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                                                                Salford Quays provides us
                                                              with the perfect location for our
                                                              Customer Contact and Shared
                                                              Service Centres. We have
                                                              all the benefits of excellent
                                                              transport links with none of
                                                              the drawbacks of city centre
                                                              congestion and parking. Our
                                                              proximity to Manchester city
One of the most successful commercial, residential            centre gives us access to the
and leisure destinations in the north west and home to        same skilled labour force
                                                              yet our property costs are
MediaCityUK.                                                  consistently lower than
                                                              those in central Manchester.
Located just two miles north-west of Manchester city centre
with Manchester International Airport only a 20-minute        BUPA, Salford Quays
drive away, Salford Quays has proved to be an attractive
location for new office based businesses in its own right,
in addition to being an integral part of the city region.

Developing business                                                           in Salford
More than 750 businesses have relocated here providing
over 21,000 employment opportunities. This extremely
buoyant location has been particularly successful in
becoming a hub for major national and international
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companies within the Financial and Professional services
These include such firms as Venture Finance, Royal Bank of
Scotland, BUPA and Marks and Spencer.
Not just a business location, Salford Quays is also a popular
residential and leisure destination. It is home to the award-
winning Lowry Theatre, the Salford Watersports Centre and the
Lowry Outlet Mall. It also provides a range of high specification
apartments such as the NV building and Sovereign Point.
The 200 acre site provides 1.7million sq ft of office floorspace with
a number of high specification buildings competing to offer clients
the perfect business environment.
AnCHORAGE QUAY                              EXCHAnGE QUAY
comprises a seven-storey high               offers high specification air
specification office building, located on   conditioned office suites ranging from
a waterfront setting.                       800 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft.      

CAPSTAn HOUSE                               MediaCityUK
based at Chandler’s Point business          Offers a range of new, innovative office
park, benefits from 24-hour on-site         solutions including The Pie Factory,
security and extensive car parking.         The Greenhouse and The Media                         Enterprise Centre.

CURZOn HOUSE                                METRO                                          FIND OUT MORE
is a 61,000 sq ft superior grade ‘A’        provides 72,500 sq ft of Grade ‘A’ office      For more information on Salford
office space.                               with secure car parking.                       Quays contact the Business and                                        Investment team on

DiGiTAL WORLD CEnTRE                        QUAYS REACH                                    0161 793 2803
offers 71,480 sq ft of high tech office     provides 100,000 sq ft of offices set within   or e-mail us at
space.                                      a secure, landscaped environment.                          or visit our website at

Developing business in Salford