Extensions Policy _PDF _ 282kb_ - Policy on Granting Extensions A by dfsiopmhy6


									                                   Policy on Granting Extensions

A (Combined) Mitigating Circumstances Committee can extend the deadline for the submission
of an assessment subject to the following conditions.

The Mitigating Circumstances Claim Form should normally be submitted prior to the original
submission deadline. However, depending on the mitigating circumstances, if accepted,
departments may wish to accept late submission without penalty or allow for an attempt ‘as if for
the first time’ in August.

1.   The intention in granting an extension is to compensate for the time lost through mitigating

2.   The student’s overall workload should be taken into consideration when granting a new

3.   Extensions are granted for whole days.

4.   Where an extension goes beyond the Board of Examiners’ end-of-year meeting, students
     must be advised of the consequences for reassessment should they fail.

5.   Students must be advised that the granting of an extension cannot subsequently be regarded
     as mitigation for failure in that or other assessments.

6.   Undergraduate students granted an extension beyond the Board of Examiners’ end-of-year
     meeting must have their results confirmed at the undergraduate re-sit Board of Examiners’

7.   Approval or refusal should be given and communicated to the student in writing, either
     conditionally, if all the evidence is not immediately available, or unconditionally, if all the
     evidence is immediately available. Third-party applications for consideration of mitigating
     circumstances should not be considered, except in instances where the third party has the
     relevant power of attorney.

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