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									Embryo Transfer in Cattle

Wern Veterinary surgeons have been performing embryo transfer in beef
and dairy cattle since 1994, being a DEFRA approved Embryo Transfer
team under the leadership of Gwyn Jones and having an approved embryo
storage facility.

We are happy to flush cows on farm or on our own unit near Ruthin.
Over the years we have tailored our service to the needs of our customers
and our protocols have evolved to incorporate up to date thinking on the
importance of management and nutrition on ovarian follicular dynamics and
embryo development.

If you are considering flushing a cow or implanting embryos it is usually
beneficial to discuss your plans with us as early as possible, ideally 10 weeks
before flushing an animal so that her feeding and management etc up to
programming can be discussed and ideally before even purchasing
recipients so that selection, testing and vaccination protocols can be

We are able to supply a limited number of recipients which will be
sourced, blood tested and vaccinated to satisfy our stringent health and
welfare protocols.

Our cattle ET price list follows, in which we have endeavoured to include
all the costs incurred by flushing, storing and transferring embryos.

Should you have any queries about our prices or technical aspects of our
ET work please telephone our Ruthin Office and ask for Gwyn.

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