Mythology Movie Trailer Rubric

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					Mythology Movie Trailer Rubric

  Attribute      Excellent           Successful          Basic Skill
                    5                    4                   3
Storyline     The montage has      One element of      Multiple parts of
              a clear conflict,    the montage is      the storyline are
              rising action, and   missing or          vague or missing
              resolution           unclear

Shots         More than 5          3 different shots   Different shots
              different shots      are used            are used in the
              are present                              film

Soundtrack    A soundtrack         A soundtrack        Some kind of
              runs throughout      runs throughout     music is present
              the trailer and      the trailer         at times in the
              adds to the                              trailer
              overall storyline

Voiceover     Narration is         Narration is        Some narration is
              present for the      present for the     present
              entire trailer and   entire trailer
              clearly explains
              the movie to the

Storyboard    All shots and        One element         The storyboard
              notation in the      from the film is    connects to some
              storyboard match     missing from the    of the events in
              the film             storyboard but is   the film