Auto ancilliaries                                                 8.67
      ahead is likely to be liquidity driven. Though on FY11                                         Total                                                                   52.48
      markets look fairly valued, on FY12 it looks
      convincing on back of strong consumption theme.                                               Quarterly Returns                                                      (absolute)
  ⇒ He does not plan to take any major cash calls as he
                                                                                                                 Q1                          Q2                 Q3              Q4
      believes that there would be sufficient opportunities in                                       2007         -                           -                12.94           52.35
      the market. Thus India will continue to remain                                                 2008      -24.21                      -17.77              -3.06          -23.58
      attractive destination for global investment.                                                  2009       -3.82                       62.64              20.14           8.05
  ⇒ The fund is recommended for aggressive investors                                                 2010       3.13                        3.34                 -               -
      with a horizon of 2-3 yrs.
                                                                                                    Trailing Returns                                     (as on Aug 31, 2010)
  Portfolio Characteristics^                              Risk Analysis^                             Period                                 Fund                  BSE100
                                                                                                     3 Months                               10.68                  6.49
   Portfolio P/E Ratio  30.48                             Beta          0.78                         6 Months                               15.34                  9.92
   Portfolio P/B Ratio   3.91                             Sharpe        0.44                         1 Year                                 30.71                  17.05
                                                          Standard                                   3 Years                                21.02                  7.00
    Dividend Yield
                                              0.93        Deviation     4.23                         5 Years                                25.45                  18.12
    Avg. Market                                           Expense                                    Since Inception                        24.25                    --
    Cap(Cr.)                                              Ratio                                                      Absolute for <= 1 year and annualized for > 1 year
                                           54533                        1.86
                                                                ^ As of Aug 31 , 2010
  Scheme Features                                                                                   Returns in various market cycles                                        (absolute)
  ⇒      Options: Growth & Dividend                                                                            Period               Fund                                     BSE100
  ⇒      Minimum Investment amount: Rs. 500                                                          Up Phase
  ⇒      Load Structure: Exit Load: 1% if redeemed before 1                                          01/03/2009 - 31/12/2009       135.67                                    104.36
         year                                                                                        01/06/2006 - 31/12/2007       162.10                                    114.08
  ⇒      Benchmark Index: BSE 100
                                                                                                     Down Phase
  ⇒      NAV: 52 Week High / Low: 32.16/23.55                                                        01/01/2008 - 31/10/2008                               -55.11             -55.74
  ⇒      Corpus: Rs. 3111.97 Cr.

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