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Financial Times and channel partners
Leveraging the strength of the FT brand to your advantage.

World business in one place                                  •   A Database Licence provides you with full text,
The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business         indexed feeds of FT Newspaper and content.
news organisations, is recognised internationally for its        You can process the full text, but only publish the
authority, integrity and accuracy.                               original headline, a controlled abstract of 30 words
                                                                 and the first 140 characters of the opening sentence
Providing essential news, comment, data and analysis for
                                                                 of the article. You can offer this service to any of your
the global business community, the FT has a combined
                                                                 customers as long as the headlines link to the original
print and online average daily readership of 1.9 million
                                                                 article on
people worldwide.
                                                             •   Our Agency Agreement also provides you with full
Becoming an FT channel partner
                                                                 text, indexed feeds of FT Newspaper and
Over 900 corporate customers now have rights to access
                                                                 content. This agreement allows you to host the
FT journalism via 39 third party technology platforms.
                                                                 full text of FT articles for exclusive access by FT
They value having the FT’s authoritative and global
                                                                 Corporate Licence customers only
news coverage as a source of information. Our channel
                                                             You have the option of choosing both agreements.
partners value the ability to deliver an enhanced level
                                                             That way, FT licence holders would be able to read the
of client service by integrating FT content into their
                                                             articles on your platform, whilst non-licence holders
                                                             would benefit from your search and alerting functionality,
To enable you to deliver FT content to your customers,
                                                             but they would be directed to to view the full
we offer two types of licensing rights, a Database Licence
                                                             text articles.
and/or an Agency Agreement:
                                                             The table overleaf provides an overview of the two types
                                                             of agreement.


    Features                                  Database Licence                                Agency Agreement

    FT Newspaper XML feed                                 8                                           3

    FT Newspaper XML feed                                 3                                           3
    with links to pdfs on XML feed                                       3                                           3
    with links

    Process full text feed                                3                                           3

    Allow customers to search                             3                                           3
    full text articles

    Deliver or display headline
    links, teaser text/controlled                         3                                           3

    View full text articles                                                   3rd party platform

    Users                                          All customers                     Only FT corporate licence holders

    Client level permission                               8                                           3

    Length of archive                         Rolling 3 or 12 months                      From start of agreement

    Usage reporting required                              8                                           3

    Fee                                  £12,000 or £18,000 per annum                           No fee applies

    Digital redistribution
                                                          8                                           8
    of full text

Database Licence
The customer experience is an important consideration              •   Customers without an subscription will be
for Database Licence holders. When a user clicks on a                  asked to register on They’ll then be able to
headline link, access to the FT article will be managed                view up to 10 articles in a 30 day period for free. To
by the ‘metered’ subscription model: visitors to                view more than 10 within a 30 day period, they will be can view up to 10 articles in a 30 day period for               invited to subscribe
free, as long as they register; after 10 articles, users are
                                                                   Subscriptions for up to nine people can be purchased
invited to subscribe.
                                                                   directly on Corporate Licences are available
This will mean one of the following for your customers:            for 10+ users, providing access to FT journalism at
                                                                   discounted rates and across multiple technology
•    Customers with an subscription will be able
                                                                   platforms. For more information, visit
     to read the article using their user ID and
     password. A ‘remember me’ function means they only
     have to log-in once
Agency Agreement                                             •     Once terms have been agreed the client must sign
Our Agency Agreement clearly defines the roles and                 an FT Corporate Licence. This is a standalone
responsibilities of both the FT and the 3rd party channel,         document and cannot be incorporated into a wider
outlined in more detail below.                                     channel licence

Fees & Billing                                                   – The FT Corporate Licence enables the client to
•   No fee of any type can be levied to cover the                  nominate the channel(s) they wish to receive FT
    inclusion of FT content in the channel offering. The           content from. They specify the number of users per
    amount charged to the client must be the same with             channel and are paying one price for the content,
    or without FT content                                          independent of access method

•   The FT will charge the client for the FT content and         – The licence the client signs is not shared with
    the channel will charge for its solution and services          their chosen channel(s) as the price and terms are
•   The cost of FT content cannot be incorporated in a
    wider channel agreement for that client                  •     The FT then notifies the channel that the client
                                                                   can now receive access to FT content. No access
Usage reporting
                                                                   is allowed before a client has signed a Corporate
•   A client-by-client report must be provided to the
    FT on a monthly basis to indicate the client name,
    number of users and number of full text articles
    viewed per month. The FT will obtain client consent
    for this                                                     “
Enablement process
•   The Agency Agreement stipulates that as soon as a
    client expresses an interest in receiving FT content,          deliveredthroughmultiplechannels.
    the channel must provide them with the FT’s contact
                                                                   Paul Greenwood, CIO, Clifford Chance LLP

•   All discussions with the client regarding the size of
    the audience they have for FT content, how it will
    be used, and providing a quote will be between the
    FT sales person and the client, with no 3rd party
    involvement at this stage

Content feeds
The FT delivers three full text XML feeds on a password
protected ftp site so FT content can be loaded into your
systems. All of these feeds are indexed by company
name, industry sector and geographic region. Sample
feeds are available on request.

•   FT Newspaper XML feed – There are five editions of
    the FT newspaper (Asia, Europe, Middle East, UK and
    US). The file contains unique articles that appeared
    across these editions and is made available from
    1.30 a.m. on the day of publication

•   FT Newspaper XML feed with links – This file
    contains all the FT newspaper articles and url links to
    PDFs hosted on This is also made available
    from 1.30 a.m. on the day of publication

• XML feed with links – Multiple files with articles that are published and delivered
    throughout the day. This feed excludes FT Alphaville
    and other forums which include user generated
Visible indicators of value
                                                                                      more news more social more often

Our licensing strategy is designed to encourage
measurable or ‘visible’ use of FT information, in order to
provide a more objective basis for a discussion around
value with clients.

As a result, our Corporate Licence does not permit the
digital redistribution of full text FT articles, but we do
encourage the use of headline links. The FT would expect
any third party platforms to support this approach.

To find out more about how you can become a recognised FT channel partner, please contact Sue Cassidy,
Head of Channel Management at the Financial Times on: +44 (0)20 7873 4150 email