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									Search Engine Optimization Tips

1: In general, URL contains keywords for website optimization will indeed help. However, results from
the brand to consider, to do with the brand name should be a more appropriate name. Mistakes do not
go quick success.

2: an independent domain name search engine to obtain more recognition. Survey: Most search engine
rankings for those who do not have to give smaller independent domain name is the "importance."

3: Website optimization is a reasonable means (not cheating), the source code to optimize the site so
that search engine-friendly, more in line with ranking rules

4: 70% of a site's ranking is done by Website Optimization

5: Website Optimization Content focus: site structure analysis / optimization; keyword analysis; client
competitor analysis;

6: The four indicators to measure the effect of site optimization: keyword in the search engine rankings;
in the Alexa global ranking; PR value or the number of external connections; reach the target population;
(note not generalities PV)

7: Web site optimization work is based on the optimization, web optimization covers:

First: Title (title), use the keywords of your choice (usually best of 3 keywords.)

Second: meta tags, included here, keyword, description, generator, robots, Progid etc. (personally think
the next keyword, description will become increasingly important!).

Third: image alt tags, minimize the use of flash and picture (personal opinion, but to aesthetics may be

Fourth: to have a reasonable web design structure, use less JV scripting language, do not use layers.

Fifth: external links (text link), do not link farms.

8: Website Optimization not every day, staring at the top, so tired, the site content is most important.

9: website ranking optimization process is not straight up, the reality is more a matter of fact the
performance of ranking fluctuations, but this is normal. Because of the process, a dynamic competitive

10: Website Optimization is not cheating, nor is it a simple heap of key words thoroughly.

11: Why do some SEO experts can quickly make keyword optimization is good?

Because they have a lot of sites on the hand, and they have a lot on hand a high PR value sites, so many
sites in the hanging links, simple to do next

Website optimization results came out. Little attention, we will be surprised at some sites: site do not a
"net" shape, PR value but also the high death, these are SEO's "behind the masterpiece."

12: Website Optimization is a process, for example, you are a long time, the hands of many websites,
and know more friends, then you will have the quality of the link.
13: Google 10 times a year for regular updates and upgrades from time to time a large part of the
algorithm is due to the SEO industry research inspired.

14: SEO true meaning should be "optimized for web pages to make them more search engine friendly",
and of course we should also consider the visitors.

15: Now all the search engines, including Google account, there is a problem difficult to digest - the
ability to accept dynamic web site is not enough.

16: do not brag about seo, but more practice practice practice. Know what is the search for "unfriendly",
and can generally be found on the search for "friendly" approach.

17: through carefully chosen keywords, external links, anchor text and page elements with reasonable
arrangements to optimize the underlying structure of the site as much as possible static page technology,
dynamic pages do not even have to use less technology, to reduce unnecessary scripts, etc. can achieve
from a technical level, the initial search engine "friendly" purposes.

18: To achieve the ultimate goal of SEO - ranked in the top of search results related to key words, the
most important content needs the cooperation.

19: the short term to improve the content of a poorly ranked site is no sense, because Google's algorithm
is now very fast frequency of updates. Google's aim is to "find the people most in need of something",
so the site optimization of the most fundamental way is to make your site really has become the most
wanted website.

20: The purpose of all search engines are the same, is to help users find the most suitable site, so the
importance of rich content in any case can not be overstated.

21:2004 in May ~ July, launched a website called "Challenge SEO" in Google on the left
top competition: competition keywords given by the this keyword must meet three
conditions: do not have commercial; no practical significance; before Google's search results in zero.

Greenwich Mean Time May 7, 2004 9 am in the morning to announce the contest key
words "Nigritude.

Start of the race after the first 12 days (May 18, 2004), the word has been in the Google search results
on the rapid rise from 0 to 136,000.

Intense competition can be seen, more importantly, that speaks to Google's search results been changed.

22: SEO, according to industry speculation, Google has been upgraded to the current algorithm formula
many times, even the variables involved will be more than 300, PageRank is just one of the most famous
one only.

23: In the final analysis, for the purposes of site optimization. Real focus is the content well, stick to
your users at your site, your users will continue to accumulate, flow, and for ranking the most useful.

24: Do not of the accumulation of a seoer need to do a good communicator in fact very difficult seo.
Every word I said, I have to carefully check each of the knowledge, I was misled by fear.

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