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									Ampney Crucis                                Ampney St Mary                               Ampney St Peter

                                 The Ampney Times
                                                                                              October/November 2006

Music, with wine                                                                 Ampney Crucis Cinema
A rare opportunity to hear chamber music in a beautiful local setting,           Ampney Crucis Village Hall, £2.50
accompanied by a glass of wine – and all to support a charitable cause.          at the door. Refreshments
On Friday 13 October at 7.30pm the Four Seasons Quartet will perform             available. Bring cushions
three pieces in Ampney Crucis Church:                                            Enquiries- Anne Bridges   652471.

    Mozart, Quartet K464 in A, to celebrate                                      Wed 25 October 7.30pm
    the 250th anniversary of his birth                                           Brokeback Mountain. Cert 15.
    Puccini, Quartet, “Crisantemi”,                                              Based on the E. Annie Proulx story
    (Chrysanthemums), the romantic one                                           about a forbidden and secretive
    movement quartet by the composer of La                                       relationship between two cowboys
    Boheme                                                                       and their lives over the years.
    Borodin, Quartet #2, with the well-known
    Notturno movement.                                                           Wed 22 November 7.30pm
                                                                                 Film to be announced - see posters
Tickets, including a glass of wine, cost £10,                                    around Ampney Crucis.
and are available from Robina Sabourin       851515 and Amanda Homan-
Green     771137.
The event is in aid of Cotswold Breakthrough Breast Cancer, with a donation
to the church.                                                                   Blue Grass in Ampney
                                                                                 Crucis – John Ducker
                                                                                 In late July there was a heavy
Charity Sale      -Janet Gibbs
                                                                                 downpour of rain in Ampney Crucis.
                                                                                 The ground was hard from weeks
Alpaca Jerseys and Beads by Caroline Shapland for sale at The Manor
                                                                                 of hot sunlight and the water could
House, Ampney St. Peter. Tuesday 31 October from 10am to 4pm in
                                                                                 only run off it or accumulate on it. I
aid of Bala Orphanage, Kenya and MacIntyre Homes.
                                                                                 was on my way back from
Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments all day.
                                                                                 Cirencester when the rain started. I
                                                                                 turned left by the Crown and
                                                                                 driving over the bridge glanced to
Publication of The Ampney Villages Directory                                     my right over the cricket ground.
                                                           —Elisabeth Gerver     To my amazement it was turquoise
After many adventures en route – because of summer and autumn holidays           blue! The water could not run off
of contributors, advertisers and (not to be out-done) the editors themselves     and blue sky beyond the rain
– Terry Bloxham and Elisabeth Gerver are delighted to announce that The          clouds was reflected in it. Blue
Ampney Villages Directory 2006/7 was published on 26 September. It               grass in Ampney Crucis.
will be distributed to all households in the three Ampneys during October. If
you haven’t received your copy by 1 November, please contact Elisabeth
Gerver, 850508.

The editors would like warmly to thank Cheltenham and Gloucester Rural
Initiative Fund and our advertisers for their funding of the project and all
the contributors of information for their hard work to a tight deadline. There
are now at least fifty people who will no longer automatically dread an email
or telephone call from Elisabeth!

If you feel the need of some beneficial exercise and would like to join the
team distributing the booklet in the villages, please contact Elisabeth Gerver
as above.
 PAGE 2                                           T H E A M P NE Y T I M E S     O C T O B E R/ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6

Ampney Crucis Primary School – Richard Woolston
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks as Acting Headteacher and I
am looking forward to continuing in the role until Christmas, when I will
hand over to Mrs Ann-Marie Wilkie who will then become the permanent
Headteacher. I have been very impressed with the behaviour and attitude
of the children as well as the conscientious and professional approach of all
the staff. As usual there is a lot happening at the school!

Garden Club                              Dates for your Diary
Under the expert and enthusiastic
leadership of Myra Bye, the Garden       Harvest Festival
Club have been working hard to           Our Harvest Festival Church service
smarten up the outside area and          will be at 10am on Wednesday
attend to all those vital gardening      18 October. It would be great to
tasks now that autumn is rapidly         see as many local people there as
approaching.                             possible   to    share    in    our
Extra-Curricular Activities
Once again the school is organising      School Christmas Productions
a broad range of clubs involving         Christmas productions have now
activities    such     as    football,   been scheduled.         The dress
computing, needlework, drama,            rehearsal for Willow and Maple
French and multi-sports. I am very       classes (Years R, 1, 2 and 3) will be
grateful to all the staff who give so    on Monday 11 December in the
generously of their time and             morning and for Oak class (Years 4,
energies     in    providing    these    5 and 6) in the afternoon. Please
wonderful opportunities for the          contact the school ( 851440)
children.                                nearer     the   time    for   exact
                                         performance         times        and
                                         arrangements. Willow and Maple
                                         will then perform at 2pm and Oak
                                         at 6:30pm on Tuesday 12
                                         December. On the following day,
                                         Wednesday 13 December, Oak
                                         will perform at 2pm and Willow and
                                         Maple at 6:30pm. I hope that all
                                         this makes sense and that the hall
                                         is bursting at the seams with an
                                         appreciative audience!

                                         Christmas Carol Concert
                                         Our Christmas Carol Concert in the
                                         Church has been scheduled for
                                         6pm on Monday 18 December.
                                         I am sure this event is always a
                                         delightful way to begin the
New Kitchen                              Christmas festivities.
To our delight, the modernisation
of the kitchen and serving area has
now been completed. We hope it
will provide a valuable resource for
the local community as well as the

I offer my best wishes to everyone in the local community and please do
not hesitate to contact me if I may be of any assistance.
O C T O B E R/ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6            T H E A M P NE Y T I M E S                                   PAGE 3

Cirencester/Latton bypass resurfacing                   - Helen Tonks           Mobile Police Station
                                                                                The mobile police station, with PC
You may have been following the reports in the local press recently covering    Reuben Wyatt, will visit the
the confusion over when the concrete surface of the Cirencester/Latton          Ampneys at approximately the
bypass will be resurfaced. Some letters from the Highways Agency have           following times:
confirmed that the ministerial commitment to resurface all concrete roads
by 2011 still stands. Other letters have indicated that the roads will not be               AC      A St M    A St P
resurfaced before maintenance need, and this will not be before 2013,            4 Oct     1245      1300      1400
when the work will not include resurfacing.
                                                                                26 Oct     1245      1300      1400
The Parish Council have been asked by Latton Parish Council whether             13 Nov     1240      1300      1400
anyone in the village would be interested in joining an action group to lobby
for a date for the resurfacing to be confirmed. If you are interested, please   24 Nov     1240      1300      1400
let Ampney Crucis’ Parish Clerk know: Helen Tonks 187 Alexander Drive,            07734 068276
Cirencester GL7 1UH, 01285 640718.

In the meantime, signatures are being collected to show the depth of
feeling about the current concrete road surface. If you feel strongly, please
could you let the Clerk know, in writing. You may wish to use the following
“I wish to register my concern that there are no specific plans to resurface
the Cirencester/Latton bypass and request that the ministerial commitment
to resurface all concrete roads by 2011 be honoured.”

Any letters received by 9 October will be forwarded to the Action Group.

Report from your District Councillor              - Sir Edward Horsfall

As your District Councillor, I have attended most of the Parish Meetings and
also attended the splendid village fete during the summer. My main
involvement in the village in the last few months has been on planning
matters including the very difficult issues around Park Close.

On the District Council, I am in the Cabinet and am the Portfolio Holder for
Community Services. The last year has been very busy including new
licensing legislation, distribution of second homes money to local worthy
projects, a lot of work on schemes for young and old people, food safety
issues, trying to obtain more affordable housing, etc etc!!
I can be contacted on 623848 if you feel that I may be able to help.

Cricket Report - Phil Gearing                                                   Pétanque Club
                                                                                                  —Christine Cridford
The Cricket team finished the season with a hard fought victory over local      The 2006 season draws to a close with
rivals Barnsley. Previously we had games against Weekenders and Spye            our annual Autumn tournament on
Park and had a cancellation against a touring team. We only played on           Sunday October 1 2-4pm.
                                                                                We will be back again next year with a
Sundays and were pleased to see the youngsters being given a chance in
                                                                                Have a Go day in April – watch this
friendly fixtures. Next season we shall be looking forward to consolidate and
hoping the weather will be as hot and sunny as it was this season.
 PAGE 4                                        T H E A M P NE Y T I M E S               O C T O B E R/ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6

Ampney St Peter News - Nick Gibbs
Man hole cover                         Fundraisers                            Insurance
The man hole cover next to the         Congratulations to the Ampney          The Village Meeting now has
post box has been mended after a       Flyers for their charity concert in    insurance! We are covered by
mysterious crackage. Thanks to         the church in September, which         Zurich Municipal. The auditors
John Lander for chasing the county     raised £60 for the Red Cross. Seth     seem to be particularly happy that
council and for clearing out the       Bye, Lara Gibbs and Sasha Gibbs        insurance is the answer to all our
rubble from the drain.                 performed their one-hour set to        risks in our risk assessment!!!
                                       some 40 fans. Along with Jed Bye
Car boot sale                          and various others they did well       Culvert under A417
The annual car boot sale on the        with the Historic Churches Bicycle     The ditch along the west end of the
Moor, raised some £1700, to be         Ride, biking to eight churches in      Moor has now been connected to
distributed, we believe, to the        perfect conditions.                    the ditch along the north side of
church and a charity. Loads of                                                the A417 with a tunnel under the
people helped, and there was a         Electoral canvassers                   road. This should diminish the load
great barbecue afterwards.             If you want to become an electoral     upon the pond. Rumour has it that
                                       canvasser to update the Electoral      there are trout breeding in the
Grass cuttings on the Moor             Register, please contact Sarah         ditch, and crayfish in the brook.
Norman Simpson, Derek Witchell         Dalby at CDC ( 01285 623009).
and Mick Sharpe have worked hard       You will need to visit properties      Flooding
to burn the grass cuttings in the      that have failed to respond to         There’s a clear message about
corner of the Moor. Next year we       forms.                                 flooding. If you are in any way
hope the grass will be removed for                                            affected by flooding you must
hay.                                   Boundary changes                       immediately contact Thames Water
                                       As discussed at the Village Meeting,   on      0845 9200800. Unless
Bonfire strategy                       the proposed changes to the village    everyone complains Thames Water
Through the Village Meeting            boundaries are now being passed        won’t recognise the full impact of a
Ampney St Peter will be attempting     to the Department of Communities       flood. They will send you a form,
to devise guidelines for bonfires to   and Local Government, after            but hopefully Nick Gibbs    850557
reduce the impact of smoke, while      consultation at CDC level. Residents   will have copies. Thames Water are
recognising the necessity to clear     have been invited to submit further    asking residents to be considerate
garden waste.                          comments.                              about letting out bathwater during
                                                                              flood conditions. If you have
New signpost                           White lines                            comments to make to Thames
A team of residents, including John    Double white lines will not be         Water email them. They will be
Buchan, Ian Bye and Phil Hawes,        painted on the A417, because the       surveying the sewage pipes when
helped Henry Gibbs raise a new         case for them has not be proven by     there’s enough groundwater.
village signpost on the triangle.      police, according to Gloucestershire
Henry sourced the post and sign        Highways. Contact Martyn Midgley -     Channel clearing
from Haileywood Sawmill, painted it      01452 530493 for more details.       Gloucestershire County Council
and moved the letters from the old                                            have informed us that the bridge
sign to the new. It cost the village   Spoil by the brook                     and channel on the boundary
about £75, and looks fantastic.        The pile of spoil alongside the        between Ampney St Peter and
                                       brook on the Moor will soon be         Poulton on the A417 have now
                                       removed by Gloucestershire County      been cleared. Please tell me if there
                                       Council contractors. An                are any further problems there.
                                       enforcement officer from the
                                       Environment Agency has confirmed
                                       that its dumping was illegal, and
                                       that any change within 8m of a
                                       watercourse requires their

Ampney St Mary News - Nicoll Ferguson

A very warm welcome to Richard and Sally Brown and their family, Ben,
Edward and Sophie, who have moved into their new house in the village.
O C T O B E R/ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6                 T H E A M P NE Y T I M E S                                        PAGE 5

                                                     Social Events
Mothers’ Union                                Ampneys Gardening Club                    Bingo
Meets monthly at various venues               Meets monthly Thursdays Ampney            11 October, 8 October, 6
and times; everyone is welcome.               Crucis Village Hall 7pm to 9pm            December, Ampney Crucis Village
5 October, 2.30pm, Janet Jenkins              unless otherwise noted.                   Hall. Doors open 7pm; Eyes down
on “The Family Haven in                       19 October, Jenny Whitham on              7.30pm.
Gloucester” at Waterton Farm                  “Gardens of Florence and the              Organised by the Friends of
House.                                        Italian Lakes”. Everyone welcome.         Ampney Crucis School.
2 November 2pm, Theresa                       16 November, “Mr J A Perkins on
Vearncombe on “How do you see                 “Shrub borders”. Everyone                 Whist
the stable? A meditation”. Venue to           welcome.                                  10 October and 14 November ,
be confirmed.                                 Contact Joyce Cutts 851540                the Pop In, Cirencester, 7.30pm.
Contact Rosemary Franklin                                                               Organised by the Ampney and
  654282                                      Ampney and District Royal                 District Royal British Legion
                                              British Legion                            Women’s Section.
Women’s Institute                             Usually meets alternate months on
Meets monthly Thursdays Ampney                Tuesdays, Ampney Crucis Village           Sixties Club
Crucis Village Hall 7.30pm unless             Hall 2pm unless otherwise noted.          Meets Mondays Ampney Crucis
otherwise noted                               17 October, AGM and Sale table            Village Hall 2pm unless otherwise
26 October Peter Payne on “The                5 December, Christmas lunch,              noted.
Three Sieges of Malta”                        time to be announced.                     2 October, Harvest meeting
23 November Annual meeting and                Contact Janet Gibbs 851227                16 October, Autumn tints in
Quiz night                                                                              Forest of Dean, departure time to
Contact Sonja Payne 850267                    Youth Club                                be notified.
                                              The club is open to all children in       30 October, 12 for 12.30pm, Fish
                                              years 2 to 6 who live in Ampney           and chips lunch in hall, with quiz.
                                              Crucis and/or who attend Ampney           13     November, Christmas
                                              Crucis School.                            shopping trip to Bristol Broadmead,
                                              If you are interested in your             departure time to be notified.
                                              children joining, please contact          27 November, Music by Dorcan
                                              Rosanna Armitage 850005.                  Contact Paddy or Peggy Thompson

                                         Bookings for Ampney Crucis Village Hall
                                         - Paddy or Peggy Thompson 851619

                                               To Hire the Village Marquee
                                             - Rosanna Armitage 850005

                     This is your newsletter; contributions from individuals, clubs etc always welcome
                  Copy deadline for next issue (December/January): 15 November 2006
                                      Send to Elisabeth Gerver 850508
                            Cider Orchard, Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire GL7 5RY

                       Editors: David Vessey, Elisabeth Gerver, Christine Cridford, Terry Bloxham

Produced by Ampney Crucis Parish Council for the information of residents of the three villages. No liability can be accepted by
the Council or Councillors or the Parish meeting Chairmen for any losses, however caused, arising from this publication
PAGE 6                                              T H E A M P NE Y T I M E S                      O C T O B E R/ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 6

                                                                                 Achy Bones? Flabby Tummy?
                                                                                 Pilates could be for you!
                                                                          Pilates classes have been running for three
                                                                         years in Ampney Crucis – they are friendly,
                                                                                      rewarding and fun.
                                                                            Pilates is ideal for stretching and toning your
                                                                                  muscles (especially your tummy).
                                                                             For new mums it is a good way to return to
   CARING LOCAL PROFESSIONAL SERVICE                                      GPs recommend it for managing back and joint
All aspects of home maintenance and development                                                 problems.
   covered, including plumbing, joinery and tiling.                       It’s practised by men and women from 18 to 80
         A reliable service at a reasonable price                      Classes are held in the Village Hall for one hour
                                                                          each Tuesday at either 1.30 or 5.30 p.m.
          To find out more, why not call us on
                                                                                    For more information
                  01666 577004                                             (or to come along for a taster session):
         The Saltings, Oaksey, Wilts, SN16 9TJ                                   Call Zarina       07881 511 535

                 The Family                                             Planning to sell your home?
                 Osteopath                                                  We would like to move from a Sussex
 Specialist in musculoskeletal medicine                                 village to the Cirencester area to be nearer
                                                                             our family. So we are looking for an
     Benjamin Court Bsc (Hons) Ost, registered                          attractive 3 or 4 bedroom property in good
         osteopath (Osteopaths Act 1993)
                                                                         condition, preferably not on a main road.
              11 High Street, Fairford
                       712300                                                Our budget is £390,000 to £490,000.

                                                                        We would be pleased to hear from anyone
         Top to toe health for everyone!                                planning to sell a property which may be
                                                                                     suitable for us.
           Please call the practice
          for questions answered,                                                  Mareen and Richard Ford
    without obligation for an appointment                                                01444 811541

          Personal ads cost £1 per issue. Local businesses may place an ad (£5) or sponsor an issue (£15).
                                Please contact David Vessey     851438 for details

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