Textile and Canvas

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Textile and Canvas

Metamark MD-TD – Textile Display Fabric
This promotional grade textile product has proved very popular for creating retail window displays and other point of sale displays, as an alternative to other PVC, paper or
other rigid materials. It produces images that are non-reflective to overhead display lighting. It is fire retardant for indoor use.

I   280gsm                                                             MD-TD       Textile Display
I   Acrylic Coated Textile
I   Fire Retardent to DIN 4102 B1
I   Indoor Use
I   Anti-Glare for Display Use

                                                                                                                      price £ per roll + vat
     Roll Width                                        Roll Length                                            1-2 rolls                    3-4 rolls               5+ rolls

                                                           5m                                                   36.50
                                                           25m                                                 170.20                      163.70                  157.30
                                                           5m                                                   61.20
     1370mm                                                25m                                                 291.40                      280.20                  269.30
                                                           5m                                                   72.80
     1600mm                                                25m                                                 340.20                      327.10                  314.50

Metamark MD-MX – Heat Transfer Flex for Textiles
This high quality heat transfer flex is suitable for garment markings, such as promotional T shirts, sportswear and workwear. The high-quality polyurethane film has a matt,
reflection-free surface laminated with a thermally activated adhesive. It is suitable for transfer to cotton, polyester and polyester / acrylic blend fabrics. It benefits from a low
tack self adhesive liner, and is recommended to be used with a heat transfer press, and full temperature and pressure settings are available on the technical data sheet, or
the web site. Apply using PT500X Application Tape.

I   Flexible, Non Reflection, Matt PU Film                             MD-MX       Heat Transfer Flex
I   Heat Activated Adhesive
I   Machine washable at 400 C
I   Use With PT500X Application Tape
I   For Use on Cotton, Polyester and Polyester/
    Acrylic Blend Fabrics
                                                                                                                      price £ per roll + vat
     Roll Width                                        Roll Length                                            1-2 rolls                    3-4 rolls               5+ rolls

                                                            5m                                                  63.40
                                                           25m                                                 302.20                      290.60                  279.30
                                                           5m                                                  119.40
                                                           25m                                                 574.10                      552.00                  530.80
                                                           5m                                                  125.70
     1520mm                                                25m                                                 604.30                      581.10                  558.70

    PT500X                   Application Tape for Heat Transfer Flex
                                                                                                                      price £ per roll + vat
     Roll Width                                        Roll Length                                                                                                 per roll

     500mm                                                 10m                                                                                                      22.50

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