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performance appraisal


									Performance Appraisal



     Performance Appraisal is the process of identifying, measuring and developing human
performance in organizations and tries to:

    ➢ Give feedback to employees to improve subsequent performance.
    ➢ Identify employee training needs.
    ➢ Document criteria used to allocate organizational rewards.
    ➢ Form a basis for personnel decisions-salary (merit) increases, disciplinary actions, etc.
    ➢ Provide the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development
    ➢ Facilitate communication between employee and administrator.
RITES Ltd. has introduced the “Performance Appraisal System: as one of the vital aspects of
Human Resources Development for all the employees of the Company to enable them to:
     ➢ Clearly understand their roles in the organization

      ➢ Perform effectively in the role against well define objectives

     ➢ Develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities both to their and the organization’s
advantage and

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      ➢ Seek and achieve a growth of their career in the organization

             Objective Of The Study

      • To study the existing frame work of performance appraisal.

      • To test the effectiveness of the existing frame work by taking the feedback through
discussions from the participating employees.

      • To analyze the feedback received through discussions with the employees.

      • To analyze how performance appraisal effects training & development of employees in
the organization.

Research Methodology

   • Research design: Desk research.

   • Research Instrument: Observation & literature

   • Sampling technique: Census study of employees

   • Sample size: 30 Employees.

   Data collection technique:

   • Secondary data: From existing frame work, manuals, Internet websites, corporate website,

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