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Cover Letter - Sample 1


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Your Name Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Number Email Date Employer's Name Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: I am writing to apply for the position of (position desired), as advertised in the (newspaper's name, website,....) I will graduate this (month) from (College/ University) in (State) with a bachelor of (Science) degree in (Law, Business Management....) As you can see in my resume, I have had extensive training in (describe the areas of your expertise.) In my junior year I served an internship at (Company's Name.) In addition, taking (Chinese, French, Spanish,...) classes has greatly expanded my knowledge of different cultures and languages, and will be an asset to a company with global interests. I am anxious to explore the opportunity to join your experienced staff. I would like to arrange for an interview in which to elaborate on my skills and demonstrate how (Company's Name) would benefit by bringing me on board. Enclosed, please find a copy of my resume. I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Your Signature Typed Name

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