Permission Slip for Outbreak Movie by malj


									Permission Slip for Outbreak Movie
AP Biology

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

We have finally reached the end of the course in AP Biology. It is a
demanding year for the students, and at times, very stressful. I like to end
the year with a movie to show how understanding certain topics in Biology
are not only useful in the laboratory, but can actually make certain media
presentations more understandable and enjoyable. Disease resistance and
emerging viruses are a serious threat to today’s society and future
generations. The movie “Outbreak” shows a realistic situation where an
emerging virus poses a serious threat and what scientific steps are taken to
fix this problem. It brings about some very good discussions about the
scientific process and ethical decision making in science. Unfortunately, this
is an “R” rated movie. The movie contains adult language consistent with
an “R” rated film, including certain four-letter words that are often
considered offensive. If you do not wish your child to see the movie
“Outbreak” in class, I do have alternative assignments. If this was an actual
college course, the movie would be shown with little or no hesitation, but I
understand that it is different in a public high school setting. Please check
the statement below that indicates your feelings about your
son/daughter watching this video.

_________ I give permission for my son/daughter to watch the film
“Outbreak” in AP Biology and discuss the ethical decisions involved with
the plot.

_________ I do not give permission for my son/daughter to watch the film
“Outbreak” in AP Biology. Please give an alternative assignment.

STUDENT’S NAME (PRINT) ___________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE _______________________________

                                     DATE ______________

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