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									                                Preparatory School
                                     Newsletter - 7th January 2011

Headmaster’s Comments
Welcome Back                                                Team Sheets
To be flu, snow or stress free over the festive break is likely
                                                            Starting this term, in our continuing quest to reduce the
to have been a tall order. Nevertheless, I hope that you    amount of paper used, we will not be sending Y6 team
enjoyed the opportunity to have quality time with your      sheets home. Please be reminded that these can be
family and that all are now ready to engage fully in a term found on the School website in the Sports section under
‘jam-packed’ with activities.                               ‘Team Sheets’, along with all the relevant details i.e. time
                                                            of departure and return, equipment needed and
Staff News                                                  appropriate dress. Team sheets for the children will be
We have two members of staff joining us this term; Mrs Tina posted on the Sports notice board, situated on the side of
Billington is my new PA and Mrs Caroline Smith returns, the Changing Rooms next to the Robinson Centre.
following her maternity leave, to resume her role teaching
                                                                                                            Mr Mitchell
French and Spanish.

Achievements                                                      SCHOLARSHIP
Oliver informed us this week of the fantastic news,               A reminder for those pupils attending the 11+ Foundation
received just before Christmas, that he has been selected         Scholarship Assessments on Saturday, 8th January, to
for the Canoe England Slalom J14 team to compete in the           arrive at 8.45am in the Prep School Library. No school
K1 class (single seat kayak), in the Pan Celtic Cup against       uniform to be worn - please wear smart casual. Bring
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Congratulations to          normal equipment for a school day.
Oliver on his fine achievement.                                                                        Mrs Roberts, Registrar

MUSIC DEPARTMENT                                        Lent Term Music Exams
Michaelmas Term Music Exams                             Music teachers will discuss exam entries with their pupils in
Congratulations to our candidates, who all passed their the coming week, if this is appropriate. The exams will be
exams last term!                                        held in school towards the end of term. Pupils who are
                                                        taught outside school are very welcome to take their
Candidate        Subject      Grade Category            exams here; this has many advantages. Mr Runnells will be
Masem            Piano         2      Pass              happy to arrange it, so long as he receives the details by
Carla            Singing       Prep                     Friday 14th January.
Samuel           Piano              4       Distinction
Eleanor          Violin             4       Pass
                                                                  Chapel Choir, Sunday 16th January
Anna             Piano              1       Distinction           We have accepted an invitation to sing Evensong at All
William          Piano              Prep                          Hallows Church, Wellingborough, on Sunday 16th January.
Dominic          Alto Saxophone     1       Pass                  The Choirboys are needed at the church at 4.30 pm. The
Cory             Alto Saxophone     1       Merit                 service, to which parents are warmly invited, begins at
Emily-May        Flute              7       Merit                 6pm and will finish by 7pm, when the boys will be free to
Safia            Flute              3       Pass                  go. Parents will receive full details by Clarion Call.
Alastair         Piano              Prep
Benjamin         Alto Saxophone     5       Pass                  Strings and Guitars Recital, Monday 31st January
Elizabeth        Flute              1       Merit                 The number of string players in the Prep School has
Amy              Violin             1       Merit                 increased considerably in recent years. We are holding
Cerys            Singing            Prep                          our first recital for string and guitar players on Monday 31st
Annabel          Piano              2       Merit
                                                                  January, at 4.30pm in the Recital Room. Messrs Gill, Jones
Raghav           Descant Recorder   1       Distinction
Lucy             Piano              1       Merit                 and Learmouth will talk to their pupils about the possibility
Kishan           Violin             2       Distinction           of their taking part. Pupils who have lessons outside School
Harriet          Piano              Prep                          and who would like to play in the recital (on a string
                                                                  instrument or acoustic guitar) should speak to Mr Runnells
                                                                  before Friday 21st January, He will hear them play before
                                                                  making a decision.
                                                                                                                      Mr Marshall
Preparatory School

SWAP SHOP                                     ADDITIONS TO CALENDAR
The swap shop will be open on                 1st February 2011
Thursday, 13th January from 4.00 until        Year 7 and Year 8 visit to The Castle
4.30pm. We need tracksuit bottoms,            Theatre ‘Private Peaceful’
skorts, grey skirts and small-sized jumpers   16th February 2011
so please find any that your child has        Y4 Parents Evening (not 14th Feb)
outgrown over the holidays and send
them in to us. Please leave all items for
sale in the Prep School office.
                               Mrs Fordyce

Sat     8th      0845-1300         11+ Scholarship and Entrance Exams
                 1300-1500         David Sales Cricket Masterclass Group 1
                 1500-1700         David Sales Cricket Masterclass Group 2
                 0900-1300         Year 8 School Play “Wind in the Willows” Rehearsal
Sun     9th
Mon     10th                       13+ Art Scholarships (w/c 10th)
                                   13+ Drama Scholarships (w/c 10th)
Tues    11th
Weds    12th     0905-1610         13+ Music Scholarships and Awards Assessments
                 1430              Netball v Stoneygate U13A, U13B, U12A & U12B (A)
                 1430              Football v Stoneygate 1st, 3rd, U11A, B, U10A, B (H)
                 1430              Football v Beachborough 2nd, 4th VII (A)
Thurs   13th     1210              School Council Meeting
Fri     14th                       13+ Sports Scholarship Assessment
Sat     15th     0830-1515         13+ Entrance Scholarship
                 0900-1100         David Sales Cricket Masterclass Group 3
                 1100-1300         David Sales Cricket Masterclass Group 2
                 1300-1700         Year 8 School Play ‘Wind in the Willows’ Rehearsal
Sun     16th                       NSEA National Riding Final

                                                                                                  Tel: 01933 222698
                                                                                                     Fax: 233474
                                                                                           Medical Centre: 01933 233433
                                                                                              Late Prep: 07887 911046
                                                                                      After School Prep - Library: 07795 241222
                                                                                          Saturday Activities: 07971 827952

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