Movie Poster Assignment Assignment 2 – Movie Poster by malj


									                        Assignment #2 – Movie

                            Use your photoshop skills to
                             create a combo movie poster of
                             your choice -- you may star in
                             your movie or have others star
                             in it - but give yourself some
                             "credit" somewhere in the
                             poster (credits, titles, star ...)
                            Save file as “last name_first

                             name_poster.psd” AND use
                             "File - save for web" to save a
                             web-ready version as “last
                             name_first name_poster.jpg”
     You will save it in your own Photoshop folder until
      you finish.
     Once you finish, you copy both the psd and jpg files
      into your folder.

     Must be 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height
     Resolution 150 pixels per inch
     Imagery must be consistent
     Should NOT look photoshop-ed
     Must be aesthetically pleasing and make use of many
      of the following tools:
          Type Mask
            Multiple Layer Styles
            Adjustment Layers
            Clone Stamp
            Magic Wand
            Lasso
            Gradient
            Multiple Filters
            Type Tool
            Naming Layers

Assignment Rubric

                    Level 1    Level 2     Level 3       Level 4    Mark
                      (1)     (2 to 2+)   (3- to 3+)   (4- to 4++) (out of
                      Imagery is
                                       Imagery is      Imagery is
                       lacking in                                      Imagery is
                                       somewhat      consistent to
  Consistency in      consistency                                   very consistent
                                       consistent     some extent
      Imagery      throughout the                                   throughout the
                                    throughout the throughout the
   (Knowledge/         poster and                                       poster and
                                     poster and is     poster and
  Understanding)      shows few                                       appears well
                                         partially       appears
                    signs of being                                      balanced.
                                        balanced.       balanced.
                   A message that A somewhat                            A readily
                                                    A fairly easily
Images & Message is limited in clear message                           understood
    relate to one     clarity and      that offers                       message
                                                     message that
      another      offers a limited        some                          connects
                                                    connects to the
 (Communication) connection to connection to                         effortlessly to
                     the imagery. the imagery.                        the imagery
                                     Shows signs Is somewhat Is very clear,
                   Is complicated,
                                        of clarity,  clear, simple,       simple,
                      unclear and
  Aesthetic Value                    elegance and elegant and          elegant and
                       limited in
(Thinking, Inquiry                  contains some aesthetically aesthetically
   and Problem                       aesthetically pleasing to the pleasing to the
      Solving)                            value.         viewer.          viewer.
                                                                    Contains all of
                                                                      the required
                                         Missing    Contains most
                                                                      elements of
     Required       Missing many          certain   of the required
      Elements     elements of the elements of        elements of
   (Application)     assignment.            the            the
                                                                      and they are
                                      assignment. assignment.

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