Factors that Can Result to Bad Classroom Management by sheqsmith


									Factors That Can Result to Bad Classroom Management

Any teachers out there must avoid bad classroom management. As far as
possible they must be able to maintain a good and healthy environment within
the room that is conducive to learning for the students. However, doing this is
something difficult and tough.

In lieu with this common situation, you must first identify the elements that can
trigger bad classroom management. This is particularly important in order to be
able to stop these things from happening and preventing probable disorder in
the class. Here are some items that you must not overlook.

Item 1: Disruptive student. This is a trigger element that should be able to
handle upon the first blow. Any student who is misbehaving in the classroom
must be curbed in order not to influence other students in the class. Therefore, it
is important to note those students who have a tendency to be disruptive. If ever
a bad behavior occurs, warn the student involved or perhaps punish the action in
a light manner. In addition, their other classmates will also be made aware of the
                                     possible penalties so they won’t do the act

                                    Item 2: Noise. Noise is another element that
                                    can cause poor handling and mismanagement
                                    in the class. Therefore it is important that
                                    each time you discuss the lesson and a
                                    sudden noise or chitchat would occur to
                                    provide an immediate solution for them to
                                    keep quite. If you ever forget to minimize it,
                                    they'll keep talking to their classmates and
                                    the others will be influence and the room will
                                    be filled with noise again. Therefore, it is
                                    particularly important to draw their
attention back at you to focus on the current discussion.

Item 3: Distractions. Upon conducting a class you must ensure that students are
kept distractions behind. Suggest keeping their phones and devices away and
keeping it in their pockets or bags. It is also preferable that all the other notes or
other items that are irrelevant to the class will also be set aside. If these are not
kept, they will be distracted paving the way of them not listening to you. It is
therefore extremely important that you tell them these rules before starting the

These are just the key elements that can lead to bad classroom management. In
fact there are still other things that can contribute to it. Being a teacher you must
be able to know how to handle the situation and much more how to put an end to
such actions.

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