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                       EXTRA TIME
                                                  Issue 5, 2008/9 Season, February 2009

         A word from the Chairman
                                                                                                          Club scarves now
                                                                                                              on SALE
It’s finally over!
                                                                                                              MK Wanderers
                                                                                                           football scarves are
After 4 years and 6 months,          themselves. We are looking for      summer tournament due to the
the long-awaited lease on Kents                                                                            now available for £8.
                                     a sea of volunteers. Here is a      restraint that the PARISH
Hill Pavilion has finally been                                                                             Please order through
                                     summary of what we are looking      COUNCIL wish to impose on
signed. The contract was signed      for:                                us. So for this year Andy and     your Team Manager.
on Tuesday 2nd December with                   Caretaker                 his team are currently             Please support your
the start date of Friday 2nd                                             sourcing a new venue for our               club
January when the keys were                                               summer tournament; more on
handed over.                                                             this when things are clearer.
                                               Sign Writers
                                                                         The date for the summer
The facilities will be managed                 Plumbers
                                                                         tournament remains the first
by Kents Hill Pavilion Ltd, set up             Painters & Decorators     weekend in June, i.e. Saturday
by the Committee to administer                 Electricians              6th and Sunday 7th.
the bookings and pitch hire for
the MK Wanderers’ teams. In          Over the coming months, the         A new chapter begins in
addition, it will also take          members of the committee will       Wanderers’ history: we now
bookings from other clubs to         be putting into place processes     have a place to call home for    Important Dates for
fill any spare capacity to           and procedures on how the           the next ten years at least.     your diary
generate additional income.          Kents Hill Pavilion will be         Remember, it’s not what MK
                                                                                                          - Presentation Evening
                                     managed. In the short-term          Wanderers can do for you; it’s
Managing Kents Hill Pavilion is      pitch allocations will be handled
                                                                                                            23rd May 2009
                                                                         what you can do for MK
something we have worked for         by Neill Davy and caretaking        Wanderers.                       - Annual Tournament
over the last four years to          duties will be handled by the                                          6th/7th June 2009
achieve, now that we have            Chairman. This includes pitch       I look forward to seeing you
achieved it, the work starts         inspections, opening and locking    around                           - AGM 14th July 2009
now. Kents Hill Pavilion will give   up on match days.
us more flexibility particularly
around summer training, match                                                                             Full details can be found at
                                     Unfortunately for us, one of
cancellations and match day          the conditions on getting the
entertaining. However, these         lease signed in December was
things will not happen by            that we are unable to host our
         Sponsor Spotlight – Global Employment Bureau
In this issue of Extra Time we
                                                                                              for the boys. We are really grateful to
spotlight Global Employment Bureau
                                                                                              Shenda and Crystal for their support
who supports our Under 9 Hawks.
                                                                                              and wish our Under 9 Hawks every
                                                                                              success in the current season.
The company was set up two years ago by
close friends Shenda Wilkie and Crystal
                                                                                              If anyone wishes to sponsor a squad,
Rolfe and they are one of the fastest
                                                                                              whether it is for kit, tracksuits,
growing recruitment agencies specialising in
                                                                                              kitbags, rain-tops etc then please get
the supply of qualified Heavy Goods Vehicle
                                                                                              in touch with Vice Chairman Andy
Drivers to the transport industry. Their
                                                                                              Manners who can give you all the
offices are based in Brackmills,
                                                                                              details and costs involved so MK
Northampton and they have over 2000 HGV
                                                                                              Wanderers can continue to be the best
drivers registered on their books, supplying
                                                                                              turned-out club in Milton Keynes."
staff to a large range of household names
and blue chip companies. If you need
anything delivered in a large truck but no
one to drive it, then Global Employment        Global Employment Bureau have funded the
Bureau is the place to go. Shenda or Crystal   cost of a complete new strip for the team
can be contacted on 01604 662780.              and recently sponsored a set of rain tops

       Coaches Corner
 What a bunch of cheats!

Our Club’s “mission statement” (which is       guises and what may seem fair to you
a brief statement of the purpose or            might be perceived differently by
reason for the club) is “To nurture,           somebody else.
encourage, promote skill & continually
strive to be the best” which means             Also don’t make matters worse by
that as players you are expected to play       looking to cheat yourself. You’ll only be    their number 9, who is holding your
the game for the right reasons;                letting yourself and your team down,         number 4’s shirt all the time etc. etc.
enjoyment, improvement, sportsmanship          and because you don’t normally do it,        Remember, stay calm.
and goodwill are just a few. But what          you will probably get caught. Cheating
happens when you come up against a side        can often make you very angry. This          Once the game has finished, you’re not
that is prepared to play unfairly.             sort of reaction will almost definitely      going to change the result - so don’t get
                                               be counterproductive unless it is            into an argument with the opposition or
Also, what do we mean by unfair? Is it         focused in the right way. Channel your       the referee. This doesn’t mean you
cheating, is it gamesmanship, or is it just    frustration into how you play and your       cannot speak to them, but just after the
sometimes being ignorant of the laws of        work rate and make sure that your next       game you are less likely to make rational
the game?                                      tackle is hard but fair rather than a        comments. You may well get the same
                                               wild lunge which could cause problems        referee for another game, so it is
Many professional football managers will       later or get you in to trouble with the      important to keep on his good side.
protect or offer excuses for their             Referee.
players’ behavior. They will readily                                                        So, to sum up, take a long hard look at
accept the 3 points, even though they          With regards to the referee, it is           yourself before accusing the other team.
have not been won fairly. Nobody gains         important to understand who is allowed       If you change your tactics during a game
from cheating, because it is a shortcut        to approach him. He should tell you          to cheat then you may well find yourself
to glory but the glory is tainted. I know      before the game but if he hasn’t,            worse off anyway. Channel the
it may not feel that way, particularly if      assume it is your team captain. If you       aggression that comes from playing
the cheating costs you a place in a cup        or your teammates simply start               against a cheating side wisely and to your
final, but inside, although the player or      shouting at him, he is less likely to take   advantage, be calm in your communication
players will feel they have got one over       notice, so keep your cool and let your       with the referee – if he does not see it,
you, they will know they have done wrong       captain speak to the referee, or get         there is not much more you can do.
to achieve the end result.                     your coach to speak to him “calmly” at       Finally, don’t rush in straight after the
                                               half time. As a note to the captain or       game, instead, give yourself time to
However, before you start making any           coach, don’t simply accuse the other         gather your thoughts
accusations, be prepared to have a long        team, or blame the referee for missing
hard look at your own game. This is            an incident. Ask him for clarification on    Simon Jay, Head Coach
really difficult because you may also be       a law of the game, or to look out for
guilty of it! Cheating comes in many

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