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					                                   NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                       Board of Directors

Ms. S. Marlene Adams                                Mr. Charlie Batten
Preferred Name: Marlene                             Preferred Name: Charlie
Master Technologist/ Research & Development         1261 Stricklands Crossroads Rd.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company                      Four Oaks, NC 27524
Post Office Box 1487                                Term: 2011
Winston Salem, NC 27102-1487                        TGANC
Term: 2010                                          Mr. Scott Bissette
Manufacturer                                        Preferred Name: Scott
                                                    NC Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Dr. Alan Ayers                                      1001 Mail Service Center
Preferred Name: Alan                                Raleigh, NC 27699-1001
Bayer CropScience                                   Term: Ex-officio
Head- State Affairs/Product Stewardship
Post Office Box 12014                               Mr. Travis Blackburn
RTP, NC 27709-2014                                  Preferred Name: Travis
Term: 2009                                          629 Cockerham Road
                                                    Roaring River, NC 28669
Mr. Andy Ballance                                   Term: 2011
Preferred Name: Andy                                NC State Grange
5827 US 117 N                                       Mr. Graham Boyd
Fremont, NC 27830                                   Preferred Name: Graham
Term: 2009                                          Executive Vice President
NC Farm Bureau                                      Tobacco Growers Ass'n of NC
                                                    Post Office Box 20875
Mr. J. Larry Barbour                                Raleigh, NC 27619-0875
Preferred Name: Larry                               919 781-2307
919-934-4042                                        Term: Ex-officio
7684 Cleveland Road                                 TGANC
Clayton, NC 27520
919-934-4042                                        Mr. Hassel C. Brown
Term: 2012                                          Preferred Name: Hassel
NC Farm Bureau                                      336-961-2785
                                                    3401 Tyro Road
Mr. Carlton Barefoot                                East Bend, NC 27018
Preferred Name: Carlton                             Term: Investment Committee Only
910-592-8933                                        TGANC
6330 Roanoke Rd.
Newton Grove, NC 28366
Term: 2009
                                    NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                        Board of Directors

Mr. J. T. Bunn                                       Mr. John W. Carter, III
Preferred Name: Tommy                                Preferred Name: Billy
919-786-9151                                         910-673-2666
Flue Cure Tobacco Stabilization                      Post Office Box 172
Post Office Box 12300                                Eagle Springs, NC 7242
Raleigh, NC 27605                                    Term: 2010
919 821- 4560                                        TGANC/NC Tob. Trust Fund Commission
Term: Ex-officio                           
Dealers                                      Mr. David L. Conner
                                                     Preferred Name:
Mr. Talmadge Rudd Burgess                            Cell 252-363-3322
Preferred Name: Pete                                 Manager Agricultural Programs
919-492-2463                                         PMIM, LLC
6736 NC 39 HWY SO.                                   9711 Farrar Court, 2nd Floor
Henderson, NC 27536                                  Richmond, VA 23236
252 492-2463                                         804-253-8562
Term: Investment Committee                           804-253-8485
NC Farm Bureau                                       Term: 2010
                                                     Mr. Sam Crews
Ms. Terry Campbell                                   Preferred Name: Sam
Preferred Name: Terry                                919-693-5267
919-851-6259                                         Granville Farmers Warehouse
Managing Director                                    Post Office Box 486
Bright Belt Warehouse Association, Inc.              Oxford, NC 27565
3013 Campbell Rd.                                    919-693-1824
Raleigh, NC 27606                                    Term: 2011
919-233-7022                                         Warehousemen
Term: Ex-officio                           
Warehousemen                            Mr. Lawrence Davenport
                                                     Preferred Name: Lawrence
                                                     Chair - Golden L.E.A.F. Foundation
                                                     3915 Yankee Hall Rd.
                                                     Greenville, NC 27834-5526
                                      NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                          Board of Directors

Mr. Farrell Delman                                     Mr. Kevin Gaskins
Preferred Name: Farrell                                Preferred Name: Kevin
Tobacco Merchants Association, Inc.                    United Phosphorus, Inc.
Post Office Box 8019                                   937 The Preseve Trail
Princeton, NC 08543                                    Chapel Hill, NC 27527
609-275-4900                                           919-219-7081
609-275-8379                                           Term: 2010
Term: 2010                                   
                                                       Mr. Jimmy Gentry
Mr. Darryl Dunagan                                     Preferred Name: Jimmy
Preferred Name: Darryl                                 President
273 Angell Rd.                                         N. C. State Grange
Summerfield, NC 27358                                  1734 Wilkesboro Hwy.
336-951-2921                                           Statesville, NC 27625
336-613-4674-Mobile                                    704-878-0000 or 800 432-4857
Term: 2010                                             Term: Ex-officio
NC Farm Bureau                                         NC State Grange

Mr. Phil Duncan                                        Mr. Frank Grainger
Preferred Name: Phil                                   Preferred Name: Frank
907 Knollwood Dr.                                      Fair Products
Apex, NC 27502                                         Post Office Box 386
Term: 2009                                             Cary, NC 27511
NC State Grange                                        Term: 2010                                  Dealers
Mr. Charlie Finch
Preferred Name: Charlie                                Mr. Richard Harris
Burley Stabilization                                   Preferred Name: Richard
PO Box 6447                                            Alliance One
Knoxville, TN 37914-3447                               8958 W. Marlboro Rd
865- 525-9381                                          Farmville, NC 27828
Mr. Lewis Flowers                                      Term: 2009
Preferred Name: Lewis                        
Global Labortory Services
Universal Leaf                                         Ms. Kathy Hart
P.O. Box 309                                           Preferred Name: Kathy
Wilson, NC 27894                                       North Carolina State University
252-234-4950 Cell-252-908-7538                         Box 7010
Term: 2010                                             Raleigh, NC 27695-7201
Manufacturer                                           Term: Officer
                                                       Investment Committee
                               NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                   Board of Directors

Ms. Mandy Hasty                                 Mr. Jeremy Hudson
Preferred Name: Mandy                           Preferred Name: Jeremy
336-829-9227 cell                               553 Rosin Hill Road
RJ Reynolds                                     Newton Grove, NC 28366
PO Box 1487                                     910-263-0702
Winston Salem, NC 27101-1487                    Term: 2012
336-728-9962                                    Mr. Phil Hudson
Term: 2011                                      Preferred Name: Phil
Dealers                                         553 Rosin Hill Road                                 Newton Grove, NC 28366
                                                NC State Grange
Mr. Marion Hawkins, Jr.                         Term: 2010\Investment Committee Only
Preferred Name: Marion                          NC State Grange
PO Box 458
Hartsville, SC 29551-0458                       Mr. John Isley
Term: 2010                                      Preferred Name: John
Manufacturer                                    2523 Iron Works Rd.                         Reidsville, NC 27320
Dr. Alec Hayes                                  Term: 2011
Preferred Name: Alec                            NC State Grange
Tobacco Leaf Technology
Altria Client Services                          Mr. Roman Earl Justice, Jr.
PO Box 26603                                    Preferred Name: Roman
Richmond, VA 23261                              252-568-3523
Term: 2011                                      VP General Manager
                                                US Leaf Sales/Alliance One
Mr. Dale Hill                                   Post Office Box 650
Preferred Name: Dale                            Farmville, NC 27828
Philip Morris                                   252-753-8000
P. O. Box 26603                                 252-753-8428
Richmond, VA 23261                              Term: 2012
Term: 2011                                      Dealer
Mr. David Hinnant
Preferred Name: David                           Dr. Newton Kalengamaliro, PhD
919-284-4878                                    Preferred Name: Newton
5704 NC Highway 581 S                           Leaf Department, Manager, Agriculture
Kenly, NC 27542                                 Programs
Term: 2010                                      Altria Client Services                                    PO Box 26603
                                                Richmond, VA 23261
                                                Term: 2012
                                   NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                       Board of Directors

Mr. Charles King                                    Mr. Bert Pitt
Preferred Name: Charles                             Preferred Name: Bert
Post Office Box 10603,                              252-827-4260
Raleigh, NC 27605                                   Box 5948, NC 42W
                                                    Macclesfield, NC 27852
Mr. H. Graham Knott, Jr.                            Term: 2009
Preferred Name: Graham                              NC Farm Bureau
East Coast Tobacco Contractors, Inc.
Post Office Box 2837                                Mr. Glenn James Preddy
Kinston, NC 28502                                   Preferred Name: Glenn
Term: Investment Committee & 2009                   2788 Grove Hill Rd.
Warehousemen                                        Franklinton, NC 27525                           Term: 2009
                                                    NC State Grange
Mr. Brent Leggett
Preferred Name: Brent                               Mr. Marion Pridgen, Jr.
3593 W. Old Spring Hope Rd.                         Preferred Name: Marion
Nashville, NC 27856                                 252-237-1349
252-459-4961                                        Post Office Box 1553
252-459-4928                                        Wilson, NC 27894
Term: 2010                                          Term: 2012
TGNAC                                               NC Farm Bureau

Mr. D. Keith Parrish                                Mr. Greg Ray
Preferred Name: Keith                               Preferred Name: Greg
1326 County Line Road                               Roger's Warehouse
Benson, NC 27504-9677                               114 W Blvd.
910-820-5058                                        Williamston, NC 27892
910-897-4097                                        Term: 2009
Term: 2012                                          Warehouses
                                                    Mr. Mel Ray
Mr. Calvin Phelps                                   Preferred Name: Mel
Preferred Name: Calvin                              5250 Peacock Rd.
Renegade Tobacco                                    Whiteville, NC 28472
321 Farmington Rd.                                  910-642-6037
Mocksville, NC 27028                                Term: 2009
336-940-4818                                        TGANC
Term: 2010
                                NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                    Board of Directors

Mr. Richard Renegar                              Mr. Rick Smith
Preferred Name: Richard                          Preferred Name: Rick
704-546-7701                                     Independent Leaf Tobacco Company
694 E. Hastonville Rd.                           2905 Yukon Rd. S
Harmony, NC 28639                                Wilson, NC 27893-6882
704-546-7371                                     252-237-9600
704-546-5923                                     Term: 2011
Term: 2012                                       Manufacturer

Mr. Edward Robinson                              Mr. Steve Smith
Preferred Name: Ed                               Preferred Name: Steve
Lorillard Tobacco Company                        Post Office Box 248
A.W. Spears Research Center                      Reidsville, NC 27323
420 N. English Street                            336-342-1931
Greensboro, NC 27420                             336-634-7558 - mobile
336-335-6625                                     Term: 2010
336-335-6640                                     Warehousemen
Term: 2009
Manufacturer                                     Mr. Randy Springs                           Preferred Name: Randy
                                                 East Region Manager
Mr. Sammy A. Roebuck, Jr.                        Crop Production Services
Preferred Name: Sammy                            38 Blackgum Rd., Suite E
919-795-4845                                     Pawleys Island, SC 29585
Post Office Box 778                              Term: 2012
Robersonville, NC 27871
919-795-5177                                     Mr. Ed Stevens
Term: 2011                                       Preferred Name: Ed
TGANC                                            2977 Old Grantham Road
                                                 Goldsboro, NC 27530
Mr. George H. Scott                              919-689-9791
Preferred Name: George                           Term: 2012
Manager, Agronomy and Farmer Relations
Universal Leaf North America U.S.                Dr. Larry M. Sykes
Post Office Box 8428                             Preferred Name: Larry
Rocky Mount, NC 27804                            2500 Worchester Rd.
252-212-3784                                     Midlothian, VA 23113
252-212-3769                                     804-794-2702
Term: 2012                                       Term:
Dealers                                          Manufacturer             
                                   NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc.
                                       Board of Directors

Mr. Wilbur Taylor                                   Mr. Allen Wooten
Preferred Name: Wilbur                              Preferred Name: Allen
Carolina Soil Company, Inc.                         910-259-5673
PO Box 1140                                         8155 Malpass Corner Rd.
Kinston, NC 28503-1140                              Currie, NC 28435
252- 523-9300                                       Term: 2011
Term: 2012                                          NC Farm Bureau

Mr. Steve Troxler                                   Mr. Larry Wooten
Preferred Name: Steve                               Preferred Name: Larry
Commissioner                                        919-528-1458
NC Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services         President
1001 Mail Service Center                            N. C. Farm Bureau Federation
Raleigh, NC 27699-101                               P.O. Box 27766
Term: Ex-officio                                    Raleigh, NC 27611
                                                    919 782-1705
Mr. William Upchurch                                Term: Ex-officio
Preferred Name: William                             NC Farm Bureau
Tobacco Trust Fund
1080 Mail Service Center                            Mr. Billy Yeargin
Raleigh, NC 27699-1080                              Preferred Name: Billy
919-733-2160                                        919-693-5706
919-733-2510                                        1111 Goshen Street                         Oxford, NC 27565
                                                    919-693-7723, CELL: 919-690-2710
Mr. George Ward                                     919-693-0075
Preferred Name: George                              Term: 2012
3404 Shady Grove Road                               Warehouseman
Providence, NC 27315
Term: 2011

Mr. Kirk Wayne
Preferred Name: Kirk
Tobacco Associates, Inc.
8452 Holly Leaf Drive
McLean, Virgina 22102
Term: Ex-officio

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