SUDBURY CANOE CLUB

                     Minutes of meeting 1 June 2008
Mike opened meeting and welcomed all members to our new location at the other end
of the bar by the pool table. Apologies to Oisin if you were sat at our usual location
answering pub quiz trivia.

Present: James Benns, Amy Green, Phil Benns, Dan Towers, Sean Turner, Garry
Andrews, Mike Dodd, Steve Woolmer and Daniel McGaley.

Apologies: Kyrstie Hall. Noticeable Absence: Oisin Kelly.

Minutes of previous meeting: received and agreed.

Matters Arising – Phil has arranged the on-line booking forms for boat hire and
duty officer as discussed at last months meeting. It is suggested that a Duty Officer +
1 would be required for a Friday night and a Duty Officer + 2 would be appreciated
for the come and try sessions. Steve agreed that the boat hire form is a good idea and
will provide accountability for boat hire transactions. Mike thanked Phil for this effort
on behalf of the club.

Programme of forthcoming events- No changes or additions to events on the
calendar except for the July BBQ. This will now take place on Sunday the 24th
August. Steve will issue update shortly. No updates available for the North Wales trip
as yet.

Reports from Officers:-
Dan Mc – Nil
Steve – Reported that the current 2* training has 9 candidates and have completed a
river and a pool session. Josien has the lead on this training. The 1* star training has
8 candidates enrolled and is run with Fred and Sean with Steve providing over watch.
Steve remarked that this is working very well with some excellent results. Steve also
mentioned that there was some late enquiry from non club members for training but it
was agreed that training would be available to club members only.
The cost of the 1* course was discussed and Mike expressed some concern at the
level of this so the club will consider possible ways to reduce this for future courses.
Possibilities to be considered include club subsidy, pool session costs and
accommodation costs.

James- Would like to request another paddle power pool session. Will contact
Jeremy to discuss.
Gary – Reported on the club party. We had a total of 46 adults and 16 juniors attend.
Lots of slides and graphs but bottom line is event was heavily subsidised by the club.
Much discussion followed on how to reduce the club liability and Gary will discuss
these before the next club party. Generally club funds are healthy at this point.
Kyrstie –Kyrstie would still like to have completed CRB forms posted to her so a
copy can be kept for audit. Mike offered to collect these and will forward if required.
Phil- Nil
Amy - Nil
Dan – Nil
Sean – Nil
Mike- Reported that extra cover is required for Paddle Power sessions. Phil will
discuss with Jeremy the possibility of a rota form to be put on the website similar to
the duty officer form.

AOB- Mike requested clarification on the use of equipment acronyms. There seemed
to be some issues with the terms B.A and P.F.D. For those with interests beyond
water sports trivia these are both used to describe the essential Buoyancy Aid or
Personal Flotation Device. There was support for both terms so the jury is out for
now. Unfortunately this was not one of the questions included at the pub quiz but the
offer of bar snacks was greatly appreciated by all. Hopefully Dan has recovered from
over indulgence on the peanuts!

On a more serious note Mike clarified the position on club coaches. It was agreed at
the last meeting that if the committee were in agreement named individuals could be
considered as suitable to be club coaches. These individuals could then be responsible
for groups on the water i.e. during paddle power sessions. It was agreed that Kyrstie
Hall, Sean Turner, Fred Welham and Daniel McGaley would be named club coaches.
As an addition to this it was agreed to put a list of club coaches and committee
members on the website with photo’s to assist new members. Gary agreed to take the
photos at the next club night.

Corporate wear- Mike and Steve requested a push to sell some of the stock of club
clothing. Steve will arrange to have a selection available on club nights and Gary
volunteered to assist with this endeavour. Club functions such as the BBQ were also
identified as possible times to display the club merchandise for sale,

As a final item Mike reported on a recent request for membership but on committee
vote it was decided to decline this request.

Meeting ended some time after 9.00pm

                           Next Meeting
                        Sunday 7th Sept 2008
                    7:30pm The Crown at Acton

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