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The large segment of advance hand-held device users of modern times is taking the
swings of iPad, the new innovation of Apple Inc. after the market holder iPhone. Mobile
game lovers in this potentially smart phone users segment are also considered vital by the
manufacturers. Well, introduction of iPhone, iPod and now iPad from Apple Inc. has
shaken the mobile game industry and alarmed the established giants of the market such
as Sony and Nintendo. Both these companies are at legacy position in the mobile game
industry and producing mobile games for the last many years according to studies. The
various studies and market researchers are active in finding out the number of mobile
game developer’s shifting to iPad game development.

No doubt, mobile games programming has increased rapidly after the inception of iPod,
iPhone and iPad. It is already well-known that mobile games have great significance for
advance hand-held device users. There is a wide range of mobile games are available in
the market, but introduction of iPad brought revolution with its wide screen that increased
the lure of gaming at its peak. Mobile gamers now can enjoy the games with more
passion with new iPad 9.7in, high-quality wide touch-screen. This will definitely add
more hand-held game lovers and it seems future of mobile gaming market is bright.
Nobody can judge and no studies can exactly tell that how many mobile game
developers are shifting or started iPad games programming. But, it is very much sure
according to researchers, examiners and intellectuals of mobile game industry that iPad is
strong contender of industry.

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