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									                                                    Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

Wheat Ridge Ministries Grant to Support Equine Therapy

 Wheat Ridge Ministries has announced that it will partner with NLOM in the development of an equine facilitated
therapeutic riding center and program in Nebraska.

The new program, called Power of the Spirit, will serve people with disabilities by utilizing horses through therapeutic
riding. A major equine therapeutic riding center will be constructed at Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat
Center, near Ashland, NE. This will be the primary location for Power of the Spirit. Carol Joy Holling Camp is a year-
round camp and retreat facility serving 1800 summer campers and 9000 retreat guests annually.

Power of the Spirit equine therapeutic riding programs will begin at Carol Joy Holling Camp in the fall of 2004 using
current facilities. The program will include hippotherapy, which is specialized therapy involving horses that is facilitated by
licensed occupational, physical or speech therapists. It will also offer therapeutic riding, which is facilitated by certified
riding instructors. It is anticipated that 50 riders will be served weekly.

Power of the Spirit will use horses to further develop the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional abilities of its
participants. A growing body of research shows that equine-assisted activities improve muscle tone, balance, posture,
coordination and motor development for people with disabilities, as well as providing a greater sense of emotional well

Recently, NLOM commissioned a study to evaluate the need for an equine facilitated therapeutic riding program to serve
individuals and families in the greater Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska area. Ninety-five percent of the survey respondents,
who included family members, medical professionals and school specialists, indicated a need for a large-scale equine
assisted therapy program in the area.

NLOM’s program will distinguish itself from others throughout the nation with its unique capacity to offer equine
therapeutic riding in connection with residential camping for participants. NLOM will offer riders a camp experience that
includes lodging, meals and other specially designed activities in fully handicap-accessible facilities.

The partnership between Wheat Ridge Ministries and NLOM will provide for the development of all aspects of the
program, under the direction of Sunni Richardson, NLOM Director/Programs and NLOM’s new Equine Manager,
Leslie Hinrichs.

Patti Kortkamp, former director of Heartland Therapeutic Riding, Stillwell, KS and former President of NARHA (National
American Riding for the Handicapped Association) will work in consultation with NLOM to develop the faith-based
program and its systems for operation.

Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is the camping and retreating ministry of the Nebraska Synod, Evangelical
Lutheran Church in America. NLOM owns and operates Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center, near
Ashland, NE; Sullivan Hills Camp, near Lodgepole, NE and Day Camp programs in congregations across Nebraska.

Wheat Ridge Ministries is a Chicago-based Lutheran-related charitable organization dedicated to seeding innovative
projects which help bring health and hope to people in the United States and around the world. Its funds derive largely
from individual and congregational donations and from an annual Christmas Seals Campaign conducted in Lutheran

For more information on the new NLOM Power of the Spirit program, call toll free at 1-888-656-6254. For more
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