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					Darren McGrady

 The Royal Chef
        About Darren McGrady: The Royal Chef

For 15 years, Darren McGrady devoted his royal service to Queen Elizabeth
      II of England and Diana, Princess of Wales. He spent eleven years
     serving as a senior chef in the Royal kitchens at Buckingham Palace
  where he traveled around the world with the Queen and the royal family,
   and was then hired as personal chef to Princess Diana for the following
   four years until her tragic accident in 1997. Prior to his royal service he
  trained at the Savoy hotel in London and obtained a bachelors degree in
                                  culinary arts.
 Darren has cooked for four U.S. Presidents as well over a hundred Kings,
  Queens and Heads of State. He has cooked on The Today Show and CBS
    Early Show in New York as well as many breakfast shows around the
  U.S.A. and Canada. He has also appeared on CNN headline news, Larry
            King live, Fox News Channel, QVC,BBC and many more.
The Royal Chef: Eating Royally

                  Darren’s first book Eating Royally:
                  Recipes and Remembrances from a
                Palace Kitchen, was published in 2007.
                In it, he presents many of the recipes he
                 served the Royals, Diana in particular.
                  Eating Royally is much more than a
               cookbook; it is an opportunity to see how
               the Royals really live and to eat the exact
                     recipes that graced the tables of
                  Windsor, Balmoral, Kensington, and
                           Buckingham Palaces.
          Royal Favorites with Darren McGrady

ROYAL FAVORITES is a full two hour
  DVD shot in high definition that starts
 with a twenty minute interview on how
  Chef McGrady got “From the Palace to
   Dallas”. Then he prepares six Royal
  Favorite dishes – three to camera and
   three to a live cooking class. Dishes
 include Princess Diana’s favorite Bread
    and Butter pudding, The Queen’s
Chocolate Birthday Cake and many more.
        Click here to watch a clip!
   What people are saying about The Royal Chef

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     I could not send you an email         introducing us to Chef      awesome!!!!!!! Darren
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technique combine with a great sense            Home Show                 can't believe how
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always have a friend in Brazil. Thank   begin?????????????? Darren
         you very, very much.           is remarkable, the event was
        ~Flavio Sampaio, Diageo of          spectacular! LOVE him!
                 Brazil                    Thank you so very much!
                                         ~ Cathie Upton, Meals on
         The Royal Chef on Television

Darren has made dozens of local and national television and radio
  appearances sharing his royal stories and his delicious recipes.
                  The Royal Chef on Television

                                               TODAY on msnbc.com
        NBC Philadelphia                Darren McGrady shows TODAY's Natalie
Darren McGrady talking and cooking on     Morales the royal bread and butter
              NBC10                                pudding recipe.
The Royal Chef in the News

               A taste of royalty
               By Rob Scott
               The Danville News
               November 24, 2008

               “McGrady regaled an audience of about 250
               people at the Henry Hood Center for Health
               Research at Geisinger Medical Center
               Sunday with these and other tales of his time
               at Buckingham and Kensington palaces.
               He was there as part of a program Geisinger
               put on to promote healthy eating for the
               holidays, as well as to promote a book he
               released last year, "Eating Royally," that
               contains recipes of the nobles' favorite
               Read the Full Story
The Royal Chef teaming up with American Airlines

                               First and Business Class
                         passengers on American Airlines’
                         flights from Europe to the United
                           States can now dine on cuisine
                               designed by Chef Darren
                              McGrady. He has created
                             signature dishes for AA that
                            embody ingredients typical of
                          English cuisine while containing
                           flavors that have broad appeal.
                The Royal Chef Giving Back

 Darren takes every opportunity to
  give back to those less fortunate
which is why he chose to donate his
 entire advance from his cookbook
    and all of his royalties to the
  Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids
  Foundation. Children and Aids
    were two of Princess Diana’s
charity goals that Darren continues
     to support in her memory.
The Royal Chef Opportunities

          Opportunities include:
          - Personal appearances including speeches and
          - Use of Darren and The Royal Chef name &
            likeness for: TV, Print, Radio, Web, Promotions
          - Creation of a customized The Royal Chef product
          - Licensing rights for The Royal Chef
          - Consulting for more healthy alternatives
          - Community outreach
          - Ability for Darren to appear on behalf of your
            organization on media tour (s)
          - Logo and strategic positioning within
          - Other e-commerce opportunities
     For More Information Please Contact:

  Evan Morgenstein                Laura Cutler
       President         VP, Corporate Communications
    New Business             Personal Appearances,
Development, Licensing            Trade Shows
  and Endorsements                919-363-5105
     919-363-5105             laura@pmgchefs.com